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Chapter 465

The Ranking Tournament was going to be conducted in the High Heaven Contest Stage in the outer institute of the High Heaven Martial Institution .

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The High Heaven Contest Stage was like a huge inverted dome and the contest stage was at the bottom . The sides of the dome were the audience seats .

Early in the morning, the members of the 24 Martial Institutions were all present . The seeded contestants were in the seeded contestants’ seats, while the deans and assistant deans were in the VIP seats . As for the seats behind, were the seas for the High Heaven Martial Institution’s inner institute cadets .

“Dean Qin, since everyone is present, let the Ranking Tournament begin!” The white-robed dean of the Flying Snow Martial Institution, Duanmu Yao stood up and spoke .

Duanmu Yao was ranked 7th of the Violet Flower Kingdom’s Master Rankings . Among all the deans of the 24 Martial Institution, only the High Heaven Martial Institution’s Dean Qin Yun was ranked in front of her .

Qin Yun’s face was elegant and refined while his qi presence was very reserved . He nodded and signaled to the assistant dean beside him .

The assistant dean stood up and announced, “The Ranking Tournament is split into three stages . The first stage will determine the top 100, the second stage will determine the top 26 . The top 26 will enter the Red Rainbow Sect together with the 24 seeded contestants and become outer sect disciples . The third stage will be the Ranking Tournament the no . 1 contestant will get 50 points, the no . 2 contest will be given 49 points, no . 3 will get 48 points… no . 50 will get 1 point . By then, the total points from all the contestants of the same martial institution will be tallied, the martial institution with the most points will be the new no . 1 ranked martial institution of the 24 Martial Institutions . ”

“As for the rewards… No . 1 will obtain 1000 mid-grade spirit stones and ten million low-grade spirit stones . No . 2 will obtain 500 mid-grade spirit stones and five million low-grade spirit stones . No . 3 will obtain 300 mid-grade spirit stones and three million low-grade spirit stones . No . 4 to no . 50 will have the same reward of 100 mid-grade spirit stones and one million low-grade spirit stones . ”

“The first stage of the tournament will begin . All of the non-seeded contestants please redeem your number plate . ”

Apart from the 24 seeded contestants, the remaining 216 contestants went on stage and redeemed their number plates .

The 24 seeded contestants also had their number plates .

Their number plate was given according to the rankings of the martial institutions . Since the South Forest Martial Institution was ranked 15th, Li Fuchen12’s number plate was no . 15 .

“The reward for no . 1 is 1000 mid-grade spirit stones and ten million low-grade spirit stones . Truly generous . ” Li Fuchen revealed a trace of battle intent .

Originally, he didn’t really bother about getting no . 1 for the Ranking Tournament . But now, he felt that he had to contest for it even if he had to expose some of his trump cards .

Ten million low-grade spirit stones was fine, but 1000 mid-grade spirit stones was extremely hard to obtain . After reaching the Battle Spirit Realm, if the practitioner wanted to have rapid progress, it was impossible without mid-grade spirit stones and they were rather lacking even in the Seven Color Continent . The Red Rainbow Sect probably didn’t have enough mid-grade spirit stones to fulfill the daily requirements for all their Battle Spirit Realm masters . In order to obtain more mid-grade spirit stones, one would have to rely on diligence and hard work .

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The first stage of the tournament started . There were a total of ten contest stages and there would be two contestants fighting on each stage at the same time .

Li Fuchen watched a few matches and found that it was meaningless, thus, he paid more attention to the 23 other seeded contestants .

“That person should be the Wild Lion Martial Institution’s seeded contestant, Li Kuang . He is the one that possesses the berserk bone frame . ”

Li Kuang was at the 6th level of the Reincarnation Realm and was very tall . He stood at around two meters in height and had extremely firm muscles . He was emitting an indescribable pressure .

Such pressure was similar to a qi spirit . But Li Fuchen could sense it was a power that was more profound than qi spirit .

“Berserk bone frame . Incredible indeed . ” Li Fuchen had treated Li Kuang as one of the contestants that deserved his attention .

Next, Li Fuchen’s eyes shifted to the Stellaris Martial Institution’s seeded contestant, Yang Shihuo .

Yang Shihuo’s qi presence was extremely tyrannic . When he was seated, he was like an indestructible spear and felt as though a casual attack from him would be able to penetrate anything .

“The spear dao bone frame that awakened the spear dao divine ability is indeed extraordinary . ”

Li Fuchen might have witnessed other weapon dao bone frames, but they had yet to awaken the divine ability .

As compared to Li Kuang, Yang Shihuo’s cultivation level was higher and was actually at the 7th level of Reincarnation Realm .

It was the highest level of cultivation that Li Fuchen had witnessed among the youth generation .

Apart from the top seven martial institutions, among the 18 martial institutions, there might not be other special bone frames among the seeded contestants, but they must not be underestimated either . The power of the divine ability didn’t determine superiority . There were divine abilities that could suppress the opponent’s strength and during such situations unless the opponent’s strength was far superior, it would definitely be a hard battle . There were divine abilities that were impossible to defend against effectively and if one was careless, severe injuries might be inflicted with .

Also, the progress of the bone frame pattern’s comprehension also determined the grade of the divine ability .

It was basically very difficult to comprehend too much of the bone frame pattern at the Reincarnation Realm, but it was still possible to comprehend it substantially .

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If it was extraordinary bone frames, comprehending two segments of the bone frame pattern was enough to awaken the divine ability . If the bone frame pattern was comprehended to two and a half segments, the power would definitely be superior to many others who had just awakened their divine abilities .

Li Fuchen had comprehended more than three segments of the blazing flame bone frame and he was confident he could oppress special abilities .

Li Fuchen then started to analyze the top seven martial institutions’ seeded contestants .

The Scarlet Desert Martial Institution’s seeded contestant was a short-haired youth . He was at the 6th level of Reincarnation Realm and his qi presence was obviously a little weaker than Yang Shihuo and Li Kuang .

The Long River Martial Institution’s seeded contestant was a blue-robed youth and also at the 6th level of Reincarnation Realm .

The Evergreen Martial Institution’s seeded contestant was a green-haired youth who had the same cultivation as Yang Shihuo and was at the 7th level of Reincarnation Realm . But Li Fuchen discovered that he was still incomparable to Yang Shihuo and was on par with Li Kuang .

After analyzing the green-haired youth, Li Fuchen took a glance at the contest stage .

On the stage, Leng Feng of the Evergreen Martial Institution had settled his opponent in a single blade .

Back at Grandmaster Ever Youth’s tea party, Li Fuchen had crossed moves with Leng Feng . Leng Feng had the 6-star saber dao bone frame and after such a long time, it was highly possible that he had awakened the saber dao divine ability . Leng Feng’s overall strength wouldn’t be inferior to Wang Heilong . If Wang Heilong and Leng Feng were given time to grow, 90% of the contestants wouldn’t be a match for them .

Special bone frames were always so heaven-defying and they were truly considered invincible in the same realm .

The Roaming Dragon Martial Institution’s seeded contestant was a white-clothed youth who had a warm and amiable face .

The Blue Moon Martial Institution and the Flying Snow Martial Institution’s seeded contestants were both female cadets and they had extremely powerful qi presence .

The Blue Moon Martial Institution’s seeded contestant was a blue-haired young lady, Lan Fei’er who was emitting a qi presence that was extremely similar to Leng Feng . But she was obviously stronger than Leng Feng .

If Li Fuchen didn’t guess wrongly, she definitely possessed the saber dao bone frame too .

As for the Flying Snow Martial Institution’s seeded contestant… She was a white-clothed young lady whose clothes were embroidered with snowflake patterns . Her qi presence was very icy cold and was almost affecting her nearby environment . Her cultivation was simply horrific and was actually at the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm .

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“It isn’t as simple as cultivating an ice dao cultivation technique?” Li Fuchen’s eyes contracted .

He could feel that the white-clothed young lady’s strength was definitely far stronger than Yang Shihuo . Her qi presence was excessively abstruse and if it wasn’t for Li Fuchen’s exceptional awareness, he wouldn’t be able to notice such details .

“Could it be the 7-star icy cold bone frame?” Li Fuchen had a sudden conjecture .

6-star and 7-star might only be a difference of one star but the profundity was extremely far apart, just like the difference between 5-star and 6-star .

There were plenty of 5-star bone frames in the Seven Color Continent, but no matter how powerful a 5-star bone frame was, it was meaningless in the face of a 6-star bone frame .

The difference between the 6-star bone frame and the 7-star bone frame was enough to induce despair .

In records of ancient text, the higher the grade of the bone frame, the larger the gap . The difference between 1-star and 2-star was perhaps 10% or 20% . The difference between 2-star and 3-star was also around 20%, but the difference between 5-star and 6-star was nearly doubled . The difference between 6-star and 7-star was more than two times .

Even some of the 6-star bone frames with heaven-defying perception would only have perception that was close to 7-star bone frames or on par . But the other attributes would be far inferior to 7-star bone frames . It might be possible to catch up during early phases of cultivation, but the difference would be too significant in the later phases .

As such, the 7-star bone frame had another title that was called monarch-class bone frame .
(TL note: I changed king-class to monarch-class as it is related to the Primary Sea Realm who are also called monarchs)

It meant that those who possessed the 7-star bone frames would have a high probability of reaching the Primary Sea Realm .

For the 6-star bone frame to upgrade to the 7-star bone frame, a heaven class herb would be required . Heaven class herbs contained heaven and earth law and were extremely precious . Even Primary Sea Realm monarchs desired to obtain them, hence, it wasn’t that easily to find one .

 Just as Li Fuchen expected, most of the seeded contestants were observing the white-clothed young lady and the High Heaven Martial Institution’s seeded contestant .

It was no longer a secret that the Flying Snow Martial Institution’s seeded contestant, Bai Lingshuang possessed the 7-star icy cold bone frame . But her strength was still a mystery as no one witnessed her true strength before . Because the no . 2 cadet of the Flying Snow Martial Institution could even force Bai Lingshuang to use 20% or 30% of her true strength .

7-star bone frames were considered as legendary bone frames in the Violet Flower Kingdom . Back then, the Flying Snow Martial Institution, the Violet Flower Martial Institution, and the Stars Martial Institution had plenty of conflicts as they contested for her .

Finally, Bai Lingshuang decided to enter the Flying Snow Martial Institution as Dean Duanmu Yao had a close relationship with the Bai Clan . Furthermore, Bai Lingshuang didn’t think that she could only have accomplishments if she went to the Violet Flower Martial Institution or the Stars Martial Institution .

Beside Bai Lingshuang was the blue-clothed seeded contestant of the High Heaven Martial Institution, Ling Yijian .

Ling Yijian was at the 7th level of Reincarnation Realm and had the 6-star sword dao bone frame . He was the second sword dao bone frame that Li Fuchen encountered other than Chiyu Ye from the East Unicorn Continent’s Sky Dragon Sword Sect .

“Among the 24 seeded contestants or should I say the 240 contestants, Bai Lingshuang and Ling Yijian belonged to the same class . Followed by Yang Shihuo and Lan Fei’er who are in the same class, then, it would be Li Kuang and the others . ”

Li Fuchen had separated the 24 seeded contestants to different classes according to their qi presence .

After one day, the first stage of the tournament had ended .

The South Forest Martial Institution had two individuals who advanced to the second stage of the tournament .

They were Situ Tao and Wang Heilong .

Gu Heng’s strength might not be weak but none of the contestants in this tournament was weak . It wasn’t that easy to enter the top 100 .

The South Forest Martial Institution did fairly well as they had at least two individuals who entered the top 100 .

There were a few martial institutions that were wiped out .

Like the 18th Wild Lion Martial Institution and the 21st Yellow Sand Martial Institution who didn’t have anyone entering the top 100 .

The High Heaven Martial Institution was ranked 1st for a reason as they had eight individuals who entered the top 100 .

The Flying Snow Martial Institution also had seven individuals who entered the top 100 .

Just these two martial institutions had already occupied 15 spots .

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