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Chapter 398

Once the True Chi Fire Elixir entered the body, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist felt as though his entire body was in the scorching heat, like he was inside the magma .

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At this moment, the True Chi Fire Elixir wasn’t refined yet and was just emitting some of the elixir qi .

When the 22nd rank of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique was circulated, the grand and resplendent ardent sun qi flowed to all parts of the body while Li Fuchen started to refine the True Chi Fire Elixir .

Li Fuchen didn’t expect that the scorching heat from his body had gradually vanished when the True Chi Fire Elixir was gradually refined, leaving behind a hot-tempered feeling in his heart .

At the side, Grandmaster Ever Youth said, “The True Chi Fire Elixir isn’t a body tempering elixir, it is tempering the bone frame . It is just the beginning . A moment later, you will be experiencing the pain of metamorphosis . Remember, do not give up, otherwise, everything will be in vain . ”

Grandmaster Ever Youth had experienced the pain of metamorphosis previously .

The pain wouldn’t be lesser even with the increase of cultivation . Which meant to say that the pain of metamorphosis would be the same for cultivators at the Earth Shatter Realm, Heaven Dipper Realm, Reincarnation Realm, and even the Battle Spirit Realm . Tenacious willpower was required to endure the pain . Those people with a weak foundation and frail willpower wouldn’t be able to change their destiny even if they had the opportunity, all because they weren’t able to endure such pain .

“Fuchen understands . ” Li Fuchen replied .

How would Grandmaster Ever Youth have known that Li Fuchen had already gone through the pain of metamorphosis for multiple times and that Li Fuchen’s willpower was extremely tough? Such pain wasn’t even at his limits and even if it was amplified by 10 times, Li Fuchen was confident he could endure it .

As the Ardent Sun Divine Technique was circulating at full speed, the True Chi Fire Elixir was refined little by little deep into Li Fuchen’s body .

Subtly, there was a pain that rushed over from the depths of the body .

The pain didn’t require the nerves to transmit as it rampantly extended inside Li Fuchen’s body .

Furthermore, it was different from before as this pain was mixed with scorching heat .

The True Chi Fire Elixir didn’t just cleanse the bone marrow, but the bone frame’s marrow .

Li Fuchen’s face twitched a little but his body remained still .

“His willpower is rather tough . ” Grandmaster Ever Youth nodded .

When half of the True Chi Fire Elixir was refined, Li Fuchen’s consciousness suddenly arrived at a strange spatial zone .

In this spatial zone, there was a strange object the size of a pinky finger .

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From the looks of it, it looked like a root and also a bone .

“Is this the bone frame?”

This was Li Fuchen’s first time looking at his bone frame . He had tried to use his awareness to scan his body countless times but was unable to find the bone frame .

His bone frame had three joints . To be accurate it was three and a half joints .

And this three and a half joints of the bone frame was growing and getting as long as four joints .

“One joint should represent one star! I am now 3 and half-star bone frame . ” Li Fuchen analyzed the situation .

Apart from growth, the surface of the bone frame was starting to change in color .

From grey, it was slowly turning red .

At the same moment, red patterns were getting painted and they looked extremely profound .

“Blazing fire bone frame, blazing fire patterns . ”

With Li Fuchen’s intelligence, his intuition told him that he had to grasp the blazing fire patterns in order to awaken the blazing fire divine ability . Of course, he must be able to activate the blazing fire power first .

(TL note: I change the power of blazing fire -> blazing fire power)

Among the extraordinary bone frames, special bone frames ruled supreme .

Special bone frames were able to activate the special powers very easily . While regular extraordinary bone frames like the blazing fire bone frames, icy cold bone frames, soft water bone frames would find it very difficult to activate the extraordinary power . Normally, they would need to be at the Reincarnation Realm in order to activate it .

The bone frame was growing longer from three and a half joints to almost four joints .

At the same time, the color of the bone frame was getting redder and traces of heat was emitted . The blazing fire patterns on the surface were getting completed and stronger . It looked as though an invisible hand was painting .


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When the bone frame had grown into four joints, the color of the bone frame had turned completely red .

Li Fuchen’s body shivered as he felt that he had a closer relationship with heaven and earth qi, especially the blazing fire qi . It was simply a magnetic attraction and would involuntarily be attracted to Li Fuchen . Strands and streaks of qi were blending into Li Fuchen’s body .

The impurities of the blazing fire qi were automatically expelled, making it seemed as though Li Fuchen’s skin was like a layer of filter that could filter most of the impurities .

The grade of the bone frame determined destiny . This saying wasn’t made up for no reason .

A person with a higher grade of bone frame would be able to filter impurities much easier . As such, it would save a lot of time and would be able to progress in cultivation realms very quickly without a need to worry about an unstable foundation .

“My bone frame is already 4-star . It is time to study what exactly is so great about extraordinary bone frames . ”

Be it Chiyu Ye’s sword dao bone frame, Wang Heilong’s darkness bone frame, Wang Jian’s vajra bone frame, or Leng Feng’s saber dao bone frame, Li Fuchen was rather envious of them .

Those people were the true heavenly prodigies . They didn’t need to work as hard as they possess innate talents that no one else had .

The blazing fire bone frame might not be comparable to special bone frames, but it was still an extraordinary bone frame and it was natural for Li Fuchen to study it .

“The metamorphosis of the bone frame should be completed . Why is he still in a meditative state?” Grandmaster Ever Youth felt a little strange .

In the strange spatial zone, Li Fuchen’s consciousness was on the 4-star blazing fire bone frame .

The current 4-star blazing fire bone frame was just like a red tree root and also a piece of red jade bone . The blazing fire patterns on it were extremely profound and even with Li Fuchen’s perception, he wouldn’t be able to comprehend the mysteries contained in the blazing fire patterns within a short period of time .  

“I do not have to comprehend it for now . I just need to develop the blazing fire power . ” Li Fuchen’s consciousness went deep into the blazing fire bone frame .

On the third floor of the pavilion, Grandmaster Ever Youth’s eyes were in serenity and he would only take a glance at Li Fuchen occasionally .

When a martial artist reached the Battle Spirit Realm, their lifespan would extend to 500 years . Grandmaster Ever Youth wasn’t even 200 years old yet and he still had plenty of time to squander . Hence, he didn’t mind wasting this tiny bit of time .

In a blink of the eye, a day had passed .

Even at daybreak, Grandmaster Ever Youth didn’t move an inch was like a human-shaped tree .


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On the third floor of the pavilion, there was a surging heat that extended and distorted the air, and the source of this heat came from Li Fuchen .

“This is?” After feeling the heat, Grandmaster Ever Youth’s eyes contracted .

With his spirit awareness, how could he not know that this wasn’t a surge of qi? This was an even more primitive and purer energy that had awakened .

“This is the blazing fire power?” Grandmaster Ever Youth looked closely at Li Fuchen and was astonished .

Only a rare few individuals knew that possessors of extraordinary bone frames would be able to see their bone frames at the Heaven Dipper Realm .

Back then, Grandmaster Ever Youth only had the ordinary 6-star bone frame . Afterwards, he consumed an extremely precious elixir and his bone frame developed the greenwood attribute . Since then, he was able to see his own bone frame and was able to activate the greenwood power . On the path of concoction, this was simply a blessing from the heavens . When he progressed to the Reincarnation Realm, he had awakened the greenwood divine ability and could control the life and death of plants . He could make the herbs grow faster and could recover his own injuries . Even fatal injuries could be instantly recovered .

He was Grandmaster Ever Youth and he wasn’t just a Concoction Grandmaster . In terms of overall strength, he was ranked highly in the Violet Flower Kingdom, while he had astounding survivability . There was once, he had been pursued by an elite master in the top 20 rankings and was still able to escape and live a carefree life .

Hence, he was very clear that it was impossible to activate the extraordinary power at the Heaven Dipper Realm . He was only able to activate the greenwood power at the high-levels of Reincarnation Realm . He had only awakened the greenwood divine ability at the Battle Spirit Realm .

He had never heard that a martial artist at the Heaven Dipper Realm was able to activate the extraordinary power .

It was a known fact that the extraordinary bone frames were a far cry from the special bone frames .

For special bone frames, the body would be surging with the special power . Let alone the Heaven Dipper Realm, the possessor would be able to activate the special power at the Earth Shatter Realm . The special power was just like an ocean with torrential waves and the ocean water would overflow easily to flood the sand and reef .

As for extraordinary bone frames, it could only be considered as a lake . In normal circumstances, the lake water would never extend out . Only when the cultivator’s cultivation was in the Reincarnation Realm, there would be a higher chance of activating the extraordinary power .

Right now, Li Fuchen was only a 4-star blazing fire bone frame . Not even 5-star or 6-star blazing fire bone frames would be able to activate the blazing fire power at the Heaven Dipper Realm .

However, Li Fuchen achieved it .

How could Grandmaster Ever Youth not be shocked?

“This child truly has startling talents!” Grandmaster Ever Youth developed a trace of expectations in his heart . There might be a day when he would have to rely on Li Fuchen .

“Just this small amount of blazing fire power?” Li Fuchen frowned .

The 4-star blazing fire bone frame contained a very small amount of blazing fire power . On rough estimations, it was only 20% or 30% of Leng Feng’s saber dao power .

10% was one portion, ten portions would be complete .

It was much too little if I only have 20% of Leng Feng’s power .

“That isn’t right, the extraordinary power doesn’t come from the bone frame as it comes from the blazing fire pattern . The blazing fire patterns will draw the blazing fire power from the void and turn it into my own blazing fire power . The blazing fire patterns are just like a cultivation technique that would circulate automatically . If it was circulated manually, the blazing fire power produced would burst in quantity . ”

There wasn’t a need to comprehend the blazing fire patterns . Li Fuchen guided the blazing fire power and allowed it to spread along with the blazing fire patterns .

The blazing fire patterns gradually lit up and had astounding absorption ability .

This absorption ability didn’t affect heaven and earth qi as it wasn’t extracting the blazing fire qi from heaven and earth qi, it was extracting blazing fire power from the void . This was a higher grade of power that not even the Battle Spirit Realm would possess . One had to rely on the extraordinary bone frame to draw this power .

Creating something from nothing, the strange spatial zone where Li Fuchen’s bone frame was residing had a gradual increase in blazing fire power . It started from a fist-sized fire sphere and was now as big as a skull . The color had turned from pale red into red .

“Such pure blazing fire power . ” Li Fuchen was overwhelmed with emotions .

As compared to the blazing fire power, Li Fuchen felt that his ardent sun qi was too heterogeneous .

If the blazing fire power was well-tempered steel, then the ardent sun qi was a crude steel ore .

“The heat energy is increasing . ” Grandmaster Ever Youth’s expression changed again .

The blazing fire power that was initially produced from the 4-star blazing fire bone frame wouldn’t be bountiful .

But the extraordinary power wouldn’t remain unchanged . It would automatically increase over time, but it would take a long time .

But if one could grasp the method to increase the extraordinary power, the time required would be shrunk by a thousand times .

But how could ordinary people have such an ability? Grandmaster Ever Youth was only able to do this when he reached the peak level of Reincarnation Realm .

“Could this child be a reincarnate of an old monster?” Grandmaster Ever Youth couldn’t help but suspect .

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