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Chapter 455

In just one day, Li Fuchen12’s interaction token shook .

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“Has the Black King True Water appeared?” Li Fuchen took up and was preparing to leave .

With a swift glance, he noticed there were plenty of people at the basin that had also stood up . It seemed like they also had interaction tokens with them too . As long as their partners discovered the Black King True Water at the other basins, they would be notified with the interaction token .

Apart from those people with the tokens, those who didn’t receive the information could simply follow everyone else . After all, no one would leave without a reason and the reason for leaving was probably because their partners had discovered the Black King True Water .

“The competition here is truly very intense . ” Li Fuchen flew towards the direction where the token guided him to .

A large group of people followed him from behind .

A moment later, Li Fuchen arrived in the vicinity of another basin .

Hu Ling saw Li Fuchen and quickly called out to him, “Senior Fuchen, the Black King True Water appeared in this place . There seems to be quite a bit and roughly over 5000g . ”

“Over 5000g huh?”

Li Fuchen cast a glance at the basin and noticed there was a chaotic battle . At least 100 individuals were contesting for the Black King True Water . If someone was beaten to death in this situation, no one would investigate, after all, the situation was too chaotic . Those who were afraid of dying could simply stay out of the battle, those who died in the battle should already know it was a possibility .

At almost the same timing, An Xinmei6 and the others had also rushed over .

“The four of you don’t join the battle . I will go alone . ” Li Fuchen was afraid the four of them might be beaten to death and suggested .

“You will go alone?” An Xinmei hesitated .

Li Fuchen shook his hand, “I know my limits . ”

While speaking, Li Fuchen rushed over and executed his Ardent Sun Divine Palm .


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The Ardent Sun Divine Palm was a few hundred feet in size and was like a palm-shaped sun . The palm force was shocking and the blazing field power was also extremely intense .

One the palm force landed, at least 20 individuals were sent flying while vomiting a hot mouthful of fresh blood .

The Ardent Sun Divine Palm had reached the trance stage and the power wasn’t inferior to the High Heaven Sword Art . The ardent sun palm field that contained the Ardent Sun Palm Intent was enough to suppress and destroy everything . Even those who had attack power that was comparable to Li Fuchen would be restrained by the ardent sun palm field and wouldn’t be able to fight back .

The intensity of the field power had already determined the outcome .

“Who is it, ahhh!”

Most of the people were driven away from the basin by Li Fuchen’s Ardent Sun Divine Palm . If Li Fuchen didn’t hold back his full strength, some of these people would already be dead .

Standing in the middle of the basin, Li Fuchen said, “I want half of these Black King True Water . ”

“With the likes of you?”

There were experts among these people, and the two individuals that stood in front of Li Fuchen were experts too .

These two individuals were at the 5th level of Reincarnation Realm . When Li Fuchen executed his palm strike, the duo had neutralized it easily .

“Li Fuchen, I know the person on the left . He is the Battle Saber Martial Institution’s Power Rankings no . 3, Lu Heng . ” An Xinmei’s voice was transmitted into Li Fuchen’s ears .

After hearing An Xinmei’s message, Li Fuchen nodded . He knew about the Battle Saber Martial Institution, they were ranked 14th among the 24 Martial Institutions and was one rank higher than the South Forest Martial Institution . The martial institution might be named Battle Saber Martial Institution, but not everyone was a saber martial artist . Of course, this Lu Heng was definitely a saber martial artist, furthermore, his saber arts were rather formidable . Earlier on, he had executed a saber art that should be an earth class mid-tier saber art and it had reached the perfection stage . His strength was probably at the 13th level of Reincarnation Realm and was comparable to Li Fuchen when using the Ardent Sun Divine Palm .

But Lu Heng’s field power wasn’t as powerful as Li Fuchen’s field power .

“With the likes of me . What about it?”

Li Fuchen stared at the mouth of the spring in the center of the basin . The mouth of the spring was about the size of a fist and there was a huge amount of water that surged out . The water was an ink-like liquid and looked very viscous and seemed to be squirming as though it was alive .

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No matter how silly Li Fuchen was, he knew that this ink-like liquid was the Black King True Water .

Li Fuchen reached out and drew a trace of Black King True Water into his hands .

Tss Tss Tss…

When the Black King True Water made contact Li Fuchen’s ardent sun qi, there were black fumes and the ardent sun qi was eroded at a visible speed . ‘Plop’, a drop of the Black King True Water fell onto Li Fuchen’s finger . Li Fuchen felt a scorching pain on his finger as though it was being branded by iron .

Li Fuchen’s ardent sun qi surged again as he tossed the Black King True Water back into the pool .

No wonder it was so difficult to collect the Black King True Water . With his qi intensity, he would only be able to draw a trace of Black King True Water at once . It was impossible for him to collect all the Black King True Water unless his cultivation was at the Battle Spirit Realm . However, Battle Spirit Realm masters weren’t able to enter the Black King Hidden Domain .

“The Black King True Water is actually unable to corrode his body?” Lu Heng’s eyes contracted .

If the Black King True Water made contact with Lu Heng’s hand, his entire hand would be crippled, but Li Fuchen obviously didn’t suffer anything serious .

Lu Heng wasn’t a fool and knew that Li Fuchen’s body refinement level should be extremely high and probably much higher than Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation .

“I agree with your suggestion, but I cannot make the decision for others . ” Lu Heng’s expressions changed multiple times before he compromised .

If Li Fuchen’s body refinement cultivation wasn’t high, Lu Heng would never give in . But after knowing that Li Fuchen had astounding body refinement level, he knew that he wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen .

A martial artist who had dual cultivation of qi and body wasn’t so easy to deal with .

“Hehe, Lu Heng, when did you become such a coward? Isn’t it just dual cultivation of qi and body? I, Zhang He am not afraid . ” Standing beside Lu Heng, a youth licked his lips . He knew that people with dual cultivation had an extremely tough defense, but it just so happened that he also had dual cultivation of qi and body . It was just that his body refinement wasn’t as strong as his qi cultivation .

“Do you wish to try?” Li Fuchen withdrew his ardent sun qi and filled his body with dragon elephant power .

His body refinement was comparable to the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm . With the addition of the body refinement gloves and his Tiger Soul Fist which recently broke through to the trance stage, his body refinement strength was now at the 17th level of Reincarnation Realm .

Just the Tiger Soul Fist had increased his strength by eight levels .

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Even the trance stage of the High Heaven Sword Art could only increase his qi cultivation strength by five levels .

Li Fuchen knew clearly that the body refinement path and the qi cultivation path were two separate attributes and two different paths .

The body refinement path emphasized on burst power, hence, all body refinement martial arts had powerful methods to increase burst power . In a close distance, the power was far beyond qi martial arts . But once the distance was a little further, the body refinement martial arts’ power would rapidly decline and wouldn’t even reach far enough at times .

It could be said that the body refinement path was the best for close combat and no one could match it . Even if the opponent had awakened the divine ability, they might not be able to deal with a body refinement martial artist .

But in normal situations, unless an individual possessed the body refinement bone frame, no one would raise their body refinement level higher than their qi cultivation level . Li Fuchen was considered an anomaly .

“So what if I wish to try?!” 

Zhang He yelled out and blasted his right fist with a thunderous presence at Li Fuchen . In the air, there were electric arcs and Zhang He’s right fist looked like a thunder fist .

“Get lost!”

Li Fuchen raised his right hand and formed a fist before executing a simple fist .


A tiger’s growl echoed .

A sinister, black, and fierce tiger spirit emerged . Zhang He felt his qi and blood had become heavier by a few hundred times . He wasn’t even able to circulate his strength as a powerful force was acting on his body .

Zhang He was launched into the air while vomiting blood . He flew at an unbelievable speed and couldn’t even withstand a single blow .

For this fist strike, Li Fuchen had used less than 20% of his strength .

After the Tiger Soul Fist reached the trance stage, Li Fuchen had comprehended the Tiger Soul Fist Intent . Be it the spirit or the fist force, they were extremely condensed . Everything within the range of the fist force had intense and surreal pressure .

“Such strength!” Lu Heng’s eyes contracted as he realized he had still underestimated Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength was obviously above his qi cultivation strength .

It was a pity that Lu Heng didn’t know Li Fuchen was a swordsman and if Li Fuchen used his Green Sun Sword Intent, his qi cultivation strength would be much more superior than his body refinement strength .

“Does anyone else have any opinion?” Li Fuchen glanced around .

Everyone was speechless . Li Fuchen’s strength had already reached a level that he could crush them . Even if they all attacked together, it would be useless .

“Since no one has any opinion, then, I shall take half of the Black King True Water . ” Li Fuchen transmitted a message to An Xinmei and the others, “Come over and collect the Black King True Water . ”

An Xinmei and the others were stunned . This was the first time, they saw someone seizing the Black King True Water like this . It was obvious that strength made everything much more convenient .

The Black King Water required a special container . In just a short moment, the five of them had collected half the Black King True Water and was about 3000g .

According to Li Fuchen’s suggested distribution method, Li Fuchen would take 30% and the others would split the remaining 70% . Each of them would obtain slightly more than 500g and it was already better than what they obtained in the previous trips .

When Li Fuchen and his group left, the leftover Black King True Water caused an intense contest again . This was the moment when every little trace counted . With more attempts, one would still be able to accumulate a substantial amount of Black King True Water in a month .

“Once this trip ends, I will almost accumulate enough points to redeem the second-half of the earth class mid-tier martial art . ” An Xinmei was in a great mood and couldn’t help but glance at Li Fuchen .

In the South Forest Martial Institution, the Power Rankings no . 1, Situ Tao and no . 2, Gu Heng were able to do the same thing as Li Fuchen, but those two had been inner Insitute cadets for many years . Li Fuchen was a newly promoted inner institute cadet but in terms of innate potential, he was the most terrifying individual An Xinmei had ever met .

For the next two weeks, Li Fuchen had repeated the same thing many times, collecting a total of 19kg of Black King True Water . According to the distribution method, when the total was more than 15kg, he would have 70%, meaning he had close to 13 . 5kg . If he exchanged them for contribution points, he would have 13,500 points .

This was much easier than Li Fuchen had imagined .

Of course, Li Fuchen knew that those truly incredible individuals had already accumulated enough contribution points and were in seclusion while preparing for the Rankings Tournament . Furthermore, no one could stay in the Black King Hidden Domain for more than a month or so on each trip, as they would need to spend more time to eliminate the impurities . Otherwise, Li Fuchen wouldn’t have such an easy time to obtain so much Black King True Water .

But even if an incredible figure was to come, Li Fuchen didn’t have anything to fear as he simply had to expose more of his strength .

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