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Chapter 450

Outside the Wind Snow Sect’s array, the sky had suddenly turned dark . Horrific demonic qi and demon qi had covered the sun and the sky, forming a dark cloud-like phenomenon . Within a few hundred miles2, there was pitch-black darkness and made everyone felt as though the end of the world had arrived .

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“Li Fuchen12, come out and receive death . ” The Blood Devil King roared . He was beaten up too pathetically by Li Fuchen the previous time and had nearly perished . This time, he definitely wanted to take revenge .

The array split open and Li Fuchen flew out unhurriedly .

As for Mu Hanxin, Li Fuchen didn’t allow him to come out, mainly because it would be useless even if Mu Hanxin went together with him, it would only distract him .

“There seems to be more of you . Why? Are you planning to perish together?” Li Fuchen appeared to be fearless . With his current strength, it wouldn’t be possible to deal with him just with the advantage of numbers .

“Arrogant . ”

The Fierce Wind Eagle was still unconvinced by the Petrified Queen and felt that Li Fuchen wasn’t that formidable and that he could deal with Li Fuchen alone .

“What village did you come from?” Li Fuchen looked down at this opponent .

“Courting death!”

The Fierce Wind Eagle was infuriated and disregard the warning from the Petrified Queen as he burst out his innate ability .

The wings shuddered and a crescent-shaped and green wind blade was formed .

This crescent-shaped wind blade was extremely violent . It seemed like it was going to split the air while slicing towards Li Fuchen .

Innate ability… Crescent Wind Blade .

By using this innate ability, the Fierce Wind Eagle was confident he could severely injure Li Fuchen .

“Such an insignificant trick and you dare to jest with it . ”

Li Fuchen sneered and thrust with his sword . The terrifying sword field had frozen the Crescent Wind Blade, while a dazzling blue sword light pierced into the Fierce Wind Eagle’s body and exited from his back .


The Fierce Wind Eagle’s body had a blood hole inside while his qi presence was weakened .

“How can he be so powerful!”

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The Fierce Wind Eagle was appalled and had quickly circulated his demonic qi to resist the sword qi in his body . Otherwise, all his vitality would be destroyed by the horrific sword qi .

“He grew even stronger . Everyone attack together!”

The Petrified Queen and the Blood Devil King were all shocked too . They were shocked by Li Fuchen’s sword move . The Fierce Wind Eagle’s strength was comparable to the Evil King and was severely injured by Li Fuchen in a single sword move . Li Fuchen’s speed of progress was simply incredible, he had even improved more than them after they visited the Multitude Demon Island and the Disorder Devil Island .  

“Petrify Technique . ”

“Blood Thunder Technique . ”

“Rain Of Needles . ”

“Tiger Devil Growl . ”

The Petrified Queen’s innate ability, the Petrify Technique was a top-class innate ability . When enveloped by the laws of the petrification, if the opponent didn’t have a corresponding law to resist, no matter how powerful the opponent was, the opponent would be instantly petrified .

Li Fuchen naturally wouldn’t underestimate the Petrify Technique . The thrust of his sword had filled the entire place with sword field . When the Petrified Queen’s Petrify Technique encountered the sword field, it had instantly crumbled and lost all power .

“My Petrify Technique is neutralized so easily?” The Petrified Queen’s eyes had contracted .

Previously when she worked together with the Evil King, Li Fuchen was only able to resist the Petrify Technique by enduring it . But this time, he was actually able to neutralize it . How could she not be surprised?

At almost the same time, Blood Devil King’s Blood Thunder Technique and the Mountain Shaking Elephant’s Rain of Needles had also clashed with the sword field .

The Blood Thunder Technique that contained blood-colored thunderbolts had instantly slowed down when making contact with the sword field . Furthermore, it was constantly being weakened and after entering the strongest region of the sword field, there was a ‘pfff’ and it felt like a fire sphere entering the sea and was immediately extinguished .

The Mountain Shaking Elephant’s Rain of Needles wasn’t in a good shape either . When enveloped by the sword field, the penetrative elephant’s hair would lose 10% of its power after advancing for every inch . After advancing ten inches, the needle-like hair had lost all its power and was crushed into nothingness in the sword field power .

The Devil Pattern Tiger’s Tiger Devil Growl was even worse . It was shattered into pieces upon contact with the sword field and didn’t even have any effect .

As for the attacks from the Power Devil King, Ground Rat King, and Winged Devil King, it was the same as smashing eggs on a rock, thus, it wasn’t even worth mentioning .

Li Fuchen’s High Heaven Sword Field was no longer the semi-completed High Heaven Sword Field a few months ago .

The current High Heaven Sword Field contained the completed High Heaven Sword Dao’s law, which was also the High Heaven Sword Intent .

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With the support of the High Heaven Sword Intent, the sword field power was extremely horrific and would easily freeze the enemies’ attack . The Petrified Queen’s Petrify Technique wasn’t able to resist the sword field’s assault, causing the Petrify Technique to go into disorder and get automatically dissolved .

As the sword field expanded, blue fish-shaped sword lights were traversing through the air and weaving into a net .

The High Heaven Sword Art’s first move, Fish in the Water .

Pfff Pfff Pfff…

The demonic beasts and the demons wanted to retreat but when enveloped by the sword field, it felt like they had sunk into a swamp, causing their speed to be slower by at least ten times . The first to fall was the Winged Devil King, followed by the Power Devil King, then the Devil Pattern Tiger . Even though the Ground Rat King didn’t have formidable combat strength, he still had exceptional survivability . It was unknown what kind of innate ability he had used as he turned into a phantom and dug into the ground . But he did have to pay a price as half of his body had been destroyed by the sword light . Even if he didn’t perish, he would need many years in order to recover .

The Mountain Shaking Elephant quickly activated his Battle Heaven Tyrant Body to protect his body . He was barely able to resist, but from the looks of the situation, the Battle Heaven Tyrant Body wouldn’t be able to resist for a long time and once the Battle Heaven Tyrant Body was over, he still wouldn’t be able to escape death .

In comparison to the Mountain Shaking Elephant, the Blood Devil King was in a more miserable state . He possessed stubborn vitality and had been constantly using his blood devil qi and vitality to recover, but the blue sword lights were too ferocious and had been penetrating his body repeatedly . If this dragged on, he was definitely going to die .

Among the demonic beasts and demons, only the Petrified Queen, the Howling Moon Hound,

The Petrified Queen took out a shield and it was bursting with white radiance . When the blue sword light slashed over, there were stone fragments spraying all over while the white radiance shuddered .

“It has just been a few months . Alliance Leader’s strength has actually reached such a horrifying level . ”

Mu Hanxin originally thought this was going to be a tough battle . Who would have expected that a single sword move from Li Fuchen would cause the enemies to suffer such serious injuries?

“Alliance Leader is invincible . ”

Everyone in the Wind Snow Sect was cheering .

Previously their hearts were all in suspense as they were worried for Li Fuchen and also the Wind Snow Sect’s fate . Once Li Fuchen was defeated, the Wind Snow Sect would certainly be destroyed .

But the situation was outside of their expectation . The enemies were formidable but Li Fuchen was superior . Li Fuchen was already so powerful that he could crush them . If Li Fuchen was this powerful a few months ago, he would probably neutralize the Demonic Ten Regions and the Evil Dao by himself .

“Overwhelming martial strength . This is truly overwhelming martial strength!” One of the Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Elder muttered .

On the mountain where the Li Clan was residing, the Li clansmen had also seen the scene that was revealed on a screen from the array . After seeing how Li Fuchen severely injured the imposing enemies with a single sword move, Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan let out a forceful breath .

On the side, Li Xiaodie worshiped, “Big Brother Fuchen is too incredible . ”

Li Tianhan laughed, “No matter how incredible, he is still my son . ”

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“Look at how pleased you are . ” Shen Yuyan rolled her eyes at Li Tianhan, but her smile had betrayed her feelings .

Outside the Wind Snow Sect’s array…

“Human, you are very strong . You are qualified to make me fight with full strength . ”

The Howling Moon Hound let out a long howl . A slender, pure white, and large hound shadow rushed into the sky and howled towards the sky .

It was unknown if it was an illusion or just a false image . There was actually an additional bright and spotless moon in the sky .

The hound and the moon had formed a beautiful yet terrifying scene .

But the beautiful scene didn’t last long . That bright and spotless moon had instantly blended into the large hound shadow . That hound shadow howled again and released a fearsome power . The blue sword lights in the air were all vanquished and the High Heaven Sword Field was also sent back .

Innate ability… Howling Moon .

The Howling Moon Hounds possessed the bloodline of the Demon King Dark Moon Hound . The Dark Moon Hound was adept at using the dark moon power . It was said that a single howl from the Dark Moon Hound could destroy the human spirit soul and corrode the body . The Howling Moon Hound didn’t inherit such valiant power but had also inherited a small portion of the dark moon power .

“Such a powerful innate ability . ” Li Fuchen squinted his eyes .

The opponent’s innate ability obviously contained a powerful law and this law seemed to be related to the bright moon .

When the blue sword lights were vanquished, the Blood Devil King had finally had a chance to survive . His heart was filled with lingering fear and resentment at the same time .

When was he this weak? Just a casual attack was from Li Fuchen was able to nearly kill him .

“Shooting Star!”

After neutralizing Li Fuchen’s sword move, the Howling Moon Hound executed the second innate ability .

The second innate ability was actually integrated with the first innate ability . That large hound shadow opened up its jaws and blasted out a bright pillar of light at Li Fuchen .

“Good timing . High Heaven’s Sword . ”

Among the High Heaven Sword Art’s move, the fourth move, High Heaven’s Sword was undoubtedly the most powerful and also the move with the most intensive High Heaven Sword Intent .

When the sword move was executed, the High Heaven Sword Field burst forth again but this time, the range was much smaller . It was shot out towards the Howling Moon Hound in a fan-shape .

Immediately after, the dazzling sword light seemed like it was distorting the air and was going to decimate the spirit soul .


A sound of cloth getting ripped as the bright pillar of light was split apart . A sharp sword intent was heading straight for the Howling Moon Hound’s glabella .

“Not good . ”

The Howling Moon Hound realized that he had still underestimated Li Fuchen . He wanted to retreat now, but he didn’t have the chance anymore .


At the side, the Silver Horn Demon pulled out the silver horn on his head and cleaved at the sword light .

The Silver Horn Demon was rather similar to the Horn Devil King, even their attack methods were extremely similar .

In fact, the two were apart of the Horn Demon race but the Horn Devil King was an ordinary Horn Demon while the Silver Horn Demon was a royal clan of the Horn Demon race . Their bloodline was much nobler than the Horn Devil King . The silver horn on the head contained the power of laws that could split apart everything .

“Interesting . Just in time to enhance my High Heaven Sword Art . ”

The High Heaven Sword Intent might have been comprehended, it didn’t mean that Li Fuchen had perfected the High Heaven Sword Art .

He was only at the initial stage of the High Heaven Sword Intent’s comprehension and had yet to bring out the limits of the High Heaven Sword Intent .

Li Fuchen and his sword were battling against the Howling Moon Hound and the Silver Horn Demon .

As for the Petrified Queen and the others, all of them had retreated . Such a level of combat wasn’t for them to participate .

After a few dozen moves, the Howling Moon Hound’s body started to get drenched in blood .

Li Fuchen’s High Heaven Sword Art was too severe and would always slash in from unfathomable angles . The Howling Moon Hound wasn’t able to dodge them and could only do his best to avoid getting his vital parts injured .

On the contrary, the Silver Horn Demon was very formidable . His defense was comparable to Li Fuchen and even though his silver horn’s power wasn’t comparable to the earth class mid-tier weapon, it contained a mysterious power that could split open Li Fuchen’s sword light and sword field with ease .

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