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Chapter 470

“It is a pity, no matter how exceptional the perception if the bone frame doesn’t keep up, there will be flaws . ”

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Bai Lingshuang knew clearly that if she didn’t have the icy cold divine ability, it would be difficult for her to defeat Ling Yijian .

Her cultivation level might be one level higher than Ling Yijian, and her cultivation technique might be one rank higher, but Ling Yijian’s sword dao divine ability wasn’t newly awakened and was obviously rather proficient .

“Is Li Fuchen12 going to be defeated?”

To reach this stage of the Ranking Tournament, everyone viewed Li Fuchen with admiration .

They were admiring Li Fuchen because he was able to reach the 3rd rank with just his regular strength .

But at times, innate talent was obviously more important than perception .

The Sword Lotus expanded and the sword intent was wreaking havoc .

Ling Yijian looked at Li Fuchen with ruthless eyes .

Li Fuchen was only one step away from the borders of the contest stage .

“Do I have to expose my Heart of Blazing Flame?” Li Fuchen muttered while his eyes were burning with fire .


A horrifying heat wave rushed into the sky . The surging flame rapidly expanded into a sphere and collided with the Sword Lotus .

Crack Crack .

There were crack marks on the Sword Lotus .

Before Ling Yijian could react, the Sword Lotus instantly exploded and the powerful force of the impact had reversed .


Ling Yijian looked as though he saw a ghost as he was sent flying backward while his body was charred .

Blazing flame divine ability… Heart of Blazing Flame .


The situation was reversed too quickly . Most of the people couldn’t react and could only see Ling Yijian getting blasted off .

“Blazing flame divine ability?”

Meng Chihang and Lin Zhubai looked at each other with stunned faces .

Li Fuchen didn’t awaken his divine ability, right? Furthermore, he only possessed the 5-star blazing flame bone frame .

It wasn’t impossible to awaken the blazing flame divine ability with a 5-star blazing flame bone frame . But the martial artist would need to be at the Battle Spirit Realm first .

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To awaken a divine ability before reaching the Battle Spirit Realm was unheard of for people with the 5-star bone frames .

“This child has hidden it from us with a lot of effort . ” Lin Zhubai mumbled to himself .

At this moment, the entire audience was shocked .

Including Bai Lingshuang and the High Heaven Martial Institution’s Dean .

“This is too terrifying . Li Fuchen doesn’t merely have an exceptional perception, his innate talent isn’t inferior as well . He has actually awakened the blazing flame divine ability . ”

“His innate talent isn’t just great, the power of his blazing flame divine ability is truly horrific . Even Ling Yijian’s sword dao divine ability was destroyed . ”

“He has hidden this too well . If he revealed his blazing flame divine ability sooner, apart from Bai Lingshuang, no one else can receive a single attack from him . Everyone would be sent flying . ”

Some of the eliminated contestants were all fired up .

“Fuchen has probably comprehended up to the third segment of his blazing flame bone frame pattern . ” Meng Chihang breathed out forcefully and grinned .

The power of the divine ability was determined with the number of meridians opened up in the body and also determined by the level of comprehension .

Li Fuchen’s cultivation level wasn’t high and even if his cultivation technique was at the highest rank, he wouldn’t have more open meridians than Ling Yijian . The only explanation would be Li Fuchen having a high level of comprehension of his blazing flame bone frame pattern .

“This child is truly hiding all his trump cards . ” Lin Zhubai had also laughed .

In the sky above the contest stage, Li Fuchen stood in the air like a flaming man .

Apart from flames, his body was also covered with complicated blazing flame patterns .

He was like a flaming god that emitted overwhelming qi presence .

“So this is your trump card?” Bai Lingshuang had severe eyes .

She had to admit that Li Fuchen’s exhibited strength was enough to fight against her .

“Blazing flame divine ability?” Situ Tao had a bitter expression .

He was somewhat unresigned when Li Fuchen took his status as the seeded contestant . It was fortunate that his spot as the Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect disciple wasn’t taken, allowing him to suppress his reluctant feelings . Furthermore, Li Fuchen was indeed very formidable .

But right now, he no longer felt unresigned .

To compare himself with a heaven-defier, it would be the same as looking for trouble .

In comparison to Li Fuchen’s blazing flame divine ability, what was his soft water divine ability? A streamlet?

Wang Heilong was also shocked .

To be honest, he had always been very proud that he possessed the 6-star darkness bone frame . He believed all other bone frames were inferior and even if they were stronger than him now, they would reach their limit soon . As long as his darkness divine ability progressed to the next level, he would truly be invincible .

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But Li Fuchen’s blazing flame divine ability was overwhelming . A single burst was enough to destroy Ling Yijian’s sword dao divine ability .

In the eyes of Li Fuchen, Wang Heilong’s Darkness Sky Canopy was probably the same as a layer of paper .

“I actually lost to the blazing flame divine ability?”

Ling Yijian was lying below the stage with a dispirited expression .

How could he not know that Li Fuchen’s blazing flame divine ability had reached an extreme level? It didn’t matter if he possessed the sword dao divine ability, as he was still crushed .

In this match, everyone witnessed Li Fuchen’s true strength .

Everyone understood that the final battle would be between him and Bai Lingshuang . All others would have to stand at the side .

Round 43…

The recovered Ling Yijian was matched up against Bai Lingshuang .

Ling Yijian knew that his regular strength wasn’t a match for Bai Lingshuang, hence, he executed the Sword Lotus again .

The illusory Sword Lotus constantly expanded and wanted to envelop Bai Lingshuang .

“Mystic Ice Divine Palm!”

Bai Lingshuang extended her arms and launched the extremely cold palm intent together with the extremely cold qi . She forcefully stopped the Sword Lotus from rotating and expanding .

“The 7-star icy cold bone frame is truly formidable!” Li Fuchen’s eyes contracted .

He could obviously see that Bai Lingshuang’s cultivation technique and palm art had reached the pinnacle .

When the earth class mid-tier cultivation technique intent was combined with the earth class high-tier palm intent, together with the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm, the strength that burst out was extremely terrifying .

As compared to others, Li Fuchen was four levels lower in cultivation level . There was no way to compensate for the difference .

On the contest stage, the duo were in a stalemate .

Ling Yijian’s sword dao divine ability wasn’t able to get closer to Bai Lingshuang while Bai Lingshuang’s palm force wasn’t able to go further either .

“Bai Lingshuang, are you not going to execute your icy cold divine ability?”

Ling Yijian was angry as he went over the limit of his sword dao power and allowed the Sword Lotus to rotate and expand again .

Several palm strikes were slammed on the Sword Lotus while Bai Lingshuang spoke indifferently, “That is good as well . If I don’t execute the icy cold divine ability, I am indeed unable to defeat you within a short period of time . ”

While speaking, Bai Lingshuang’s qi was withdrawn . At the same moment, there was a surge of icy cold power that turned Bai Lingshuang into an icy snow goddess . The surrounding moisture had slowly turned into ice . She looked extremely gorgeous and was dazzling with colors .

“Ice Mirror!”

The air appeared with a circle of complicated icy cold patterns before a layer of the mirror was produced .

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This Ice Mirror was thirty feet in size . It was obviously made of ice but it didn’t look different from a mirror that had an additional layer of horrific cold qi .

Ling Yijian and his sword dao divine ability appeared in the Ice Mirror .

“Not good . ”

After getting shone by the Ice Mirror, Ling Yijiang felt his qi and sword dao power getting frozen . The Sword Lotus also had a layer of frost and couldn’t rotate anymore .

“What kind of icy cold divine ability is this?”

Ling Yijian had never encountered such a strange and dreadful divine ability, causing his face to change drastically .

“This girl possesses the 7-star icy cold bone frame for a reason . The icy cold divine ability that she awakened actually has more aspects . ”

Some of the deans were able to see the terror of the Ice Mirror as they were shocked .

Ice didn’t just have the ability to freeze everything . It also concealed a deeper ability .

All things in the world weren’t actually pure .

Even the heaven dao contained thousands of daos .

A thunderbolt might have the characteristics of thunder but it actually contained fire too . When looking deeper, thunder actually consisted of wind as well .

The legends foretold that when a particular dao had reached the extremity, the other daos would actually be at entry level .

It was the same as one dao linking to thousands of daos .

“The ice dao law and mirror dao law?”

Li Fuchen didn’t know if this world had any mirror dao law . But his instincts told him that it probably existed .

The heaven dao contained thousands of daos and those thousands of daos were just an imaginary number . In actual fact, if one looked carefully, there would be more than thousands of daos .

The so-called five elemental dao, thunder dao, wind dao, and special daos were simply daos that were obvious . They were considered the main arteries that were connected with heaven dao . There were countless smaller arteries and blood vessels .

After all, if the sword dao, saber dao, and spear dao were considered daos, why couldn’t there be a mirror dao?

After getting shone by the Ice Mirror, Ling Yijian could only utilize 30% to 40% of his strength . He was no longer a match for Bai Lingshuang and had been instantly defeated .

“Li Fuchen and Bai Lingshuang are not people of the same level as us . I wonder what kind of scene would there be when they clash?”

“It is probably difficult for Li Fuchen . Bai Lingshuang’s icy cold divine ability is too peculiar . I have never seen or heard this kind of divine ability . Ling Yijian’s movement was delayed after getting shone by the Ice Mirror . Li Fuchen would probably suffer the same fate . ”

“It might not be the case! Li Fuchen has comprehended his blazing flame divine ability to an extremely high level . He might be a match for Bai Lingshuang . ”

“We will know once we see . It is useless to debate now . ”

There were people that were discussing softly .

“I wonder how Fuchen is going to deal with her?” Lin Zhubai and Meng Chihang were looking forward to the match and also apprehensive at the same time .

Finally, when the tournament was at round 45, Li Fuchen encountered Bai Lingshuang .

On the stage, the duo stood quietly while the audience were holding their breaths .

“Li Fuchen, let’s settle this with divine abilities!” Bai Lingshuang said .

“Naturally . ”

Li Fuchen’s body started to burn with flames, causing him to turn into a flaming man in an instant .

If a normal person turned into a flaming man, that person would have been burned to death . But Li Fuchen was different, his body was pervading with blazing flame law and the flames were unable to burn him and would only enhance his qi presence .

On the other side, the Ice Mirror was produced and had shone at Li Fuchen .

Bang Bang Bang!

The air that was one meter from Li Fuchen was exploding and the mist had rose into the sky .

The mirror dao law wasn’t able to deal any damage . The icy cold law would have to be relied on to inflict any injuries .

The mirror dao law would merely make the icy cold law easier to circulate . As long as the target was shone by the mirror, the icy cold law would attack and it would be weirder and harder to defend .

But Li Fuchen’s body was emitting blazing flame law and in order for the icy cold law to injure Li Fuchen, it would have to break through the blazing flame law first .

Ice and flame were opposite existences . When the two collided, there would be explosions .

“Eh?” Bai Lingshuang squinted her eyes .

Li Fuchen’s blazing flame divine ability was stronger than she imagined .

“If one mirror isn’t enough, what about two?”

Another Ice Mirror appeared and both were shining on Li Fuchen . The icy cold law’s attack was even more dreadful .


Li Fuchen drew the Scarlet Blood Sword and slashed at one of the Ice Mirror .

Without sound and presence, the flaming sword was buried into the Ice Mirror and was reflected back .

“It can actually reflect attacks?” 

Everyone was speechless as it was too insane!

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