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Chapter 449

With the addition of over 12 million low-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen12’s total low-grade spirit stones had reached an astounding 15 million .

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The sum was extremely massive and would probably be comparable to elite Battle Spirit Realm masters .

Even wealthy Concoction Grandmasters like Grandmaster Ever Youth would probably only have a few million low-grade spirit stones .

It would already be praiseworthy for regular low-level Battle Spirit Realm masters to have a few hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones .

“Elder Mu, make an announcement . Anyone who can find a herb that can upgrade the 4-star bone frame, I will exchange it with an earth class low-tier cultivation technique or something that is of equal value . ”

Herbs that could upgrade the 4-star bone frame were extremely rare . It was highly possible that only earth class peak-tier herbs could achieve it .

Furthermore, earth class peak-tier herbs could only be wished for in the Seven Color Continent, let alone the East Unicorn Continent .

But nothing was impossible . The East Unicorn Continent wasn’t considered small and even if it had scarce resources, Li Fuchen didn’t believe there wasn’t a single stalk of earth class peak-tier herb . It was possible that they existed in some undiscovered hidden domain .

If Li Fuchen relied on himself, it would definitely be hard to find . But if he gathered the strength of the entire continent, the chances were rather hopeful .

“Yes, Alliance Leader . ”

Mu Hanxin’s breaths were getting abnormal . His Wind Snow Sect lacked an earth class low-tier cultivation technique too . If he was able to cultivate an earth class low-tier cultivation technique to the highest rank, his strength would advance to a new level and he would become the no . 2 expert of the Hundred Sects Alliance .

After noticing the change in Mu Hanxin’s expression, Li Fuchen smiled and said, “Elder Mu must be patient . There will definitely be a chance . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t have an earth class low-tier cultivation technique manual yet, but it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t obtain any in the future .

In the Seven Color Continent, earth class mid-tier cultivation techniques might not be freely circulated, but earth class low-tier cultivation techniques were frequently seen on auctions . With enough spirit stones, Li Fuchen didn’t have to worry about not being able to bid one in an auction .

Azure Water Peak .

On this day, a blazing qi presence soared into the sky and melted the snow .

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“Grand Elder has broken through!” Li Fuchen revealed a smile .

With ample elixirs and spirit stones, Zhao Wujin had already regained his cultivation one week ago . With the support of the Rebirth Elixir, he was naturally able to progress to the Reincarnation Realm .

The 1st level of Reincarnation Realm might not be much, but the lifespan would be doubled and with good health, one could easily live to over 200 years old .

“Congratulations to Elder Zhao for progressing to the Reincarnation Realm . ”

All of the upper echelons of the Azure Water Sect had come to congratulate . The Wind Snow Sect’s Mu Hanxin and the other upper echelons had also come .

Zhao Wujin was smiling pleasantly and constantly bowing with a cupped fist .

The greatest wish of his life was to progress to the Reincarnation Realm . Now that his wish had come true, he would be able to live for an additional hundred or more years . It was enough for him to have greater aspirations .

“Grand Elder, congratulations . ” Soon enough, Li Fuchen arrived .

“Fuchen, because of your blessings, this old one has been reborn . ” Zhao Wujin was extremely grateful and deeply moved . Who would have thought that the Azure Water Sect’s disciple that he had great expectations, didn’t merely become the ruler of the East Unicorn Continent but had also aided him to break through to the Reincarnation Realm? Everything was truly destined .

Li Fuchen laughed, “Grand Elder is blessed by the heavens . Even without my aid, you would still have broken through to the Reincarnation Realm . ”

“Alliance Leader is right . Elder Zhao has a strong aspiration if you didn’t progress to the Reincarnation Realm, it will be the loss of the East Unicorn Continent . This is all heavens’ will, Elder Zhao shouldn’t be modest . ”

“Elder Zhao, if there is time, let’s drink together . Us, Reincarnation Realm experts have twice the lifespan of ordinary people, we need to enjoy . ”

Everyone knew that Zhao Wujin had close ties with Li Fuchen, hence, they were all trying to bootlick Zhao Wujin .

Zhao Wujin knew that these people were all bootlicking him because of Li Fuchen, but he was overjoyed today and didn’t mind it as he entertained everyone passionately .

“Li Fuchen, when do you think I can progress to the Reincarnation Realm?” By the side, Zhao Mingyue asked .

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Li Fuchen said, “You don’t have to be so anxious . You will definitely reach the Reincarnation Realm . I feel that your target should be much further, at least the Battle Spirit Realm . ”

Zhao Mingyue might only have the 4-star bone frame, but her bone frame was a very rare kind and was the pure yin bone frame had less than a ten-thousandth chance to possess .

Pure yin bone frame was also a special bone frame and was blessed by the heavens in terms of cultivation . In terms of pure cultivation talents, the 4-star pure yin bone frame was comparable to the 5-star bone frames . If she was in the Seven Color Continent, she would surely be able to progress to the Battle Spirit Realm .

After experiencing many upgrades of the bone frame, Li Fuchen felt that the grade of bone frames wasn’t important to absolute experts . It was because the bone frames could be upgraded, thus, the attribute of the bone frame was most important . Extraordinary attributes could somehow be added onto the bone frame, but special attributes was entirely innate .

Li Fuchen decided that if there were chances, he would gather more herbs that could upgrade the bone frame and used them on himself and Zhao Mingyue .

Once a special bone frame got developed, the one who possessed it would be near invincible . It must not be wasted .

At the northern seas of the East Unicorn Continent . A group of demonic beasts and demons were protected by sea beasts and had landed on the shore .

Among the demonic beasts and demons, there were six who were most striking .

First of them was the Petrified Queen…

The current Petrified Queen had many resemblances to humans . Previously, her upper body might have the form of a female human, but it was just the shape . Right now, her upper body had turned in a proper female human and she had long green hair and abstruse eyes . Her qi presence was dense and when she landed, even the soft beach had been petrified . The qi presence was too powerful and it was a phenomenon that was due to the qi presence not been completely withdrawn .

The second was the Blood Devil King…

Like the Petrified Queen, the Blood Devil King had a huge increase in qi presence . When he stood there, he was like a blood-colored lake that was emitting torrential qi presence, filling the air with bloody and murderous qi presence .

The third was the Mountain Shaking Elephant…

The Mountain Shaking Elephant’s qi presence wasn’t inferior to the Petrified Queen and was actually stronger than the Blood Devil King . If the Blood Devil King was like a blood-colored lake, then the Mountain Shaking Elephant was like a tall mountain and was emitting immense pressure . The pressure had even caused the beach to sink in . Let alone fighting against the Mountain Shaking Elephant, the enemies would probably find it hard to resist the immense pressure .

The fourth was a class 5 peak-tier demonic beast that had an eagle’s head with a human body and wings on the back . The demonic beast looked extremely horrifying and its eyes were bright like lightning and seemed like it could penetrate the spirit soul .

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The fifth was a class 5 peak-tier demonic beast with a dog’s head and the human body . This demonic beast might look ordinary, but only the Petrified Queen the others knew that this Howling Moon Hound was the strongest among the demonic beasts here . Its body contained the Demonic King Dark Moon Hound’s bloodline . Furthermore, the concentration of the bloodline was higher than the Demonic King Mountain Pulling Elephant’s bloodline inside the Mountain Shaking Elephant .
(TL note: Demon Kings are now Demonic Kings for demonic beasts . As there will be a new term introduce that Demon Kings are meant for demons)

The final one was a demon . This demon had a silver horn on its head and its qi presence was actually superior to the Howling Moon Hound . Its status was far superior to the Blood Devil King as its body contained the Silver Horn Great Demonic King’s bloodline .

The so-called Great Demon King was the pinnacle existence of elite Demon Kings, they weren’t normal Demon Kings .

Like the Demonic kings, Demon Kings were also class 7 .

Apart from these six outstanding individuals, the Devil Pattern Tiger, Power Devil King, and the others also had a great increase in qi presence . It seemed like they had gotten some powerful nourishment and allowed them to reborn .

“Boss Hei, many thanks for this time . ” The Ground Rat King cupped his fist and bowed to the Sea Rat beast in the sea .

The Sea Rat beast wasn’t large in size . In comparison to the class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts that were several hundred feet in size, the Sea Rat beast was only longer by a few dozen feet . The black and hard fur on the body were like steel needles . It had much smaller eyes that were opposite to its large size, and they were revealing vicious light that made everyone trembled with fear .

The Sea Rat beast grinned and said, “If there is another transaction like this, call me again . With me Hei Gu, I will guarantee there is no obstruction . ”

“Definitely!” The Ground Rat King nodded repeatedly .

The Howling Moon Hound and the Silver Horn Demon had also forced out a smile .

The inhabitants of the Multitude Demon Island and the Disorder Devil Island knew how terrifying the Sea Rat race was . If they offended them, they would never be able to travel across the sea . The massive Sea Rat race would make sure there was no place to escape other than hell .

Even though the Howling Moon Hound and the Silver Horn Demon were stronger than Hei Gu, they didn’t dare to be arrogant and were smiling .

After Hei Gu and the rest of the Sea Rat race’s members had left, the group of demonic beasts and demons flew towards the Demonic Ten Regions .

Once they arrived at the Demonic Ten Regions, they found out that Li Fuchen and the Hundred Sects Alliance had cleansed their territories with blood . The Petrified Queen, the Blood Devil King, the Mountain Shaking Elephant, and the others all had gloomy and cold expressions .

The eagle-like demonic beast yelled out fiercely, “How dare he cleanse our demonic beast race with blood . I, Fierce Wind Eagle will challenge him . ”

The Fierce Wind Eagle race was no . 2 race on the Multitude Demon Island and were just inferior to the Dark Moon Hound, hence, he looked down on the East Unicorn Continent .

The Petrified Queen said, “Do not underestimate that kid . He isn’t just extremely formidable, he also has plenty of trump cards . ”

“Is he really that formidable?” The Fierce Wind Eagle wasn’t convinced .

The Petrified Queen said, “His strength is still stronger than the current me . In a solo fight, perhaps only Brother Howling Moon and Brother Silver Horn can deal with him . ”

Li Fuchen left an impression that was too deep . Not only was he powerful, but his defense was also invincible . With the addition of his incredible trump cards, he was simply a killer god .

“If he is too weak, it would be boring . Isn’t that right, Silver Horn?” The Howling Moon Hound laughed .

The Silver Horn Demon nodded, “He better be formidable and entertain me . ” After pausing for a moment, the Silver Horn Demon revealed a bloodthirsty expression, “Instead of waiting, let’s visit the human territories now!”

“Alright . ” The Petrified Queen nodded . With the Howling Moon Hound and the Silver Horn Demon around, she didn’t believe Li Fuchen could deal with them .

The Howling Moon Hound and the Silver Horn Demon were much stronger than the Evil King . They were able to deal with Li Fuchen with just one of them and if the two of them worked together, even if Li Fuchen still had that powerful firearm, he would still have to perish .

After all the harvest from the Multitude Demon Island and the Disorder Devil Island, they had a great surge in strength . If they all worked together, not even three Li Fuchen were enough .

The group of demonic beasts and demons didn’t rest for a moment and headed straight for the Hundred Sects Alliance’s Wind Snow Region .

The Wind Snow Region had heavy snowfall and there was nothing but a patch of whiteness .

The Wind Snow Elder that was in charge of observing the outside environment was using an array to observe while drinking tea and preparing to have a change of shift . Suddenly, his eyes contracted as he was able to see a mass of black spots through the array . The black spots were rapidly approaching in this direction .

In just the blink of the eye, the black spots revealed their appearance and were actually a group of demonic beasts and demons .

The Petrified Queen, Blood Devil King, Mountain Shaking Elephant, and others were all here . Apart from them, there were a few unfamiliar demonic beasts and demons, and they seemed to be even stronger than the Petrified Queen .

“Enemy attack!” This elder quickly notified the upper echelons .

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