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Chapter 411

Zhao Han wasn’t willing to hand over his role as the leader, thus, he had also soared into the sky and struck out with palm strikes . Two icy-cold palm forces acted like a tornado and froze two of the slower enemies into ice sculptures and shattered them into pieces .

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Liang Tianyu, An Xinmei6meiyoung or little sister, and Du Qing didn’t react as quickly as the other two . By the time they wanted to counterattack, this dark hunter group had already scattered .

“Damn it, why are those two so formidable . ”

This dark hunter group was called Soul Hunting Group . The group leader was an 8th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist . The two vice-group leaders were 7th level Reincarnation Realm martial artists . The rest of the members were at the mid-levels and low-levels of Reincarnation Realm . Their strengths were unevenly matched .

“Han Biao, I will deal with that icy cold kid . You and Zhou Tai will deal with that sword wielding kid . ”

After the Soul Hunting Group Leader gave the instructions, he lunged at Zhao Han .


The duo’s palms clashed and the forceful exchange of moves had created a qi wave that produced countless cracks on the cliffs .

“Let take out this kid together . ”

Han Biao had a stalwart body while Zhou Tai had a slender body . The duo attacked Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist from the left and right .

As for the others, they had formed groups of five or six to surround and attack Liang Tianyu and others .

“Mm? He cultivates an earth class low-tier cultivation technique?”

Zhao Han and the Soul Hunting Group Leader clashed head-on for a few times but neither side was able to deal with their opponent .

It was obvious that the opponent might have the surface strength of an 8th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist, but his actual strength had already surpassed the regular 9th level Reincarnation Realm .

Li Fuchen’s situation was also the same .

His two opponents had the strength of regular 9th level Reincarnation Realm martial artists . When they worked together, their strength was rather impressive .

Not wanting to waste his blazing fire power, Li Fuchen withdrew his Scarlet Blood Sword and used his body refinement and Tiger Soul Fist to clash with them .

“This kid’s body refinement strength is excessively tough!”

How could Han Biao and Zhou Tai suppress Li Fuchen? Under the pressure from the giant elephant spirit and the fierce tiger spirit, they were suppressed by Li Fuchen instead .

“Broken Sky Slash!”

Han Biao roared as he cleaved open the fierce tiger spirit while his saber shadow poured down like a waterfall .

Zhou Tai’s morningstar whirled like a wheel and smashed over .

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Clang Clang!

Li Fuchen executed consecutive punches to repel Han Biao’s saber and Zhou Tai’s morningstar .

Body refinement martial artists were dominant like this . They might have the same level strength, Li Fuchen was still able to easily deal with two opponents at the same time .

If it was a qi cultivation martial artist, it wouldn’t be so easy and if it was a fight of attrition, defeat was inevitable .

“Fierce Tiger Descent!”

Disregarding Han Biao, Li Fuchen got close to Zhou Tai instantly . His right fist contained the dragon elephant power, the ardent sun qi, and the blazing fire power . The fist was then blasted out with great power .


Zhou Tai’s morningstar had a chain and he was unable to pull it back in time to defend . He had to use his left hand to forcefully resist Li Fuchen .

The fierce tiger spirit growled while the ardent sun qi and the blazing fire power poured out, causing Zhou Tai’s left arm to burst open inch by inch . The brutal power didn’t subside and continue to extend inside Zhou Tai’s body .

In the next moment, Zhou Tai’s body exploded with countless wounds while blood sprayed out without end . He couldn’t even scream as he fell from the sky and had lost all qi presence .

In close combat, Li Fuchen was able to kill Zhou Tai instantly .

“Bastard, die!”

From the back, Han Biao cleaved frenziedly at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen’s awareness was already spread out in the vicinity and all of Han Biao’s movements were within his senses . Before the saber had even cleaved down, Li Fuchen’s figure already swayed and dodged . He then moved swiftly in the air and arrived beside Han Biao with a distance of three or four meters .

“Die, die, die!”

Han Biao brandished his saber in a berserk manner while his saber qi permeated the air .

Revealing a sneer, Li Fuchen drew his Scarlet Blood Sword and deflected Han Biao’s saber . Immediately after, there was a flash of green sword light and Han Biao’s neck appeared with a black line . The black line expanded and Han Biao’s head had flown off his body .

A single fist and sword strike was enough to end Han Biao and Zhou Tai’s instantly and miserably .

After neutralizing Han Biao and Zhou Tai, Li Fuchen swept a glance at the situation . Currently, Zhao Han was in intense combat with the Soul Hunting Group Leader, however, Zhao Han had the upper hand and it was just a matter of time before he defeated his opponent .

On the contrary, An Xinmei and others were rather frenetic .

Each of them had to deal with at least six enemies, while Liang Tianyu had to deal with seven .

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These people might only be at the low-levels and mid-levels of the Reincarnation Realm, but all of them actually cultivated earth class low-tier cultivation techniques . Furthermore, they were familiar with each other and had great coordination . It was hard for Liang Tianyu and the others to firm their stances, let alone killing the enemies .

Of course, this was mainly because the trio didn’t have enough experience in killing . They were only used to the normal sparring .

“What? Han Biao and Zhou Tai are dead?” The Soul Hunting Group Leader took a glance at Li Fuchen’s side and was astonished, causing his movements to change a little .

“He dealt with the opponents so quickly?” Zhao Han was also shocked .

Icebound Thousand Miles . ”

Disregarding the wastage of his icy cold power, Zhao Han executed palm strikes with both his hands . The extremely chilling palm force was like a hell of ice that enveloped the Soul Hunting Group Leader .

Crackle Crackle!

Visible to the naked eye, the Soul Hunting Group Leader’s qi protection froze up and there was a layer of frost, making his movements sluggish .


With a flash, Zhao Han slammed his palm on the Soul Hunting Group Leader’s chest .


The Soul Hunting Group Leader was wearing an earth class low-tier armor . The palm force might not be able to break the armor, but it still transferred inside . Subsequently, the Soul Hunting Group Leader was frozen, Zhao Han’s palm shook a little and the group leader’s body shattered .

“I have underestimated you . ” Zhao Han didn’t go over to help but transmitted a message to Li Fuchen .

“Same here . ” Li Fuchen spoke indifferently .

The duo didn’t offer any assistance . The Violet Star Mountains was filled with danger and there would be plenty of killings later on . Since the trio wasn’t in danger, it was a perfect chance for them to temper their combat skills .

The battle continued for over one hour and Liang Tianyu was the first to break the stalemate .

The outside of his body was spiraling with a whirlwind as he had obviously activated the core nimble wind power . With a sweep of his rod, one of the weaker Soul Hunting Group members was sent flying and turned into a bloody mess . He executed another valiant rod move and with multiple rod shadows, another three Soul Hunting Group members were sent flying too . In just a moment, only three of the seven enemies were left standing .

Immediately after, An Xinmei burst forth next .

An Xinmei wasn’t as strong as Liang Tianyu mainly because she didn’t activate any extraordinary power . But she had sharp and delicate saber art . As time elapsed, her saber art’s fatality started to become prominent . It was like needle pricks that left delicate saber wounds on the enemies .

Du Qing’s situation was similar to An Xinmei . He was an inner institute cadet from the South Forest Martial Institution after all and had high perception of combat . He started off being unable to adapt but he gradually got used to it and started a formidable counterattack .


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Seeing that they were losing out and that their leader and vice-leaders were dead, none of them dared to continue the combat and started to scuttle in all directions .


With a brandish of his sword, Li Fuchen shot out thousands of sword lights .

With a strike of his palm, Zhao Han’s palm force extended into the air .

In the blink of the eye, this dark hunter group was annihilated, none was left alive .

“Fortunately, it was a small-scaled dark hunter group . ” An Xinmei rejoiced .

She knew clearly that if the team didn’t have either Zhao Han or Li Fuchen, the five of them might not be annihilated but it was possible that half of them would perish .

After eliminating the Soul Hunting Group, they started to split the rewards .

As Zhao Han and Li Fuchen contributed the most, they would each receive 30% of the rewards .

As for those armors and weapons, everyone estimated the value . Those who didn’t want the pieces of equipment would obtain more spirit stones, of course, it was a little lower than the market rate . After all, selling items would require time and effort too .

For example, that class 5 peak-tier demon core that Li Fuchen obtained previously would be estimated to be around 700 low-grade spirit stones . Li Fuchen didn’t wish to keep it and chose 350 low-grade spirit stones .

Of course, this demon core’s value should be more than 700 low-grade spirit stones . Those who picked the demon core would definitely earn a little more .

“Earning 8000 low-grade spirit stones in just a few days . This speed is rather fast . ”

After the distribution of the rewards, Li Fuchen was rather satisfied .

An Xinmei and the others were also very satisfied . This small dark hunter group had provided them over 20,000 low-grade spirit stones . It was simply a windfall .

If they could annihilate a medium-scale dark hunter group, the rewards might be more than 100 thousand low-grade spirit stones . Of course, with their current strength, if they encountered a medium-scale dark hunter group, they would run as far as possible and wouldn’t dare provoke them .

The huge reward had caused the five to be rather ambitious as each of them wanted to each a few tens of thousands of low-grade spirit stones before they left .

Li Fuchen had the same idea too .

Soon enough, the five had already explored the Violet Star Mountains for over a dozen days .

Li Fuchen had earn over 10,000 low-grade spirit stones . For the past few days, the rate of earning the spirit stones were much lesser . After all, it was impossible to encounter another small-scale dark hunter group .

A few days passed by in an instant and the five were at a small lake for a short rest .

“Do you guys smell a medicinal fragrance?” An Xinmei sniffed with her nose and suddenly asked .

“There is a medicinal fragrance!” As a Reincarnation Realm body refinement martial artist, Li Fuchen’s senses were much more sensitive than everyone else . His sense of smell was naturally stronger and he could make out that this medicinal fragrance wasn’t just from one type of herb but countless types of herbs .

“Look over there . ”

Du Qing pointed a few miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters on the opposite side of the lake and said with a shocked voice .

Everyone looked over .

A few miles away, there were dazzling colors that were dreamy and illusionary . Clouds and mist were twisting around, making it like a colorful sunset .

“It is the waves of an array and medicinal herb’s spirit qi . ” Li Fuchen said in an astonished tone .

The Violet Star Mountains was the demonic beasts’ territory and it was obviously strange for arrays to exist .

“Let’s go over . ”

Zhao Han’s body flashed as he flew over rapidly .

Li Fuchen and the others followed behind closely .

A short moment later, the five arrived in front of a valley .

This valley was locked up deep inside clouds and mist . It was obvious that a disguise array had been set up but this disguise array seemed to have weakened over the years and revealed a gap, allowing the medicinal spirit qi to seep out and affect the surrounding environment .




Before the five could make a move, a huge commotion could be heard from all directions . The ground was shaking frenziedly and it seemed like countless demonic beasts were sprinting over here .

“The demonic beasts have been attracted . We have to think of a method to enter . ”

An Xinmei waved her hands and wanted to use the palm wind to scatter the mist but it was a waste of effort . This mist looked surreal but when the palm wind blew over, the mist tumbled but it increased instead of scattering .

“Follow me . ”

Li Fuchen scanned with his awareness and quickly found the loophole of the array before he entered the mist .

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