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Chapter 433

For the next few days, Li Fuchen12 attempted to communicate with the sword spirit inside the Joint-Heaven Sword .

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The ability to communicate with the weapon spirit was different from each individual .

There were some weapon spirits that would automatically choose their owners, while some would be unyielding and would have to be subdued with willpower . There were some weapons spirits that were extremely evil and would tempt the owner without the need to communicate .

The Joint-Heaven Sword was in the sealed state, hence, the sword spirit must also be sealed up . If Li Fuchen wanted to communicate with it, it was truly quite difficult .

The only thing Li Fuchen could rely on was his exceptional awareness .

He had to use his awareness to sense the sword spirit and communicate with it .

Days passed by and Li Fuchen would spare out a portion of time to sense the sword spirit on a daily basis .

There wasn’t any gain but during the process, Li Fuchen had an increased understanding of the Joint-Heaven Sword . He had comprehended more of the sword pattern in the Joint-Heaven Sword . The sword pattern foundation in his body was methodically increasing .

“The Joint-Heaven Sword’s sword pattern is too profound . I might be able to sense the sword pattern, but only the most fundamental outer borders of the sword pattern . However, it still gives off a heavenly law-like sensation . ” Li Fuchen felt that if he could completely grasp the fundamental sword pattern of the Joint-Heaven Sword, his sword pattern proficiency would definitely reach an extremely high level . Becoming a Sword Pattern Grandmaster was just a matter of time .

A Sword Pattern Grandmaster was able to form sword patterns that were earth class low-tier or beyond . Even a stick in the hand would be able to burst out with the power of an earth class low-tier weapon within a short period of time .

On this day, Li Fuchen continued to sense the sword spirit and comprehend the mystics of the sword pattern .

Suddenly, Li Fuchen had an inspiration as the sword pattern foundation in his mind was integrated and had developed an earth class low-tier sword pattern .

This earth class low-tier sword pattern was very abstruse like a sharp sword made of nothing .

Li Fuchen picked up a dried-up branch from the ground and embedded it with the earth class low-tier sword pattern .

Chi Chi!

The branch burst out with shocking sword radiance . For an instant, the qi presence from the branch was comparable to the earth class low-tier, Scarlet Blood Sword .

But in the next moment, the branch split open and was turned into fine dust .

The earth class low-tier sword pattern was too dominant and the branch couldn’t endure it at all .

“Now that I have comprehended an earth class low-tier sword pattern, perhaps I can try to complete the incompleted Silver Sword Essence . ”

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Li Fuchen had obtained three parts of the Sword Essence secret technique . The Black Iron Sword Essence and the Bronze Sword Essence were complete, but the Silver Sword Essence had one missing part .

Since the Silver Sword Essence was incomplete, it was naturally unable to be cultivated . The silver sword pattern that would be ultimately formed wasn’t an ordinary earth class mid-tier sword pattern, but an extremely special earth class mid-tier sword pattern . After all, if it was just an ordinary sword pattern, it would be too simple .  

Every single Sword Pattern Grandmaster would have comprehended plenty of earth class sword patterns . Didn’t it mean that every Sword Pattern Grandmaster were able to create a sword essence secret technique?

The sword patterns from the sword essence secret technique were very suitable for the human body . They could be perfectly integrated with the human skeleton and become a part of the bones . An ordinary sword pattern might be able to enhance the bones but it would also solidify the bones, causing the bones to lose any potential to grow .

With the incomplete Silver Sword Essence, Li Fuchen was bold enough to say he could try to complete it . If he had to create an entire sword essence by himself, he would simply give up .

Sword essence secret techniques were too insane as they could be stacked to enhance other secret techniques .

If Li Fuchen didn’t guess it wrongly, individuals who were able to create sword essence secret techniques must be upper echelons of establishments . Their cultivation would at least be at the Primary Sea Realm or even beyond .

Perhaps, there was a Gold Sword Essence after this?

“Have you finally comprehended the fundamental sword pattern of the Joint-Heaven Sword?” An unreal voice echoed from the Joint-Heaven Sword .

“Sword spirit?” Li Fuchen’s heart jumped as he asked .

“That’s right, it is this supreme one . If you are able to obtain the Joint-Heaven Sword, it meant that you share the fate of the Joint-Heaven Sword and also with me . Right now, I will release a trace of qi presence to aid you in undoing the first seal . ” As the voice spoke, a trace of world destructive and severe qi presence was released .

Li Fuchen had almost subconsciously executed the Mystic Heaven Sword Intent .

With the combination of two, there was a sound of chains being broken that came from within the Joint-Heaven Sword . At the same moment, an extremely tyrannic sword qi rushed towards the sky, piercing through the boundless wind and snow .

The first seal of the Joint-Heaven Sword was unsealed .

“Earth class mid-tier?” Li Fuchen’s brows were raised as he held the Joint-Heaven Sword and sensed the sword qi’s prowess from the sword .

If it had reached the earth class mid-tier after unsealing the first seal, didn’t it mean it would reach the earth class peak-tier or the heaven class low-tier after the second seal was broken?

“This truly is an incredible artifact sword . ” Li Fuchen was in a great mood .

Earth class mid-tier weapons were very rare even on the Seven Color Continent . They were generally not seen in the market, especially artifact swords . Due to the high demand, people could only contest for it with a huge price in auctions .

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With the Joint-Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen’s strength would certainly be increased significantly .

“Of course it is incredible . In ancient times, the Joint-Heaven Sword stands at the top of the Three Mighty Divine Swords . It has slaughtered countless saints . A single trace of sword qi is already enough to extinguish countless of people like you . ” The sword spirit spoke with arrogance .

Li Fuchen let out an embarrassed smile and asked, “What cultivation realm are saints in?”

“You are still far from that realm . Telling you will only waste my time . Alright then, you have merely undone the first seal . Talking to you is squandering a lot of my energy . I will go back to sleep . Remember, do not disturb me unless necessary . ”

After speaking, there was no more presence .

“Saints should be existences that are far beyond the Primary Sea Realm monarchs!” The highest realm that Li Fuchen currently knew was the Primary Sea Realm . As for the realms above the Primary Sea Realm, maybe only the Seven Color Continent would have such information .

Of course, as just as the sword spirit mentioned . Knowing wouldn’t do Li Fuchen any good . When he reached the Battle Spirit Realm or the Primary Sea Realm, he would naturally know .

“That’s right . I wonder if there is any sword art to inherit after undoing the first seal . ”

Wielding the Joint-Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen thrust towards the sky .

This sword seemed to be the sword from the heavens, it was silent and without presence . The wind and snow above the Wind Snow Mountains were split open along with the layers of clouds above . It looked as though the sky was split into two and the horrific qi presence was still extending upwards .

Subsequently, Li Fuchen’s mind was surging with plenty of information . The information started off in a very disordered manner but soon enough, it had formed into a set of words .

“High Heaven Sword Art, earth class mid-tier sword art…”

“Earth class mid-tier sword art uh?” Li Fuchen revealed a smile .

He might already have the Green Sun Sword Intent, but it didn’t mean that he didn’t need other earth class mid-tier sword arts .

Furthermore, the Green Sun Sword Intent didn’t have any moves . It was very formidable but it had to be slowly comprehended .

The High Heaven Sword Art was different . With the Joint-Heaven Sword, the comprehension speed of the High Heaven Sword Art would be many times faster . Furthermore, the moves contained within the High Heaven Sword Art was much stronger with each subsequent move . There were moves and stances that had far superior profundity than the Green Sun Absolution .

The Green Sun Absolution was created by Li Fuchen and couldn’t be considered anything as it was merely releasing a large portion of qi .

“Now that the sword is upgraded, no one will be a match for Young Hero Li in the East Unicorn Continent . ”

The thrust by Li Fuchen made an excessive commotion . Mu Hanxin who was familiarizing himself with the earth class low-tier gloves had looked over and seen an unforgettable scene .

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The outer borders of the Joint-Heaven Sword was only the fundamental sword pattern, after undoing the first seal, the sword pattern was much more profound . It was as though countless earth class sword patterns were combined . A single glance had numbed Li Fuchen’s scalp, he knew that without spending years, he wasn’t going to comprehend it .

“Kid, spend more time to comprehend the sword pattern . It will be beneficial to you . ” The sword spirit who was in a deep sleep had suddenly said another statement .

Li Fuchen knew deeply that sword patterns and sword arts were all part of the sword dao . Comprehending the sword patterns was the same as comprehending the sword dao .

Of course, comprehending sword patterns wasn’t something that could be done overnight, there wasn’t any method to be impetuous .

“Let me cultivate the High Heaven Sword Art first . ”

Li Fuchen wished to know the difference between the High Heaven Sword Art and the Green Sun Sword Intent .

Huff Huff Huff…

In the peak that was covered in white snow, wind and snow was everywhere .


A pale blue sword light that looked like it had a spirit was traversing through the wind and snow with speed of a lightning bolt .

Chi Chi Chi…

More pale blue sword lights were released and each of them had a different trajectory . They were all contained with extraordinary spirituality .

The one practicing the sword was naturally Li Fuchen .

Since the High Heaven Sword Art had moves, it was much easier to cultivate than the Green Sun Sword Intent .

Of course, this was mainly because the sword intents of the High Heaven Sword Art and the Joint-Heaven Sword was very compatible, hence, only half the effort required to produce double the cultivation results .

In just three short days, Li Fuchen had cultivated the High Heaven Sword Art to the sub-completion stage .

The High Heaven Sword Art had a total of four moves . The first move was corresponding to the sub-completion stage, the second move corresponded to the completion stage which was also the sub-perfection stage, the third move corresponded to the perfection stage, and the fourth move corresponded to the trance stage .

As long as the first move was mastered, the High Heaven Sword Art would be considered to be at the sub-completion stage .

After mastering the second move, the High Heaven Sword Art would be at the completion stage, and so on .

But this didn’t mean that the first move would be useless after mastering the second move .

The sub-completion stage would be achieved after mastering the first move, but after the second move was mastered, the first move’s power would also increase together and reach the completion stage .

“This move is called Fish in the Water . It is extremely nimble and is simply at the extreme opposites of the Green Sun Sword Intent . ”

The Green Sun Sword Intent might be a burst of thousands of sword lights . It was vast, imposing, and magnificent, but if the opponent could react in time, it would be easily defended .

But Fish in the Water wasn’t that easy to defend .

Of course, it didn’t mean that the Green Sun Sword Intent was inferior to the High Heaven Sword Art .

The power of the Green Sun Sword Intent surpassed the High Heaven Sword Art . Furthermore, no matter the moment, more sword lights was also an advantage . When thousands of sword lights were blasted out, there were just a few same level individuals that could block against them .

The first move used up three days of Li Fuchen’s time . The second move took up ten days .

This move was called Brave the Wind . It was extremely tyrannical and extremely aggressive .

The sword light would be released instantly when the sword was brandished, and it would have a fearsome prowess .

The third move was called Soar Into the Sky and fourth move was called High Heaven’s Sword .

“If I master the third move, the power is probably comparable to the Green Sun Absolution . ”

The Green Sun Absolution was ultimately created by Li Fuchen and there were many aspects that were flawed and it contained shallow sword dao’s laws .

The High Heaven Sword Art was different, every move was extremely profound . 30% of qi was enough to produce 100% of the effect .

Li Fuchen reckoned that the third move would use qi that was only 10% of what the Green Sun Absolution used .

Once Li Fuchen mastered it, he wouldn’t have any problems in extended battles .

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