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Chapter 464

As the two deans were cultivators of flame dao cultivation techniques and also possessors of blazing flame bone frames, they had been contesting openly and covertly .

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Liu Huo was actually unresigned because Meng Chihang was the no . 1 flame dao master of the 24 Martial Institutions . Meng Chihang was even stronger than the ranked 7th Scarlet Desert Institution’s dean, Yang Tianzhao .

Liu Huo snickered and sized up Li Fuchen12 and the other cadets, “I wonder which of them is your South Forest Martial Institution’s seeded contestant?”

Each of the seeded contestants from the 24 Martial Institutions must not be underestimated as they were bounded to become the Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect disciple . Their future accomplishments might possibly be beyond the deans .

“Fuchen, come over and greet Dean Liu . ” Meng Chihang said to Li Fuchen .

“Greetings to Dean Liu . ” Li Fuchen took a step forward and bowed with cupped fist .

Liu Huo’s eyes were actually focused on Situ Tao as he had the highest cultivation and also the strongest qi presence in the group . Liu Huo never expected that the seeded contestant was actually Li Fuchen and it was somewhat outside of his expectation .

After nodding in response, Liu Huo spoke to a youth behind him, “Qu Feng, come over and greet Dean Meng too . ”

“Qu Feng gives his greetings to Dean Meng . ”

Qu Feng had a slender figure but violent qi presence and had obviously cultivated flame dao cultivation technique too .

Meng Chihang sized up Qu Feng and said to Liu Huo, “Dean Liu, this child’s qi presence is unique . There must be something special, right?”

Liu Huo spoke with a pleased expression, “Qu Feng might not have the special bone frame, but he has the rare wind flame bone frame . ”

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“Wind flame bone frame?” Meng Chihang was moved .

The wind flame bone frame was effective when cultivating both wind dao cultivation technique and flame dao cultivation technique . If a wind flame cultivation technique was cultivated, it would undoubtedly be much stronger . Apart from that, the wind flame divine ability awakened would be much more formidable than regular divine abilities and was just inferior to special divine abilities .

“I wonder what kind of bone frame does your South Forest Martial Institution’s seeded contestant have?” Dean Liu asked intentionally or otherwise .

Meng Chihang replied, “He is only a blazing flame bone frame, but… he has already cultivated an earth class high-tier sword art to the trance stage and comprehended the earth class high-tier sword intent . ”

Meng Chihang’s first half of the statement was fine but the second half had startled Liu Huo and caused him to reveal traces of astonishment .

Comprehension of earth class high-tier sword intent? Even in the Violet Flower Martial Institution and the Stars Martial Institution, only a few of the inner institute cadets were able to do so, right?

Such perception was comparable to the 7-star bone frames and it was those with the best perception .

As for the 8-star bone frame, Liu Huo didn’t even dare to think about it .

He had yet to see an 8-star bone frame in his life . It was said that the Red Rainbow Sect had one or two 8-star bone frames in the youth generation but he wasn’t qualified to see them .

“Earth class high-tier sword intent?”

Qu Feng didn’t bother about Li Fuchen at first . After knowing that Li Fuchen had comprehended an earth class high-tier sword intent, he couldn’t help but take a few more glances at Li Fuchen .  

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He was thinking to himself, ‘If he can comprehend an earth class high-tier sword intent, his perception must be rather incredible . But in the same realm, only those with divine abilities are considered invincible . Regular divine abilities can be overlooked but I have awakened the wind flame divine ability and the lethal power is beyond regular divine abilities . Only those with special abilities will be able to rival against me . ’

As the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution’s people were sizing up Li Fuchen, Li Fuchen was also sizing up the members of the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution .

Within the group, Li Fuchen saw Wang Jian

Back at the tea party held at Grandmaster Ever Youth’s Everlasting Youth Garden, Li Fuchen had fought with Wang Jian who possessed the 6-star vajra bone frame that was an innate body refinement bone frame .

“Dean Liu, let’s enter!”

Meng Chihang didn’t want to stay outside for too long and moved toward the High Heaven Martial Institution first .

“Let’s enter . ” Liu Huo waved his hand for everyone to follow him .

Within the High Heaven Martial Institution, many of the other martial institutions had already arrived and were arranged to sit in a spacious area .

The area had plenty of courtyards and each courtyard was marked with the names of the various martial institutions .

After finding South Forest Martial Institution’s courtyard, Meng Chihang entered .

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They had arrived earlier so that Li Fuchen and the others could understand the situation of the various martial institutions . The other martial institutions had the same intention .

Of course, there were some martial institutions that didn’t care, hence, they would only arrive tomorrow .

When it was close to evening time, Meng Chihang and Lin Zhubai gathered everyone .

“A total of 18 martial institutions had arrived today . Apart from the High Heaven Martial Institution, only the top seven martial institutions had yet to arrive . ”

“Among the 18 martial institutions, the Stellaris Martial Institution and the Wild Lion Martial Institution’s seeded contestants are both possessors of special bone frames . The Stellaris Martial Institution’s seeded contestant has the spear dao bone frame while the Wild Lion Martial Institution’s seeded contestant has the berserk bone frame . ”

Meng Chihang stood by the side while Lin Zhubai explained .

Spear dao bone frame? Berserk bone frame?

No one heard of these two kinds of bone frames and had only read of them in ancient texts . They didn’t expect this year’s seeded contestants would actually possess them .

The spear dao bone frame was the same as sword dao and saber dao bone frames, they were all weapon dao bone frames .

It was hard to say about the formation of weapon dao bone frames as they were all weapons and were acquired and not innate . It was said that the formation of the weapon dao bone frame were related to the countless weapon dao absolute experts in ancient times . When a spear dao expert cultivated to the Primary Sea Realm or beyond, that expert would interfere with the heaven and earth, imperceptibly fusing a trace of spear dao qi presence into the world . Those embryos that were affected by the spear dao qi presence would naturally form the spear dao bone frames .

Weapon dao definitely didn’t exist from the beginning . After more people roamed and grew in the world, more daos were added into heaven and earth’s great dao .

The berserk bone frame was even rarer .

This bone frame allowed the possessor to have a burst in combat strength and the increase was at an extremely horrifying level .

The human body was very complicated and had great potential .

Even an old grandmother who was weak could burst out with horrifying power after some stimulation .

The berserk bone frame was much superior to pure stimulation . When in the berserk state, one would lost a portion of the rationality in exchange for a great increase in combat strength . The more rationality that was lost, the stronger the combat strength . At the highest berserk state, all rationality would be lost, leaving behind the pure intent for a massacre . By then, one’s strength would be enhanced by ten times or several tens of times, allowing the possessor to destroy an opponent that was several times stronger .

It could be said that the berserk bone frame stronger than most special bone frames . Because when the martial artist improved, the berserk bone frame would also improve, allowing a stronger berserk state .

But pure strength wasn’t considered powerful . The berserk bone frame was weaker in other aspects . The method was too simple and would be easily restrained, making it the berserk bone frame’s greatest weakness .

After talking about the two special bone frames, Lin Zhubai continued to mention about the other important seeded contestants and tournament contestants 

The day passed by very quickly .

On the next day, all the rest of the martial institutions had arrived .

They were the no . 2 Flying Snow Martial Institution, no . 3 Blue Moon Martial Institution, no . 4 Roaming Dragon Martial Institution, no . 5 Evergreen Martial Institution, no . 6 Long River Martial Institution, no . 7 Scarlet Desert Martial Institution .

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