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Chapter 403

Luo Zhan’s face had changed .

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The Su Clan had a huge appetite and had actually coveted for the newly discovered spirit stone ore vein .

Putting aside the fact that this ore vein could produce one or two thousand low-grade spirit stones, just the fact that middle-grade spirit stones could be excavated, it was impossible for Luo Clan to give it up .

“Clan Head Su, my Luo Clan is willing to give up Zhang Clan’s spirit stone ore vein . In addition, my Luo Clan is willing to offer another 10,000 low-grade spirit stones to the Su Clan . As for the newly discovered ore vein, my Luo Clan wishes to excavate it ourselves . ” In order to preserve his clan’s spirit stone ore vein, Luo Zhan had no choice but to sacrifice greatly .  

He believed that this was sufficient . After all, the Su Clan did nothing and was able to obtain a spirit stone ore vein and 10,000 low-grade spirit stones .

“What? Does your Luo Clan wishes to defy my Su Clan?” Su Hao’s narrowed his eyes .

If it was in the past, this condition was considered very generous, but now, the Su Clan was determined to obtain that newly discovered spirit stone ore vein .

“Clan Head Su, my Luo Clan naturally doesn’t dare to defy the Su Clan, but…” Luo Zhan wanted to say something else .

“There is not but . Does your Luo Clan wishes to defy my Su Clan?” Su Hao behaved in an overbearing attitude .

“So what if they defy the Su Clan?” Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist walked out along with Patriarch Luo and Luo Yan .

“You are the one that killed the Black Mountain Old Devil? Do you know who are you speaking to?”

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Su Hao looked at Li Fuchen . Li Fuchen was just too young and so young that Su Hao lost a little confidence .

If he had such strength at such a young age, it was impossible for Li Fuchen to not have any background .

But when thinking that the Su Clan was the city lord clan and the city lord clan was the official’s clan . It didn’t matter how powerful Li Fuchen’s background was, his Su Clan didn’t have to be apprehensive .

“Where does your confidence come from as a mere city lord clan?”

Putting aside the fact that Li Fuchen was the dean’s in-room cadet, even if he wasn’t, he didn’t fear the Su Clan and didn’t fear Su Hao . In this world, it was a world where the strong feast on the weak . As long as he didn’t kill Su Hao and didn’t extinguish the Su Clan, the Violet Flower Kingdom wouldn’t do anything to him . After all, there were too many city lord clans and if every city lord clans were to make use of the name of the Violet Flower Kingdom to behave with restraint, the entire Violet Flower Kingdom would be in constant unrest .

As the city lord clan, the Su Clan was considered to be the sky of the Rushing Current City . Could he not have authority over Li Fuchen’s head?


Su Hao was enraged . His burst out with qi presence, stunning field power, and technique intent to suppress Li Fuchen .

“You are the one that is impudent!”

As the dragon elephant power in Li Fuchen’s body was activated, the Giant Elephant Spirit rushed into the sky and instantly pushed Su Hao’s qi presence back . When the giant elephant trumpeted, Su Hao’s entire body was shaking .

“Such imposing power!”

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Patriarch Luo was shocked as he didn’t think that Li Fuchen’s qi presence would be so powerful . In the face of this imposing qi presence, he felt that he couldn’t move with ease .

“This is the true Li Fuchen . ”

Luo Yan knew clearly that Li Fuchen’s body refinement was as formidable as his qi cultivation . From the start, Li Fuchen’s body refinement was his main strength .

It wasn’t over yet . After bursting out with the Giant Elephant Spirit, Li Fuchen’s Ardent Sun Divine Technique was circulating and the blazing fire power surged out . Another formidable qi presence burst out that wasn’t inferior to the Giant Elephant Spirit and stacked together before suppressing Su Hao .

Su Hao was already losing out to the Giant Elephant Spirit . With another qi presence bursting out, he couldn’t help but turn pale and felt his body was several times heavier .

“Qi and body double cultivation!” Su Hao was appalled .

Qi and body double cultivation, furthermore, both had reached the Reincarnation Realm . Su Hao had never seen nor heard such heavenly prodigy .

“I cannot contest with him in qi presence . I have already cultivated the earth class low-tier martial art, Golden Cloud Palm to the trance stage and my strength is one whole level stronger than the Black Mountain Old Devil . I don’t believe that I cannot deal with him . ” Su Hao’s mind flashed with a thought . His right hand grew bright with golden radiance as he launched a golden cloud at Li Fuchen .

With the support of the Golden Cloud Field and the Golden Cloud Palm Intent, Su Hao finally broke Li Fuchen’s qi presence and qi suppression, making his body much more comfortable .

“Ardent Sun Divine Palm!”

Li Fuchen didn’t retreat or give way . His right hand turned into a small sun and clashed with Su Hao .

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“Not good . ”

Patriarch Luo quickly controlled the array to envelop Li Fuchen and Su Hao .

The Luo Clan’s defensive array was an array that the Luo Clan paid an expensive price to invite a class 5 Array Master to setup . As a clan protection array, it wasn’t only able to defend enemies from the outside, it could also be used to suppress enemies on the inside . Normally, it would only require qi from heaven and earth . But if there was a formidable enemy attacking, the array could be enhanced with spirit stones . The Black Mountain Old Devil was unable to destroy this array for several days because the Luo Clan didn’t hesitate to use the spirit stones in their vault to toughen the array’s defense .


There was a burst of radiance as Su Hao’s entire body flew out . With Patriarch Luo’s control, Su Hao flew through the array and landed outside the Luo Clan .

Li Fuchen swayed a little but had a normal expression .

This was the benefit of cultivating the physique, it was easy to offset the powerful aftershocks . Otherwise, in terms of palm strength, Li Fuchen was comparable to Su Hao as Su Hao was one level stronger than the Black Mountain Old Devil and would be almost the same as a regular 8th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist . When Li Fuchen stacked his qi cultivation and body refinement together, his pure palm strength was also at the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm .


Li Fuchen’s body flickered and he passed through the array and landed outside the Luo Clan .

Forcefully suppressing the violent qi and blood aftershocks, Su Hao had an extremely gloomy face .

Li Fuchen’s palm strength wasn’t stronger than him, but Li Fuchen was a body refinement martial artist and could easily offset aftershocks . If Su Hao wasn’t wearing earth class low-tier gloves, he would suffer minor injuries from that palm strike earlier .

Su Hao might be wearing earth class low-tier glove, Li Fuchen was also wearing earth class low-tier gloves .

Li Fuchen’s gloves were obtained from the Black Mountain Old Devil . He was a swordsman and surely wasn’t willing to spend 2000 low-grade spirit stones to purchase gloves .

“Clan Head Su, your Su Clan might be the city lord clan, but you only govern the Rushing Current City and you cannot control me . Furthermore, my mentor is the South Forest Martial Institution’s Dean . Do you think it is necessary to control this battle?”

As Li Fuchen talked, he drew the Scarlet Blood Sword .

In terms of palm strength, he was at the regular 8th level Reincarnation Realm . In terms of sword art, he was at the regular 9th level Reicarnation Realm .

With his current strength, even if he returned to the East Unicorn Continent, he would be considered an elite expert . Of course, before he reached the pinnacle of the East Unicorn Continent, he wouldn’t consider returning . Su Hao was only a 4th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist, but the Evil King was a peak level Reincarnation Realm martial artist . Su Hao had earth class low-tier cultivation technique and martial art, so did the Evil King . However, the Evil King had unknown trump cards as no one was able to force him to use them .

Apart from the Evil King, there was the sovereigns of the Demonic Ten Regions, the class 5 demons of the Demonic Ten Regions, the Supreme Elders of the top ten elite sects, and the Evil King’s left and right hand, the Blood Ancestor and the Extreme Yin Ancestor . Those people were all stronger than Li Fuchen .

As for the Nine Revolution Purple Cloud Divine Technique pattern and the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern, those were all external power and Li Fuchen reckoned that they would vanish after a few more usage . They couldn’t be considered trump cards .

“It turns out that this sire is the in-room cadet of the South Forest Martial Institution’s Dean . I have been rude . ”

Su Hao’s face changed multiple times before he finally smiled .

Be it Li Fuchen’s strength or background, they were far beyond Su Hao’s imagination . He had to give in and he couldn’t help but feel frustrated as the Luo Clan had actually found such a huge backer .

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