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Chapter 460

“This is the earth class peak-tier Star Loop Herb huh?”

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In the courtyard’s secret room, Li Fuchen12 took out the Star Loop Herb .

The Star Loop Herb wasn’t big and was only the size of the palm . It was sparkling and translucent like jade and was emitting resplendent starlight . As the starlight was too concentrated, it formed a loop of starlight . By sensing carefully, one would be able to sense the inexhaustible power of laws within .

“The East Unicorn Continent might have poor resources but it is still a continent . Let alone, earth class peak-tier herbs, it wouldn’t be strange for a heaven class herb to appear . ”

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen swallowed the entire Star Loop Herb along with the roots .


The boundless medicinal effects exploded . The resplendent starlight nourished Li Fuchen’s entire body before plunging into the bone frame spatial zone .

The drastic pain had caused Li Fuchen’s body to tremble .

His body was gradually exuding traces of black impurities .

These impurities consisted of impurities that were already part of the body and also impurities that were side effects from consuming elixirs .

Originally, these impurities wouldn’t be eliminated so easily, but as the bone frame got upgraded, the impurities would be automatically expelled .

Towards this, Li Fuchen was rather surprised but he wasn’t overly shocked .

The grade of the bone frame didn’t just represent perception, it also represented the body’s aptitude .

The better the body aptitude, the lesser the impurities in the body, especially the impurities that were part of the body .

As the black impurities oozed out, Li Fuchen felt his body getting much lighter . It was like a layer of chains getting removed and made the entire body felt refreshed .

The pain was getting increasingly exaggerating and it was much more painful than all the previous times combined .

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When Li Fuchen’s awareness entered the bone frame spatial zone, he saw the blazing flame bone frame growing to four and a half segments . At the same time, new bone frame patterns had also emerged .

When the extreme pain vanished, the blazing flame bone frame had turned into five segments . This meant that Li Fuchen’s bone frame was at the 5-star grade .

Previously, Li Fuchen had comprehended 75% of the bone frame pattern, but now, it was at 60% .

It was because there was a new segment of the bone frame pattern .

“For extraordinary bone frames, comprehending two segments of the pattern would awaken the divine ability . For special bone frames, I heard that comprehending one segment of the pattern would awaken the divine ability . ”

Previously, when Li Fuchen had the 4-star bone frame, two segments of the pattern would mean 50% and when Li Fuchen comprehended 50% of the pattern, he had awakened the blazing flame divine ability, Heart of Blazing Flame .

The special bone frames were even more fearsome as the divine ability could be awakened with just the comprehension of one segment of the pattern .

It was obvious that special bone frame patterns were extremely difficult to comprehend . There were some people who had special bone frames but had weaker combat strength than extraordinary bone frames . It was because they didn’t comprehend enough of the bone frame pattern .

“The bone frame’s extraction speed of the blazing flame power has been increased . Previously, it was at 750 times . Right now, it is at 1500 times, giving it double the speed . ”

“Furthermore, the power of the Heart of Blazing Flame seems to be might stronger . It means that the blazing flame crystal that represented the Heart of Blazing Flame has much more complicated and fearsome divine ability pattern . ”

The upgrade from the 4-star blazing flame bone frame to the 5-star blazing flame bone frame had brought about plenty of benefits . Li Fuchen wasn’t able to figure everything out immediately and was only able to sense the most obvious changes .

At the end of the fifth month, Li Fuchen had spent 15,000 contribution points to exchange for the earth class mid-tier light body technique, Divine Flame Transformation and cultivated it to the perfection rank .

The Divine Flame Transformation was the enhanced version of the Flying Flame Nine Transformation . Not only did the instantaneous burst speed increased, but the distance between each shift had also greatly increased . After reaching the perfection rank and comprehending the Divine Flame Transformation Intent, there were effects of turning into the void . Li Fuchen would be able to decrease the damage from enemies and also traverse in sea of flames .

“Senior An, I need some earth class low-tier cultivation techniques and martial arts . Can you help me search for them? I will give you 10,000 low-grade spirit stones commission for each manual . ” On this day, Li Fuchen who exited seclusion was having a conversation with An Xinmei6 .

The East Unicorn Continent had an extreme lack of earth class manuals and it was severely affecting the development of the East Unicorn Continent .

In fact, he couldn’t understand why the earth class manuals in the past wouldn’t be passed down . Could it be that all the manuals were taken away, including the earth class equipment?

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“Li Fuchen, we are friends . I don’t need to take so much low-grade spirit stones, 5000 low-grade spirit stones for each manual will do . ” They might be friends but she couldn’t just help Li Fuchen without any compensation . After all, in order to search for the earth class low-tier manuals, she would need to activate the An Clan’s forces . This wasn’t something she could decide on her own as she would need to make use of plenty of manpower and resources .

Li Fuchen shook his head, “I don’t have a lack of spirit stones . It shall remain as 10,000, but I hope Senior An can provide more help . ”

“Alright then . My An Clan has plenty of informers in various cities, we will buy the earth class low-tier manuals all of the auctions . ” An Xinmei made a promise .

“Thank you, Senior An . ” Li Fuchen handed over a storage bag to An Xinmei that contained 500,000 low-grade spirit stones . “Senior An, this is 500,000 low-grade spirit stones and should be able to purchase a few earth class low-tier manuals . ”

He had already predicted that a portion of the 500,000 low-grade spirit stones would be deducted secretly but he didn’t mind . He didn’t have the time to travel to various cities as it would waste a lot of his effort .

“So much low-grade spirit stones?” An Xinmei was shocked .

Her An Clan’s low-grade spirit stones would only be a few hundred thousand in total . With some fixed assets, they might have over one million or two million low-grade spirit stones . But they wouldn’t able to transfer 500,000 low-grade spirit stones with such immediate notice .

“Li Fuchen, don’t worry . I will remind the An Clan not to use these low-grade spirit stones recklessly . ” An Xinmei spoke seriously .

Li Fuchen laughed and said, “You can tell the An Clan if I am satisfied, there will be a second chance for cooperation . ”

500,000 low-grade spirit stones wouldn’t be able to purchase too many earth class low-tier manuals .

In the Seven Color Continent, earth class low-tier cultivation techniques’ manual would cost around 100,000 low-grade spirit stones, while martial arts’ manuals would cost around 30,000 low-grade spirit stones .

He didn’t mind if he was cheated for the first cooperation as he had plenty of spirit stones . But it would affect the inclination for his second cooperation .

An Xinmei was curious where did Li Fuchen get so many low-grade spirit stones . Such wealth was already comparable to newly progressed Battle Spirit Realm masters, but she didn’t ask and had spoken of another topic, “Li Fuchen, just recently, Wang Heilong had defeated the ranked 2nd Senior Gu Heng . It happened during your seclusion . ”

“Wang Heilong has awakened the darkness divine ability?” Li Fuchen asked .

An Xinmei nodded, “His darkness divine ability is extremely terrifying . It can form a boundary and it is called Darkness Sky Canopy . ”

“That is rather incredible . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

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Special bone frame patterns were extremely hard to comprehend . Wang Heilong must have comprehended one segment of the pattern in order to awaken the darkness divine ability .

But it was still rather lacking as compared to Li Fuchen as he had already comprehended three segments .

After the seclusion, Li Fuchen formed teams with An Xinmei and other inner institute cadets to visit the Black King Hidden Domain again .

Li Fuchen required both contribution points or Black King True Water . He wanted contribution points to redeem manuals while he wanted Black King True Water to save cultivation time when he reached the Battle Spirit Realm .

One month later, Li Fuchen obtained 30kg of Black King True Water .

Li Fuchen didn’t immediately exchange for contribution points for the 30kg of Black King True Water . He would exchange them when he required more points .

After another month, Li Fuchen went to the Black King Hidden Domain again .

After this trip, the Black King True Water in his possession had increased to 62 . 5kg .

Li Fuchen realized that every time he visited the Black King Hidden Domain, his body might have some impurities, but when the impurities were refined, his cultivation would progress a little . It was truly mystical .

Time passed by quickly and there was just four more months before the 24 Martial Institutions Rankings Tournament .

Inner Institute Grand Hall .

“Immediately host the Seeded Contestant Battle to choose our South Forest Martial Institution’s Seeded Contestant . ” On the host seat of the grand hall, the white-robed dean, Meng Chihang spoke when he saw that everyone had arrived .

“Host it immediately? Isn’t the Rankings Tournament four months away? It will be a little fairer for those young people to have more time, right?” One of the South Forest Martial Institution’s Assistant Deans, the grey-haired Lin Zhubai raised an objection .

Meng Chihang said, “The Rankings Tournament has been brought forward . ”

“Brought forward? Why?” Lin Zhubai was astonished .

Meng Chihang pointed above and said, “The Red Rainbow Sect requires new blood . From today onwards, the 24 Martial Institutions Rankings Tournament will be held once every two years . Each time, the top 50 will be qualified to become the Red Rainbow Sect’s outer sect disciple . ”

“What? The Red Rainbow Sect increased their slots of recruitment?” In the grand hall, the elders and the mentors were all astonished .

In the past, the Red Rainbow Sect might have been recruiting disciples, but they wouldn’t do it with such great fanfare and not in such numbers . It was already rather good for a kingdom to have 20 slots . Right now, the 24 Martial Institutions would have 50 slots and when including the slots from the two major martial institutions, the total number of slots would be a few times more than before .

“Since that is the case, let’s host the Seeded Contestant Battle immediately!” Lin Zhubai nodded and spoke with much excitement .

The Red Rainbow Sect was a king-class sect and was the Red Soil Continent’s dictator . Apart from the comparison of mentors between the various martial institutions, the main contest would be the strength of the cadets . The martial institution that had more cadets entering the Red Rainbow Sect would be more well-regarded . The martial institution’s cadets that had become an inner sect disciple or direct disciple would be in extreme limelight . The Rankings Tournament would be able to decide the rankings among the martial institutions and also be able to determine the future development of the various martial institutions .

The news of the Rankings Tournament getting brought forward had spread like wildfire . The inner institute cadets felt unexpected and also excited .

“The Rankings Tournament has been brought forward?”

After four months, Wang Heilong cultivation diligently and had broken through to the 4th level of Reincarnation Realm .

With the 6-star darkness bone frame, his cultivation speed was already faster than regular 6-star extraordinary bone frames .

In addition, he believed that his perception was also superior to most of the 6-star bone frames .

He was confident he was comparable to 7-star bone frames .

“It is good news . I now have quite the confidence to defeat Situ Tao after four months . ” Wang Heilong’s eyes flashed with dark lightning .

“The Rankings Tournament is finally starting . I will definitely enter the Red Rainbow Sect . ” Situ Tao opened his eyes and sobered up from a meditative state .

During the 24 Martial Institutions Rankings Tournament, the top ten would be qualified to join the Red Rainbow Sect as outer sect disciples . The two major martial institutions wouldn’t need to join the tournament as their martial institutions had five slots each .

To Situ Tao, if he couldn’t enter the Red Rainbow Sect, it would mean failure .  

Of course, he still didn’t know that the slots to enter the Red Rainbow Sect had increased and it was increased by a few times .

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