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Chapter 461

The Seeded Contestant Battle was hosted swiftly and there were only ten participants who were also the top 10 rankers of the Power Rankings .

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On the martial stage, the Dean, Meng Chihang, the Assistant Dean, Lin Zhubai, the other assistant deans, inner institute elders, and inner institute mentors were all in their seats .

“The Seeded Contestant Battle will now officially begin . All cadets will have to fight nine matches . The cadet that wins all nine matches will be the Seeded Contestant for the 24 Martial Institutions Rankings Tournament . ” Assistant Dean, Lin Zhubai stood up and declared .

The first match started quickly . The no . 7 Liu Qing was fighting against the no . 9 inner institute cadet .

Below the stage, Li Fuchen12 and the seven other cadets of the Power Rankings were standing in their individual places of choice .

Li Fuchen might not have challenged any of the Power Rankings’ cadets, but the news of him defeating Liu Qing had spread throughout the inner institute . As such, he had replaced Liu Qing on the 6th rank and was the same rank as Zhao Han .

Otherwise, Li Fuchen might have missed out on the Seeded Contestant Battle . It would be rather troublesome for him to defeat one of the Power Rankings’ cadets before the Seeded Contestant Battle .

After a few matches, it was Li Fuchen’s turn .

Li Fuchen’s opponent was the no . 8 inner institute cadet .

Li Fuchen only used one sword to send his opponent flying . The Dean, Meng Chihang nodded silently and believed that Li Fuchen had the strength to be in the top five of the Power Rankings .

Wang Heilong was next and his opponent had conceded .

In response, Meng Chihang smiled .

The darkness bone frame was indeed extraordinary . Meng Chihang didn’t expect Wang Heilong to defeat the no . 2 Gu Heng, three months ago .

If Wang Heilong was given a few more years, he would definitely reach the top three of the 24 Martial Institutions Rankings Tournament .  

Half of the battle was over and the situation was already very clear .

Situ Tao and Wang Heilong had the strength to contest for the Seeded Contestant spot . They were followed closely by Gu Heng and Li Fuchen . The rest of the cadets weren’t strong enough to contest against the four of them .

“Dean, congratulations . Both your in-room cadets are extremely outstanding!” Lin Zhubai still felt that it was a pity . It would have been great if Li Fuchen could be his in-room cadet . As for Wang Heilong, Lin Zhubai had already given up . Since ancient times, all 6-star special bone frames would definitely be the Dean’s in-room cadet .

Meng Chihang laughed and said, “It doesn’t matter if they are outstanding now . Their future achievements are yet to be seen . ”

In the middle phase of the battle, Li Fuchen was matched up against Gu Heng .

“Senior Gu Heng, please give me some pointers . ” Li Fuchen drew his Scarlet Blood Sword .

Gu Heng said, “Junior Li, bring it on . ”

For the recent few months, Gu Heng had been in seclusion while thinking of methods to neutralize the Darkness Sky Canopy . As for Li Fuchen, he didn’t even consider about Li Fuchen .

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For people who awakened divine abilities, only others with divine abilities would be comparable .

“Be careful then . ”

Li Fuchen brandished his sword and shot out thousands of sword lights .


Meng Chihang and Lin Zhubai were surprised . When did Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent reach such a level? It didn’t seem to be earth class mid-tier anymore and was at the earth class high-tier . If it was true, then it would be terrifying .

Gu Heng was in a sorry state because he was careless and had no choice but to retreat constantly without any power to resist .

Wang Heilong squinted his eyes below the stage .

After promoting to the inner institute, he thought had overtaken Li Fuchen and didn’t expect Li Fuchen’s progress to be very fast and actually had stronger regular strength than him .

On the stage, Gu Heng’s body released the sharp metal splendor and imposing qi presence to barely stand firm .

“Junior Li, you have hidden your strength very well . ” Gu Heng had an unpleasant expression .

Earlier on, Li Fuchen had forced him to use the sharp metal power .

“Senior Gu Heng, it is best for you to execute your divine ability!” Li Fuchen brandished his Scarlet Blood Sword . The sword lights were released and the sword presence was stronger than before .

“Talking big . ”

Clink Clink Clank Clank!

Gu Heng’s weapon was a spear and when it thrust, the tyrannic golden splendor would assault Li Fuchen .

“Give up . ”

Li Fuchen used a sword strike to disarm Gu Heng’s spear instantly .

In terms of regular strength, Gu Heng would never be able to keep up with Li Fuchen . If Li Fuchen wanted, he could claim Gu Heng’s life in a single sword attack . Gu Heng wouldn’t even have the chance to execute his divine ability .

“Sharp metal divine ability, Sharp Metal Divine Spear!”

Gu Heng yelled out while his palm glowed with golden radiance . A golden spear that was covered with patterns had appeared .

When wielding the golden spear, Gu Heng’s qi presence was several times stronger .

If it was an honorable fight, Wang Heilong would never be able to defeat him even if there were three Wang Heilong .

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Gu Heng didn’t lose to Wang Heilong, he had lost to the strange Darkness Sky Canopy .

“Junior Li, time for you to be defeated!”

Gu Heng was angry and had thrust the spear at Li Fuchen .

When the spear strike was thrust out, the spacious stage was filled with golden dazzling light .

Let alone the high-level Reincarnation Realm experts of the outside world, most of the inner institute mentors didn’t dare to confront this attack head-on, otherwise, they would definitely suffer injuries .

“Sigh . Li Fuchen’s strength is extremely powerful but when facing Senior Gu Heng who has awakened his divine ability, Li Fuchen would surely lose . ”

In the audience stands, most of the people didn’t think Li Fuchen would win .

The ones who believed Li Fuchen would win were An Xinmei6 and a few individuals, including Liu Qing .

“What a joke, Li Fuchen could even defeat the ranked 11th Liu Jun of the Stars Martial Institution . Liu Jun had already awakened the starlight divine ability, Starlight Sword Qi . He wasn’t inferior to Gu Heng at all . ”

“Li Fuchen, the greatest difference between us is our bone frames . ” Wang Heilong shook his head .

“Senior Gu Heng, look at how I break your sharp metal divine ability in one sword . ”

Li Fuchen laughed heartily and thrust with his sword to release green radiance .

This time, the green radiance contained extremely dominant sword intent .


Gu Heng’s golden spear immediately exploded and Gu Heng was sent flying while the audience were shocked .

“Earth class high-tier sword intent . ” 

Meng Chihang and Lin Zhubai looked at one another with extreme astonishment .

The rest of the assistant deans and inner institute elders were also extremely stunned .

It was already extremely difficult for Li Fuchen to push the Green Sun Sword Intent to earth class high-tier . The comprehension of the sword intent was much more insane and horrific than the former .

Such perception was hard for them to even strive for .

Li Fuchen wasn’t even 30 years old yet and had only been cultivating the Green Sun Sword Intent for a short time .

They would never be able to achieve the same result in such a short period of time .

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They were all at the Battle Spirit Realm . They didn’t only have great perceptions, they had also cultivated earth class martial arts, allowing them to cultivate with ease .

“This child’s perception is simply wicked and there might not even be one in 100 million . ” Lin Zhubai took a deep cold breath .

Meng Chihang said, “As his mentor, I have underestimated him . His bone frame might not be comparable to Wang Heilong’s bone frame, but his perception is more than enough to compensate for the difference . ”

Those who awakened the divine ability would be invincible in the same realm .

This statement was correct, but there were times when this statement would be wrong .

When the perception was excessively exceptional, even without divine ability, one would be beyond invincible .

The prerequisite was to cultivate increasingly better cultivation techniques and martial arts . If the cultivation technique and martial arts were of the same tier, those with divine abilities would still be invincible in the same realm .

“The Red Rainbow Sect is simply his paradise . ” Meng Chihang commented .

Lin Zhubai nodded . Higher tiered cultivation techniques and martial arts could only be found in the Red Rainbow Sect . When Li Fuchen reached that place, it would be the same as putting a fish in the water .

“I have been defeated?” Gu Heng couldn’t believe what had happened .

A 4th level Reincarnation Realm expert who didn’t awaken a divine ability had actually defeated him and it took only one sword .

Below the stage, Wang Heilong’s had shrunk . He felt that Li Fuchen’s sword art was extremely dangerous .

If it wasn’t for his unique Darkness Sky Canopy, he wouldn’t have any chance to defeat Li Fuchen .

“Li Fuchen against Wang Heilong . Please enter the stage!”

A battle between ten individuals progressed very quickly and each match was immediately followed by the next match . There wasn’t any time to catch one’s breath .

“Darkness divine ability, Darkness Sky Canopy . ”

Once on the stage, Wang Heilong executed the Darkness Sky Canopy .

If not, he would never be able to receive a single sword attack from Li Fuchen .

As compared to three months ago, Wang Heilong’s Darkness Sky Canopy was much stronger . The pitch-black darkness power was like a dome that covered the entire stage .

In the darkness, Li Fuchen’s senses were robbed and the circulation of qi had also become sluggish .

The Darkness Sky Canopy was like an enhanced version of the field power . It didn’t just rob the senses, it was also able to suppress the enemy . Once any attack forces were released, the darkness power would devour everything .

“I wonder how is Li Fuchen going to deal with the Darkness Sky Canopy?” The audiences were all extremely curious .

Over a dozen individuals’ awareness had permeated into the Darkness Sky Canopy and were able to sense Li Fuchen and Wang Heilong clearly .

The owners of the awareness were naturally Meng Chihang, Lin Zhubai, the other assistant deans, and inner institute elders .

After progressing to Battle Spirit Realm, their awareness had already evolved into spiritual awareness and it wasn’t too difficult to enter the Darkness Sky Canopy and simply felt some obstruction . If the Darkness Sky Canopy was stronger by another level, perhaps only Meng Chihang and the assistant deans would be able to permeate through it . The current Darkness Sky Canopy was still unable to stop any Battle Spirit Realm master .

“The darkness divine ability is indeed very horrific . ”

Divine abilities weren’t judged by its strength but by its ruthlessness .

The Darkness Sky Canopy didn’t have any lethality but it was extremely horrific to anyone trapped within . It was the same as turning the enemy into a deaf and blind person while suppressing the enemy’s strength . If the attacks were neutralized, was there even a need to fight? It was practically entering the opponent’s home ground .

Of course, to Li Fuchen, there were a few methods to break out of the Darkness Sky Canopy .

The first method was to break through with the Green Sun Sword Intent . It was the method he planned to use .

The second method would be to break through with the Heart of Blazing Flame . But Li Fuchen’s Heart of Blazing Flame was too powerful and if he used it here, it was no different from slaughtering a chicken with a knife meant for slaughtering cows . It was a waste of power .

The third method would be to break through without doing anything .

Similar to the Battle Spirit Realm masters, Li Fuchen’s sense might be robbed, his awareness was still intact .

After scanning with his awareness, Li Fuchen could see Wang Heilong’s moves clearly .

Since Li Fuchen was able to see his opponent, a casual sword attack from Li Fuchen would be able to defeat or even kill Wang Heilong .

But if Li Fuchen had done so, it would expose his special awareness and it wasn’t necessary .

“Li Fuchen, time for defeat!”

Wang Heilong’s voice echoed towards Li Fuchen from all directions . His physical body was behind Li Fuchen and he had blasted a fist at Li Fuchen .

The scorching and dazzling green radiance burst out with Li Fuchen at the core . It felt as though the Darkness Sky Canopy was like the night sky that encountered the sun . It was instantly illuminated and the night sky had turned into daytime .


Wang Heilong was sent flying while vomiting fresh blood .

Li Fuchen used one sword to defeat Gu Heng . He still used one sword to defeat Wang Heilong .

When he brandished his sword, the sword light that had the sword field and sword intent had expanded and instantly broke Wang Heilong’s Darkness Sky Canopy .

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