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Chapter 394

“Yellow Sand Divine Sword!”

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The Yellow Sand Martial Institution’s no . 1 listed cadet, Yang Miaomiao was the first to make a move .

The Yellow Sand Martial Institution was ranked the lowest among the seven martial institutions but it didn’t mean that Yang Miaomiao’s strength was the lowest too . The strength she burst out was actually the same level as Jiang Ba and the exquisiteness of her sword art was actually superior to Jiang Ba .

She roamed around and brandished her red-colored artifact sword, causing the yellow misty sword art’s power of field to envelop Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist . At the same moment, a red-colored sword shadow was shuttling around like a desert dragon that was nimble and irritable .


Li Fuchen didn’t even need to utilize any combat skills . With the Ardent Sun Divine Palm, the vast and blazing palm force rushed out as a counter move, wiping out his opponent’s sword art’s power of field . The sword shadows were also neutralized completely but there was still remnant palm force that blasted at her .

Yang Miaomiao’s face sweated profusely with cold sweat . With an extremely close shave, she lifted herself off the ground and avoided the palm force .

Originally, she wasn’t able to avoid it but at the crucial moment, Lu Ping, the no . 1 listed cadet of the Smile Wave Martial Institution had made a move .

Lu Ping wielded a saber, a pale green saber .

The saber looked as though it was formed with wind and was unimaginably flexible and fast . A single swing had covered the whole place with saber light, shadows, and qi . This saber slash had enveloped the radius of a few dozen meters and Lu Ping felt like the king of this area .

It was a pity that a king would also have to submit when facing Li Fuchen .

The brilliant and blazing palm force was like the ardent sun in the sky as it swept out in all directions, shrouding everything in sight . The saber world that Lu Ping had produced had instantly shattered and disintegrated, while his body was forced to take many steps back .

“Vajra Palm!”

Right at this moment, Wang Jian made his move .

Both his palms were moving rapidly as golden palm prints were blasting at Li Fuchen .

The golden palm prints were extremely condensed and blunt as they were obviously pushed by qi forces .

Mystic class peak-tier body refinement martial art… Vajra Palm .

Wang Jian was a rare body refinement prodigy . His qi cultivation’s strength was far inferior to his body refinement’s strength . A few months ago, he was even able to defeat an inner institute cadet of the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution . He was also given the title as the most talented cadet in the century of the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution .

When executing the Vajra Palm, not even regular 2nd level Reincarnation Realm martial artist was a match for him .

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If Li Fuchen didn’t exhibit such overwhelming strength, he alone was enough to defeat Li Fuchen .

Wang Jian was confident that his Vajra Palm could resist a few moves from Li Fuchen . Lu Ping and Yang Miaomiao would simply have to launch a pincer assault . He wanted to see if Li Fuchen could continue to behave so arrogantly .

“His body refinement strength isn’t bad . ”

Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with light . Wang Jian was the first youth generation, body refinement expert that he had encountered since he arrived in the Seven Color Continent . Wang Jian’s body refinement martial art seemed to be stronger than Li Fuchen’s Metal Bone Fist . The unstoppable palm form was giving Li Fuchen traces of pressure .

“Good timing . ”

Li Fuchen executed a palm strike to confront Wang Jian’s Vajra Palm .


The ardent sun palm force rushed out and the golden palm print only resisted for an instant and had still collapsed . The remnants of the ardent sun palm force landed on Wang Jian’s body and send him flying backward .

But Li Fuchen’s peripheral vision saw that Wang Jian didn’t suffer a severe injury . At the important juncture, Wang Jian’s body flashed with golden radiance .

“Extraordinary vigor . ” Li Fuchen had already expected it .

“Such a terrifying palm force . ” Wang Jian’s body was still burning hot .

The members of the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution knew that Wang Jian possessed the vajra bone frame .

The so-called vajra bone frame was a body refinement bone frame . The darkness bone frame possessed the power of darkness, while the sword dao bone frame contained the power of sword dao . His vajra bone frame possessed the vajra vigor . Such extraordinary vigor was innate and it was impossible to cultivate afterward . Of course, the body refinement techniques that he cultivated would make his vajra vigor even stronger and robust . Thus, his body refinement cultivation might be at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm, his extraordinary vigor was much stronger and more robust than regular 1st level Reincarnation Realm body refinement martial artist .

But earlier on, even with his vajra vigor to isolate the damage, he was still slightly injured . The opposition’s ardent sun palm force was even more scorching and tyrannic than he had imagined . It was simply at the stage where it could melt anything .

“Yellow Sand Flying Dragon!”

“Wind Over Thousand Mountains . ”

Just as Wang Jian expected, Yang Miaomiao and Lu Ping planned to launch a pincer attack at Li Fuchen when Wang Jian was tangling with Li Fuchen . Who would have expected that Wang Jian couldn’t even resist a single palm strike and had been repelled? Now that they had executed their finishing moves, it was hard to withdraw and they had no choice but to forcefully attack .

Yang Miaomiao’s sword move was like a red dragon accompanied by yellow misty sword qi .

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Lu Ping’s saber move was fast as lightning and flashed past as though thousands of mountains and rivers were under this saber slash .

Even an expert that was superior to the duo by two levels would be helpless when facing the two-pronged attack .

But this didn’t include Li Fuchen, he executed two palm strikes at the same moment at both sides .

The ardent sun palm force was unstoppable and there was nothing it couldn’t melt . It had easily neutralized the duo’s offense and it wasn’t only so, Li Fuchen’s scorching palm force didn’t really disperse and slammed at the duo who were in midair, causing their bodies to burn with fire .

A single palm strike from him had caused the duo to suffer injuries .

“Vajra Possession . ”

Wang Jian’s vajra vigor was pushed to the limit and his entire body was resplendent like gold . He then carried the unstoppable qi presence and lunged at Li Fuchen .

When approaching Li Fuchen, Wang Jian was originally having his palms put together . He suddenly executed a right palm strike and a massive golden palm print that was like a golden giant’s palm had enveloped Li Fuchen’s entire body, giving off an illusion like the mountain was being toppled .

“Just in time . ”

Li Fuchen’s right foot stepped forward and his left arm straightened . The left hand’s ardent sun palm force surged out and crashed hard against the golden palm print .

For that instant, it felt as if time had frozen .

An instant later, the surging energy burst open and Wang Jian vomited a mouthful of fresh blood before flying backward again, while Li Fuchen took only three steps back .

“His extraordinary vigor doesn’t look simple . ” Li Fuchen raised his brows .

Li Fuchen believed that when his body refinement was at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm, he wasn’t as valiant as Wang Jian . However, he didn’t believe that Wang Jian had cultivated an earth class high-tier or peak-tier body refinement technique . As such, there was only one explanation… Wang Jian must have an exceptional innate talent, possessing extreme body refinement talents or even body refinement bone frame .

In the records of the East Unicorn Continent, there were plenty of body refinement bone frames like the arhat bone frame, vajra bone frame or the ironstone bone frame . There were also stronger and even more horrifying body refinement bone frames .

Li Fuchen surmised that Wang Jian’s bone frame should be the vajra bone frame .

“Fighting against three opponents and is still able to gain the upper hand . How is this possible?”

The Evergreen Martial Institution’s tanned youth standing beside Leng Feng had a face of disbelief . The gorgeous young lady also had her mouth wide opened .

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This was the first time they had witnessed such a formidable Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist . Leng Feng was probably only capable of this too .

“Senior Fuchen is indeed formidable . It seems like I have been worried for nothing . ” Yun Yue finally let out a breath of relief and revealed a smile .

Zhang Yunfeng let out a bitter smile and said, “He is simply a monster . Once he becomes an inner institute cadet, the South Forest Martial Institution’s inner institute is going to experience a great change . ”

Every martial institution’s inner institute was filled with hidden talents . None of the newly promoted inner institute cadets would dare to act arrogantly in the inner institute . During the past few days, Zhang Yunfeng had just heard that Di Jun had been bullied in the inner institute .

The inner institute was so fearsome because the outer institute was only filled with Heaven Dipper Realm cadets, but the inner institute was for Reincarnation Realm cadets .

At the Reincarnation Realm, each level had a greater gap and the cultivation time would create a huge disparity in strength .

No matter how heaven-defying the newly promoted inner institute cadets were, any veteran cadet would be able to beat them up .

Before Li Fuchen appeared, Di Jun was already considered astounding but he was still beaten up after entering the inner institute .

But Li Fuchen was obviously a little special . After he became an inner institute cadet, the regular inner institute cadets would want to beat him up . But the reverse might happen and Li Fuchen might be able to beat up regular inner institute cadets .

“Senior Fuchen is truly worthy for his title as the no . 1 new cadet in the South Forest Martial Institution’s recent century . ”

Wu Zhi, Lin Chao, and others were already fully convinced by Li Fuchen .

They might be older than Li Fuchen, but in the face of strength, age didn’t matter .

“This person’s strength would be first class even if he is in the 1st ranked martial institution, the High Heaven Martial Institution!” The no . 1 listed cadet of the Wild Lion Martial Institution, Lin Ying wasn’t really willing to accept the outcome after getting defeated by Li Fuchen in a single palm strike . After seeing Li Fuchen going against three opponents at the same time while still having the superiority, Lin Ying was convinced now .

Such a fearsome monster wasn’t on the same level as him . It wasn’t actually a humiliation for him to be defeated in a single palm strike, instead, it was his honor .

After all, it was actually beneficial for him to witness these heaven-defying prodigies . At least, he wouldn’t think that everyone else was beneath him .

“Not even Second Brother is comparable to this person when he was young!” Jiang Ba had complicated emotions .

He was Master Ax’s third son and he still had a Second Brother and First Brother above him .

His First Brother had already reached the peak level of Reincarnation Realm and had gone on a trip to temper himself .

Second Brother was the absolute ruler of the Green Stone Martial Institution’s inner institute and was also known as the Youth Master Ax .


On the stage, the trio was sent flying by Li Fuchen again . Their bodies were burning hot and blisters were already formed .

In fact, if Li Fuchen didn’t reserve himself, these three individuals would have turned into corpses .

Until now, Li Fuchen didn’t need to push his 22nd rank Ardent Sun Divine Technique to the limits . He had been using the strength that hovered around the 21st and 22nd rank .  

“Enough, didn’t you want to spar with me? I will accept your challenge . ” A figure landed on the stage and looked straight at Li Fuchen .

Leng Feng finally decided to show up .

He naturally had confidence if he dared to spar with Li Fuchen .

Even after seeing Li Fuchen suppressing Wang Jian, Yang Miaomiao, and Lu Ping, his confidence didn’t waver at all .

As he was speaking, there was a severely tyrannic saber presence that cleaved the void and burst towards Li Fuchen .

This saber presence was too dreadful and it didn’t seem to come entirely from the cultivation technique and martial art as it seemed to come from Leng Feng himself . The impact from this saber presence had immediately pushed Wang Jian and the others to the outside .

“This is saber dao bone frame . ” Wang Jian’s eyes contracted .

The sword dao bone frame and saber dao bone frame were both extremely frightful bone frames . Especially in terms of attack power, they were at the top of most of the special bone frames . Only a mere few even more special bone frames were able to compare against them or surpass them .

“Saber dao bone frame? No wonder . ” Li Fuchen understood why .

If Chiyu Ye was considered tender and still wasn’t able to utilize most of the advantages in the sword dao bone frame, then Leng Feng would be considered close to maturity . Leng Feng only fell short in comprehending the saber dao ability, as such, Chiyu Ye wasn’t even in the same league as Leng Feng .

Under the impact of Leng Feng’s saber presence, Li Fuchen’s qi presence was shattered and seemingly wasn’t a match .

“This is more interesting . ”

Circulating the full power of the 22nd rank of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique, a boundless and overbearing qi presence erupted and forcefully blocked Leng Feng’s saber presence . It then started to clash and crash with the saber presence, causing a surge of a storm on the stage . It was hard for Wang Jian and the others to even breathe on the stage, thus, they had no choice but to return to their respective pavilions to observe the spar while holding their breaths .

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