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Chapter 482

“It is unknown how much the pale purple spirit soul has increased my perception . But it is still impossible to cultivate the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique to the 28th rank in a short period of time . It is also hard to reach the trance stage of the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration with just the first two sword moves . It seems like it is time to earn some contribution points . ”

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Even with an exceptional perception, there must be something to cultivate too .

The rest of the outer sect monarch-class disciples would normally stay in seclusion in the sect for around one year or two years . They would only venture out to complete missions and earn contribution points after they reached the peak level of Reincarnation Realm or the 1st level of Battle Spirit Realm .

“There isn’t a need to hurry . Let me stabilize my cultivation level and technique . ”

With four Red Rainbow Elixirs and four Perception Dao Elixirs, Li Fuchen12 didn’t have to worry that he didn’t have enough elixirs to consume for the moment .

After consuming one Red Rainbow Elixir, Li Fuchen’s qi was much purer and his cultivation technique had been stabilized at the 27th rank .

As for the Perception Dao Elixir, Li Fuchen didn’t consume any for now .

He had just broken through to the 27th rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique . Even if he consumed the Perception Dao Elixir now, it was impossible to make any breakthrough . He was preparing to consume it after a period of time to maximize the effects of the Perception Dao Elixir .

“Let me go to the mission hall to take a look . ”

After exiting the monarch district, Li Fuchen arrived at the Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect .

The outer sect mission hall was filled with people and they were all outer sect disciples .

Outer sect disciples and monarch-class disciples were different, the outer sect disciples weren’t provided with any contribution points and if they wanted to obtain contribution points, they had to complete missions .

“It is a monarch-class disciple!”

After noticing Li Fuchen’s clothing, some of the outer sect disciples were shocked and their eyes burned with excitement .

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Doing missions with monarch-class disciples was the easiest . Each of the monarch-class disciples had unmatched strength in the same realm . As long as there weren’t any mishaps or accidents, they would definitely shorten the time required for the mission .

“Senior is here to accept a mission right? Why don’t we head to Crimson Beach? There is an abundance of Crimson Shells there . Each shell can be exchanged for 10 contribution points . 100 shells would be 1000 points . ”

“How can Crimson Shells be obtained so easily? Senior, let’s go to the Black Wind Gorge . There are Black Wind Fish that fly in the wind . Each fish is 50 contribution points . ”

The outer sect disciples started to invite Li Fuchen one after the other .

Li Fuchen was a little moved . He had never done any missions before and didn’t understand the missions very well . Hence, for his first mission, his objective wasn’t to earn contribution points, it was to get a rough understanding of the missions’ difficulty .

“Senior, we are planning to head to the Demon Ring Continent . I wonder if you would like to join us . ” A mature and earnest youth walked over and invited .

“Demon Ring Continent?” The surrounding outer sect disciples had a change of expression .

Missions that headed to foreign continents were extremely dangerous . Moreover, the Demon Ring Continent was a relatively dangerous continent as compared to the other foreign continents . The Demon Ring Continent didn’t have any human inhabitation and it was filled with demons . It was fortunate that this continent could only produce class 5 demons and it was impossible for class 6 demons to exist .

“Foreign continent? I am rather interested . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

Before one’s cultivation reached the Primary Sea Realm, it was extremely dangerous to traverse over the sea and head towards each of the continents . But with teleportation arrays, it was different . One would be able to instantly teleport to the foreign continent .

Three days later…

At the Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect teleportation plaza .

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There were plenty of teleportation platforms here and they allowed teleportations to the seven royal cities and also some special places . Apart from those places, they could also teleport to the foreign continents .

But it was very expensive to teleport to the foreign continents . Each individual would need at least 100,000 low-grade spirit stones . If it was a teleportation to a further foreign continent, it was normal to pay around 500,000 or 1,000,000 low-grade spirit stones .

Perhaps it was possible to pay such a cost for once or twice, but once the number of teleportations increased, not even monarch-class disciples could afford it .

Of course, monarch-class disciples didn’t require to pay any fees for teleportation .

There were four other outer sect disciples that were heading to the Demon Ring Continent with Li Fuchen, making a total of five members .

Apart from Li Fuchen, the lowest cultivation among the four was also at the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm . The one with the highest cultivation was at the 9th level of Reincarnation Realm . There were two female disciples and two male disciples .

“Teleportation to the Demon Ring Continent would be 150,000 low-grade spirit stones for each individual . ” An outer sect elder walked over and said .

“Here . ”

The earnest youth handed over a storage bag that had 600,000 low-grade spirit stones and it was paid by the four outer sect disciples .

Li Fuchen didn’t pay any spirit stones as he was a monarch-class disciple and could teleport for free .

After standing on the teleportation platform, there was a flash of radiance before they vanished .

When they reappeared, the five had arrived at a dusky world .

“So this is the Demon Ring Continent?”

Li Fuchen could feel that the heaven and earth qi here was entirely different from the Seven Color Continent’s qi . The qi here contained large quantities of demon qi .

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It was possible for martial artists to refine demon qi, but the efficiency was extremely low .

The earnest youth’s name was Zhuang Sheng, he said, “The Demon Ring Continent has a total of five rings . The first ring has the highest concentration of demon qi and that place has the strongest class 5 demons too . They are even able to contest against regular low-level Battle Spirit Realm masters . We are now at the fifth ring and it is relatively safer here . But after many years of exploration, the resources in the fifth ring have already been depleted . If we want better rewards, we will need to enter the fourth and third rings . As for the second ring, it will depend on the situation . It is best not to enter the first ring as it is a place with a high mortality rate . ”

After walking down the teleportation platform, Li Fuchen felt that the heaven and earth demon qi was much more concentrated .

The teleportation platform contained spatial power and once it was constructed, it had extremely tough defensive ability . It could even isolate most of the heaven and earth laws .

“This continent is naturally suited for demons to grow!”

Li Fuchen could imagine how powerful the demons in this continent were . Even if the class 5 demons from the East Unicorn Continent was to come to this place, they might not even be able to dominate the fifth ring .

The fifth ring was massive as it was the outermost circle of the Demon Ring Continent .

“Humans, eat them!”

From far away, a large group of class 5 demons flew over . There were horned demons, vigorous demons, and also winged demons .

“Everyone be careful . ”

Zhuang Sheng didn’t dare to be careless . He didn’t bother about a single class 5 demon but if dozens of class 5 demons worked together, they might be instantly wiped out if they were not careful .

“Mountain Blasting Fist . ”

“Golden Tip Saber Art . ”

“Flying Feather Sword Art . ”

“Crabapples Sword Art . ”

The four of them yelled out and executed their proficient martial arts .

Bang Boom!

After the first clash, both sides were even .

The four had the advantage of individual strength, while the class 5 demons had the advantage of numbers .

“Cloud Incineration . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t have the intention to conceal his strength . He drew the Scarlet Blood Sword and brandished his sword .


A flaming cloud extended out and over thirty class 5 demons were instantly incinerated .

“Such an incredible sword art . He is truly a monarch-class disciple for a reason . ”

The outer sect female disciple named Yun Wei had a wide-opened mouth while her eyes were filled with splendor .

To kill over thirty class 5 demons in a single sword was something that she wouldn’t dare to think would happen .

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