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Chapter 421

River West Hall Master, Wei Xichuan flew out as well .

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Wei Xichuan was only of the Blood Ancestor’s hall master and his cultivation was at the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm . He might not have cultivated an earth class low-tier evil dao technique, but he cultivated an earth class low-tier evil dao martial art, Blood Essence Hand . He was the top five among the Blood Ancestor’s subordinates and was stronger than most of the hall masters . After all, the River West Region was only of the largest regions within the Blood Ancestor’s control .

Wei Xichuan scanned his eyes over Li Fuchen12 and realized that Li Fuchen was only at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm . He frowned as he didn’t believe a 3rd level Reincarnation Realm expert could destroy the River West Hall’s protection array in a single strike . Even Wei Xichuan would have put in all his strength to do it .

“Who are you? Why do you barge into my River West Hall? This is a death sentence . ” Wei Xichuan yelled coldly .

In his opinion, Li Fuchen should be a disciple of some hidden expert .

The East Unicorn Continent was massive and there must be some shocking experts that were secluded from the world .

There were some islands at the surroundings of the East Unicorn Continent that were said to be hidden experts . Apart from them, there were plenty of places that were uninhabited by humans on the East Unicorn Continent and there must be hidden experts too .

“Surrender now and you must still get to live . ”

River West Hall had a total of 15 Reincarnation Realm experts . With the numbers to their advantage, they didn’t even put Li Fuchen in their eyes .

“How many regions does the Hundred Sects Alliance control now?” Li Fuchen stood in the sky and asked .

“Hehe, you are already helpless and you are still thinking of the Hundred Sects Alliance . But it is fine to tell you . The Hundred Sects Alliance only controls 36 regions and if it wasn’t for the benevolent Evil King, it would be unknown if the Hundred Sects Alliance could remain standing . ” A fierce and sinister-looking Reincarnation Realm evil dao expert laughed heartily .

Li Fuchen didn’t express his opinion, ‘How could the Evil King, Blood Ancestor, and the others not want to eliminate the Hundred Sects Alliance? They are just not able to do it . ’

“What about the Azure Water Region?” Li Fuchen asked again .

“The Azure Water Region is the Extreme Yin Ancestor’s territory . Why do you ask?”

“What about the Azure Water Sect?” Li Fuchen had an ashen expression that contained murderous intent .

“The Azure Water Sect fled to the Wind Snow Region . They are lucky to flee fast enough . ”

Li Fuchen heaved a sigh of relief . It was fortunate that the Azure Water Sect was fine, meaning that the Li Clan that was along with the Azure Water Sect should be fine too . Otherwise, even if Li Fuchen had to use all his strength, he would slaughter the entire Evil Dao and turn the East Unicorn Continent into a flowing river of blood . With his current strength, he didn’t have to fear anyone and there were only one or two individuals that were able to contest against him .

Scanning with his awareness, Li Fuchen could see the River West Hall’s interior vividly in his mind .

Li Fuchen noticed there were countless people held captive at the back mountains of the River West Hall . A rough glance had given him an estimation of close to a million individuals . He could also see plenty of evil dao martial artists torturing the people in the prison . There were also countless young ladies that were imprisoned in a luxurious manor and were used as entertainment for these evil dao martial artists .

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“Evil dao martial artists are evil for a reason . After cultivating evil techniques, their nature has already demented . ”

Li Fuchen took a deep breath and suddenly released his ardent sun field power .

The ardent sun field power that was fully released had enveloped ten miles2 in radius . The prowess might be weaker, but no one below the Reincarnation Realm were able to withstand it and had suddenly immolated before turning into ashes . Their miserable screams echoed throughout the entire River West Hall and it was very chilling .

Such an ability would only be possessed by practitioners with earth class mid-tier cultivation techniques . Without cultivating an earth class mid-tier cultivation technique, even if someone was stronger than Li Fuchen, they wouldn’t be able to achieve this . The ardent sun field power involved the natural laws’ power and was much stronger than earth class low-tier field powers .

“Courting death!”

Wei Xichuan and others were shocked first before they flew into a rage . They could only feel an invisible ardent sun field power radiating outwards, followed by the echoes of countless shrieks and screams from the River West Hall .

As the leader, Wei Xichuan led the rest of the evil dao Reincarnation Realm experts to attack .


Shrinking the ardent sun field power, Li Fuchen drew the Scarlet Blood Sword and brandished his sword .

Thousands of green sun sword lights emerged like the radiant sunlight and flew across the 15 individuals .

Bang Bang Bang…

Blood mists exploded . Apart from Wei Xichuan, the rest of the people had exploded into blood mists before burning into ashes .

Wei Xichuan had valiant strength and was at the regular 9th level Reincarnation Realm . But after receiving a sword slash from Li Fuchen, he was still severely injured .

“Blood Essence Hand!”

Wei Xichuan slammed a blood-colored palm at Li Fuchen with a distorted face .

Li Fuchen remained expressionless and burst out his blazing fire power before brandishing his sword again .

With the support of the blazing fire power, Li Fuchen’s sword art had a burst of lethality .

Bang! Wei Xichuan exploded into a blood mist and was burned into ashes as well .

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After doing all these, Li Fuchen started a massacre in the River West Hall . In fact, he didn’t even lift a finger, he merely released his ardent sun field power and it didn’t matter where the enemy hid, without the protection of the array, they would be immolated to death .

In just 15 minutes, all the evil dao martial artists within Li Fuchen’s awareness were eradicated . Li Fuchen then yelled out, “Everyone, you are free to go . ”

Finishing his statement, Li Fuchen flew into the sky and left .

Three days later, the Azure Water Region’s Mystic Yin Hall was completely slaughtered . Everywhere Li Fuchen passed through, none of the Evil Dao factions would survive until he arrived at the Wind Snow Region .

The Wind Snow Region was the Wind Snow Sect’s territory and the size of the region was eight times larger than the Azure Water Region .

As the ruler of the Wind Snow Region, the Wind Snow Sect had already accommodated three sects .

Of course, in exchange, these three sects would become sub-halls of the Wind Snow Sect and be governed by them .

The Azure Water Sect wasn’t an exception either .

After asking around, Li Fuchen got to know of the Azure Water Sect’s establishment .

Far away, Li Fuchen could see a mountain range ahead and there were some irregular arrangements of structures .

Scanning with his awareness, Li Fuchen’s awareness easily penetrated the array .

A newly set up array was obviously inferior to the Azure Water Sect’s original protection array .

With a quick scan, Li Fuchen saw many familiar faces .

“Sword Maniac Li Xiangru has progressed to the 2nd level of Heaven Dipper Realm?”

“Sword Tiger Chen Yuanhu is already at the 3rd level of Heaven Dipper Realm and is one level higher than Li Xiangru . ”

“Emotionless Sword Xue Feng is at the 1st level of Heaven Dipper Realm?”

“En? Grand Elder Zhao Wujin is injured?”

Li Fuchen saw Zhao Mingyue taking care of Zhao Wujin who was lying in bed and had discolored complexion and it seemed like he didn’t have much time left .

“Where are the members of the Li Clan?”

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Li Fuchen continued to scan with his awareness but he couldn’t find the traces of any members of Li Clan, let alone his parents .

Sensing the bad premonition, Li Fuchen increased his pace and took just a few blinks of the eye to arrive at the mountain range .


Li Fuchen found the flaw in the array and with a swing of his sword, he opened up a small hole in the array and entered .

Expanding his awareness, Li Fuchen was certain that the members of the Li Clan weren’t here .

With a gloomy expression, Li Fuchen arrived at the Azure Water Hall’s main hall and with the support of his qi, he transmitted his voice to the nearby Ouyang Wentian .

“Sect Patriarch, I am Li Fuchen . Come to the main hall quickly . ”

There was a courtyard outside the Azure Water Grand Hall and Ouyang Wentian was having tea with Supreme Elder Guo .

After hearing the voice, Ouyang Wentian had a drastic change in expression .

“Sect Patriarch, what is wrong?” Elder Guo was very curious .

Ouyang Wentian flashed and flew towards the Azure Water Grand Hall before leaving behind a statement, “Elder Guo, hurry up and inform the rest of the Supreme Elders . Li Fuchen is back . ”

“What? Li Fuchen is back?” Elder Guo was astonished .

Li Fuchen was considered a legend on the East Unicorn Continent . He was already able to stir up the entire continent at a young age and if it wasn’t for the lack of time to cultivate, he would play an important role on the East Unicorn Continent . It was a pity that the Evil Dao rose up too quickly and the Demonic Ten Regions were also watching the continent covetously . If he was given a few more dozen years, the Azure Water Sect wouldn’t have to rely on someone else and would have already risen up and became one of the elite factions in the East Unicorn Continent .

Putting down the teacup, Elder Guo quickly went to inform Supreme Grand Elder Ouyang Tie and the others .

By the time Ouyang Wentian arrived at the Azure Water Grand Hall, Li Fuchen was already waiting there .

“Li Fuchen, is it really you?”

Ouyang Wentian looked at Li Fuchen carefully in just a blink of the eye, he was certain that this young man with extraordinary bearing was Li Fuchen who had vanished for a long time .

But Li Fuchen’s cultivation was too horrific . It had only been a few years and Li Fuchen was already at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm . Furthermore, his qi presence was much more tyrannical than regular 3rd level Reincarnation Realm experts . It was vast like an ardent sun .

“Sect Patriarch, where are the members of my Li Clan?” Li Fuchen spoke with a deep voice and sharp eyes .

Ouyang Wentian felt immense pressure from Li Fuchen’s horrifying eyes as he spoke bitterly, “The members of your Li Clan has been abducted by the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect . They said that you have to personally accept your punishment at the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect . ”

“Courting death!”

Li Fuchen was enraged and the surrounding air distorted . The entire main hall wasn’t able to withstand the emitted qi presence and was producing creaking and cracking sounds .

Ouyang Wentian felt that the current Li Fuchen was like a scorching sun and the horrific qi presence was causing his skin to burn .

Swish Swish Swish Swish…

Multiple figures skimmed into the main hall .

They were the Supreme Elders of the Azure Water Sect .

The Azure Water Sect originally had a total of seven Reincarnation Realm experts . They were the Sect Patriarch Ouyang Wentian, four Supreme Elders and the Left and Right Protectors .

But after the battle with the demons and Evil Dao, Supreme Elder Liang, and the Left Protector had fallen, leaving only five Reincarnation Realm experts .

“Li Fuchen, where have you been?” Supreme Grand Elder Ouyang Tie frowned .

Li Fuchen didn’t reply to Ouyang Tie’s question and continued asking Ouyang Wentian, “What happened to Grand Elder?”

Ouyang Wentian said, “Grand Elder Zhao stood out for your Li Clan and said something, as a result, he was beaten into a severe injury . His dantian is also crippled . Had it not been for the treatment from the Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Elder, he would have already perished . ”

Li Fuchen had a gloomy expression as though he was about to drop a tear .


The air distorted and Li Fuchen’s abruptly vanished . By the time he appeared again, he was already out of the Azure Water Grand Hall and was heading towards Zhao Wujin’s courtyard .

Ouyang Tie and the others looked at each other in dismay before looking at Ouyang Wentian .

Ouyang Wentian said, “Supreme Elders, from today onwards, we will act according to Li Fuchen but we must never expose any information related to him . It will avoid having the Thunder God Sect, the Mystic Tools Sect, and the Evil Dao from knowing . ”

In Ouyang Wentian’s opinion, no matter how formidable Li Fuchen was, it was impossible for him to go against those elite experts . But in time to come, Li Fuchen would surely stand on the top of the East Unicorn Continent . They only thing they had to do was to conform to Li Fuchen .

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