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Chapter 399

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist naturally wasn’t the reincarnate of an old monster . With the golden talisman, let alone a Battle Spirit Realm master, even a Primary Sea Realm monarch would have to perish if they tried taking over Li Fuchen’s body .

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Li Fuchen was able to activate the blazing fire power and increase the amount of blazing fire power was completely due to his exceptional awareness .

His awareness was comparable to Battle Spirit Realm masters and this was just an estimate .

To be truthful, Li Fuchen didn’t know what level has his awareness reached . It might be at the Battle Spirit Realm, it might be at the peak level of Battle Spirit Realm, it might even be at the Primary Sea Realm .

But Li Fuchen wasn’t a Battle Spirit Realm master and his spirit soul had yet to give birth to a true spirit, thus, he was unable to utilize his awareness to the limits . It was just like a child wielding a large saber and because he didn’t have enough strength, he wasn’t able to wield it properly .

As the blazing fire power poured into the blazing fire patterns, Li Fuchen couldn’t help but start the comprehension of the profound blazing fire patterns .

Time elapsed slowly…

Li Fuchen was extremely stunned .

The mystics contained in the blazing fire patterns were too abstruse . Li Fuchen felt that comprehending 10% of the mystics would allow him to have ten times the speed in blazing fire power extraction . If he could comprehend 50% of the mystics, he would be able to awaken the blazing fire divine ability .

“Grandmaster Ever Youth is still at the side . I better stop the comprehension for now . ”

After withdrawing from the bone frame spatial zone, Li Fuchen opened his eyes .

“You activated the blazing fire power already?” Grandmaster Ever Youth questioned immediately .

Li Fuchen nodded, “Yes . ”

“Prodigy . I, Grandmaster Ever Youth finally knows what is a true prodigy!” If a person who had just possessed the extraordinary bone frame was able to activate the extraordinary power wasn’t a prodigy, then Grandmaster Ever Youth would be a fool . He was only able to activate the greenwood power when he was at the high-levels of Reincarnation Realm .

It wasn’t shocking if that was the only thing . Not only was Li Fuchen able to activate the blazing fire power, but he was also able to control the blazing fire power . He could channel the blazing fire power through the blazing fire patterns to increase the extraction speed of the blazing fire power .

It was the same as a person who held the sword for the first time and was able to self-learn a sword move . It was simply heaven-defying .

Grandmaster Ever Youth was even trying to guess when would Li Fuchen awaken the blazing fire divine ability . Would he do it at the low-levels of Reincarnation Realm or the mid-levels of Reincarnation Realm?

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Most of the special bone frame possessors weren’t able to awaken the divine abilities when they were at the low and mid-levels of Reincarnation Realm . It was mainly because the patterns on the bone frame were too difficult to comprehend .

But Li Fuchen was overwhelming with talent and he might just be able to do it .

“Grandmaster, I have a concoction furnace with me . I wonder if it will interest Grandmaster . ” Li Fuchen shifted the topic and retrieved the concoction furnace that he obtained from the Black Sky Sect Ruins .

Grandmaster Ever Youth was a Concoction Grandmaster and when the Black Sky Sect were at their prime, there was one Primary Sea Realm monarch and plenty of Battle Spirit Realm masters . This concoction furnace should be something that Grandmaster Ever Youth would value .

“Oh? What kind of concoction furnace?” Grandmaster Ever Youth wasn’t interested at first . But after taking a glance at the concoction furnace that Li Fuchen retrieved, his eyes flashed with surprise .

After looking at it carefully, Grandmaster Ever Youth let out a breath and said, “This is a superior class 5 concoction furnace and it does have some uses to me . ”

The higher the grade of the concoction furnace, the stronger the stability of the concocted elixirs .

Generally, a Battle Spirit Realm master should be matched with a class 6 concoction furnace . It was a pity that concoction furnaces were too difficult to produce . Among the ten great Concoction Grandmasters in the Violet Flower Kingdom, only the no . 1 Grandmaster Violet Flower possessed a class 6 concoction furnace . As for the others, with Grandmaster Ever Youth included, there was only a few superior class 5 concoction furnaces .

For Concoction Masters, more concoction furnaces would actually be beneficial as different concoction furnaces would produce elixirs with different effects .

“This concoction furnace has considerable value but it shouldn’t exceed 50,000 low-grade spirit stones . Take this . ” Grandmaster Ever Youth handed a storage bag to Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen’s heart jolted after knowing this concoction furnace had such a high value . It looked like he had underestimated the value of this concoction furnace .

Li Fuchen received the storage bag without any hesitation . He didn’t want Grandmaster Ever Youth to assume that he was trying to return the favor with this concoction furnace . Using 50,000 low-grade spirit stones to return Grandmaster Ever Youth’s favor was simply belittling him . If Li Fuchen insisted on rejected the spirit stones, he would only cause dissatisfaction to the grandmaster .

After seeing Li Fuchen accepting the low-grade spirit stones, Grandmaster Ever Youth smiled . He felt that Li Fuchen was extremely intelligent and people like him would generally be able to achieve great things .

The duo mingled for a moment longer before Li Fuchen bid farewell .

Li Fuchen still had to familiarize himself with the blazing fire bone frame and how to use the blazing fire power .

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South Forest Martial Institution… Inside Li Fuchen’s courtyard .


Li Fuchen’s qi exploded when he circulated the Ardent Sun Divine Technique at full power .

In a split second, Li Fuchen was just like the sun that burst forth with inexhaustible radiance and heat .

“Without activating the blazing fire power, my qi burst power has been enhanced by 5% . ” Li Fuchen’s face flashed with delight .

The blazing fire bone frame had an obvious enhancement for the ardent sun qi . He only had the 4-star blazing fire bone frame . If he had the 5-star or 6-star blazing fire bone frame, the enhancement in strength would be even more significant .

“I shall try how much enhancement would the blazing fire power have towards my qi . ” Li Fuchen thought in his mind and burst out with blazing fire power .

If the ardent sun qi was the radiance emitted by the sun, then the blazing fire power was the sun itself . As Li Fuchen burst forth with blazing fire power, his entire body was the sun and it was entirely red in the center . The temperature increased significantly and the array that enveloped the practice ground was shaking .

“My qi burst power has been enhanced by 30% . ” Li Fuchen was surging with emotions .

The enhancement by 5% and 30% were both extremely astounding .

At the Everlasting Youth Garden, Li Fuchen might have defeated Leng Feng, but in actual fact, he was only slightly stronger than Leng Feng and it wasn’t more than 5% .

But if Li Fuchen was to fight with Leng Feng again, with his blazing fire bone frame, a single sword move would be enough for Li Fuchen to instantly wipe out Leng Feng .

“It is a pity that the blazing fire power is still scarce and isn’t able to last in battle . ”

Li Fuchen guessed that the higher the grade of the extraordinary bone frame, the more extraordinary power would be produced in the initial stage . If he had the 6-star blazing fire bone frame, he would have at least twice the amount of blazing fire power, perhaps even more .

“There is no need to hurry . My initial stage might not be comparable to others, but I have my own advantages and I can extract blazing fire power with faster speed . ”

Right now, Li Fuchen’s blazing fire power was just a lake, but in time to come, this lake would definitely turn into an ocean .

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“That’s right, I should try the core blazing fire power . ”

The core blazing fire power was extremely sparse . Inside the bone frame spatial zone, that bundle of blazing fire power in the center was the core blazing fire power and it was scarlet red in color .


The qi exploded again . With Li Fuchen as the core, a turbulent and boundless scarlet red light scattered in all directions . The array wall shook even more incredibly and was just like a ripple . Li Fuchen who was in the center of the scarlet red light was just like a demon god of flames as both his eyes were spewing fire .

The scarlet red radiance contained tyrannical heat that could easily melt a mystic class weapon .

“The qi burst power is enhanced by 60%, it is instantly doubled . ”

The core blazing fire power was too powerful . In comparison, the blazing fire power was like the diluted core blazing fire power . In terms of purity, the core blazing fire power was far superior

“My shortcoming in the bone frame has been temporarily compensated . But the blazing fire power is too sparse and I have to quickly comprehend the blazing fire patterns to increase the extraction speed of the blazing fire power . Apart from that, with the blazing fire bone frame, my comprehension speed of blazing fire techniques would be significantly faster . I might be able to take this opportunity to break through to the 23rd rank of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique . ”

With the corresponding extraordinary bone frame, the cultivation speed would be extremely fast .

Blazing fire bone frames corresponded with blazing fire techniques .

Icy cold bone frames corresponded with icy cold techniques .

But Li Fuchen didn’t know how fast it would be and had to personally experience it .

The comprehension of the blazing fire patterns was very difficult for Li Fuchen, but it was greatly beneficial . It could allow Li Fuchen to have a deeper understanding of the blazing fire power .

After having a deeper understanding of the blazing fire power, it would make it easier to cultivate blazing fire techniques or martial arts .

Time passed by quickly and Li Fuchen was comprehending the blazing fire patterns at such a slow speed that it was frustrating . As for the cultivation of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique, it was extremely fast . Li Fuchen was originally at the initial stage of the 22nd rank, in just less than a month, he had reached the peak stage of the 22nd rank and was just one step away from the 23rd rank .

“I have only comprehended a few percents of the blazing fire patterns’ mystics, but my blazing fire power extraction speed has increased by a few times . Furthermore, possessing the blazing fire bone frame is just simply like adding wings for me . My comprehension speed of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique is two times faster than before . ”

Li Fuchen’s perception was already exceptional . Now that his comprehension speed of the blazing fire techniques were doubled, it was certainly a fearsome thing .

As he continued to comprehend deeper into the blazing fire patterns, his comprehension speed would just continue increasing .

“Grandmaster Ever Youth has truly bestowed me with a heavenly opportunity!”

Li Fuchen might encounter great opportunities in the future, but without this current opportunity, he might miss on many future opportunities .

After all, fated opportunities had to be strived for as well .

Without competent capabilities, how was he going to strive for the opportunities?

In the blink of the eye, another half a month had passed .

Li Fuchen’s Ardent Sun Divine Technique had flowed smoothly and broken through to the 23rd rank .

The 23rd rank of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique was equivalent to the highest rank of the earth class low-tier cultivation techniques .

“Fuchen, can you help out my Luo Clan?”

On this day, Luo Yan visited Li Fuchen’s courtyard with an anxious expression .

“What happened?”

Luo Yan was the first person he knew after arriving at the Seven Color Continent . He was naturally willing to help her to the best of his abilities .

“Under my Luo Clan’s spirit stone ore vein, there is an even larger spirit stone ore vein . Because of this, the Zhang Clan has been coveting after it . They had specially hired the Black Mountain Old Devil to deal with my Luo Clan and I had just received the news today . ” Luo Yan quickly explained .

“Who is the Black Mountain Old Devil? How is his cultivation?” Li Fuchen inquired .

Luo Yan replied, “The Black Mountain Old Devil is one of the great devils in the Black Mountain . In comparison to the Black Mountain Old Devil, the Black Mountain Four Tigers are just minor characters . This Black Mountain Old Devil has the cultivation of 5th level Reincarnation Realm and has also cultivated a demonic technique . My grandfather has just exited seclusion and has severely injured by him in a single move . We are only able to resist the Black Mountain Old Devil because of the Luo Clan’s defense array . ”

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