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Chapter 456

25kg, 32 . 5kg, 41kg .

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It had been 28 days since Li Fuchen12 entered the Black King Hidden Domain .

For the past 28 days, they had collected a total of 41kg of Black King True Water .

Of the 41kg, Li Fuchen had a share of 70% and was around 28 . 5kg . An Xinmei6 and the others would split the 30%, which was around 12 . 5kg . They would each have around 3kg .  

“3000 contribution points… After adding my previously accumulated contribution points, it is enough for me to redeem the second-half of the Congeal Water Saber Art . ” An Xinmei was in an extremely great mood .

The Congeal Water Saber Art was an earth class mid-tier saber art . The first-half required 5000 contribution points, while the second-half required 10,000 . With her previous speed of earning contribution points, she would need at least one year before having enough . Right now, she had reached her objective in a single month . Why should she be happy?

Hu Ling and the others were also very pleased . They had yet to cultivate the earth class low-tier martial arts to the trance stage, hence, they didn’t contribution points for now . But they knew clearly that once they required contribution points, it would be a huge sum . If they didn’t accumulate more contribution points now, when they truly required the points, they would be helpless .

“Big Brother Jun, I have been observing them for half a month . If I didn’t guess wrong, they should have at least 30kg of Black King True Water . ” A few miles2 away, Liu Qing was whispering something to a grim-looking youth .

“At least 30kg of Black King True Water?” The grim-looking youth grinned .

Who would dislike having more contribution points, he naturally didn’t?

“Liu Qing, introduce me to them! When I seize their Black King True Water, I will give you 10% . ” The grim-looking youth stated .

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“Okay . ”

Liu Qing was delighted . 10% would mean at least 3kg of Black King True Water and he would be able to exchange for 3000 contribution points .

“Liu Qing, what are you doing here?”

From afar, An Xinmei had already noticed Liu Qing and she was having a grave expression .

Liu Qing laughed, “Xinmei, being together with him isn’t any good for you . Stand on my side, I can promise to give you 1kg of Black King True Water . It is at least two times more than what you collected last month . ” Liu Qing didn’t believe that Li Fuchen would share a significant portion of Black King True Water to An Xinmei . After all, their group was able to collect so much Black King True Water by depending on Li Fuchen . An Xinmei and the others were just running errands .

An Xinmei mocked, “Do you think everyone is like you? Li Fuchen is sharing more than 3kg of Black King True Water to me . ”

“3kg?” Liu Qing’s expression turned awful .

Immediately after, he sneered, “Xinmei, if he cannot protect the Black King True Water, how is he going to share any with you?”

“What do you mean?” An Xinmei looked at Liu Qing and the grim-looking youth .

After realizing that the grim-looking youth was at the 6th level of Reincarnation Realm, An Xinmei’s eyes contracted .

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Inner institute cadets at the 6th level of Reincarnation Realm were mostly elite experts . Just like the South Forest Martial Institution’s no . 1 Situ Tao and no . 2 Gu Heng . Both of them were at the 6th level of Reincarnation Realm .

“No other meaning . I merely fancied his Black King True Water . ” Liu Qing snickered .

An Xinmei spoke furiously, “Liu Qing, you are also one of our South Forest Martial Institution’s cadet and you actually collude with outsiders to deal with your fellow cadets? Aren’t you afraid I will report you to the institution?”

Liu Qing didn’t mind and said, “Report? What are you going to report? When has the martial institution forbade cadets from snatching Black King True Water?”

Since Liu Qing dared to bring the grim-looking youth over, he naturally thought of the consequences in advance .

“You are shameless . ” An Xinmei pointed at Liu Qing while fuming with anger .

The martial institution didn’t ban cadets from contesting for Black King True Water, as the martial institution wasn’t a greenhouse and didn’t need flowers that could only grow in the greenhouse . If your strength was inferior, it didn’t matter if someone seized your possession, as long as no lives were in danger .

If Liu Qing could look for helpers, you could also look for helpers . When venturing outside in the future, the enemy wouldn’t be a single individual all the time . It might be two, three or even a group .

In short, the martial institution was only providing you a great cultivation environment . As long as the rules weren’t broken, it didn’t matter what you did .

Of course, colluding with cadets from other martial institutions was indeed very shameless and it was rare for anyone to do it .

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“An Xinmei, this matter doesn’t involve you, stop standing out for him . Li Fuchen, aren’t you formidable? Come out here and kneel down and I might be able to plead for you . I can ask Big Brother Jun to reserve his strength . ” Liu Qing didn’t intend to waste his saliva on An Xinmei and turned to look at Li Fuchen while threatening .

Apart from the Black King True Water, Liu Qing’s objective was to teach Li Fuchen a lesson .

“Why, you think you can take revenge just by calling help?” Li Fuchen stepped out and spoke with disdain .

Li Fuchen’s expression had made the grim-looking youth very unhappy . The latter’s eyes flashed with cold light, “So you are Li Fuchen . You have a rather arrogant face . I wonder when I beat you up later, can you still look so arrogant . ”

“Li Fuchen, I don’t think you know . This is my elder cousin, Liu Jun, ranked 11th of the Stars Martial Institution . ” Once Liu Qing made his statement, he looked at Li Fuchen and the others as he wanted to see their panicking expressions .

For the past half a year, his elder cousin, Liu Jun frequently collected the Black King True Water in the Black King Hidden Domain . Liu Qing had encountered Liu Jun a few times before, hence, he was trying his luck to see if Liu Jun was still around .

His luck was rather good as he took only half a day to find Liu Jun .

Originally, he could immediately look for trouble with Li Fuchen, but he changed his mind . He felt that he should wait until Li Fuchen was about to leave and to seize all of his Black King True Water while teaching him a lesson . This way, it would be a bigger setback . Hence, for the last two weeks, Liu Qing didn’t do anything and simply monitored Li Fuchen’s group .

“Ranked 11th of the Stars Martial Institution’s Power Rankings?” Hu Ling covered her mouth .

An Xinmei and the others also felt their scalp going numb .

The Stars Martial Institution was one of the two major martial institutions of the Violet Flower Kingdom .

All cadets of the Stars Martial Institution were all prodigies . It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that any cadet from the Stars Martial Institution would be an outstanding individual in the South Forest Martial Institution .

Different from the 24 Martial Institutions, the Violet Flower Martial Institution and the Stars Martial Institution had 20 individuals on their Power Rankings, while the 24 Martial Institutions only had 10 individuals on their Power Rankings .

To be ranked 11th on the Stars Martial Institution, Liu Jun’s strength was probably comparable to the South Forest Martial Institution’s ranked 2nd, Gu Heng, or even stronger .

Previously, inner institute cadets from the two major martial institutions had challenged the inner institute cadets from the 24 Martial Institutions before . Some of the ranked no . 1 cadets couldn’t even defeat the lower-ranked cadets from the two major martial institutions .

“Ranked 11th on the Power Rankings of the Stars Martial Institution? You don’t seem to be that formidable . If you are ranked no . 1 from the Stars Martial Institution, I might regard you with more importance . ” Li Fuchen didn’t bother .

“Talking big . The no . 1 ranked senior in the Stars Martial Institution can instantly eliminate ten of you in a single move . Don’t you even compare the senior with you . ” Liu Jun’s face suddenly changed . It was unknown when a sword appeared in his hand, “Originally, I planned to reserve my strength . Since you have such a glib tongue, I shall teach you a harsh lesson and let you learn the ways of life! Fragment Star Sword Art!”

The fragmented star lights looked like surreal and made the opponent felt they were in the starry sky . Let alone counterattacking, normal people wouldn’t even be able to defend .

The Fragment Star Sword Art was an earth class mid-tier sword art .

From Li Jun’s sword presence, he had obviously cultivated the Fragment Star Sword Art to the perfection stage .

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