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Chapter 489
ER – Chapter 489: Return Visit to Demon Ring
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“I only have 100 contribution coins left . I have to continue doing missions . ”

Li Fuchen smiled bitterly . He originally planned to accumulate the contribution coins to exchange for the second half of the Vicious Dragon Fist or the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration . But he still couldn’t hold back from spending all of them .

But Li Fuchen didn’t regret it . His body refinement strength was more than twice as strong as the previous time he visited the Demon Ring Continent . He could simply rely on his body refinement to contest with the white demon . If he executed his Vicious Dragon Fist, he was confident he could smash the white demon with a single fist .

This time, Li Fuchen was preparing to explore the Demon Ring Continent alone and to carry out the mission along the way .

His trump cards were a secret and he was only able to use all of them without hesitation when he was alone .

Arriving at the teleportation plaza, Li Fuchen headed to the Demon Ring Continent again .

It had been over one month since the previous trip . Even if the Ancient Demon Tree could move, it probably didn’t move too much .


There was a flash of radiance and Li Fuchen arrived at the Demon Ring Continent’s fifth ring .

Following his memory, Li Fuchen headed towards a location in the third ring .

“As expected, it isn’t here . ”

While looking at the empty spot where the Ancient Demon Tree was previously at, Li Fuchen frowned and scanned the surroundings with his awareness .

Soon enough, Li Fuchen captured a trace of the Ancient Demon Tree’s qi presence .

His awareness was comparable to Primary Sea Realm monarchs . This trace of qi presence might be able to hide from the most powerful Battle Spirit Realm masters, but it couldn’t hide from him .


Following the qi presence, Li Fuchen’s speed increased .

“It is this human again . Kill him . ”

From a distance a group of demons that numbered 10,000 had discovered Li Fuchen . There was a scarlet demon that roared with rage and it was that Great Scarlet Demon that protected the Ancient Demon Tree back then .

Apart from the Scarlet Great Demon, the white demon was also there .

Other than these two demons, there was an even stronger demon . This demon was covered with blood scales and was very similar to the Blood Devil King back at the East Unicorn Continent .

“Is that the human that defeated the two of you?” The blood-scaled demon asked in a deep and sinister voice .

“Lord Blood General . It is him . ” The scarlet demon nodded .

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The Demon Ring Continent was a place with a strict hierarchy on status . The class 5 demons might all be class 5 but there were minute differences . Those at the bottom were normal class 5 demons, above them were the elite class 5 demons, further up would be the Great Demons . The scarlet demon and the white demon were both Great Demons, but there was another rank higher than the Great Demons .

In terms of strength, normal class 5 demons should be corresponding to 9th level Reincarnation Realm experts who cultivated mystic class peak-tier cultivation techniques .

The elite class 5 demons should correspond with 9th level Reincarnation Realm experts who cultivated earth class low-tier cultivation techniques .

The Great Demons would correspond to the 9th level Reincarnation Realm experts who cultivated earth class mid-tier cultivation techniques .

Above the Great Demons, there was the stronger Demon General .

Demon Generals were normally used to address class 6 demons but the Demon Ring Continent didn’t have class 6 demons . As such, those heaven-defying class 5 demons would be considered as Demon Generals .

Demon Generals had the strength of low-level Battle Spirit Realm masters . They would normally be active in the first ring but after knowing a powerful human had visited the Demon Ring Continent, he came to the third ring and planned to capture the human alive to devour the human’s essence blood .

“Blood Demon? I wonder how pure his bloodline is and how different it is from pure-blooded Blood Demons . ” Li Fuchen raised his brows .

There were pure-blooded demons and those that didn’t have pure blood .

Pure-blooded Blood Demons would have a growth limit of Demon Emperors and were considered the emperor race among the Blood Demons .

The East Unicorn Continent’s Blood Devil King was only a regular Blood Demon and his bloodline purity was inferior to this blood-scaled demon .

Of course, even if this was a pure-blooded Blood Demon, without any fated opportunities, it would be hard to reach the growth limit, let alone for Blood Demon that weren’t pure-blooded .

“Good timing . My Vicious Dragon Fist is at the completion stage and my body refinement had a great improvement . I am just lacking a formidable foe . ”

Li Fuchen was eager to fight as qi prowess burst out of his body .


The scarlet demon and the white demon took the lead and charged at Li Fuchen with thousands of demons .

The scarlet demon was from the Fire Demon race while the white demon was from the Bone Demon race . The former had an inferior growth potential but was still a Great Demon, while the latter was a Bone Demon and pure-blooded Bone Demons had the growth limit of Demon Emperor and was the same as Blood Demons . Hence, as a Great Demon, the white demon was clearly stronger than the scarlet demon . The duo positioned themselves at two sides and launched a pincer assault at Li Fuchen .

As for the other class 5 demons and class 4 demons, they would either be rapidly approaching Li Fuchen or attacking from far away . The scene was extremely terrifying .

“Emerging Vicious Dragon!”

There was a giant elephant trumpet and the vicious dragon roar .

The giant elephant spirit and the vicious dragon spirit rose at the same time .

As Li Fuchen executed his fist, the vicious dragon spirit was like a demon dragon that was going to exterminate the world .

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Bang Bang Bang Bang…

Hundreds to a thousand demons were blasted into blood mists by a single fist . Even the scarlet demon and the white demon couldn’t resist Li Fuchen’s fis force . Wounds split open on their body while fresh blood splattered .


Li Fuchen executed another fist and ravaged with the horrific vicious dragon spirit . He had finally shattered the scarlet demon and the white demon into pieces, resulting in their miserable deaths .

“If it is a solo fight, I should be able to kill the white demon in a single fist . ” Li Fuchen was roughly able to gauge the strength of his fist .

“What?” The blood-scaled demon was astonished .

It was fine for the scarlet demon to be killed, but the white demon was a pinnacle existence even among the Great Demons . Even the blood-scaled demon wouldn’t be able to kill the white demon in such a short period of time . This human’s strength wasn’t just slightly superior to the white demon .

Could it be that the human had improved so much in just a little more than one month?

“Blood Spear!”

The blood-scaled demon took a deep breath while blood light surged in its hand, producing a blood-colored spear .

The blood-colored spear was emitting blood-colored electric arcs and was extremely fearsome .


There was a flash of blood light as the blood-scaled demon launched the blood-colored spear out .

In the face of the blood spear that was approaching rapidly, Li Fuchen executed a punch to shatter the blood spear .

“Blood Armor!”

The blood-scaled demon let out a roar . There was a surge of blood light and a set of blood-colored armor appeared on its body . In the next moment, the blood-scaled demon charged towards Li Fuchen .

Boom Boom Boom!

The duo matched fist with fist and had exchanged eight moves in just a split second .


At the ninth fist, the blood-scaled demon was no longer able to resist Li Fuchen’s fist force and vomited a mouthful of blood .

Li Fuchen wasn’t going to spare any mercy as his fist struck at the chest of the blood-scaled demon .

The blood armor caved in and the powerful force had sent the blood-scaled demon flying .

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“Where are you going?”

Li Fuchen pursued and struck another fist through the air to shatter the blood armor, causing a blood mist to scatter .

“Flee . ” The blood-scaled demon knew it wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen and escaped frantically .

After blasting out another seven to eight fists, Li Fuchen didn’t pursue anymore .

His only shortcoming was his movement speed . After all, movement speed was related to cultivation level and Li Fuchen’s weakest factor was his cultivation level .

His body refinement wasn’t weak but the body refinement was far inferior to qi cultivation in terms of movement speed .

After killing a thousand demons with two fists and repelling the Blood General, the other demons didn’t dare to remain here . In just a moment, 10,000 demons had vanished without a trace .

Following the qi presence, Li Fuchen continued to track down the Ancient Demon Tree .

Half a day later, Li Fuchen found that Ancient Demon Tree .

The Ancient Demon Tree was obviously able to recognize Li Fuchen’s qi presence too . When it saw Li Fuchen arriving, dozens of Ancient Demon Fruits had withered and all the energy gathered at the thicker and sturdier branch which then lashed at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen grinned and blasted a fist in return .

There was a horrific qi wave explosion . Li Fuchen remained in place while the Ancient Demon Tree’s branch exploded .

With breakneck speed, Li Fuchen took eight Ancient Demon Fruits .

The Ancient Demon Tree was enraged . This time, close to 100 Ancient Demon Fruits had withered and all the energy gathered at the other thick branch that was closer to Li Fuchen .

“It is such a waste . If you have given me 100 Ancient Demon Fruits . I might already be leaving . ”

Li Fuchen felt it was a great pity as this Ancient Demon Tree had an inflexible mind . It was willing to forsake the Ancient Demon Fruits just to contest with him . Did it not know that Li Fuchen was simply here for the Ancient Demon Fruits?

A man and a tree started an intense battle .

During the battle, Li Fuchen would pick the Ancient Demon Fruits when there were opportunities .

The earth and mountains shook as the roots under the Ancient Demon Tree had emerged . It looked like countless legs as the Ancient Demon Tree approached Li Fuchen at high speed .

Li Fuchen was dumbstruck . He didn’t expect for the Ancient Demon Tree to move like this .

Li Fuchen didn’t allow the Ancient Demon Tree to get closer to him .

The Ancient Demon Tree had a massive body and once it got near to him, he would face pressure that would be hundred times as intense . When countless branches assaulted frenziedly, even the most powerful Battle Spirit Realm master would be defeated, let alone Li Fuchen .

After retreating, Li Fuchen started to roam at the edge of the Ancient Demon Tree’s range .

It was fortunate that the Ancient Demon Tree wasn’t considered fast, otherwise, Li Fuchen would only have the choice to flee in a sorry state .

After over 100 Ancient Demon Fruits were picked, the Ancient Demon Tree’s lacking intelligence finally understood that it wasn’t able to deal with Li Fuchen .

Its instincts told it that it had to get away from Li Fuchen .

As the pursuit continued, a few days later, they arrived at the second ring .

In the distant horizon, three streams of light were flying towards Li Fuchen . After spotting Li Fuchen, they flew faster and arrived in front of Li Fuchen in the blink of the eye . There were three demons with fearsome qi presence and one of them was the blood-scaled demon .

“This human is stronger than me . Let’s work together and kill him . ”

The blood-scaled demon brought two other Demon Generals and rushed over .

“Would three be enough?” Li Fuchen sneered and didn’t even try to escape as he immediately confronted them .

The two other Demon Generals consisted of a Winged Demon with wings on its back and a powerful Power Demon .

The three Demon Generals started a battle with Li Fuchen .

The Winged Demon was extremely fast and was circling around Li Fuchen and attacking him like a shadow .

The Power Demon had a tough body and had suffered minor injuries after receiving a fist from Li Fuchen .

The blood-scaled demon used its innate ability to attack Li Fuchen from a long range using the blood spears .

The Ancient Demon Tree stopped fleeing . Using its feeble intelligence, it knew that it should support the three Demon Generals and was constantly lashing at Li Fuchen with its branches .

After releasing the giant elephant spirit and the vicious dragon spirit, Li Fuchen repelled both the Winged Demon and the Power Demon . He then used a single fist to send the blood-scaled demon flying . Seeing an opportunity, Li Fuchen grabbed onto one of the Ancient Demon Tree’s branches and pulled the entire branch off . There were over 30 Ancient Demon Fruits on the branch .

“How can this human be so formidable?” The Winged Demon was bewildered .

“I reckon that only the top ten Demon Generals can rival him . ” The blood-scaled demon was enraged .

In the first ring, it was only an ordinary Demon General and so were the two other Demon Generals .

During normal times, he would never leave the first ring as the first ring had the best environment for cultivation and was also the place that could allow class 5 demons to evolve into class 6 demons .

“Winged Demon General . Go and call for more Demon Generals . ” The blood-scaled demon transmitted a message to the Winged Demon secretly .

Among the trio, the Winged Demon was the fastest .

“Okay . ” The Winged Demon turned and flapped its flesh wings before rushing into the sky .

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