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Chapter 490
ER – Chapter 490: Vicious Dragon Fist Intent
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“Getting reinforcements?” Li Fuchen squinted his eyes .

He didn’t fear three demon generals but if there were five, six or even more demon generals, he might not be able to handle them .
(TL note: I shall only use capitalized Demon General and Demon Kings, when addressing the demons itself, like Power Demon General, Winged Demon General)

Especially when he didn’t have enough speed and it would definitely be in a difficult situation .

“Forget it . I shall return to exchange for the second half of the Vicious Dragon Fist first . ”

After executing the Divine Flame Transformation, Li Fuchen turned into a light of flame and flew off .

“Thinking to leave?” The blood-scaled demon was unhappy and had rushed to obstruct Li Fuchen .

“Get lost!”

Li Fuchen sent out a fist with the vicious dragon spirit that caused the blood-scaled demon to vomit fresh blood .


The Power Demon General was faster than Li Fuchen and had blocked Li Fuchen with its massive body .

Li Fuchen didn’t decrease his speed and blasted his fist straight ahead .


The Power Demon General flew back while its chest had an additional fist print .

But the Power Demon was one of the races that had extremely tough body defense among the demon races . This fist was only able to make him suffer minor injuries and he was able to resist much more attacks than the blood-scaled demon .

Boom Boom Boom…

Traveling alone was greatly different than traveling with obstructions . With Li Fuchen’s speed, he would need at most ten days to reach the fifth ring from the second ring if he was traveling alone . But with someone obstructing him, he took ten days just to reach the fourth ring .

During this period of time, the Power Demon General and the blood-scaled demon had been constantly obstructing him . Not even the Power Demon General could withstand too many attacks from Li Fuchen . The two demon generals would take turns to stall Li Fuchen .

“Don’t let him escape!”

From the distance, the Winged Demon General brought along four other demon generals .

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“Human, today shall be the day of your death . ”

Seeing the reinforcements, the blood-scaled demon grinned sinisterly and was much more confident .

Li Fuchen was expressionless as he sent the Power Demon General flying with a single fist before continuing his way .

“You shall stay . ”

The Winged Demon General and the four other demon generals joined in and surrounded Li Fuchen .

“Get lost!”

When surrounded by seven demon generals, Li Fuchen wasn’t fearful at all and sent out a fist with a surging vicious dragon spirit . It felt as though the void was about to break open . Three of the demon generals were sent flying while Li Fuchen merely took a few steps back .

Body refinement martial artists were terrifying because their frontal combat strength was overwhelming and would be able to resist aftershocks .

If it was a qi cultivation martial artist who had the same strength as Li Fuchen, the martial artist wouldn’t have an easy time like Li Fuchen .

“Attack together, I don’t believe he can continue resisting . ” The blood-scaled demon led the charge at Li Fuchen .

“Courting death . ” After resisting the attacks from the demon generals, Li Fuchen suddenly approached the blood-scaled demon and smashed his fist on the head of the demon .


The blood-scaled demon’s skull cracked and nearly exploded . The horrified blood-scaled demon scuttled off miserably and didn’t dare to get close .

The demon generals were appalled after they struck at Li Fuchen . They had already used their full strength for the earlier attacks but Li Fuchen didn’t even vomit a mouthful of blood . What kind of defense was that? Not even the top ten demon generals had such tough defenses .

How would they know that Li Fuchen’s Dragon Elephant Body Forging Fifth Chapter was already close to the perfection rank and his body was covered with dragon elephant power . With the earth class mid-tier Silver Scale Armor, there were only a rare few individuals below the Battle Spirit Realm who could injure him .

Li Fuchen dared to be so unbridled because of his exceptional defense .

While resisting the seven demon generals’ attacks, Li Fuchen pushed his way through . His speed might be slow, but he was approaching the fifth ring .

“Damn it, do we have to invite the top ten demon generals here?” The blood-scaled demon had an extremely unpleasant expression .

It was said that the demons had overbearing and terrifying bodies, but the blood-scaled demon realized that Li Fuchen was more insane than the demons themselves .

“The dragon elephant power is much more compact now . ”

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After the battle, Li Fuchen had consumed a large amount of dragon elephant power . Be it for offense or defense, he would need the support of the dragon elephant power . When the enemies’ attacks got heavier, the dragon elephant power would be depleted even more seriously . In comparison, when he attacked, it would use much lesser dragon elephant power .

But as the dragon elephant power was drastically depleted, Li Fuchen felt his dragon elephant power was getting increasingly pure .

It was as though the layer of rust being peeled off from the iron wire .

The dragon qi from the Dragon Pool seemed to be extremely pure, but dragon qi was the dragon qi and it was different from the dragon elephant power . There was a need to transmute the qi and during the transmutation process, there would be impurities .

During the intense battle, impurities were constantly eliminated .

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen had already pushed his way to the fifth ring and the seven demon generals were unable to obstruct him .

When Li Fuchen stood on the teleportation platform, the blood-scaled demon roared out, “Human, the next time you return to the Demon Ring Continent, you will die . ”

Li Fuchen sneered and turned into a stream of light before vanishing .

“A total of 180 Ancient Demon Fruits will be exchanged into 27,000 contribution coins . ”

After appearing on the teleportation plaza, Li Fuchen didn’t stop and headed straight for the contribution hall to exchange for the contribution coins before flying to the secret manual tower .

After spending 24,000 contribution coins, Li Fuchen obtained the second half of the Vicious Dragon Fist .

On Fuchen Peak, Li Fuchen started to cultivate the second half of the Vicious Dragon Fist .

The second half was similar to the first half and only had one move, it was called the Ascending Vicious Dragon .

This move had 3 forms and 81 variations .

But Li Fuchen could see that the 3 forms and 81 variations were much more exquisite than the first move’s 9 forms and 736 variations .

If the first move was the leaves of the tree, then the second move would be the branches of the tree .

As Li Fuchen had already cultivated the Vicious Dragon Fist to near-perfection stage, now that he obtained the second half of the Vicious Dragon Fist, he merely cultivated it a little and broke through the bottleneck, achieving perfection stage .


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The vicious dragon roared while the vicious dragon spirit was extremely concise and felt like it could break open the void . The array of the Fuchen Peak activated to stabilize the mountain and to prevent Fuchen Peak from shattering because of the vicious dragon spirit .

“Not bad . It actually increased my strength by 30% . ”

When the Vicious Dragon Fist reached the perfection stage, Li Fuchen’s strength had suddenly increased by 30% .  

It didn’t sound like a lot as it was only 30% and not two times or three times .

However, with Li Fuchen’s current strength, let alone 30%, even 5% or 10% was a significant increase .

Right now, he was confident he could severely injure the blood-scaled demon in a single fist and would be able to put the demon at its dying breath with the second fist . Li Fuchen wasn’t sure if he could kill the blood-scaled demon as Blood Demons had extreme survivability . Even if Li Fuchen shattered the blood-scaled demon’s body, it would probably still survive .

As for the six other demon generals that attacked him, apart from the Power Demon General, Li Fuchen was confident he could kill the rest with a few fists .

As the Poison Dragon Fist reached the perfection stage, Li Fuchen’s qi power was flourishing . When he stood in place, he was like a demon god emitting an extremely horrific qi prowess .

“I don’t have to be in a rush . The Demon Ring Continent is unfathomable and is far superior to the East Unicorn Continent . I will visit again after my Vicious Dragon Fist is at the trance stage . ”

It was fine if the Demon Ring Continent didn’t have much resources and Li Fuchen would only visit one more time .

But it was obvious that the Demon Ring Continent had abundant resources and there was also the rare Ancient Demon Tree . If he didn’t visit a few more times, he would just be letting himself down .

When cultivating the Vicious Dragon Fist, Li Fuchen didn’t neglect his qi cultivation and sword art cultivation .

On this day, Li Fuchen consumed one Red Rainbow Elixir, causing his qi to become extremely pure . He had actually reached the peak state of 5th level Reincarnation Realm .

It had only been a few months since he broke through to the 5th level of Reincarnation Realm .

Of course, as compared to his body refinement’s cultivation, no matter how fast his qi cultivation progressed, it still wouldn’t be faster than body refinement progression .

Li Fuchen’s current body refinement strength was already at the 9th level of Reincarnation Realm . This level would be corresponding with his qi cultivation level .

Li Fuchen was cultivating the earth class peak-tier cultivation technique, Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique was far beyond the Reincarnation Realm .

Li Fuchen understood this very clearly .

Qi was born from essence qi and essence qi came from natural law

If one wanted to make progress in qi cultivation, one would need heaven and earth comprehension . Only by doing so, one would have the mental state to control qi and to refine qi .

In comparison, the body refinement was much more barbarous . Unless it reached the physical limits of the cultivator, rapid progress could be achieved .

Of course, the prerequisite was for the impurities to be at a certain threshold .

Too much impurities would affect the cultivation .

Having too much impurities wouldn’t just affect cultivation . Serious cases might cause the body to explode or cause the meridians to collapse .

In the blink of the eye, half a month had passed by .

The first to breakthrough wasn’t the Vicious Dragon Fist but the qi cultivation level .

With the 27th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique, the 6-star blazing flame bone frame, with sufficient Red Rainbow Elixir, Li Fuchen’s cultivation advanced like a rocket and soared continuously until it broke through to the 6th level of Reincarnation Realm .

When Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation reached the 6th level of Reincarnation Realm, it didn’t really have an influence on the limit of Li Fuchen’s combat strength, it merely increased the qi cultivation strength by a little .

But as his qi cultivation progressed, Li Fuchen felt his awareness becoming sharper and his perception was also better .

A person’s awareness and perception would increase along with the cultivation level .

A Battle Spirit Realm master’s awareness was called spiritual awareness . Once the awareness transformed into spiritual awareness, there would be more functions and the range would also be much further .

Apart from Li Fuchen, it would be praiseworthy for a regular Reincarnation Realm expert’s awareness to scan up to a few dozen miles .

But the spiritual awareness of a Battle Spirit Realm master would be able to reach up to a few hundred miles with ease .

The Primary Sea Realm monarch’s spiritual awareness would be able to reach over a few thousand miles .

Li Fuchen was an anomaly . His awareness had yet to transform into the spiritual awareness but was already able to scan up to a thousand miles . It might not be comparable with Primary Sea Realm monarchs but there was a difference in quality .

As for perception, it was closely related to cultivation level .

Li Fuchen might have heaven-defying perception, but it was only comparable with elite Battle Spirit Realm masters . It was still far from the level of a Primary Sea Realm monarch .

Be it the Primary Sea Realm monarch’s foundation or perception, they were at astounding extents . To them, probably only heaven class cultivation techniques and martial arts were difficult to them, anything below the heaven class wouldn’t have any difficulty for them .

After another half a month, Li Fuchen’s Vicious Dragon Fist had finally reached the trance stage .

No matter what, the Vicious Dragon Fist was only an earth class mid-tier body refinement art . Its power might not be weaker than earth class peak-tier qi martial arts, but the comprehension difficulty was much easier . With Li Fuchen’s current perception it was easy to comprehend the Vicious Dragon Fist completely .

Now that the Vicious Dragon Fist reached the trance stage, the vicious dragon spirit contained the complete Vicious Dragon Fist Intent . When executing his fist, Li Fuchen’s awareness clearly detected traces of explosion from the void . It was the laws of heaven and earth getting damaged, even though the damage was minuscule .

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