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Chapter 466

The second stage of the tournament was much more intense than the first stage .

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This stage didn’t merely decide the top 26, it also decided the 26 spots to enter the Red Rainbow Sect as outer sect disciples . After missing this chance, one would have to wait for two more years . Who knew if there would still be any chances to enter the Red Rainbow Sect two years later .

“Accept your defeat!”

“You are the one who shall be defeated!”

On the contest stage, two of the contestants were drenched in blood as they attacked one another in a frenzy .

Ultimately, the tall and slim man barely managed to defeat the opponent but had also fainted .

It was fortunate that the upper echelons of all the martial institutions were prepared for such a situation .

A Battle Spirit Realm master skimmed towards the stage and struck out green qi forces to each of the contestants .

After getting nourished by the green qi force, the duo quickly recovered .

“A Battle Spirit Realm master with the greenwood bone frame . ” Li Fuchen12 immediately understood .

Among all the bone frames, the greenwood bone frame possessed the most effective healing ability . The greenwood divine ability that Grandmaster Ever Youth had was even able to revive a person that was at the brink of death . Of course, the prerequisite was that the target only had injuries .

If it was some exotic poison, not even Primary Sea Realm monarchs would be able to do anything .

If it was something like a curse, it would be even more hopeless .

This world had too many unexplainable things .

“Vajra Barrier . ”

On the no . 6 contest stage, Wang Jian of the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution had burst out with his vajra divine ability . His entire body was covered in a layer of golden skin .

Clang Clang Clang!

In fact, Wang Jian’s opponent was very formidable and if Wang Jian had awakened an offense divine ability instead, he might not be a match for his opponent .

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It was a pity that Wang Jian just had to awaken a defensive divine ability and his opponent wasn’t able to deal any damage but Wang Jian could damage his opponent .


Wang Jian sent his opponent flying with a palm strike .

“Darkness Sky Canopy!”

On the no . 8 contest stage, Wang Heilong had also met a formidable foe .

The opponent’s strength was even above Situ Tao . It was lamentable that the opponent awakened a divine ability that wasn’t wide-range and had awakened a single target divine ability like Gu Heng . After getting enveloped by the Darkness Sky Canopy, the opponent was defeated by Wang Heilong’s sneak assaults .

“Wang Heilong’s Darkness Sky Canopy is probably one of the most fearsome divine abilities . ”

Li Fuchen shook his head .

“Asura Moon!”

In comparison to Wang Jian and Wang Heilong, the Evergreen Martial Institution’s Leng Feng was much stronger . When he executed his saber dao divine ability, a severe and sharp crescent moon appeared above his head . When the crescent moon swept across, no matter who was his opponent, they would be sent flying and wouldn’t have a chance to resist .

Weapon dao divine abilities had always been rather extreme and had absurd offensive power .

After another day, the top 26 were born .

From the South Forest Martial Institution, both Situ Tao and Wang Heilong managed to enter the top 26 . The former had enough strength while the latter’s Darkness Sky Canopy was too dreadful . As such, they advanced without any problems .


Meng Chihang and Lin Zhubai were both very pleased as they cheered .

With Li Fuchen included, there were a total of three cadets from the South Forest Martial Institution that entered the top 50 . This was already far beyond their standard and wasn’t inferior to the top 10 martial institutions .

By contrast, there were plenty of martial institutions that didn’t have anyone else entering the top 50 apart from their seeded contestant .

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As for the High Heaven Martial Institution and the Flying Snow Martial Institutions, they were still going strong .

The High Heaven Martial Institution had a total of five individuals that entered the top 50 and so did the Flying Snow Martial Institution .

After knowing that they had entered the top 26, Situ Tao and Wang Heilong had both heaved a breath of relief .

Becoming an outer sect disciple of the Red Rainbow Sect was too much of an attraction for them .

One could even say that if they didn’t enter the Red Rainbow Sect, they would basically lose all hope of entering the Primary Sea Realm .

If they were able to enter the Red Rainbow Sect, they would at least have traces of hope .

In order to enter the Primary Sea Realm, one would need to cultivate an earth class high-tier cultivation technique first . It was a basic requirement .

In the Red Soil Continent, apart from the Red Rainbow Sect, there were no other places with earth class high-tier cultivation techniques . Even if there was any, they would probably have been taken in by the Red Rainbow Sect .

On the third morning, the third stage of the Ranking Tournament had officially begun .

“No . 7 contest stage . No . 15, Li Fuchen will go against No . 16 Jiang Tian . ”

As the judge’s voice echoed, Li Fuchen and Jiang Tian entered the stage together .

Jiang Tian, Limestone Martial Institution’s seeded contestant, the son of Master Ax .
(TL note: I changed Green Stone to Limestone)

Master Ax was the ranked 7th individual in the Violet Flower Kingdom’s Master Rankings . He shared the same ranking as the Flying Snow Martial Institution’s Dean Duanmu Yao .

Master Ax had three sons, Jiang Tian was the second son and the third son was Jiang Ba who participated in Grandmaster Ever Youth’s tea party .
(TL note: Just a brief explanation . Both Master Ax and Grandmaster Ever Youth are at the Battle Spirit Realm . The difference in titles is because Grandmaster Ever Youth’s title is meant for his Concoction Grandmaster title)

As the son of Master Ax, Jiang Tian cultivated the earth-class mid-tier cultivation technique, Mountain Cutting Divine Technique and the earth-class high-tier martial art, Mountain Cutting 36 Axes . He was an absolute elite among the Limestone Martial Institution’s inner institute cadets .

“Mountain Cutting 15th Ax . ”

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Once on the stage, Jiang Tian executed the 15th ax move of the Mountain Cutting 36 Axes .

The giant ax light had filled the entire stage and was cleaving at Li Fuchen .


Li Fuchen swung his sword and severed the ax light easily .

“Mountain Cutting 20th Ax!”

Jiang Tian yelled out and released a stronger ax move .


Li Fuchen split the ax light in a single sword and pushed Jiang Tian back .

“Mountain Cutting 27th Ax!”

Jiang Tian had a grave expression as he executed the 27th ax move .

Those who comprehended the first 18 ax moves of the Mountain Cutting 36 Axes would be considered to be at the sub-perfection stage . Those who comprehended the first 27 ax moves would be at the perfection stage .

As such, the 27th ax move was the strongest ax move that Jiang Tian could execute . The 28th ax move would be the trance stage .

Once he cleaved with his ax, layers of ax lights rushed at Li Fuchen like raging waves .

Jiang Tian had once used this move to kill over a dozen Reincarnation Realm experts .

It was a pity that Jiang Tian’s ax art was still too immature as compared to Li Fuchen .

They were both using earth class high-tier martial art, but Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword intent had reached the trance stage .

A single sword thrust had disarmed Jiang Tian’s giant ax .

“Damn it . ”

Jiang Tian quickly withdrew and instantly released his sharp metal divine ability .


From the void, a golden ax had appeared and was cleaving at Li Fuchen .

Before the golden ax arrived, the spatial zone that Li Fuchen was standing in had been suppressed by a horrific pressure . It felt as though it was going to crush Li Fuchen’s body .

“A pure offensive divine ability?”

Li Fuchen shook his head and brandished his sword . A resplendent sword light burst out and extinguished the golden ax .


Fresh blood was violently vomited as Jiang Tian was sent off the stage and had been defeated .

“Earth class high-tier sword intent?”

Many of the martial institutions’ upper echelons were looking at Li Fuchen with astonishment .

As of now, Li Fuchen was the first contestant to show an earth class high-tier martial art intent . It was hard not to attract any attention .

“Interesting, his regular strength is rather powerful . ”

Ling Yijian’s eyes stayed on Li Fuchen for a few more breaths .

With the 6-star sword dao bone frame, Ling Yijiang didn’t just have an exceptional perception that was superior to most 6-star bone frames, his sword dao comprehension was extremely fearsome too . In terms of sword art proficiency, he believed that he wasn’t weaker than a 7-star bone frame .

Li Fuchen obviously didn’t have the sword dao bone frame but his sword art proficiency seemed to be comparable with Ling Yijian .

“Ling Yijian, your Green Cloud Sword Art should also be at the trance stage, right?” Beside him, Bai Lingshuang said indifferently .

The Green Cloud Sword Art was one of the earth class high-tier sword arts of the High Heaven Martial Institution and it was a sword art that had to be imparted .

Ling Yijian smiled but didn’t deny .

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