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Even with his pupils enlarged, Luo Kai couldn't react to the attack.


The wooden sword appeared and stabbed into Luo Kai's chest, fresh blood shot out.

"What… What is this sword move? Luo Kai actually couldn't react to it in time?"

"Terrifying sword move, terrifying newcomer."

The crowd was baffled, they had anticipated Luo Kai defeating Li Fuchen, but didn't expect the turn of events.

"But… how?" Luo Kai looked at Li Fuchen in disbelief.

"Count yourself lucky that I didn't want to invite any trouble, seeing that I just entered the sect a month ago. Had it not been the case, I wouldn't have let it go this easily."

Li Fuchen's principle was to never initiate problems, but to not fear them either.

"How did you do it?" Luo Kai asked in a soft voice.

"It is none of your business."

Retrieving his wooden sword from Luo Kai's chest, Li Fuchen turned and left.


Beaten by Li Fuchen, Luo Kai didn't have the dignity to continue staying there and left on the same day. Li Fuchen gave some thoughts before deciding to leave the fishing bay too.

With the saying, 'Do not develop the intention to hurt, but always stay on guard against others who may have against you.'

He was worried Luo Kai may expose his information.

As it was difficult for outer sect disciples to earn contribution points, if someone were to know he had over 10,000 points worth of treasure fishes, they would definitely scurry here to forcefully take them.

With Li Fuchen's current strength, he wasn't even up on the rankings yet. Any formidable outer sect senior would easily crush him.

Coming here empty handed, Li Fuchen was now going to return with a basket full of treasure fishes.

Within the basket was around 100~200 kg of normal treasure fishes, dozens of kg of first tier treasure fishes, and 10+ kg of second tier treasure fishes.

They would be worth around 10,000+ contribution points after the conversion.

This was an astronomical amount, as for an outer sect elder to earn 10,000 contribution points, that would require a very long time. With 10,000 contribution points, one could even exchange for a Mystic Class martial arts.

Carrying a mother-load of treasure fishes that was close to 200 kg, Li Fuchen's travelling speed was decreased by quite a bit. He spent 5 days just to return back to the Cang Lan Sect.

He made some detours as well; to prevent anyone from snatching his prizes mid way.

"Look, he is back, the basket on his back must be full of treasure fishes!"

"Senior Luo was right. This guy has an abnormal amount of talent for fishing, using only half a month to net 200 kg of treasure fishes. There's even some first tier fishes and one second tier fish as well."

"Do you guys think he sensed something wrong? If not why would he come back so early? I heard many senior disciples have already set off from the sect to intercept him."

"Such prudence, doesn't seem like an easy target."

Many outer sect disciples roused up a commotion once Li Fuchen stepped into the outer sect region, many with faces of envy and jealousy.

"Sure enough…" Li Fuchen's expression was cold as ice, he overestimated Luo Kai.

But had he not been cautious, the fishes in his basket would have been taken long ago.

"Luo Kai, I will note down this debt you owe me." Li Fuchen blacklisted Luo Kai.

Making up haste, Li Fuchen headed to the task hall.

"Hand over the fish basket, I will spare your life." A figure halted Li Fuchen.

"It's Senior Zhou Huailong, he is out of luck this time. Senior Zhou is an expert at the ninth level of the Qi Realm."

All the outer sect disciples were bustling with excitement and whispered to one another.

Among them were plenty of people who took joy in Li Fuchen's misfortune. That was because Li Fuchen who was just a newcomer that had earned 10,000 points all in one go, and this made them very unhappy.

Since they couldn't find any way to get so much contribution points, they didn't want Li Fuchen to have it either.

"It's Li Fuchen." Among the crowd were Zhu Hongxiu, He Ping, Shen Tu Jue, and Guan Peng.

"The one that obtained the treasure fishes was actually him?" Shen Tu Jue's raised his eyebrows and felt unconvinced.

Guan Peng coldly sneered, "Senior Zhou Huailong is at the ninth level of the Qi Realm, his fishes are toast."

"That ought to be the case." Shen Tu Jue nodded.

"This guy is always the point of focus wherever he goes!" Zhu Hongxiu shook her head and had some worry for Li Fuchen.

Sizing up Zhou Huailong, Li Fuchen said, "We are in Cang Lan Sect, what are you trying here?"

"I will repeat again, hand over the basket." Zhou Huailong looked at Li Fuchen with disdain, using the corner of his eyes.

"Impossible!" Li Fuchen out right refused.

"You seek death." Zhou Huailong raised his right hand as a ball of black qi was enclosed in his palm.

Qi Manifestation. As a ninth level Qi Realm expert, Zhou Huailong could already let qi cover his palm and increase the destructive power. It wasn't something that dabbler Luo Kai could compare with.

Lacerations of the air could be heard as Zhou Huailong sent a fist crashing towards Li Fuchen.

Zhou Huailong was too fast, Li Fuchen's noticed the fist mentally, but couldn't avoid it physically and could only cross his arms to block it.

As if struck by a metal pillar, Li Fuchen's left arm was warped strangely, as the bones inside were forcibly broken. A wave of qi force expanded into Li Fuchen's body, resulting in Li Fuchen spitting out a huge amount of blood.

Li Fuchen was inflicted with such grave injuries with a single punch.

"Had this not been Cang Lan Sect, I would have beaten you to death and fed your body to the dogs." Zhou Huailong looked down at Li Fuchen with despise.

Struggling to climb back up from the ground, Li Fuchen muttered, "This punch, I will remember it with my heart."

'Why? You want revenge? See if I'll cripple you." Zhou Huailong was infuriated and once again unleashed another charge.

"What is this!"

A long roar echoed, fluctuating the air.

"Elder Chen."  Everyone looked towards where the voice came from and bowed in respect.

It was the outer sect elder, Chen Zongming. He walked in an unhurried pace and took a glance at both Li Fuchen and Zhou Huailong, then snorted, "Zhou Huailong, adhere to the rules, this isn't your home."

"Elder Chen, this junior disciple spoke rudely and I was just putting him in place."

Zhou Huailong wasn't fearful of Chen Zongming, but didn't dare to offend him either.

"Since the lesson is taught, leave now. Or would you like to visit the enforcement hall?"

"Yes, I will leave right now." Before leaving, Zhou Huailong sent a vicious glare at Li Fuchen.

"Clear out this commotion!" Chen Zongming indicated with a wave of his hand.

Once everyone was dispersed, Chen Zongming said to Li Fuchen, "This is how the sect is, even though rules are in place, the importance of ability is prioritized. Work hard!" Patting Li Fuchen's shoulder, Chen Zongming turned around and left.

"Elder Chen, many thanks."

Li Fuchen was grateful to Chen Zongming even if it was just his obligation. Li Fuchen marked down this favour and planned to repay him tenfold for this debt he owed.

With a body full of injuries, Li Fuchen staggered to the task hall.


Expelling a breath of air, Li Fuchen thought to to himself, 'The current me is too weak. If I do not wish to be pushed around, I need to get stronger. These contribution points will help me quickly achieve that."

Before coming to the Cang Lan Sect, he thought sect rules were strict. But this incident allowed him to understand that rules weren't so reliable. He could only rely on his own ability.

"I wish to turn in the task."

Li Fuchen placed the fish basket on the task counter.

The task elder was suddenly aghast in place once he took a look into the basket.

"All these treasure fishes were fished by you?" Inquired the task elder.

Li Fuchen replied, "Elder, does it matter?"

"It doesn't, I am just curious." The task elder began weighing the treasure fishes.

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