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Chapter 468

When they first met, Qu Feng didn’t really pay attention to Li Fuchen12 . But now, he had treated Li Fuchen as a formidable foe .

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If Qu Feng used his regular strength, he would never be a match for Li Fuchen .

It was excessively difficult to cultivate an earth class high-tier martial art to the trance stage . He thought highly of himself but he was only able to cultivate an earth class mid-tier martial art to the trance stage and comprehend the earth class mid-tier intent .

But not everyone’s perception was as insane as Ling Yijian or Bai Lingshuang .

As for Li Fuchen, everyone believed that he had the no . 1 perception of this year’s Ranking Tournament .

After all, Li Fuchen was much younger than Ling Yijian and Bai Lingshuang .

Qu Feng knew that his regular strength wasn’t comparable to Li Fuchen, hence, he immediately executed his wind flame divine ability, Wind Flame Great Disc .

Huff Huff Huff!

In front of Qu Feng, a giant flaming disc appeared and was it was howling . The revolutions were rapid and it contained wind flame law .


Qu Feng pointed and the Wind Flame Great Disc swiftly enlarged and was blasted at Li Fuchen .

After seeing Qu Feng’s wind flame divine ability, even Yang Shihuo and Li Kuang were rather apprehensive .

Their divine abilities’ lethal power were superior to Qu Feng’s divine ability but their defense didn’t reach the stage that allowed them to block the attack .

Once anyone suffered any divine ability attack, most of them would be injured and lost combat ability .

Of course, most of the divine abilities wouldn’t be able to hit them as they would normally be able to dodge it in advance or neutralize it .

But Qu Feng’s wind flame divine ability was rather special . The divine ability contained both the laws of flame dao and wind dao . Even if it was split apart or shattered, the flame dao law and wind dao law would still absorb the surrounding wind flame power to attack the opponent .

As compared to a single law, the fused wind flame law was obviously harder to neutralize .

“If you have awakened a special divine ability, I might be a little apprehensive . It is a pity that it is only the wind flame divine ability . ”

The wind flame divine ability was just slightly stronger than normal extraordinary divine ability . It was true that the wind dao law and the flame dao law would complement one another, but that was only the case . But each individual law wasn’t developed enough .

If the Wind Flame Great Disc’s wind dao law and flame dao law were separated, it was obviously inferior to other extraordinary divine abilities .

As for the bonding of the wind flame law, Li Fuchen had already observed it during Qu Feng’s previous fights .

It might be difficult for others to destroy the wind flame law, but it was easy for Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent was actually considered a field-type sword art .

When Li Fuchen brandished his sword, as long as the power was sufficient, he could control the limit of the lethality as he desired .

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When talking, Li Fuchen cleaved with his sword and split the Wind Flame Great Disc into two .

After getting split, the Wind Flame Great Disc didn’t collapse and was simply split into two smaller Wind Flame Great Discs .

Li Fuchen had the intention to test the limits of the Wind Flame Great Disc . He executed dozens of slashes and split the Wind Flame Great Disc into dozens of smaller discs .

The dozens of Wind Flame Great Discs continued to fly over and it took just a blink of the eye .

Qu Feng revealed a smile . His Wind Flame Great Disc wasn’t a regular extraordinary divine ability . The power was secondary, it was primarily hard to destroy . Qu Feng was confident he could even defeat special divine abilities .

“It is over . ” Qu Feng said silently .

Just as the thought flashed in Qu Feng’s mind, there was a burst of resplendent green sword light that filled up the entire contest stage .

As the green sword light burst out, all of the Wind Flame Great Discs were disintegrated and had vanished .


Qu Feng felt he was smashed by a scorching air, causing his body to nearly collapse . He was launched off the contest stage .

In the VIP seats, Meng Chihang said slowly, “The Green Sun Sword Intent is the sword art with the least flaws . ”

Lin Zhubai smiled and said, “Dean Liu Huo’s face is already turning green . ”

On the other side of the VIP seats, Liu Huo’s face was indeed green . His Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution’s seeded contestant had actually lost to the South Forest Martial Institution’s seeded contestant in a single sword . It was the same as slapping his face .

“Violent Storm!”

“Berserk Beast!”

On another contest stage, Yang Shihuo and Li Kuang’s match had just started .

Yang Shihua’s spear dao divine ability was called Violent Storm .

As of now, no one was able to receive more than one move of his spear dao divine ability .

On the opposite side, Li Kuang had also activated the berserk divine ability .

His body expanded significantly . He was already two meters tall but had instantly increased to two and a half meters . He had scarlet eyes and a body that was covered with twisted patterns . It made Li Kuang look like a human-shaped fierce and wild beast, giving off an extremely dangerous feeling .

Instinctively, Li Kuang dodged that sharp storm formed by entirely by the spear radiance .


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Li Kuang then clawed at Yang Shihuo .

“Get lost!”

Yang Shihuo used the golden spear to send Li Kuang flying .

Yang Shihuo’s Violet Storm was similar to Li Fuchen’s Heart of Blazing Flame . It could be released in any shape and form .

But Li Kuang’s body toughness and the recovery rate was extremely irregular . The wounds on his body were quickly regenerated .

“The spear dao divine ability is indeed incredible . ” 

Li Kuang licked his lips while his bloodthirsty eyes retracted a little .

“You are not a match for me . You better admit defeat now . ”

Yang Shihuo thrust his spear at Li Kuang . The spear storm was like a highly condensed tornado .


When in the berserk state, Li Kuang’s reaction speed and movement speed were shockingly fast . In just a bounce, it felt as though he had teleported . He was able to move at high speed in any form or stance, giving off an illusion that he had defied the human body structure .


Li Kuang arrived behind Yang Shihuo and clawed again .

“I mentioned it earlier, you are not a match for me . ”

With Yang Shihuo in the middle, a circle of spear storm radiated out and stopped Li Kuang for an instant .

This instant was enough for Yang Shihuo to counterattack .

Yang Shihuo turned around and thrust his spear on Li Kuang .


Li Kuang’s chest was opened up with a bloody hole while he was sent flying .

Be it cultivation level or divine ability level, Yang Shihuo was slightly superior to Li Kuang . As such, Li Kuang’s defeat was inevitable .

Round 27 .

“Contest stage no . 1: No . 3 Lan Fei’er will go against No . 5 Shentu Qing . ”

“Contest stage no . 3: No . 15 Li Fuchen will go gainst No . 18 Li Kuang . ”

“Contest stage no . 7: No . 1 Ling Yijian will go gainst No . 4 Wang Hao . ”

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At round 27, there were three elite battles .

First, it was the battle between Lan Fei’er and Shentu Qing .

Lan Fei’er possessed the 6-star saber dao bone frame and wasn’t inferior to Yang Shihuo .

Shentu Qing was the Evergreen Martial Institution’s seeded contestant . He had awakened the greenwood divine ability, Winding Wood Spirit Body . This divine ability didn’t just increase his strength, it also allowed the body to recover at an increased speed of ten or a few dozen times . Unless all the greenwood power was exhausted, it was very difficult to injure him .

When facing such an opponent, Lan Fei’er didn’t dare to be careless and had no choice but to constantly probe .

Different from the contest stage no . 1, Li Fuchen and Li Kuang were in an intense battle once they came on stage .

To be precise, Li Kuang immediately activated the berserk divine ability to attack Li Fuchen in a frenzy .

Everyone was astonished as Li Kuang was defeated very quickly and lasted for a mere three sword attacks .

The berserk divine ability allowed Li Kuang to move at inhuman speed . Even Yang Shihuo had to grasp an opportunity in order to defeat Li Kuang .

But to Li Fuchen, Li Kuang’s every move was within Li Fuchen’s sight .

For the first sword, Li Fuchen opened up a shallow wound on Li Kuang’s body .

For the second sword, Li Fuchen opened up a wound that was half a finger deep .

For the third sword, Li Fuchen nearly opened up Li Kuang’s chest .

Everyone could see that Li Fuchen’s sword art attack would increase along with the strength of the opponent . Li Kuang’s defense was definitely superior to Wang Jian who ha the Vajra Barrier . But Li Kuang was still unable to withstand the lethal power of Li Fuchen’s sword attack .

The contest stage no . 7 was even duller .

Ling Yijian used a single sword to settle the ranked 4th Roaming Dragon Martial Institution’s seeded contestant, Wang Hao .

Wang Hao’s strength was at least the top ten in this year’s Ranking Tournament .

Finally, Lan Fei’er and Shentu Qing’s match had also concluded .

After exhausting 10% of his greenwood power, Shentu Qing had to admit defeat . If he persisted, he would be wasting his greenwood power and wouldn’t have a chance to continue the tournament .

Round 30…

Li Fuchen encountered Lan Fei’er .

Lan Fei’er’s strength was almost at the top five .

There were only a few individuals who were superior to her or on par with her . Those people were Bai Lingshuang, Ling Yijian, Yang Shihuo, Cui Rongguang, and Li Fuchen .

“Illusion Saber Sea!”

Lan Fei’er’s saber dao divine ability was extremely powerful and it was an extremely rare offensive field-type divine ability .

As for Wang Heilong’s Darkness Sky Canopy, it was purely a field-type divine ability .

It was hard to say which type was stronger, but in terms of potential, the Darkness Sky Canopy should be superior .

The illusionary saber light descended and filled up the entire stage . Immediately after, the saber light rotated and constantly sliced at Li Fuchen .

“It is time to expose one of my trump cards . ”

Li Fuchen’s body burst out with horrifically resplendent and invisible power . The pressure from the invisible power had weakened the Illusion Saber Sea .

“Earth class mid-tier cultivation technique intent!”

Lan Fei’er’s face changed .

She should have expected that since Li Fuchen was able to comprehend the earth class high-tier sword intent, he must have also comprehended the earth class mid-tier cultivation technique intent .

After all, the earth class mid-tier technique intent might be much harder to comprehend than earth class mid-tier sword intent, the earth class high-tier sword intent was still much more difficult to comprehend .

“I have already cultivated the Ardent Sun Divine Technique to the extremity . I can go to the Red Rainbow Sect to redeem a new cultivation technique . ”

Now that more than 90% of his spirit soul had turned pale purple, Li Fuchen’s perception was much more extraordinary . Three months ago, he had already cultivated the Ardent Sun Divine Technique to the 27th rank and comprehended the Ardent Sun Divine Technique Intent .

With the pressure from the Ardent Sun Divine Technique Intent, Li Fuchen wasn’t so affected by the Illusion Saber Sea . He brandished his sword and clashed with the Illusion Saber Sea by using the dazzling green sword light .

Lan Fei’er’s forehead was secreting beads of sweat as she did her best to control the Illusion Saber Sea to suppress Li Fuchen .


A sword scar was left on the Illusion Saber Sea while Lan Fei’er vomited blood and took a few steps back .

Immediately after, the Illusion Saber Sea had crumbled .

“Such strength!”

Below the stage, Cui Rongguang’s eyes had contracted .

His Water Clone might be very unique and was able to contest with special divine abilities, but he believed that he wouldn’t have more than 20% of chances to defeat Lan Fei’er . He didn’t have a choice as the Water Clone was ultimately a soft water divine ability and there was an innate difference .

But Li Fuchen had actually defeated Lan Fei’er without using the divine ability . This had already broken the rule of invincible divine abilities .

With overwhelming perception like Li Fuchen, perhaps it wasn’t really important to have divine abilities .

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