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Chapter 481

“Junior Li has full points in perception for a reason . Junior Murong is still lacking a bit . ”

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The inner sect monarch-class disciple that placed his bets on Li Fuchen12 was grinning .

“A momentary victory doesn’t mean anything . In terms of future prospects, it is obvious that Junior Murong is superior . ”

“That’s right . Junior Murong is now at the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm now, soon enough he should be progressing to the 1st level of Battle Spirit Realm . But for Junior Li to progress to the 1st level of Battle Spirit Realm, he will need at least 10 years . ”

An inner sect monarch-class disciple who placed his bet on Murong Tianxing spoke with a bad mood .

When Li Fuchen defeated Murong Tianxing, there were people who were delighted and people who were displeased, but no one was as happy as Bai Lingshuang .

She had placed a bet of 3 . 5 million low-grade spirit stones and 500 mid-grade spirit stones on Li Fuchen . Now that Li Fuchen won, her entire wealth was doubled .

But in comparison to Li Fuchen, it was pale into significance .

Li Fuchen had bet on himself with 20 million low-grade spirit stones, 1000 mid-grade spirit stones, two Red Rainbow Elixirs, and two Perception Dao Elixirs . This was the almost the entire wealth of a high-level Battle Spirit Realm master .

“I lost?” 

Under the stage, Murong Tianxing was still in disbelief .

He who possessed the 7-star stars bone frame had never been defeated in his entire life . Today, he had been defeated by Li Fuchen in a straightforward manner, there wasn’t any suspense at all .

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“Is this what it means to have full points in perception? One day, I will make a comeback . ” Murong Tianxing turned and left .

This fight had nearly ruined all of his pride . But this was just the beginning and even if he lost now, it didn’t mean that he was going to lose in the future . With the 7-star stars bone frame, he believed that he wasn’t inferior to anyone apart from emperor-class disciples with 8-star bone frames .

“Junior Li, I am Du Kang . Just like you, I am also from the South Forest Martial Institution and I am also Mentor Meng Chihang’s in-room cadet . But I have entered the Red Rainbow Sect for 15 years and I am 18 years older than you . ” A genteel and scholarly youth walked over and smiled .

“Senior Cadet Du, I have heard Mentor mentioning about you . ” Li Fuchen nodded . Before Meng Chihang accepted Li Fuchen and Wang Heilong as in-room cadets, he had another in-room cadet . That in-room cadet was Du Kang who had the 7-star nimble wind bone frame .

Looking at Du Kang’s qi presence, he should be at the 3rd level of Battle Spirit Realm, but his age was only slightly over 40 years . Using the 500 years lifespan of the Battle Spirit Realm masters, 40 over years wasn’t worth mentioning . There was still another 400 years waiting for him .

Du Kang laughed, “Junior Li, you are now famous . You only arrived at the Red Rainbow Sect for slightly more than a month but you have cultivated the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration to the completion stage . Only emperor-class disciples can be compared with such a perception . ”

Li Fuchen replied modestly, “Senior Cadet Du is praising me too much . ”

“Junior Li, it is an honor to meet you at last . I am Wang Yang . If there is a chance in the future, let’s drink together . ”

The inner sect monarch-class disciples started to walk over one after the other .

As monarch-class disciples, all of them were very prideful . But it depended on who they were interacting with . Li Fuchen might not be a 7-star bone frame but his full points perception was too fearsome . Li Fuchen’s speed of comprehending cultivation techniques and martial arts was far superior to them .

They might be able to enter the Primary Sea Realm and become monarchs earlier, but with Li Fuchen’s perception, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to enter the Primary Sea Realm either .

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Once Li Fuchen became a Primary Sea Realm monarch, he would definitely be an extremely formidable individual in the same realm . Hence it was necessary for them to have a good relationship with him . They might even have to go on missions and venture outside together next time .

“Greeting to all seniors . ”

Li Fuchen addressed Du Kang as senior cadet because they were both Meng Chihang’s in-room cadets . As for the others, he naturally had to address them as seniors .

Looking at how a group of inner sect monarch-class disciples were surrounding Li Fuchen, the martial contest stage’s elder thought to himself: ‘This child’s perception is outstanding . If he has some fated opportunities, he might become one of the pillars for the Red Rainbow Sect .

The Red Rainbow Sect might be a monarch-class sect and was also the dictator of the Red Soil Continent, but the Seven Color Continent had six other monarch-class factions . Outside the Seven Color Continent, there were even stronger and more formidable continents .

In regards to elite prodigies, the Red Rainbow Sect had never spared anything to nurture them . After all, the Red Rainbow Sect also had their enemies and the sect wanted to develop into an emperor-class sect too .

An emperor-class sect would need a Law Phase Realm emperor and also a group of elite Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

Without a doubt, Li Fuchen would be an elite Primary Sea Realm monarch in the future .

“It will be very hard to have an opportunity in the future . ”

With his entire wealth doubled, Li Fuchen was very satisfied . But he knew that this was a one-time opportunity, at least before progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm, no one would probably challenge him again . Even if there were other outer sect monarch-class disciples from the seven other kingdoms that were superior to Murong Tianxing, their strength would have a limit .

“Now that I have so many spirit stones, it is already enough . ” Li Fuchen smiled .

He wasn’t a greedy and insatiable person .

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It was enough to have sufficient spirit stones and there was no meaning to pursue endless spirit stones . As long as he had enough strength, the earning speed of spirit stones would be faster .

In the blink of the eye, it had been over two weeks since Li Fuchen defeated Murong Tianxing .

In just two weeks, Li Fuchen had already comprehended 3 . 6 segments of the blazing flame patterns and it was getting closer to the fourth segment .

On this day, Li Fuchen was comprehending the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration sword art .

When he brandished his sword, his mind suddenly sounded with explosions while he was frozen in place .

In his spirit soul, the last trace of blue spirit soul had vanished and it was now entirely pale purple .

The pale purple spirit soul was magnificent and there wasn’t a hint of flaw .

On the surface of the pale purple spirit soul, there were pale purple flashes of lightning .

Every time there was a flash of lightning, Li Fuchen would feel a surge of boundless inspirations .

“Cloud Incineration!”

His frozen body suddenly moved . Li Fuchen brandished his sword and there was a flame cloud-like sword light that soared and filled up the entire place . When taking a closer look, one would realize that the flame cloud was formed by countless tiny sword lights . Each sword light looked as though it was an exploding flame and they were expanding while filled with the hint of destruction .

“Ten Incineration!”

After the first sword was brandished, the second sword followed up quickly .

This time, the flame cloud was even more concentrated and more violent . Layers of flame clouds stacked together and had caused the air to shiver . The sword lights were even more condensed than before and were even more tyrannical . It was like a bundle of molten lava .

“The pale purple spirit soul is actually so powerful . ” Li Fuchen took a deep breath .

The Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration had a total of four moves . It would only be considered as the perfection stage after comprehending the third move, Hundred Incineration .

But after the transformation of his spirit soul, Li Fuchen merely used the first two sword moves to push the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration to the perfection stage . This type of perception was already beyond what 8-star bone frames could do .

In fact, Li Fuchen’s previous perception was already considered extraordinary among the 8-star bone frames . It was very hard to find out what his perception level was at right now .

After stabilizing the Cloud Flame Thousand Incineration, Li Fuchen immediately went into seclusion to continue comprehending the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique .

Three days later, Li Fuchen exited seclusion .

His Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique had actually reached the 27th rank . The qi quality was entirely different from before and when he stood in place, he was emitting a terrifying flame-like prowess .

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