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"There is no need for you to know."

The young man in front of him was indeed a bit better than him, but to Li Fuchen, even if there was anyone that towered over him, he wasn't going to put them in his sight.

Combat skills and martial sense were his true advantages.

With his body rotating, Li Fuchen who acted like a whirlwind, sent 10 successive kicks at Luo Zhongtian.

"Steel Clothed Shirt."

Luo Zhongtian was alarmed as he activated his body refinement technique. Compared to his fist, Li Fuchen's kicks were much sharper and more lethal.  Sinking his center of gravity, Luo Zhongtian tensed up his muscles and put up a cross-guard to resist against Li Fuchen's kicks.


Remarkably, dozens of kicks merged into a single channel and sent Luo Zhongtian crashing, causing him to taste the blood that rushed into his throat.

"So, it turns out to be the Steel Clothed Shirt." Li Fuchen understood clearly now.

Even though Steel Clothed Shirt wasn't comparable to Crimson Battle Form, it still was a body refinement technique. Once at a certain rank, it could be used to circulate the qi and blood to compact the muscles and increase one's defense, just like iron made clothing.

"Seven Star Sword Style!"

Forcefully swallowing the blood trapped in his throat, Luo Zhongtian drew the wooden sword on the side of his waist and brandished it at Li Fuchen.

There were no words to describe the dazzle of this blade.

Packaged within the purple qi surrounding the wooden sword, was a purple star orbiting. It sparkled for six times, captivating the soul with each sparkle.

"Seven Star Sword Style, but only it only sparkled six times, seems like it isn't at completion yet." Li Fuchen gave a faint smile and executed the second sword move of the Red Jade Sword Style, Killing of Red Jade.

If Touch of Red Jade contains the suction force, then the Killing of Red Jade was the expulsion of force.

With the expulsion of the sword force, the air shuttered for an instant and produced a temporary vacuum state.

Most importantly, Li Fuchen's Red Jade Sword Style was already at the completion stage.

Cling! Clang!

With a few violent clashes, the Seven Star Sword Style was countered and Li Fuchen's sword stabbed into the abdomen of Luo Zhongtian, strands of fresh blood oozed from the wound.

With the Steel Clothed Shirt, even blood became denser and made blood loss come more slowly.

Pulling out the wooden sword, Li Fuchen slammed the sword on Luo Zhongtian's face, causing him to crash to the side as he couldn't stand up even if he tried.

"Luo Kai, your turn." Li Fuchen pointed at Luo Kai with his sword.

"Li Fuchen, what do you think you are doing. This is the Cang Lan Sect, it is not a place you can act impudently." Snapping out from his shock, Luo Kai acted as though he saw a ghost but still tried to put on a strong front.

He wasn't about to fathom, with just two months, what did Li Fuchen do to improve so quickly?

His elder cousin Luo Zhongtian entered the sect around four years ago. Not only was his cultivation at the ninth level of the Qi Realm, he even cultivated the Steel Clothed Shirt. Average ninth level Qi Realm disciples weren't even his match.

"Only now did you recall that this is the Cang Lan Sect. A pity that it is too late."

Li Fuchen swiftly slapped his sword on Luo Kai's head.


Just like Luo Zhongtian, he was sent flying to the side, he even made a few twirls in mid air before crashing violently on the ground and fainting on the spot.

Sweeping his glance in a full circle, Li Fuchen's eyes sent out a warning to everyone before indifferently leaving.

The crowd was intimidated by the glare and went silent. Only after Li Fuchen left did they dare to start gossiping.

"So rampant! Does he think he can intimidate all of us here single handedly?"

"Then why didn't you speak out earlier?"

"Didn't I react now? I mean, he did thrash both Zhou Huailong and Luo Zhongtian."

"You are just bragging right? Anyway, I do not want to get on his bad side. This Li Fuchen is obviously a revenger, if you don't straight up defeat him, he would definitely come back to take revenge and return you twice the humiliation."

"That's right, critters like us shouldn't participate in these events, leave the headaches to the celebrities. Let them fight it out and we just need to enjoy the show."

Since the beginning, no one treated Li Fuchen seriously and thought it was his luck that brought him all those contribution points.

But now, nobody thought like that anymore. Because not any regular fellow can defeat both Zhou Huailong and Luo Zhongtian.

The crucial point was that two months ago, Li Fuchen was being played around by Zhou Huailong. Two months later, he actually played Zhou Huailong back, which was absolutely logic defying.

As for the celebrities that were mentioned, they were speaking of the outer sect's top 500 disciples.

Zhou Huailong and Luo Zhongtian were both great, but were still lacking when compared to the top 500.

"Damn it." Zhou Huailong and Luo Zhongtian crawled back up with faces filled with grievances

With the news of this battle spreading like a wildfire, Li Fuchen's name became famous and his reputation travelled to the ears of the top 500 outer sect disciples.


First Grade Outer Sect Disciples' Region Eastern Section

This was an intricate and refined courtyard, in the yard were plenty of cherry blossoms. Although the blossoms had yet to bloom, its upright and firm branches gave off a prideful intent.

With brows like a painting and fair white skin, an absolute beauty was practicing her sword arts.

Her sword style was exquisite, just like the budding cherry blossoms, yet hidden with killing intent.

"Senior Guan Xue, congratulations on finishing the Blossom Sword Style training."

A delicate lass entered from outside of the yard, speaking with admiration.

The Blossom Sword Style is the Cang Lan Sect's peak-tier, yellow class sword art. Normally only Origin Realm martial artists can train in it. But finishing the training doesn't mean reaching completion.

"It is only at sub-completion." Guan Xue stated as if it wasn't any significant achievement.

Six months ago when she arrived at Cang Lan Sect, she had already attained completion for her Guan Clan's high-tier, yellow class Water Moon Sword Style.

A few months ago, she spent 1500 contribution points to exchange for this peak-tier, yellow class Blossom Sword Style.

"This is already a great accomplishment! Look at me, not even at completion for a high-tier, yellow class sword art." The delicate girl sighed.

"You came looking for me?" Asked Guan Xue.

The delicate lass replied, "Senior Guan Xue, I wonder if you have heard of the rising star in the outer sect recently? He has only been here for only four months and had already defeated Senior Zhou Huailong and Senior Luo Zhongtian. He became a celebrity overnight."

"Ohh? What does it got to do with me?"

The delicate lass blinked a few times, "I heard his name is Li Fuchen and he comes from Yunwu city, just like Senior Guan Xue. Senior Guan Xue, do you know him?"

"Li Fuchen?" An astonished look was displayed on Guan Xue's face.

"Senior Guan Xue, you know him?" The delicate asked after observing Guan Xue's reaction and knew that Guan Xue was acquainted with Li Fuchen.

Guan Xue nodded, "I know him. He was once engaged in marriage with me, but once I entered the Cang Lan Sect, the engagement was dissolved."

"So he was actually Senior Guan Xue's fiancé, no wonder he is so brilliant." The delicate lass didn't know of this information and was quite surprised.

Guan Xue shook her head, "He wasn't this good in the past, it sure is bizarre to hear this news."

Li Fuchen once had some talent, but was still within the range of an average person.

Upon hearing Li Fuchen's news, it only caused a slight ripple in Guan Xue's heart, not enough to affect her emotionally. Very soon, that ripple disappeared like it never existed.

For Guan Xue, what she pursued was the peak of the sword dao. Her other half needed to be exceptional, a prodigy of her level, and obviously Li Fuchen didn't meet the requirements.

(TL note: Sword Dao: Way of the Sword)

'I hope you you didn't come here because of me. Pestering and persistence will not work on me.' Guan Xue thought to herself.

A few days ago, both Shen Tu Jue and Guan Peng came looking for her too. She was well aware of why they were here. Had Li Fuchen done the same, she would definitely have looked down upon him.

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