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Chapter 453

Li Fuchen12’s return didn’t cause any commotion .

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There was still one year before the 24 Martial Institution Rankings Tournament . Plenty of inner institute cadets who concealed their strength had been showing up . Hence, the Power Rankings would be changed every month .

In comparison, Li Fuchen’s return didn’t even attract any attention .

The dean simply came over to inquire and instructed Li Fuchen to work diligently and be amply prepared for the 24 Martial Institution Rankings Tournament .

Li Fuchen didn’t really bother . Even if his strength didn’t have improvements after one year, he was still confident he could get a good result in the Rankings Tournament .

Of course, Li Fuchen simply didn’t bother, it didn’t mean he wasn’t going to cultivate diligently .

The path of the martial dao was endless and he must not be lazy right now .

Li Fuchen arrived at the inner institute’s mission plaza to look for a suitable mission .

He had already cultivated the Ardent Sun Divine Technique to the 25th rank . If he wanted to cultivate the 26th and 27th rank of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique, he would need to have enough contribution points which could only be obtained by completing missions or participating in tournaments for the martial institution, like the 24 Martial Institution Rankings Tournament . As long as one could enter the top 100, there would be a huge amount of contribution points . The higher the rank, the more points would be rewarded . But there was still one year before the Rankings Tournament and Li Fuchen couldn’t afford to wait .

There were plenty of people at the mission plaza . Different from Li Fuchen, most of the inner institute cadets wanted to cultivate earth class mid-tier martial arts or cultivation techniques, hence, they had to accumulate contribution points . Li Fuchen was able to learn the first 25th ranks of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique without any contribution points because he was the in-room cadet of the dean .

“Bring in the class 5 high-tier demonic beast, Scarlet Mist Beast’s demon core . 500 contribution points . ”

“Only 500 contribution points?” Li Fuchen shook his head .

In order to redeem the 26th rank of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique, he would need 20,000 contribution points . The 27th rank would need 50,000 contribution points . 500 contribution points was utterly inadequate .  

Li Fuchen continued searching on another mission column .

Soon enough, Li Fuchen found a mission that was suitable for him .

“Head to the Black King Hidden Domain to collect the Black King True Water . Every 500g is worth 500 contribution points, there is no upper limit . ”

Black King Hidden Domain?

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Li Fuchen unintentionally overheard a few inner institute cadets speaking .

Since a long time ago, the Seven Color Continent wasn’t ruled by the seven king-class factions right now . Back then, it was a time when there were a hundreds of sects standing in power and were striving for supremacy .

The Black King Hidden Domain was occupied by the Black King Sect back then and hence, it was named the Black King Hidden Domain .

According to the records, only those talented individuals younger than 40 years old and below the Battle Spirit Realm could enter the Black King Hidden Domain .

The Black King Hidden Domain would automatically condense a kind of black water that was beneficial for Battle Spirit Realm masters’ cultivation . They had extremely great value .

But it was extremely difficult to collect the Black King True Water . Putting aside the intense competition at the places where the Black King True Water would emerge . Just the collection of the Black King True Water was already a difficult task . The Black King True Water had extremely corrosiveness and could easily corrode a Reincarnation Realm expert into clear water .

“500g for 500 points, 5000g would be 5000 points . Let me go and take a look at the other missions first . ”

After Li Fuchen looked through the missions, he felt that collecting the Black King True Water was the most efficient way to earn contribution points . The other missions would only give rewards up to a little over 1000 contribution points . Furthermore, the difficulty level was all extremely high and time-consuming .

“Li Fuchen, are you going to the Black King Hidden Domain?” Not far away, An Xinmei6 walked over .

This mission column was where the all-year mission of the Black King True Water collection was located, thus, she knew what was Li Fuchen going to choose .

“Why? Are you going too?” Li Fuchen asked in return .

An Xinmei said, “I have already visited the place many times . It is a pity that the competition inside is too intense and the collection of the Black King True Water is too difficult . I have only collected a total of 1500g of Black King True Water until now . ” The 24 Martial Institution Rankings Tournament was about to begin in one year and she was still lacking a little more contribution points to exchange for the second half of an earth class mid-tier martial art . Without the second half, she would need a much longer time to have any progression .

For example, if Li Fuchen’s High Heaven Sword Art only had two of the four moves to learn, he would need much more time to cultivate the High Heaven Sword Art to the trance stage .

But with all four moves, Li Fuchen had a much easier time to cultivate . Once the fourth move was mastered, the High Heaven Sword Art would naturally reach the trance stage and he would comprehend the High Heaven Sword Intent .

“Is it so difficult to collect?” An Xinmei was at the 4th level of the Reincarnation Realm . From her tone, it sounded like she couldn’t even gather 500g from each trip .

An Xinmei explained, “There are many basins in the Black King Hidden Domain . The Black King True Water would only occasionally flow out from the center of the basin, but the demand exceeds the supply . The inner institute cadets of the 24 martial institutions would visit the Black King Hidden Domain from time to time . Inner institute cadets of the two major martial institutions of the Violet Flower Kingdom would also visit there frequently . Hence, there would be a large number of inner institute cadets in the vicinity of the basins . Once the Black King True Water emerged, everyone would have to contest for it . It was fortunate that the Black King True Water is highly corrosive and no one is able to collect all of it at once . Therefore, I was able to snatch some, otherwise, I wouldn’t even go . ”

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“Snatch huh? I like it . ” Li Fuchen rubbed his chin .

An Xinmei rolled her eyes at Li Fuchen, “Li Fuchen, do not underestimate everyone . You might be top five in the Power Rankings of the South Forest Martial Institution, but our South Forest Martial Institution is only average among the 24 martial institutions . Beyond the 24 martial institutions are the Violet Flower Martial Institution and the Stars Martial Institution . Those two major martial institutions’ inner institute cadets have the highest potential . Even the weakest of the Power Rankings would probably have the strength that is close to Senior Situ Tao . ”

She was afraid that Li Fuchen was ignorant and might be taught a lesson .

Li Fuchen replied, “Don’t worry, I know my limits . ”

If it was a luck factor, Li Fuchen wouldn’t have a choice . But if it was by snatching, he really didn’t fear anyone .

“Xinmei, are you going to the Black King Hidden Domain too?”

The South Forest Martial Institution’s inner institute had a teleportation platform that could travel straight to the Black King Hidden Domain . When it was Li Fuchen’s turn to enter, a figure rushed over .

An Xinmei spoke with frustration, “Liu Qing, it is unrelated to you if I am going to the Black King Hidden Domain or not . ”

The person who arrived was a fair and handsome youth with a mole at the corner of his mouth .

Liu Qing was once ranked no . 5 on the Power Rankings together with Zhao Han . When Wang Heilong was promoted to the no . 3 rank of the Power Rankings, he and Zhao Han had demoted to the no . 6 rank .

Originally, An Xinmei had an average impression of Liu Qing, but he was too annoying and had made her sick of him .

Liu Qing didn’t mind An Xinmei and laughed . His eyes then fell onto Li Fuchen and said, “You are Li Fuchen, right? You are quite bold . ”

“Do I know you?” Li Fuchen felt it was rather funny .

“It doesn’t matter if you know me or not . In the future, just go the other way when you see me . ” Li Fuchen was at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm and Liu Qing looked down on Li Fuchen .

Just as Li Fuchen was about to say something, the teleportation platform lit up .

There was a flicker of light and the group vanished from the inner institute .

When they reappeared, the group arrived at an unfamiliar territory that had an extremely stifling aura .

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“This is the Black King Hidden Domain?”

Li Fuchen’s awareness was exceptional and he could feel that the Black King Hidden Domain’s heaven and earth qi was much more concentrated than the outside world . But if he was to cultivate here, the effects would be extremely bad even if the qi was extremely concentrated .

After walking down the teleportation platform, An Xinmei said, “The Black King Hidden Domain isn’t suitable for cultivation . The longer you stay in this place, the qi and blood would be very dense and would have a lot of impurities . Let us quickly find a basin to collect the Black King True Water . ”

“Xinmei, follow me, I guarantee that you will obtain 500g of Black King True Water this time . ” Liu Qing spoke .

An Xinmei refused and said, “It’s okay . I will go together with Li Fuchen . ”

“Li Fuchen, I shall give you a chance to leave my line of sight immediately . ” Liu Qing looked straight at Li Fuchen with cold eyes .

“Who do you think you are?” Li Fuchen sneered .

“Is this the attitude you should have when talking to a senior? Don’t think that you are the in-room cadet of the Dean and no one would dare to touch you . Kneel down and apologize . ” Liu Qing yelled and burst out with his qi presence to suppress Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen stood in place without moving an inch .

Liu Qing’s qi presence was like a light drizzle to Li Fuchen and wasn’t even able to move his sleeves . Li Fuchen revealed a mocking smile and looked at Liu Qing with cold eyes .

“Stubborn fool . I shall show you what it means to have someone above you!” Liu Qing’s face turned black as he blasted a fist at Li Fuchen .

“Get down on the ground . ”

With a turn of his right hand, a massive ardent sun palm appeared out of nowhere . It was like a mountain-sized sun and slammed down harshly on Liu Qing . Liu Qing was forced to lay on the ground and had even sunk a few meters into the ground .


An Xinmei and a group of South Forest Martial Institution’s inner institute cadets were shocked .

Li Fuchen had suppressed the ranked no . 6, Liu Qing with such ease? When did Li Fuchen become this strong?

“Li Fuchen, it seems like I have still underestimated you . With your current strength, you will probably be able to contest with the ranked no . 2, Gu Heng . ” An Xinmei spoke with admiration .

Gu Heng was the same as Situ Tao and had already awakened the fledgling form of his divine ability . After such a long time, he might have already awakened the true divine ability .

“Bastard, damn you . ”

Liu Qing climbed from the human-shaped pit while covered in dirt . He spat out the soil in his mouth and yelled out, “Li Fuchen, we are not done today, die!”

Apart from the surging qi, pure and extremely forceful energy burst out from Liu Qing’s body . In the radius of a few hundred meters, the entire place seemed to be trapped in fierce waves . The South Forest Martial Institution’s inner institute cadets who came along couldn’t control their bodies and were staggering .

Due to fury, Liu Qing had burst out his core soft water power .

Li Fuchen shook his head and raised his right hand to slam down again .

Boundless heat was emitted as the giant ardent sun palm descended like a meteorite . Before the palm force arrived, the burning palm pressure had already made Liu Qing’s legs wobble . He felt as though he was suffering the power of a few million kilograms .


The ground sank more than ten feet and a clear palm print was embedded on the ground .

When the ardent sun palm dissipated, Liu Qing could be seen in the center of the palm print . His body was shivering slightly but was unable to climb back up anymore .

“Li Fuchen, you didn’t kill him right?!” An Xinmei was astonished .

Killing a cadet from the martial institution was a huge sin . Even if Li Fuchen was the dean’s in-room cadet, it was still a huge sin .

Li Fuchen shook his head and said, “I merely scattered his qi . He is only lightly injured at most . ”

Let alone killing a cadet from the same martial institution, it was also a great sin to kill cadets from other martial institutions .

Of course, killing secretly was an exception, as long as there was no evidence .

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