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Chapter 401

“Father, if the Black Mountain Old Devil isn’t a match for him, what should we do?”

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The Zhang Clan Head, Zhang Yun wasn’t able to make a decision, hence, he sought advice from Patriarch Zhang Kun .

Zhang Kun had a gloomy expression while he replied, “The Black Mountain Old Devil is one of the Black Mountain Great Devils, he must have other hidden strength . Let’s wait and see . ”

This time, their Zhang Clan had fallen out completely against the Luo Clan . If the Black Mountain Old Devil was defeated, the Zhang Clan wouldn’t have a place in Rushing Current City anymore . Right now, it was still unknown if the two of them could leave this place alive .

The Black Mountain Old Devil wasn’t able to put up any resistance against Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s sword lights . His body was covered with sword wounds and every wound had intensive scorch and explosive marks . If it was a regular 7th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist, he would have suffered severe injuries and perished .

But the Black Mountain Old Devil still managed to survive .

It was obvious that this Black Mountain Old Devil still a trump card .


The Black Mountain Old Devil yelled out and his sword wounds quickly recovered . The charred marks were swiftly fading as though he didn’t suffer any injuries .

“How is this possible?” Inside the defensive array, Luo Zhan was flabbergasted .

There were methods of instant recovery on the Seven Color Continent . But in normal reasonings, the Black Mountain Old Devil shouldn’t have been able to possess something like this .

If the Black Mountain Old Devil possessed the greenwood bone frame and was able to activate the greenwood power, he would be able to use the greenwood power to recover his injuries . Or if the Black Mountain Old Devil cultivated an extremely formidable recovery-type cultivation technique, he would be able to do the same thing .

But from what Luo Zhan knew, it was impossible for the Black Mountain Old Devil to possess the greenwood bone frame and it was also impossible for him to possess an incredible recovery-type cultivation technique .

“It’s a recovery-type secret technique?” Li Fuchen immediately thought about secret techniques .

Back then, Li Fuchen had also obtained a 3-star secret technique, Life Fountain Technique, but it would exhaust the practitioner’s vitality . Therefore, Li Fuchen had never used it before and it was fortunate that he didn’t have the chance to use it .

The Black Mountain Old Devil’s secret technique looked to have a much better effect than the Life Fountain Technique . It must be at least a 4-star secret technique, it might possibly be a 5-star secret technique .

“Hehe, even if you injure me a few dozens time, you will not be able to kill me . ” The Black Mountain Old Devil grinned and laughed .

The recovery-type secret technique that he executed was indeed a 5-star secret technique and it was called Blood Eon Release .

Every time the Blood Eon Release was activated, it would consume a certain amount of qi strength . But he was a 5th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist and had plenty of qi strength . Furthermore, in order to properly use the Blood Eon Release, he had especially cultivated a mystic class peak-tier body refinement technique, allowing him to have even more qi strength . Without considering the fact that his qi strength was low, he was able to execute the Blood Eon Release for a few dozen times .

“A few dozen times uh? I wonder if the injury is worse, can you still execute it for a few dozen times?”

Li Fuchen’s eyes burst with radiance as he executed the Green Sun Absolution .

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A pillar of light launched out and it was so fast that the Black Mountain Old Devil couldn’t even react in time .

Visible to the naked eye, the Black Mountain Old Devil’s flesh was swiftly eroding .

This was the destructive effect when the sword lights were overly concentrated .


The Black Mountain Old Devil let out a mournful roar .

Li Fuchen’s sword move was too powerful . This pillar of light contained an unbelievable number of sword lights .

As the pillar of light flashed passed, the Black Mountain Old Devil’s entire body got shaved down and he was blackened like charcoal .

“Blood Eon Release . ”

The charred parts fell off and the flesh grew back . The Black Mountain Old Devil’s body was back to normal but he had an extremely gloomy expression .

The execution of the Blood Eon Release this time had consumed many times more qi strength than the previous time . Even if he didn’t die after a few more sword moves, his qi strength would be exhausted .

“You are the one that forced me to do this . ”

The Black Mountain Old Devil retrieved a fist-sized metallic sphere from his storage back . He poured his qi in and tossed it at Li Fuchen .


Li Fuchen furrowed his brows as he could feel shocking power from the metallic sphere .

Once this power exploded, it could blast a group of Reincarnation Realm martial artists to death .

Scanning with his awareness, Li Fuchen noticed that Luo Yan and the two Unicorn Wildebeests had entered the Luo Clan’s defensive array .


Without having to worry about the consequences, Li Fuchen used his sword to explode the metallic sphere .


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A dazzling sphere of light emerged . On the circumference of the sphere of light, there was a halo too .

The halo had an unstoppable force and extended in all directions . Even Li Fuchen couldn’t withstand it and was thrown back .

When Li Fuchen was sent flying, the halo expanded at rapid speed and instantly caught up to Li Fuchen .

“This is the Meteorite Bomb . Even high-leveled Reicarnation Realm martial artists would be easily blasted to death . That child is definitely dead . ” Zhang Yun immediately recognized the metallic sphere and couldn’t help but smile .

The Meteorite Bomb was an extremely formidable firearm . A single bomb cost at least 10,000 low-grade spirit stones . Zhang Yun didn’t expect that the Black Mountain Old Devil actually had one .

“That child is dead for sure . But the low-grade spirit stones that we promised the Black Mountain Old Devil will probably be doubled . ” Zhang Kun shook his head .

In response, Zhang Yun’s expression didn’t look too good . They had promised the Black Mountain Old Devil a sky-high reward and if it was doubled, even the entire Luo Clan’s vault might not be enough .

The power of the Meteorite Bomb was too powerful, everyone in the Luo Clan had a ghastly pale expression while Luo Yan nearly fainted . She was the one that requested Li Fuchen’s help and if Li Fuchen perished, she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself for this lifetime .

“Is he dead?”

As the sphere of light gradually faded, the Black Mountain Old Devil scanned with his eyes and awareness to search for Li Fuchen’s whereabouts .

He had spent 15,000 low-grade spirit stones to purchase this Meteorite Bomb and it was his greatest trump card .

One had to understand that 15,000 low-grade spirit stones could already purchase two earth class low-tier artifact armors . However, he didn’t even have one earth class low-tier artifact armor .

It wasn’t because he couldn’t afford it, there was just too many usages for low-grade spirit stones . He didn’t have the same way of thinking as others, he believed that he had to increase his strength first before anything else . Otherwise, even if he possessed the earth class low-tier armor, when he encountered a superior enemy, he would only be able to delay the time of his death .

Furthermore, he was extremely confident about his 5-star secret technique, the Blood Eon Release . He believed that he could use this secret technique to survive and take the opportunity to escape .

Had it not been for the generous reward this time, he wouldn’t want to waste this Meteorite Bomb .


The remnants of the flaming halo was split open and Li Fuchen reappeared .

As compared to before, Li Fuchen didn’t receive any damage .

“Impossible, how can you survive the Meteorite Bomb?” The Black Mountain Old Devil roared out and nearly vomited blood .

“Why isn’t it possible?” Li Fuchen smiled faintly .

With the earth class mid-tier armor, the Silver Scale Armor, his defense was might tougher than the Black Mountain Old Devil had imagined . Moreover, the Meteorite Bomb didn’t explode in front of Li Fuchen . If it had exploded right in front of Li Fuchen, he might have been injured .

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Of course, that was just an estimate . It was unknown if he would suffer any injuries .

After all, earth class mid-tier armors were too rare . Even the most ordinary one would need tens of thousands of low-grade spirit stones to purchase, that’s if there was any availability .

When Li Fuchen just arrived at the Seven Color Continent, he wasn’t able to utilize his qi and wasn’t able to bring out the defensive power of the Silver Scale Armor . Now that he had the nine revolution qi, Li Fuchen was able to exhibit at least 50% of the Silver Scale Armor’s defenses . Withstanding the power of the Meteorite Bomb wasn’t that difficult .

“He didn’t die?” Zhang Yun and Zhang Kun were dumbfounded . Their hearts developed an intense fear .

“That is great . ” Everyone in the Luo Clan let out a breath of relief .

“Flee!” Without thinking about anything else, the Black Mountain Old Devil retreated and fled frantically .

He had already used the Meteorite Bomb and no longer had any trump cards that could threaten Li Fuchen .

Staying behind would only mean death .

“Are you able to escape?” Li Fuchen had cold and stern eyes .

Originally, Li Fuchen didn’t intend to use the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern because he didn’t wish to expose too much power that didn’t belong to him .

If he knew that the Black Mountain Old Devil had the Meteorite Bomb, Li Fuchen wouldn’t have reserved himself and used a single sword move to kill his opponent .

“Clear Sky Sword Art . ”

Li Fuchen brandished his sword and the horrific Nine Revolution Purple Cloud Field and the Clear Sky Sword Art Field ignored the distance in between and instantly enveloped the Black Mountain Old Devil . Immediately after, a majestic sword light slashed across the Black Mountain Old Devil’s body .

(TL note: Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique will be changed to Nine Revolution Purple Cloud Divine Technique . It was a translation mistake I made . Apologies . )

Pfff! Chi!

The Black Mountain Old Devil’s figure burst into a mist of blood and there wasn’t any corpse left behind .

“The Black Mountain Old Devil died just like that?”

Luo Zhan and Patriarch Luo looked at each other with stunned expressions . Li Fuchen’s strength was overly shocking! He was only at the peak level of Heaven Dipper Realm now . If he progressed to the Reincarnation Realm, wouldn’t he be able to kill Reincarnation Realm martial artists like slaughtering a chicken? A single sword move was enough for him to kill one .

“Strange . Why didn’t Li Fuchen reveal this strength at the Listed Competition?” Luo Yan felt very strange .

If Li Fuchen had exposed this strength, he didn’t need to struggle against Di Jun . Not even ten Di Jun would be able to withstand Li Fuchen’s sword move .

“Perhaps, this is his secret . ” Luo Yan thought in her heart .


Zhang Yun and Zhang Kun were horrified and were preparing to leave .

“Since I am helping, I shall do a thorough job . The two of you shall die too!”

Li Fuchen didn’t even need to use the Clear Sky Sword Art and the Nine Revolution Purple Cloud Divine Technique to deal with Zhang Yun and Zhang Kun . He brandished his sword and hundreds of sword lights burst out .

Pfff Pfff Pfff…

Zhang Yun and Zhang Kun were punctured throughout their entire bodies and their qi presences had vanished .

Reaching out, Li Fuchen used a suction force to bring the three deceased individuals’ storage bags over .

These three storage bags should have some low-grade spirit stones .

He might have exchanged the concoction furnace for 50,000 low-grade spirit stones from Grandmaster Ever Youth, but in order to return to the East Unicorn Continent, he would need to use up at least 100,000 low-grade spirit stones . To Li Fuchen, having more low-grade spirit stones was naturally a good thing .

“Many thanks to Young Hero Li for saving us . The Luo Clan shall do anything for Young Hero Li in the future . ”

Luo Clan’s defensive array was released, while Luo Zhan and others walked over . Luo Zhan and Patriarch Luo bowed and spoke with sincerity .

Li Fuchen said, “There is no need to thank me . Now that the Zhang Clan’s two strongest Reincarnation Realm martial artists are dead, you simply have to split half the Zhang Clan’s low-grade spirit stones to me . ”

Li Fuchen was in great need of low-grade spirit stones . Furthermore, he might not have as many chances to obtain low-grade spirit stones in the future . Every little amount was significant .

Patriarch Luo immediately replied, “All of Zhang Clan’s spirit stones should belong to Young Hero Li . In addition, our Luo Clan is also willing to offer a portion of spirit stones to compensate Young Hero Li’s losses . ”

The Zhang Clan probably had a substantial number of low-grade spirit stones, but the most valuable thing was the spirit stone ore vein that the Zhang Clan controlled . It was a pity that the spirit stone ore vein needed time to be slowly excavated . It was impossible for a change to happen immediately . However, the Luo Clan naturally couldn’t take advantage, therefore, they intended to pay out of their pockets to compensate Li Fuchen with low-grade spirit stones .

“Many thanks then . ”

Since the Luo Clan had made the suggestion, Li Fuchen had no reason to refuse additional spirit stones .

“Young Hero Li, please enter . Our Luo Clan still has treasures to offer as gifts . ” Patriarch Luo spoke with hospitality .

“Treasures?” Li Fuchen was rather surprised and immediately followed the Luo Clan inside .

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