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Chapter 452

Along with the Demonic Ten Regions turning into history, the East Unicorn Continent gradually became peaceful .

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But the only peaceful thing was life . The incidents that happened during this generation of the East Unicorn Continent had turned into the topic of conversations during leisure time . Someone even recorded all the events into a series of books . A few centuries later, these books might become ancient texts that recorded history .

Inside the books, the most important individuals were the Evil King and Li Fuchen12 .

The Evil King had dominated the East Unicorn Continent were a few years and made the Hundred Sects Alliance and the Demonic Ten Regions trembled with fear . But it was because of the Evil King’s existence that allowed a steady balance within the East Unicorn Continent and prevented a large-scale war .

The Evil King was naturally evil but without him, the East Unicorn Continent might be in worse shape .

With the Evil King’s restrain, the Demonic Ten Regions would never let go of the Hundred Sects Alliance and would have invaded deep into the human territories .

If the Evil King was the person that started the darkness in the East Unicorn Continent, Li Fuchen was the one that ended the darkness .

Since ancient times, there was no other legendary figures that could be compared to Li Fuchen .

It wasn’t because Li Fuchen’s strength was overwhelming . After all, no matter how formidable Li Fuchen was, he wasn’t superior to Battle Spirit Realm masters and Primary Sea Realm monarchs . But without a doubt, the experiences and development of Li Fuchen was the most legendary .

In the beginning, he was only a normal bone frame and wasn’t valued by anyone .

After entering the Azure Water Sect, he started his legendary life .

At the age of 16, he entered the Origin Return Realm .

At the age of 19, he entered the Earth Shatter Realm .

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At the age of 21, he entered the Heaven Dipper Realm .

At the age of 27, he was at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm .

To be serious, Li Fuchen wasn’t considered first-rate when he entered the Origin Return Realm and the Earth Shatter Realm at those ages .

The East Unicorn Continent had absolute prodigies who possessed 6-star bone frames . They were able to enter the Origin Return Realm at the age of around 13 and they entered the Earth Shatter Realm at the age of around 16 .

But entering the Heaven Dipper Realm at the age of 21 was already the standard of elite prodigies .

It was even considered outstanding among the elite prodigies .

And to reach the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm at the age of 27 . It was something that never happened in the history of the East Unicorn Continent .

One could see that Li Fuchen’s cultivation speed was getting increasingly faster and increasingly ridiculous .

For the others, it took longer to breakthrough at the later cultivation realms and levels . However, Li Fuchen maintained a constant pace, breaking through the cultivation realm in a few years on average . Be it the Origin Return Realm, the Earth Shatter Realm, or the Heaven Dipper Realm, it was all the same .

It was fine if Li Fuchen merely had astounding cultivation talents, but his life achievements were even more legendary .

The Azure Water Sect’s no . 1 outer sect disciple, no . 1 inner sect disciple, suppressing the various Heaven Fiend Sect and various sects’ inner sect prodigies in the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, no . 1 direct disciple, no . 1 on the Stars Ranking, no . 1 heavenly prodigy of the continent .

In his entire life, he had never been defeated by any youth generation individual, there wasn’t a single heavenly prodigy that could even threaten him . As long as he appeared, he would be the most dazzling individual and the most overwhelming individual .

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According to normal development, Li Fuchen would need at least a few dozen years before he could contest with the senior generations .

But Li Fuchen had broken this rule .

After going missing for two years, Li Fuchen returned with overwhelming strength . He suppressed the Hundred Sects Alliance and became the Hundred Sects Alliance Leader . He slaughtered the Demonic Ten Regions, leveled the Evil Dao, and now ruled over the East Unicorn Continent .

The people who composed Li Fuchen’s legends had all used the same description .

Since the dawn of time and never in the future .

It meant that there was no one like him in history, and there would probably be no one like him in the future as well .

For such a person to appear, it was a legend, a myth, and it wouldn’t repeat .

The halo above Li Fuchen was too dazzling . All the restaurants and inns of the East Unicorn Continent had countless of poets that were adding details to Li Fuchen’s story . The started the story from when Li Fuchen was in Cloud Mist City, all the way until he ruled the East Unicorn Continent and become the supreme individual of the East Unicorn Continent .

Due to each individual’s preference and lack of details, every poet had their own version of the story . Those martial artists that enjoyed traveling would be able to hear different versions of Li Fuchen’s story in different cities .

But no one investigated this problem as it wasn’t important .

Li Fuchen had become a legendary figure and his place of birth, the Cloud Mist City had naturally turned into a legendary city .

Countless martial artists would visit the Cloud Mist City on a daily basis and treated this place as a holy city in their hearts, hoping to obtain a little of the legendary aura .

Just as the entire continent was worshipping Li Fuchen, he had already returned to the Seven Color Continent .

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Before this trip, he had already returned to the Seven Color Continent plenty of times and brought back large quantities of earth class low-tier equipment . But he wasn’t going to return for a long time on this trip .

South Forest Martial Institution’s inner institute .

“Li Fuchen, where have you been? Why did you go missing for such a long time?” An Xinmei6 was asked curiously .

Li Fuchen replied, “I was delayed by some matters . ”

“Then you have been delayed for a rather long time . ” An Xinmei laughed and said .

Li Fuchen wasn’t just delayed for one or two months, he was delayed for half a year . During this period of time, Li Fuchen’s whereabouts were nowhere to be found .

Li Fuchen inquired, “Has there been any recent happenings in the South Forest Martial Institution?”

He had been gone for too long . He might have returned for a few times but he was constantly moving through various cities and purchasing earth class low-tier equipment in large batches . He didn’t have time to pay attention to the South Forest Martial Institution .

“Half a year is a long time and it is obvious that plenty of things have happened . Such as Wang Heilong who is the Dean’s in-room cadet like you, is now the no . 3 ranker of the Power Rankings . After awakening the fledgling form of his darkness divine ability, he now has astounding strength and not even Senior Zhao Han is a match for him . ”

“Wang Heilong?” Li Fuchen’s expression remained unchanged .

Li Fuchen knew clearly of Zhao Han’s strength . Zhao Han was almost at the 11th or 12th level of Reincarnation Realm . After half a year, even if Zhao Han improved at rapid speed, he would probably be around the 13th level of Reincarnation Realm . If that was the case, Wang Heilong’s strength was probably at the 12th or 13th level of Reincarnation Realm too .

On the Seven Color Continent, Li Fuchen wasn’t able to expose his 6-star secret technique, Bronze Sword Essence for now, hence, his strength was three levels weaker than when he was on East Unicorn Continent .

It was rather significant with three lesser levels of strength .

Of course, even if Li Fuchen didn’t use the Bronze Sword Essence, with his current strength, he didn’t need to pay attention to the individuals on the Power Rankings .

An Xinmei was even more curious after seeing that Li Fuchen’s expression didn’t change . After not seeing him for a period of time, Li Fuchen’s qi presence had a huge change and it seemed like he had improved greatly . However, she didn’t know how much he had improved and how was he going to do against the top three rankers of the Power Rankings .

“Also, the no . 1 ranked Senior Situ Tao has already awakened the true soft water divine ability . A single move from him is enough to seriously injure an inner institute mentor . ”

When talking about Situ Tao, An Xinmei’s beautiful face couldn’t help but have traces of worship .

Situ Tao was the no . 1 ranked in the South Forest Martial Institution’s inner institute . He was at the 6th level of Reincarnation Realm and had awakened the powerful soft water divine ability . No matter what aspect, he was considered the top .

The inner institute mentors of the South Forest Martial Institution might only be at the high-levels of Reincarnation Realm, but when compared to the high-level Reincarnation Realm experts of the outside world, the mentors were several times stronger . The inner institute mentor who spared with Situ Tao had cultivated earth class mid-tier cultivation technique and also earth class mid-tier martial art . That mentor’s strength was enough to instantly kill a bunch of high-level Reincarnation Realm experts in the outside world . It was a pity that in the face of Situ Tao, he was still defeated and got seriously injured in a single move .

“Situ Tao huh? He seems rather formidable . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

Li Fuchen knew that Situ Tao had also cultivated an earth class mid-tier cultivation technique and his cultivation was three levels higher than Li Fuchen, thus, Situ Tao was considered an opponent .

“Rather formidable? The upper echelons of the South Forest Martial Institution had already decided that Senior Situ Tao would be the seeded participant of the 24 Martial Institution Rankings Tournament . ” An Xinmei rolled her eyes at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen merely laughed and didn’t say anything else .

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