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Chapter 415

The second finale item was brought over quickly and it was actually an earth class mid-tier martial art manual .

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Earth class mid-tier martial art manuals might not be rare in the various martial institutions and the elite clans of the Violet Flower Kingdom . But in the general market, earth class mid-tier martial arts were truly very rare .

There were plenty of Reincarnation Realm experts that didn’t have a single earth class low-tier martial art manual . Thus, earth class mid-tier martial art manuals were most definitely considered paramount manuals that they could only yearn for .

It was very obvious that a fortunate individual must have obtained this manual from sone unknown ruins . That individual must want to exchange a huge quantity of low-grade spirit stones to supplement the cultivation .

This earth class mid-tier martial art manual’s asking price was also 50,000 low-grade spirit stones . But the final price had reached the shocking 200,000 low-grade spirit stones and had immediately broken the auction record of the Green Dragon Artifact Saber .

“These top-class Reincarnation Realm experts are probably able to turn the Evil King into scraps within seconds!”

The one who obtained the earth class mid-tier martial art manual was a peak level Reincarnation Realm expert . It was hard to imagine that in the near future, this peak level Reincarnation Realm expert would have a drastic increase in strength .

Of course, as compared to the peak level Reincarnation Realm experts from the various martial institutions and the elite clans, there was certainly an extreme difference .

A truly powerful peak level Reincarnation Realm expert should have earth class mid-tier cultivation techniques and martial arts . Their weapons should also be at least earth class mid-tier weapons or even earth class high-tier weapons . When facing such opponents, even if Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist cultivation was at the peak level of Reincarnation Realm, he might not win them . Of course, Li Fuchen was just beginning, when he really reached the peak level of Reincarnation Realm, all his various aspects would be much better and definitely wouldn’t remain the same .

When it was almost noon, the white-haired host suddenly got excited as he spoke in a high-pitch, “The third finale item is also the last finale item of this auction . ”

When he finished speaking, two attendants worked together to lift a box onto the stage .

This box was huge and at least three meters long and it looked to be extremely heavy .

The two attendants were at the Earth Shatter Realm but they still looked like they were strained while lifting it . It was as if the item in the box had a weight of 10,000 kilograms .

All of a sudden, the white-haired host lifted off a piece of special silk cloth . It was obvious that this special silk cloth had an array on it . As the silk cloth was lifted, a three-meter long and rough horn was revealed . It was accompanied with flashing electric arcs that caused a numbing sensation to the scalp . A mere glance at it would cause the spirit soul to tremble .

The white-haired host spoke with a full and rich voice, “This is the horn of a class 6 mid-tier demonic beast, the Thunderstorm Rhino . Everyone should have heard of the Thunderstorm Rhino . It is an extremely ferocious demonic beast . Even a mid-level Battle Spirit Realm master wouldn’t dare to confront it directly . Once it got enraged, within the radius of 100 miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters, there would be a constant thunderstorm and had the power to destroy a city in a single strike . This Thunderstorm Rhino’s horn is the most precious material on the Thunderstorm Rhino’s body apart from the demon core . But it for the production of secret treasures, weapons, or elixirs, it would have a special effect . ”

“Right now, the asking price is 100,000 low-grade spirit stones and each bid must not be lesser than 1000 low-grade spirit stones . ”

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“What? It is the horn of the class 6 Thunderstorm Rhino?”

Everyone widened their eyes while gasping with hurried breaths .

Class 6 demonic beasts were also addressed as Demon Generals and were able to command a region of demonic beasts . Their spirit wisdom wasn’t inferior to humans .

The entire body of class 6 demonic beasts was a treasure . Even a single scale or a claw had a high value, and the horn was especially precious . Let alone Reincarnation Realm experts, even Battle Spirit Realm masters wouldn’t disregard it .

“200,000 . ” From a supreme room, a deep voice echoed .


“It is a Battle Spirit Realm master . ”

Everyone looked at each other and didn’t dare to increase the bid .

Competing against a Battle Spirit Realm master in an auction was simply asking for trouble . Furthermore, they didn’t have that much low-grade spirit stones to contest for the item .

“250,000 . ” This voice came from another supreme room .

“300,000 . ” 

“400,000 . ”

The ones who made the bids were all Battle Spirit Realm masters from the supreme rooms . Each bid was at least 50,000 . It had silenced everyone else and made everyone thought there were in a dream .

“Is a demon general’s horn that valuable?” Li Fuchen was also rather speechless .

Among his collection, he also had a demon general’s horn . It might not be as big as the Thunderstorm Rhino’s horn and might not be as exceptional, but no matter what, it was still a demon general’s horn . Li Fuchen didn’t expect for it to sell for hundreds of thousands of low-grade spirit stones, but it should still sell for 100,000 or 200,000 .

“450,000 . ” A familiar voice echoed .

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It was Grandmaster Ever Youth .

As the overlord of South Forest City, Grandmaster Ever Youth naturally wouldn’t miss out on such a large-scale auction .

“500,000 . ”

“550,000 . ”

It was evident that the other Battle Spirit Realm masters weren’t planning to give up . For people in their realm, it was truly hard to find something that was useful to them . If they missed out on it, they would definitely regret it for a very long time .

“Perhaps, I can look for an opportunity to auction off the demon general’s horn . ” Li Fuchen’s heart was on fire .

He didn’t expect the demon general’s horn to be so valuable . If he knew, this auction would have two demon generals’ horns .

How could Li Fuchen have known that demon generals were equivalent to Battle Spirit Realm masters? Apart from Battle Spirit Realm masters, no one else was able to kill the demon generals . Demon generals were far too dominant and in order to kill a class 6 low-tier demon general, one’s cultivation had to be at the mid-levels of the Battle Spirit Realm . In order to kill a class 6 mid-tier Thunderstorm Rhino, one had to be a high-level Battle Spirit Realm master . Regular masters would have to escape when they encountered demon generals . They wouldn’t dare to confront the demon generals .

Furthermore, there were far too little demon generals on the continent . The places were demon generals gathered had demon kings too . It was too difficult to kill a demon general, not even the masters in the Violet Flower Kingdom’s Master Rankings would dare to say they could do it . It was really dependant on one’s luck .

Ultimately, the Thunderstorm Rhino’s horn didn’t land in the hands of Grandmaster Ever Youth . Instead, it was won by Grandmaster Raging Flame who was also one of the ten great Concoction Grandmasters of the Violet Flower Kingdom .

It was only at this moment, the commotion of the auction had ended .

After handing over the spirit stones, Li Fuchen left the East Star Auction Hall with the Spirit Heart Elixir, the Clear Spirit Elixir, and the Raging Flame Heart Elixir .

“Kid . I am not done with you for seizing my fated opportunity . ” Scarlet Fire Fist, Feng Long was glaring at Li Fuchen in the dark .

In a superior grade suite of an inn, Li Fuchen was sitting cross-legged on the meditation mat and had taken out the Raging Flame Heart Elixir .

The Raging Flame Heart Elixir was like a piece of amber and there was flame within it . It looked very mystical and there was a faint trace of meditation presence that was emitted that made Li Fuchen feel comfortable .

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“It is rather similar to the meditation mat’s qi presence . If these two worked in coordination, the effects should be brought out to the greatest!”

Li Fuchen had obtained this meditation mat from the Black Sky Sect Ruins . He had been using it constantly and it had remarkable effects . It could be said to be the great effects of the meditation mat had allowed Li Fuchen to achieve such a smooth progression .

After circulating the ardent sun qi, Li Fuchen consumed the Raging Flame Heart Elixir .

At the start, the Raging Flame Heart Elixir had a trace of chill but gradually, that trace of chill had turned into burning heat .

When the Raging Flame Heart Elixir was refined to the center portion, that unassuming flame suddenly burst with flames and enveloped Li Fuchen .

Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi…

Li Fuchen felt that many of the remaining impurities were getting purified by the flame . At this same moment, there was a fiery intent that felt like a refreshing qi presence that blended into Li Fuchen’s mind . With the combination of the meditation mat’s qi presence, Li Fuchen entered an unprecedented void state . It was as if his entire body had blended into the void while he looked at his own body from an observer’s perspective, observing the connection between his body and the void .

If a Battle Spirit Realm master was here, the master would be able to see that Li Fuchen was in the Union of Heaven and Man state .

The Raging Flame Heart Elixir contained a medicinal effect that was excessively pure . It was even purer than the spirit qi within the spirit stones . In other words, when using the Raging Flame Heart Elixir to breakthrough, there wasn’t a need to worry that it would impact future cultivation . This was also the reason why Li Fuchen would spend 20,000 low-grade spirit stones to bid for this Raging Flame Heart Elixir .

Late stage of 1st level Reincarnation Realm .

Peak of 1st level Reincarnation Realm .


The blazing fire qi exploded and a qi wave surged towards all directions .

It was fortunate that this inn was the top class inn in South Forest City . It was set up with an array that could withstand the impact of this qi wave, otherwise, the entire inn would end up as ashes .

After breaking through to the 2nd level of Reincarnation Realm the Raging Flame Heart Elixir’s medicinal effects had yet to be used up .

Middle stage of 2nd level Reincarnation Realm .

Late stage of 2nd level Reincarnation Realm .

In just a short moment, Li Fuchen’s cultivation stabilized at the late stage of 2nd level Reincarnation Realm . The surging and resplendent qi had allowed Li Fuchen to look like a Sun God that was dazzling .

As compared to the qi cultivation, Li Fuchen’s mental state was advancing at a faster speed . His mental state had already reached the limits of the 2nd level Reincarnation Realm and was just one step away from breaking through to the 3rd level Reincarnation Realm .

When he opened his eyes, two rays of burning light shot out and struck at the barrier array, causing sparks to burst forth .

“No hurry . I will wait for a new more days before consuming the Spirit Heart Elixir and Clear Spirit Elixir as preparations to break through the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm . ”

His cultivation had stabilized but his mental state had yet to stabilize . There were hidden damage due to the continuous breakthroughs, hence, he shouldn’t be in a hurry .

For the next few days, Li Fuchen remained in seclusion to stabilize his cultivation and mental state .

In addition, he felt that his Ardent Sun Divine Technique was at the brink of breakthrough too .

The Raging Flame Heart Elixir allowed him to enter a very mystical state . This state had dissipated when he broke through to the 2nd level of Reincarnation Realm, but it wasn’t fully dissipated . When Li Fuchen cultivated his Ardent Sun Divine Technique, it felt much smoother than before and felt that all conditions were right .

Apart from this, the comprehension speed of the blazing fire bone frame’s pattern was a lot faster due to the Raging Flame Heart Elixir .

Right now, Li Fuchen had already comprehended 30% of the blazing fire bone frame’s pattern .

The extraction speed of the blazing fire power was 20 to 30 times faster than before . Within the bone frame spatial zone, the blazing fire power was like a small sun, it was extremely concentrated and extremely blazing hot . As compared to the previous ardent sun qi, it wasn’t just slightly different .

Li Fuchen had gotten to know from some ancient texts that heaven class cultivation techniques seemed to be related to bone frames . It was probable that qi cultivated from heaven class cultivation techniques were the bone frame power .

Of course, the heaven class cultivation technique was still too far from Li Fuchen . It was still unknown if the entire seven color continent had any heaven class cultivation techniques . Even if there was any, they would certainly be on the hands of those Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

“The path of the martial dao is still very long and I am just beginning!” Li Fuchen was in high spirits .

There would be a day when he would stand at the apex of this world, he would overlook all living beings, and there would be no places where he couldn’t go .

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