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Chapter 417

Limestone City was a city that was constructed with huge limestones .

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As the Limestone Region’s regional city, the city was one of the places that had a high concentration of smithing masters, inferior only to the Violet Flower Kingdom’s royal city .

It wasn’t exaggerated to say that nearly 30% of the weapons circulated in the Violet Flower Kingdom’s market were supplied by Limestone City . It was imaginable what was the status of Limestone City .

“Grandmaster Hundred Smelt is actually out . It is truly unfortunate . ”

Li Fuchen12 wasn’t very lucky . As soon as he arrived at Limestone City, he found out that Grandmaster Hundred Smelt wasn’t around, meaning he had made a wasted trip .

“Since I am here, I cannot return empty-handed . I have to obtain a body refinement weapon no matter what . ”

Originally, Li Fuchen planned to make a request for an earth class low-tier body refinement weapon from Grandmaster Hundred Smelt, but since Grandmaster Hundred Smelt wasn’t around, there was no hopes for earth class low-tier body refinement weapons . But Limestone City had weapon shops and there should be mystic class body refinement weapons . During the Everlasting Youth Tea Party, Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution’s Wang Jian was using gloves that seemed to be a mystic class peak-tier body refinement weapon .

The Hundred Smelt Pavilion was a weapon shop opened by Grandmaster Hundred Smelt .

“Shopkeeper, do you have body refinement weapons?” Li Fuchen asked upon entry .

“I do, other shops don’t, only my Hundred Smelt Pavilion has it . ” When the shopkeeper saw business knocking and he immediately welcomed .

Li Fuchen stated, “I want the best body refinement weapon, let me see it . ”

“Come this way . ” The shopkeeper revealed a smile .

Body refinement weapons were rare but martial artists who mainly cultivated the body refinement was even rarer . Hence, it wasn’t easy to find a buyer .

On the second floor of the Hundred Smelt Pavilion .

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“Young Hero, there is a total of five mystic class peak-tier body refinement weapons . They are the saber, sword, gloves, claws, and anklets . ” The shopkeeper gestured with his right hand to introduce .

Li Fuchen looked around and noticed that body refinement weapons had obvious differences from qi cultivation weapons . There were unequal qi waves on the surface, making them like living beings that had their own breaths and veins, giving Li Fuchen a very bizarre feeling .

“Can I pick them up to try them?” Li Fuchen asked .

The shopkeeper nodded, “Of course you can . ”

Li Fuchen picked up the sword .

The surface of the sword had patterns of blood and when looked at carefully, they looked like human’s blood vessels .

Qi power was poured in…


A blood-colored sword light extended from the tip of the sword and it was extremely sharp .

“It is a body refinement weapon indeed . ”

Li Fuchen’s eyes contracted as this sword had seemingly turned into an extension of his body and was inter-connected with his qi power .

“But swords are really useful to me . I have never learned body refinement sword arts . ”

Putting down the body refinement sword, Li Fuchen picked up that pair of gloves .

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This pair of black gloves had covered the back of the hand and the fingers with a layer of armor . It looked rather sturdy and when Li Fuchen looked inside with his awareness, he could see blood-colored patterns . When he poured his qi power inside, the blood-colored patterns lit up instantly, giving the black gloves a layer of blood-colored glow .

“With this mystic class peak-tier body refinement gloves, my body refinement strength is increased by almost 30% . ”

It was a huge difference with or without a weapon .

Li Fuchen was confident if he wore this glove set, he could clash against the Scarlet Fire Fist with just his body refinement strength .

“Shopkeeper, how much does it cost?” Li Fuchen asked .

The shopkeeper replied, “10,000 low-grade spirit stones . ”

“10,000 huh? It is rather expensive . ” Li Fuchen frowned .

He was able to afford it, but he felt it was very expensive . Even an earth class mid-tier qi weapon wouldn’t cost more than 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, but a mystic class peak-tier body refinement weapon actually cost 10,000 .

If it was an earth class low-tier body refinement weapon, wouldn’t it cost more than 100,000?

The shopkeeper shook his head, “This glove is made using qi bloodstones, blood patterned iron, and mithril . Just the cost of the materials will cost one or two thousand low-grade spirit stones . ”

“10,000 it is . I will take it . ” Even though it was expensive, it wasn’t possible for Li Fuchen to give up on it .

“Young Hero has great resolution . ”

The shopkeeper was grinning from ear to ear . As the shopkeeper of the Hundred Smelt Pavilion, he had a monthly task . If this shop’s revenue exceeded a certain value, he would receive rewards . The higher the revenue, the higher the rewards . But if this shop didn’t meet the standard, his spirit stones would be deducted .

After paying the spirit stones, the shopkeeper escorted Li Fuchen out of the Hundred Smelt Pavilion .

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Li Fuchen resided at a courtyard in an inn .


The tiger’s growl echoed as Li Fuchen launched a fist into the air .

For a split moment, a fierce tiger spirit soared .

As compared to before, this fierce tiger spirit was 30% bigger, it was more materialized and was more imposing and tyrannical . It looked as though it was going to open up the void .

“This is a mystic class peak-tier body refinement weapon indeed . ” Li Fuchen was very satisfied with these gloves .

“It is a pity that I didn’t get to see Grandmaster Hundred Smelt . If I can request for an earth class low-tier body refinement glove, my body refinement strength will increase by at least 60%!”

In regards to qi weapons, the difference between mystic class high-tier and peak-tier wasn’t that much different . But the difference between mystic class peak-tier and earth class low-tier was huge .

“Forget it . Even if Grandmaster Hundred Smelt was in Limestone City, I might not be able to see him either . Even if I could see him, it is unknown if he is willing to forge an earth class low-tier body refinement weapon for me too . After all, the materials are hard to find and he might not even fancy this profit . ”

Initially, Li Fuchen was planning to sell some of the items to gather the fees for the production . Right now, he had saved up all the money .

Ignoring the matter of the body refinement weapon, Li Fuchen entered seclusion and prepared to break through to the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm .

In the secret room of the courtyard, Li Fuchen sat cross-legged on the meditation mat .

Time elapsed bit by bit .

After a long time, Li Fuchen opened his eyes .

“The effects of the Spirit Heart Elixir is still lacking a little . It isn’t enough for my mental state to break through to the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm . ”

As he muttered, Li Fuchen took out the Clear Spirit Elixir and consumed it .

One hour later, Li Fuchen had a closer relationship with heaven and earth qi . Using him as the center, heaven and earth qi were undulating .

“I have finally broken through . ”

Li Fuchen let out a faint smile and held onto a mid-grade spirit stone to absorb the qi inside .

Several hours later, Li Fuchen took out two more mid-grade spirit stones .

When the final mid-grade spirit stone had halfway before depletion, Li Fuchen’s body suddenly burst out with a radiance that was like the ardent sun . Surging and scorching qi waves extended out in all directions . In a blink of the eye, the massive secret room’s temperature had increased by at least 100 times, making this place like a scorching hell .

It wasn’t finished yet . Right at this moment, Li Fuchen’s body suddenly revolved with ardent sun radiance . The surrounding temperature burst again while Li Fuchen’s body appeared with an ardent sun halo . When the ardent sun halo appeared, the array in the secret room was violently shaking and it looked like it was going to explode .

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen opened his eyes and withdrew the ardent sun halo .

“I didn’t think that my cultivation and technique would breakthrough simultaneously . ” Li Fuchen’s face flashed with delight .

Earlier on, his cultivation had successfully broken through from the 2nd level to the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm . Shortly after, his Ardent Sun Divine Technique had also broken through from the 24th rank to the 25th rank, forming the ardent sun halo .

Once the ardent sun halo was formed, the ardent sun field power was also formed naturally .

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