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Chapter 404

Ultimately, things didn’t go as the Su Clan’s plan . They were only able to obtain the Zhang Clan’s spirit stone ore vein .

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The Luo Clan might have gained nothing, but the upper echelons of the Luo Clan didn’t mind .

That newly discovered spirit stone ore vein was the root of the Luo Clan and nothing else was more important .

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and Luo Yan didn’t leave the Luo Clan immediately . After progressing to the Reincarnation Realm, Li Fuchen intended to push the Ardent Sun Divine Technique to the 24th rank before returning to the South Forest Martial Institution .

Of course, Li Fuchen merely stayed in the Luo Clan for three days .

Three days later, the Ardent Sun Divine Technique had naturally broken through to the 24th rank .

After reaching the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm, Li Fuchen didn’t get receive a great boost in strength, the cultivation of his earth class technique wasn’t sluggish anymore .

Cultivation techniques were separated into heaven, earth, mystic, and yellow class . Each class corresponded to two realms .

The yellow class cultivation techniques corresponded to the Qi Training Realm and the Origin Return Realm .

The mystic class cultivation techniques corresponded to the Earth Shatter Realm and the Heaven Dipper Realm .

The earth class cultivation techniques corresponded to the Reincarnation Realm and the Battle Spirit Realm .

As for the heaven class cultivation techniques, they corresponded to the Primary Sea Realm and higher realms .

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Li Fuchen might have a heaven-defying perception, but his cultivation realm wasn’t enough previously .

With the same level of perception, how could a Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist be able to comprehend earth class techniques faster than a Reincarnation Realm martial artist?

With the cultivation level at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm and the Ardent Sun Divine Technique at the 24th rank, Li Fuchen’s qi was doubled in power and his qi intensity wasn’t inferior to a 4th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist .

It also meant that Li Fuchen was able to contest against a regular 4th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist, purely with his qi burst .

But Li Fuchen knew that there weren’t plenty of regular Reincarnation Realm martial artists .

The Seven Color Continent wasn’t the East Unicorn Continent . There were innumerable earth class manuals in this place and as long as one had the fated opportunity, they would be able to obtain an earth class cultivation technique . The Black Mountain Old Devil was just evildoer at the 4th level Reincarnation . He didn’t have any background but was still able to cultivate the earth class low-tier evil dao technique, Devil Wind Divine Technique .

In fact, most of the high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artists were cultivation earth class cultivation techniques . After all, most of the Reincarnation Realm martial artists in the Seven Color Continent only had 4-star bone frames . With the support of an earth class cultivation technique, it was hard for them to reach the high-levels of Reincarnation Realm .

Unlike the East Unicorn Continent, those who were able to reach the Reincarnation Realm would have at least 5-star bone frames or 6-star bone frames . It was a pity that the environment was inferior and without earth class cultivation techniques, they had been stuck in the Reincarnation Realm .

As the Ardent Sun Divine Technique broke through to the 24th rank, Li Fuchen’s qi foundation wasn’t inferior to his body refinement foundation anymore .

Both were at regular 4th level Reincarnation Realm .

But the qi cultivation had plenty of methods to enhance the strength, there was the palm art, sword art, blazing fire bone frame, blazing fire power, even the Nine Revolution Purple Cloud Divine Technique pattern and the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern could greatly enhance the qi cultivation strength .

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As for the body refinement side, Li Fuchen only had the mystic class high-tier fist art, the Metal Bone Fist to use . It was truly inferior .

“After I return, I have to enhance my body refinement and also look for a higher-tiered body refinement martial art . ”

Li Fuchen might be the dean’s in-room cadet, but he was still an outer institute cadet and it wouldn’t be nice for him to ask for one . After he returned, he would be promoted to the inner institute and it shouldn’t be hard to look for a mystic class peak-tier body refinement martial art .

He just didn’t know if the South Forest Martial Institution had any earth class body refinement martial art .

The Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters was an earth class high-tier body refinement technique and was superior to the Ardent Sun Divine Technique . Li Fuchen obviously wouldn’t neglect his body refinement, in fact, it would be fine if he focused on it more .

With the class 4 Unicorn Wildebeests, Li Fuchen and Luo Yan took just a few days to rush back to the South Forest Martial Institution .

After knowing that Li Fuchen had progressed to the Reincarnation Realm, the dean personally visited Li Fuchen .

The dean originally assumed that Wang Heilong who had the 6-star darkness bone frame would make it into the Reincarnation Realm first . He didn’t think that Li Fuchen would take the lead, making him regard Li Fuchen with even more importance .

“Normally, when an inner institute cadet enters the inner institute, they can pick an earth class low-tier martial art . You are my in-room cadet, hence, you can pick an earth class mid-tier martial art . ” The white-robed dean smiled and said .

Li Fuchen wasn’t interested in earth class mid-tier martial arts . With the Green Sun Sword Intent and the Ardent Sun Divine Palm, he didn’t really require an earth class mid-tier martial art . He would only be interested if it was the earth class high-tier martial arts .

“Mentor, is there any body refinement martial arts?” Li Fuchen inquired .

“That is true . With the Ardent Sun Divine Palm and the Green Sun Sword Intent, it is a little wasteful for you to pick an earth class mid-tier martial art . Our institution certainly has body refinement martial arts, but they are all in the inner institute . Follow me . ”

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As the dean brought Li Fuchen to the tall tower in the center of the outer institute .

This tower was called the South Forest Tower and it was connected to the inner institute, which was also the South Forest Martial Institution’s hidden domain .

The South Forest Tower was glowing with green light and when the duo entered, they arrived at a mystical spatial zone .

The heaven and earth qi in the mystical spatial zone was excessively concentrated . It was even more concentrated than the east unicorn continent’s Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain and even more concentrated than Grandmaster Ever Youth’s Everlasting Youth Garden . With every breath, Li Fuchen felt the tumbling qi entering his body and exiting his pores .

They were constantly cleansing Li Fuchen’s constitution .

Only half the effort was required to cultivate in this place and the body constitution would be transformed at the same time . If a practitioner was to live in this place for eight or ten years, both the body and the spirit soul would certainly evolve .

“This is the South Forest Hidden Domain?” This was Li Fuchen’s first time entering the South Forest Hidden Domain .

It was said that this hidden domain was discovered by the South Forest Martial Institution’s first dean . He then constructed the martial institution in this place and executed a great divine ability to reconstruct the South Forest Hidden Domain, turning it into the foundation of the South Forest Martial Institution .

The first dean of the South Forest Martial Institution was a half-step monarch .

Half-step monarchs might not be as powerful as Primary Sea Realm monarchs who could control a portion of the heaven and earth’s power of nature, but it was still possible for half-step monarchs to borrow the power of nature .

In the Violet Flower Kingdom’s Master Rankings, there were a few half-step monarchs .

These people were individuals with absolute power in the Master Rankings . Even if the others were able to develop incredible divine abilities, they were far inferior to these half-step monarchs .

After all, in the face of heaven and earth’s power of nature, no divine ability or martial art would be effective .

In the inner institute, there was also a secret manual tower .  

The guardian of the secret manual tower was an inner institute elder . When the elder saw the dean arriving, he quickly stood up to welcome .

“Elder Gao, this child is Li Fuchen and he is my in-room cadet . I have brought him here to pick an earth class low-tier body refinement martial art . ” The dean said .

Body refinement martial arts were much rarer than qi cultivation martial arts . In terms of value, an earth class low-tier body refinement martial art was the same value as an earth class mid-tier martial art . Since Li Fuchen wasn’t going to pick an earth class mid-tier martial art, he could simply pick an earth class low-tier body refinement martial art .

“So he is the Dean’s in-room cadet . ” Elder Gao nodded and sized up Li Fuchen .

“Li Fuchen cupped his fist and said, “Greetings to Elder Gao . ”

“Enter and make your pick!” The dean waved his hand .

In response, Li Fuchen walked towards the second floor of the secret manual tower .

After Li Fuchen left, Elder Gao said, “Dean, this child is rather extraordinary . He doesn’t only have the qi and body double cultivation, he has reached Reincarnation Realm for both . ”

The dean smiled with satisfaction and replied, “He is rather extraordinary . But it will be up to him as to how far he can go . ”

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