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Chapter 416

“I might as well cultivate my body refinement too . ”

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Previously, Li Fuchen12 had consumed some of the body tempering elixirs, the impurities that were left behind by the Vajra Elixir and the Body Forging Golden Elixir were almost entirely purified . Even if they weren’t purified, it was still possible to improve his body refinement level, however, it would affect his future body refinement’s progress .

Doing it as soon as the idea emerged, Li Fuchen visited Ever Youth Pavilion and purchased five Vajra Elixirs and five Body Forging Golden Elixirs . He spent a total of 11,000 low-grade spirit stones .

One, two…

In the inn’s suite, Li Fuchen constantly refined the elixirs while his dragon elephant power was rapidly increasing .

7000 strands, 8000 strands, 9000 strands, 10,000 strands, 11,000 strands, 12,000 strands, 12,800 strands .

Five Vajra Elixirs and five Body Forging Golden Elixirs had increased a total of 6600 strands of dragon elephant power only .

Previously, a single Vajra Elixir and a single Body Forging Golden Elixir had increased over 3000 strands dragon elephant power .

It was mainly due to the fact that the dragon elephant power wasn’t just increasing in quantity . The existing dragon elephant power were all gradually enhanced and it required the medicinal effects of the body refinement elixirs .

The path of the body refinement would require more resources the further one was down the path .

This was just a saying .

There were plenty of Reincarnation Realm body refinement experts in the Seven Color Continent, but there were just a few Battle Spirit Realm body refinement masters .

Li Fuchen reckoned that if he wanted to push his body refinement realm to the Battle Spirit Realm, he would need at least one million low-grade spirit stones . Regular Battle Spirit Realm masters weren’t so wealthy . Even if they had the wealth, they wouldn’t invest everything into body refinement, unless, their main cultivation was body refinement .

For instance, Wang Jian of the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution . He possessed the vajra bone frame and was a natural body refinement prodigy . If he didn’t cultivate the body refinement as his main path, it would be too much of a waste . Of course, people with body refinement bone frames would consume much lesser low-grade spirit stones . If a regular person required one million low-grade spirit stones to reach the Battle Spirit Realm in body refinement, Wang Jian might require a few hundred thousand lesser low-grade spirit stones .

As Li Fuchen’s body refinement level advanced by one level, his body refinement strength increased greatly and had already exceeded regular 9th level Reincarnation Realm experts .

“If I wish to advance my body refinement to the next level, I will need at least 50,000 low-grade spirit stones . ” Li Fuchen laughed bitterly .

For body refinement, there wasn’t really a difference in levels .

Reincarnation Realm experts would be Reincarnation Realm experts, unlike qi cultivation, there was a separation of nine levels .

Prior to now, Li Fuchen merely followed the East Unicorn Continent’s standard and had forcefully separated his body refinement levels . In fact, it was simply an estimation of strength and not the precise levels of his body refinement .

Just like physical strength, there weren’t any definite levels of strength, only stronger or weaker .

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During the early phase of body refinement, there weren’t realms at all . There wasn’t any classification of Qi Training Realm, Origin Return Realm, Earth Shatter Realm or Heaven Dipper Realm . Most of the time, one would only know of their body refinement level after comparing it with the qi cultivation level .

Only after reaching the Reincarnation Realm, one would cultivate the extraordinary qi power . Hence, it would accurately prove that one was a Reincarnation Realm body refinement martial artist .

The An Clan was very efficient and had spent merely two weeks to sell off all the herbs with the total profit of 200,000 low-grade spirit stones .

It was because they tried to sell the herbs in a hurry . If they had sold it on auctions, it was possible for them to profit 250,000 low-grade spirit stones .

Of the 200,000 low-grade spirit stones, the An Clan took 10%, leaving 180,000 low-grade spirit stones for the rest to split .

Li Fuchen and Zhao Han would each obtain 30%, putting it at 54,000 for each of them .

An Xinmei6 would get 15%, which would be 27,000 .

Liang Tianyu and Du Qing would split the remaining 25%, hence, they received 22,500 each .

In short, everyone was delighted and satisfied .

“I was left with over 30,000 low-grade spirit stones before this . With this addition of 54,000 low-grade spirit stones, I will have roughly 90,000 low-grade spirit stones . ”

90,000 low-grade spirit stones was a huge sum and only those extremely influential high-level Reincarnation Realm experts would have such wealth .

After all, with strength, the ability to accumulate wealth would also be stronger . A casual trip into the Violet Star Mountains had already brought in plenty of low-grade spirit stones .

During the auction, in order to strive for the Green Dragon Artifact Saber and the earth class mid-tier martial art manual, two of the peak level Reincarnation Realm experts had spent 150,000 low-grade spirit stones and 200,000 low-grade spirit stones .

Of course, this was already those two experts’ limits .

“I still lack a body refinement weapon . Apart from the ten great Concoction Grandmasters, the Violet Flower Kingdom had the five great Smithing Grandmasters . Among them, only Grandmaster Hundred Smelt can produce body refinement weapons . I should go and request for one . ”

If it was others, no one would go through so much trouble for a body refinement weapon .

After all, most of the people had body refinement as support while qi cultivation was their main path . Even if they obtained a body refinement weapon, their body refinement strength would reach the same level as their qi cultivation strength .

However, it was different for Li Fuchen . With the earth class high-tier body refinement technique, the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters, if Li Fuchen didn’t enhance his body refinement strength, it would be such a waste .

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Grandmaster Hundred Smelt resided in Limestone City and it was a regional city of the Limestone Region . It was tens of thousands of miles2 away from South Forest City .

Riding on the class 4 Horned Wildebeest, Li Fuchen made haste for Limestone City .

(TL note: I changed the Unicorn Wildebeest to Horned Wildebeest)

“He finally exited the city?”

During the past few days, Scarlet Fire Fist, Feng Long had sent men to monitor Li Fuchen .

Once Li Fuchen left the city, Feng Long followed behind immediately .

He didn’t care if Li Fuchen had used the Raging Flame Heart Elixir, he simply wasn’t willing to let go of Li Fuchen .

300 miles away from South Forest City…

“You have followed for a long time, you can come out now!” 

Riding on the wildebeest, Li Fuchen turned around and yelled out .

“You have rather exceptional awareness . It is a pity that this place will be your resting place today . ”

Scarlet Fire Fist Feng Long appeared instantly while his body was surging with blazing heat .

Feng Long was at the 7th level of Reincarnation Realm . He had also cultivated earth class low-tier cultivation technique and martial art . In his eyes, Li Fuchen was already a dead man .

“It is hard to say who will be resting in this place . ” Li Fuchen dismounted .


Without any more words, Feng Long blasted a fist at Li Fuchen .

This fist’s power was much stronger than the stalwart youth who was the no . 3 ranker of the Wild Lion Martial Institution’s Power Rankings .

When he executed the fist, the air felt as though it had ignited . A fiery fist the size of a house was blasting over with overwhelming qi presence .

Li Fuchen stood still . The giant elephant spirit and the fierce tiger spirit rose up at the same time, while Li Fuchen confronted the fist with one of his own .

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The ground exploded and caved in while magma splashed out, causing the nearby vicinity to be in the scorching heat .

“Little bastard, I have underestimated you . ” Feng Long’s eyes flashed with astonishment .

“It seems like you are all talk . ” Li Fuchen shook his fist to extinguish the fire on his fist .

This Scarlet Fire Fist was indeed worthy of his title . Feng Long had shocking fist intent and if Li Fuchen’s fist didn’t contain the ardent sun qi and the blazing fire power, he wouldn’t have been able to block this attack no matter what .

But only in close combat was Li Fuchen able to converge all his power on the incoming attack . It would be difficult for him to kill Feng Long .

“If I didn’t guess it wrongly, you can only utilize your most powerful strength in close combat . Let’s see how you block the next attack . ” Feng Long grinned nastily before he rushed into the air and executed a hundred fists at Li Fuchen from above .

Countless flaming fists rained down and it was horrifyingly imposing .

The elephant’s trumpet and the tiger’s growl could be heard as Li Fuchen’s fists were penetrating the flaming fists . But there were just too many flaming fists and even if they were penetrated, the inexhaustible flaming qi would blast down . The place were Li Fuchen was standing at had turned into a sea of flames .

“I have to expose my trump card in order to kill him . ”

Transmuting his ardent sun qi into the nine revolution purple qi, Li Fuchen drew his Scarlet Blood Sword and brandished his sword with the Clear Sky Sword Art .

In an instant, a full moon-like sword qi radiated outwards with Li Fuchen at the center . A layer of soil was shaved off as the sword qi exploded and the sea of flames was immediately extinguished .

Li Fuchen flew up in the air to fight with Feng Long .

“Scarlet Fire Divine Fist!” 

Feng Long was appalled as he reacted with an all-out fist strike .


The flaming fist was split into two while Li Fuchen slashed at Feng Long .

“Impossible, how can your strength be this powerful?” Feng Long retreated desperately and wasn’t as imposing anymore .

“There are plenty of things you do not know . Prepare to die . ”

The Nine Revolution Purple Cloud Divine Technique and the Clear Sky Sword Art were at least earth class high-tier and the enhancement in strength was too drastic . It didn’t only compensate the five cultivation levels between Li Fuchen and Feng Long, it had even allowed Li Fuchen to exceed Feng Long significantly .

Fresh blood sprayed out as Feng Long’s arm had a sword wound .

“Damn it, Scarlet Fire Primary Armor . ” Feng Long’s body was enveloped with a layer of flaming armor .

Feng Long’s martial art was the earth class low-tier Scarlet Fire Divine Fist while his cultivation technique was the earth class low-tier Scarlet Fire Divine Technique . When cultivated to the highest rank of the Scarlet Fire Divine Technique, the practitioner could execute a defensive skill that could toughen his defense by one level .

It was a pity that Li Fuchen’s Clear Sky Sword Art was too tyrannical in power as the armor had crumbled in a few sword strikes .


Li Fuchen thrust with his sword which immediately produced a sphere-shaped sword light that shrouded Feng Long .


When the sword light exploded, Feng Long was turned into a blood mist . The things that remained was a pair of gloves, an artifact armor, and a red storage bag .

“Is it finally exhausted?”

Li Fuchen didn’t look too happy after killing Feng Long . The nine revolution purple qi was rapidly dispersing within his body and was transmuting back into the ardent sun qi . There was a sting on his back and when Li Fuchen scanned with his awareness, he realized that the Nine Revolution Purple Cloud Divine Technique pattern had vanished and left behind a patterned impression that looked like a scar . It was fortunate that the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern on his wrist didn’t vanish yet . But it seemed like it would only last for a few more uses as the martial pattern was much dimmer as compared to before .

“It looks like I can only rely on myself in the future . ”

Li Fuchen extended his hand and siphoned Feng Long’s gloves, artifact armor, and storage bag over .

There was over 30,000 low-grade spirit stones and five mid-grade spirit stones in the storage bag .

“With these five mid-grade spirit stones, I shouldn’t have any problem advancing to the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm . ”

Even with the Spirit Heart Elixir and the Clear Spirit Elixir to improve the mental state, Li Fuchen wasn’t confident he could advance to the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm in a short period of time . After reaching the Reincarnation Realm, every advancement of a level was extremely difficult . Unless one had a very robust accumulation, one could only endure it slowly .

However, it was different with the mid-grade spirit stones . The qi contained with the mid-grade spirit stones were very pure and was only inferior to the Raging Flame Heart Elixir but was far superior in purity as compared to the low-grade spirit stones .

With the mid-grade spirit stones and the mental elixirs, it was hard for Li Fuchen to remain in his current cultivation level .

“Let me reach Limestone City first . ” A safe place was required during the breakthrough . Li Fuchen didn’t wish to breakthrough in the wilderness .

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