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Chapter 467

The third stage of the Ranking Tournament was most certainly much more intense than the second stage .

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If the second stage was for everyone to strive for the outer sect disciple spots in the Red Rainbow Sect, then the third stage was for everyone to strive to prove themselves .

No one wished to yield to another person, especially so for prodigies .

Boom Boom Boom…

The ten contest stages would constantly burst out with overwhelming explosions .

Various kinds of divine abilities were released at the same time and it was extremely dazzling .

Li Fuchen12 narrowed his eyes and observed everyone’s divine abilities .

Offensive divine abilities .

Defensive divine abilities .

Field divine abilities .

Dual offense and defense divine abilities .

Clone divine abilities .

Li Fuchen witnessed all sorts of divine abilities .

The weapon dao divine abilities were the strongest among the offensive divine abilities . Yang Shihuo’s spear dao divine ability was overwhelming when executed and peerlessly tyrannical . No one was able to stop it .

There were plenty of defensive divine abilities . The soft water defensive divine abilities would be able to form a layer of water suit that would isolate most of the damage . The sharp metal defensive divine abilities would form a layer of armor that would also isolate most of the damage .

Apart from weapon dao bone frames, all other bone frames were able to awaken defensive divine abilities .

As for field divine abilities, as of now, Wang Heilong’s Darkness Sky Canopy was the best .

This divine ability had already attracted the attention was various deans and assistant deans of martial institutions . Everyone was lamenting that when Wang Heilong reached his prime, he would truly be invincible within the same realm . He would even have a place in the Red Rainbow Sect .

As for dual offense and defense divine abilities, just like Situ Tao’s Roaming Water Dragon, they didn’t have obvious flaws .

But it was also the same reason why Situ Tao wasn’t too outstanding in other aspects . When encountering an extreme divine ability, he would be on the losing side .

Clone divine abilities… As of now, only a single individual possessed it .

The person was Smile Wave Martial Institution’s seeded contestant, Cui Rongguang . He had awakened the soft water divine ability, Water Clone .

The divine ability would form water clones that were covered with soft water patterns . The clones were extremely tough and were stronger than Cui Rongguang’s actual body . Furthermore, they didn’t have any weak spots and it was fine if they were penetrated by weapons . As long as they were destroyed, they would be able to continue fighting .

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“As expected all divine abilities must not be underestimated . Cui Rongguang’s Water Clone is incredible enough to be one of the top 10 divine abilities in this Ranking Tournament . ”

Including Ling Yijian who had yet to execute the sword dao divine ability, there were seven individuals who possess special divine abilities .

These seven individuals’ divine abilities were naturally part of the top 10 divine abilities .

Also, the top three divine abilities were Cui Rongguang’s Water Clone, Qu Feng’s wind flame divine ability, and Bai Lingshuang’s icy cold divine ability .

Bai Lingshuang was the same as Ling Yijian and had yet to reveal her divine ability . But her 7-star icy cold bone frame was too fearsome and even a fool should know that her icy cold divine ability would be extremely incredible .

“Contest stage no . 10 . No . 15 Li Fuchen will go against No . 38 Wang Jian . ”

Wang Jian, no . 2 inner institute cadet of the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution . He was also a participant of the Everlasting Youth Garden’s tea party .

“Li Fuchen, we meet again . ” Wang Jian had a grave expression .

After the tea party, Wang Jian was more diligent than ever, otherwise, it was impossible for him to progress to the Reincarnation Realm and defeat the other inner institute cadets on the Power Rankings of the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution within such a short amount of time . He was now the no . 2 inner institute cadet and was just inferior to the seeded contestant, Qu Feng .

“Yes, I wonder how much your strength has improved . ” Li Fuchen revealed an indifferent smile .

“You will know after you try . Vajra Barrier . ”

Wang Jian’s strength wasn’t powerful . He was able to reach this stage by relying on his vajra divine ability .

The vajra bone frame wasn’t considered a powerful special bone frame but it was still a special bone frame . Once the vajra divine ability was awakened, he would be able to exceed levels in combat . His skin had turned gold and it looked as though his body was forged with gold . It felt indestructible and seemed like it was never going to decay .


When the golden skin was formed, the air vibrated as it obviously contained a powerful repulsion force .

Li Fuchen concentrated his eyes on Wang Jian’s golden skin .

Wang Jian’s skin was covered with dense golden patterns . The indestructible feeling was emitted from the golden patterns .

“It is worthy of being a special divine ability . ”

Li Fuchen drew his Scarlet Blood Sword and released the dominant and brilliant sword intent .

Regular attacks were useless against the Vajra Barrier . Only attacks with martial art intent would be effective .

Furthermore, the intent had to be at the earth class mid-tier . Earth class low-tier intents wouldn’t be able to break the law of the divine ability .

At the later phase of martial dao, the person who had a greater grasp of laws would be closer to perfection .

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But with martial arts intents or divine abilities, they were all developed from laws .

The former relied on one’s comprehension, while the latter relied on both innate talent and comprehension .


In the face of Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent, Wang Jian’s Vajra Barrier was obviously unable to resist . Deep wounds were sliced on his body while fresh blood sprayed out .


Wang Jian’s scalp went numb . Until now, he had yet to encounter an overly powerful opponent, hence, he was very confident with his Vajra Barrier . But after receiving Li Fuchen’s sword, he understood that no matter how tough his Vajra Barrier was, it was still dependent on the opponent .

“Divine ability level is too low . ” Li Fuchen shook his head .

Wang Jian’s body had yet to open up more meridians and he had yet to comprehend more of the vajra bone frame pattern .

Even if the Vajra Barrier was one of the top 10 divine abilities in this Ranking Tournament, it was still unable to block Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent .

After all, the so-called top 10 divine abilities merely meant great potential . It didn’t mean current strength .

Increasing the power of the sword intent, Li Fuchen’s sword opened a wound on Wang Jiang’s chest . The Vajra Barrier was then broken .

A Battle Spirit Realm master came on stage immediately and injected a green qi force into Wang Jian’s body .

Immediately after, Wang Jian’s injuries were recovering at a visible speed .

Wang Jian looked at Li Fuchen with lingering fear as he was unresigned and shocked at the same time .

It was too overwhelming, a single sword slash had broken his Vajra Barrier . If Wang Jian didn’t have great resolve, he would have lost all of his fighting spirit .

“I have innate talent, I am just lacking diligence . There will be a day when my vajra divine ability will stand atop everyone . ”

Wang Jian gripped his fist tightly and jumped off the contest stage .

While looking at Li Fuchen on the contest stage, there were plenty of seeded contestants with grave expressions .

The divine ability might be incredible, but a superior martial art would still be able to overwhelm the divine ability .

Li Fuchen’s earth class high-tier sword intent was already superior to most of the divine abilities .

The Ranking Tournament had a total of 49 rounds and required every contestant to fight 49 matches .

It was fortunate there were ten contest stages and the Ranking Tournament was progressing very quickly .

15 consecutive wins . 20 consecutive wins .

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There were too few opponents that could allow Li Fuchen to be slightly serious . Even the no . 2 or no . 3 inner institute cadets of the High Heaven Martial Institution and the Flying Snow Martial Institution weren’t able to resist a few swords from Li Fuchen .

These people were even stronger than some of the seeded contestants from other martial institutions .

“Contest stage no . 1 . No . 15 Li Fuchen will go against No . 42 Leng Feng . ”

On the 21st match, Li Fuchen encountered another familiar person .

Leng Feng was the Evergreen Martial Institution’s no . 2 inner institute cadet and had also participated in the Everlasting Youth Garden’s tea party . He possessed the 6-star saber dao bone frame .

In fact, with Leng Feng’s strength, he would definitely obtain the seeded contestant spot of lower-ranked martial institutions . It was a pity that the Evergreen Martial Institution was ranked 5th and had numerous prodigies . It was already praiseworthy for Leng Feng to stand at the no . 2 rank of the Power Rankings .

When facing Li Fuchen, Leng Feng didn’t dare to be careless . Even though he was different from before .

“Asura Moon . ”

Similar to Wang Jian, Leng Feng immediately burst out with the saber dao divine ability, Asura Moon .

The Asura Moon looked like a crescent moon but it was actually condensed by countless saber qi .

When countless saber qi forced a crescent moon, it was naturally hard to describe the lethal power .


Leng Feng pointed his finger and shot the crescent moon at Li Fuchen .


The crescent moon moved at extreme speed and had an unpredictable trajectory . For normal people, let alone blocking it, they probably wouldn’t even react in time .

But Li Fuchen wasn’t a normal person . He slashed with the Scarlet Blood Sword and slashed at the crescent moon .

The crescent moon revolved and sputtered surging power . A tyrannical, sharp, and invisible power was suppressing .

This was the saber dao law .

The saber dao divine ability naturally contained the saber dao law .

But no matter how tyrannical the saber dao law that was contained within the crescent moon, it had a hard time to advance . Instead, it was slowly dissolved .

Li Fuchen’s Scarlet Blood Sword was emitting overwhelming and brilliant sword intent . The law contained in the sword intent was much stronger than the opponent’s saber dao law .

Leng Feng’s face changed as he poured out more saber dao power to support the crescent moon .


In the air, a resplendent sword light flashed and split the crescent moon .

Sheathing his sword, Li Fuchen didn’t make any more moves .

Leng Feng took a deep breath and walked down the stage .

“The earth class high-tier sword intent is too powerful . How did he comprehend it? Up until now, I have yet to even comprehend an earth class mid-tier intent . ”

“Sigh . Comprehension of martial art intent is entirely reliant on perception . Unlike the divine ability which relies on half innate talent and half perception . ”

Li Fuchen’s strength had attracted a lot of attention .

Li Fuchen wasn’t the only person who comprehended an earth class high-tier intent .

Round 23 .

“Green Cloud Shake!”

On contest stage no . 5, the High Heaven Martial Institution’s Ling Yijian had swung his sword and released a sword light .

It was a single sword light but it felt as though the air was shaking . The opponent who was the Battle Saber Martial Institution’s seeded contestant had been sent flying while vomiting blood . His body was covered with dozens of sword marks .

Earth class high-tier sword intent, Green Cloud Sword Intent .

Round 24 .

The Flying Snow Martial Institution’s seeded contestant, Bai Lingshuang executed a palm strike and froze her opponent into an ice sculpture . Had it not been for the Battle Spirit Realm master’s rescue, the opponent would have perished .

Ling Yijian was at the 7th level of Reincarnation Realm while Bai Lingshuang was at the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm . Even if they didn’t use their divine ability, their opponents were still not a match for them .

After all, they had such high cultivation levels and had earth class high-tier intent . How many individuals were able to resist their attacks?

In comparison, Li Fuchen was much weaker .

Li Fuchen’s cultivation was only at the 4th level of Reincarnation Realm .

As compared to regular Reincarnation Realm expert, Li Fuchen was definitely much stronger . But Ling Yijian and Bai Lingshuang weren’t regular Reincarnation Realm experts . They were extremely formidable Reincarnation Realm experts and their cultivation techniques were earth class mid-tier and at least 26th rank .

On round 25, Li Fuchen encountered the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution’s seeded contestant, Qu Feng .

Qu Feng’s strength was at top 10 and his wind flame divine ability was definitely a killer weapon . When fighting against Situ Tao, Qu Feng had instantly defeated Situ Tao with the wind flame divine ability .

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