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Chapter 454

After Li Fuchen12 and his group had left, Liu Qing gradually recovered .

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Liu Qing had an extremely gloomy and ashamed expression after he stood up .

He had been suppressed twice by Li Fuchen in front of An Xinmei6, he had lost all of his dignity .

“Li Fuchen, this matter isn’t over yet . Just you wait!”

Liu Qing didn’t leave the Black King Hidden Domain . Instead, he headed towards the left side of the direction where Li Fuchen headed to .

The Black King Hidden Domain was massive and had plenty of basins .

At the center of every basin, there would be an opening meant for the water to flow out .

In the surrounding of the dried-up basin, there were dozens of inner institute cadets from all the various martial institutions seated in cross-legged positions . All of them had extraordinary auras .

In the vicinity of a basin, An Xinmei suggested, “It isn’t very good for all of us to guard at one basin . It is very normal for a basin to not have any Black King True Water even after waiting for one or two months . Why don’t we keep an interaction token with each of us and split up? If one of the basins appeared with the Black King True Water, we will activate the token so that everyone and rush over . ”

“I agree with Senior An’s plan . But how are we going to distribute the Black King True Water?” One of the South Forest Martial Institution’s inner institute cadet spoke . He was Ge Long who was at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm .

An Xinmei took a glance at Li Fuchen and said, “Li Fuchen is very formidable . With him around, we will be able to obtain more Black King True Water . Thus, I feel like Li Fuchen should get 40% and we will split the rest . ”

“Senior An, if we didn’t manage to obtain more Black King True Water, wouldn’t we have worked in vain? I feel that this distribution method isn’t reasonable . ” Another 3rd level Reincarnation Realm cadet, Chen Chong shooked his head .

Chen Chong knew that Li Fuchen was very formidable and would be decisive when contesting for the Black King True Water . But his objective at the Black King Hidden Domain was to collect the Black King True Water . If he wasn’t able to collect more Black King True Water than before, what was the point of working together?

Li Fuchen said, “I feel it isn’t reasonable too . ”

Hearing the response, An Xinmei looked at Li Fuchen strangely .

Li Fuchen asked, “On previous trips when all of you visited the Black King Hidden Domain, how much Black King True Water were all of you able to collect on average?”

An Xinmei said, “My best is just 400g, other times would be 250g or 300g . ”

“My best is 350g, other times would be 200g or 250g . ”

Everyone spoke one after the other .

Li Fuchen smiled and said, “It means that whenever any of you made a trip to the Black King Hidden Domain, you wouldn’t collect more than 500g, right?”

An Xinmei nodded .

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Li Fuchen then carried on, “We have a total of five individuals . If our total collection isn’t more than 2500g, we will split it equally . I don’t really care about this little amount of Black King True Water . ”

“What if it exceeds 2500g?” The one who asked was a female inner institute cadet, Hu Ling .

Li Fuchen said, “If the collection is more than 2500g, I will take 30% . If it is more than 3500g, I will take 40% . More than 5000g, I will take 50% . More than 10,000g, I will take 60% . More than 15,000g, I will take 70% . Any more will remain the same . ”

Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered to make things too complicated . He required too much contribution points, thus, he didn’t even care if the collection was less than 5000g . If they were only able to collect this much, there was no difference for him to obtain 500g less or more .

Originally, he planned to split it equally if the total collection was less than 5000g . But after some considerations, he felt that he should make it more detailed .

If everyone was to split 5000g equally, each of them would obtain 1000g .  

If it exceeded 5000g and if it reached 6000g, he was planning to take 50% . It would mean that the others could only obtain 750g and would be lesser than if they split 5000g equally . This would definitely make some of the people unsatisfied .

Li Fuchen might not care if the others were satisfied or not, but since they were partners now, he naturally wanted harmony .

“I hope our luck is good enough . ”

Li Fuchen’s objective wasn’t a mere 5000g and he felt that 15,000g was too little . But he didn’t have experience and didn’t know how much Black King True Water he could collect on his first trip .

“Let us follow Li Fuchen’s way of distributing the Black King True Water . ” An Xinmei started to distribute the interaction token .

Interaction tokens were very common on the Seven Color Continent . Once both sides poured in their qi, they would be able to sense one another . The range of effects would be according to the grade of the token . The interaction tokens that An Xinmei distributed had a range of 1000 miles2 and was considered rather normal .

After distributing the interaction tokens, the five had split up . Li Fuchen chose the basin in front of them .

There were already dozens of inner institute cadets from the various martial institutions that had occupied this basin . They weren’t too far from one another and weren’t too close either . Furthermore, their distances from each other were roughly the same . If Li Fuchen was to barge in recklessly, it would definitely create a disharmony .

It was still unknown of this basin would produce any Black King True Water . Li Fuchen sat cross-legged in the vicinity of the basin .

Time elapsed gradually .

Li Fuchen realized that this qi and blood were denser .

The Black King Hidden Domain’s heaven and earth qi had a great ability to pervade . He had a feeling that even if he put up qi protection, he wouldn’t be able to stop the qi from entering his body .

“It seems like I can only stay in the Black King Hidden Domain for about a month . ” Li Fuchen made an estimation .

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East Unicorn Continent’s Hundred Battle Region…

This place was the region with the most disputes in the East Unicorn Continent . Since ancient times, it was unknown how many supreme experts had fallen in this place . It was also why this region had the most secrets and also the most treacherous .

Unless one’s cultivation had reached the Battle Spirit Realm, it wouldn’t be so easy to explore the secrets of the Hundred Battle Region .

One this day, a beautiful figure appeared in the Hundred Battle Region .

It was Yan Qingwu .

It was unknown how she had cultivated . Previously, when she made a move at the Heaven Fiend Sect, she was merely at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm . Right now, she was already at the 2nd level of Reincarnation Realm . If her cultivation speed was known by others, it would definitely be shocking .

The qi on the East Unicorn Continent is too thin . It is already extremely difficult to produce Battle Spirit Realm masters, it is impossible for Primary Sea Realm monarchs to appear . All the Primary Sea Realm monarchs of the ancient times should have arrived from other continents or have left this continent and returned after cultivating to the Primary Sea Realm . It means to say that the East Unicorn Continent must have a teleportation platform . ”

Yan Qingwu wanted to leave the East Unicorn Continent .

If she couldn’t leave the continent, her lifetime’s limit would be at the peak level of the Battle Spirit Realm . She would never be able to reach the Primary Sea Realm, let alone the great emperor’s realm .
(TL note: Emperor’s realm is the realm above the Primary Sea Realm, the Law Phase Realm)

Because this continent’s law didn’t allow her to do so .

An eye pattern appeared on Yan Qingwu’s glabella as she looked for a direction to enter deeper into the Hundred Battle Region .

Half a day later, Yan Qingwu arrived at the Land of Fog where Li Fuchen visited previously .

The Land of Fog was huge and for thousands of years, no one had been able to truly find the secrets of this place . Back then, Li Fuchen and the others merely followed a map of the tomb to find the tomb’s location within the Land of Fog .

In comparison to the entire Land of Fog, the tomb was only one of the secrets and could only be considered the tip of the iceberg .

Different from Li Fuchen and the others, Yan Qingwu seemed to be able to see through the fog . It was definitely related to the eye pattern on her forehead .

Half a day later, Yan Qingwu arrived had a small valley .

The valley looked ordinary and didn’t seem to have anything special .

“The spatial waves are definitely coming from this place . If I didn’t sense it wrongly, there must be a spatial crystal or a teleportation platform in this valley . ” Yan Qingwu muttered softly .

Without any hesitation, Yan Qingwu walked into the small valley .

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The instant Yan Qingwu stepped into the valley, a black wind blew over suddenly .

The black wind was extremely strange and had a cold feeling that would freeze the spirit soul . But when it blew across, there were no frost on the surface of the ground .

Yan Qingwu’s eyes burst with radiance as she drew her black curved blade and slashed .

“Void Slash!”

A black halo extended out and there were countless black blade lights .


The black wind that was invisible and formless had been dispersed by the black halo .

“What saber art is this?” 

There was a sharp voice and immediately after, a human-sized Yellow Weasel appeared in front of Yan Qingwu .

The Yellow Weasel had glistening eyes and looked very gentle and polite . But Yan Qingwu could see the craftiness and cruelty in the depths of its eyes .

“I didn’t think that the Land of Fog would have an existence like you . ”

Yan Qingwu’s eyes could see that the Yellow Weasel’s strength wouldn’t be considered weak even among the Demonic Ten Regions’ sovereigns .

“Human, you barged into my territory for no reason . What is the meaning of this?” The Yellow Weasel cupped its fist and lowered his head while his eyes flashed with cold light .

“Courting death . ”

Yan Qingwu didn’t even turn around and thrust with her black curved saber .


Blood sprayed out while another Yellow Weasel was sent flying with a saber wound on its chest .

At the same time, the Yellow Weasel in front of Yan Qingwu had suddenly vanished and was actually a mirage .


The injured Yellow Weasel had vicious eyes as a massive Yellow Weasel’s skull shadow enveloped Yan Qingwu .

The Yellow Weasel’s skull shadow had opened its eyes wide . In the indifferent and emotionless eyes, a confusing radiance was emitted from the two devilish crystal-like eyes .

“It is a rather powerful innate ability . It is a pity that it is useless against me . ”

The eye pattern at Yan Qingwu’s forehead shot out a light that scattered the Yellow Weasel’s skull shadow .

The Yellow Weasel was panicking now . His innate ability, Enchant was his greatest trump card but it couldn’t do anything to Yan Qingwu .


Yan Qingwu’s black curved saber light expanded and cleaved at the Yellow Weasel .

This saber light contained powerful saber dao laws . When the saber move was executed, the Yellow Weasel was stuck in place . There was a ‘crackle’ sound as even the void looked like it was slashed open . The Yellow Weasel was then split into two from top to bottom before being shattered into nothingness by the saber qi .

Yan Qingwu’s expression remained unchanged when she killed the Yellow Weasel .

When she was at her prime, she had slaughtered countless emperors . A mere class 5 peak-tier demonic beast wasn’t able to move her .
(TL note: This isn’t explained yet . But it is something related to the eye pattern on her forehead)

Sheathing the black curved saber, Yan Qingwu entered the small valley .

In the middle of the small valley, Yan Qingwu noticed an ancient teleportation platform .

The spatial waves were originated from the teleportation platform .

There were hundreds of grooves on the teleportation platform . Yan Qingwu took out tens of thousands of low-grade spirit stones and distributed them into the grooves .

A moment later, the teleportation platform that wasn’t activated since ancient times had emitted an illusionary radiance .

“Fortunately it can be used . ” Yan Qingwu turned back and took a glance .

This glance felt as though she saw her hazy memories of her early years and the concerns in her early years . It was unknown why Li Fuchen’s figure had also flashed by .

After releasing a breath, Yan Qingwu stood on the teleportation platform .


A pillar of light rushed into the sky and Yan Qingwu vanished without a trace .

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