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Chapter 393

Make your move!” Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist didn’t take the initiative .

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“Golden Lion Fist!”

Lin Ying didn’t reserve himself and blasted a fist at Li Fuchen .

As the fist was executed, the fist force turned into a golden lion that was roaring violently and had a terrifying presence .

Lin Ying’s Golden Lion Fist was obviously close to the perfection stage and was much stronger than regular earth class low-tier martial arts that were at the completion stage . With the complements of the 22nd rank of the Wild Lion Divine Technique, this fist was already sufficient to instantly kill the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution’s no . 2 listed cadet, Fang Zhong .

“Your strength isn’t bad but it is a pity that you are still too weak . ”

With a casual palm strike, Li Fuchen’s small sun-like palm force neutralized the golden lion and sent Lin Ying flying over a few dozen meters .

But it cultivation technique or martial art proficiency, Lin Ying was inferior to Li Fuchen . With the Ardent Sun Divine Palm that was close to the completion stage, the power was already comparable to an earth class low-tier martial art at the perfection stage .

“How can he be so strong?”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay as the strength that Li Fuchen exhibited was too powerful .

Lin Ying was the no . 1 listed cadet of the Wild Lion Martial Institution and he couldn’t even withstand a single palm strike from Li Fuchen . Such a level of strength was already enough to instantly kill a 2nd level Reincarnation Realm martial artist .

“Damn it . ” 

Lin Ying coughed out blood and felt his entire body tingling with painful heat . This was the damage from Li Fuchen’s palm force .

“I don’t believe it . I, Jiang Ba will spar with you . ”

The Green Stone Martial Institution’s stout youth landed on the stage heavily . A giant ax appeared in his hand and his qi presence was like an erupting volcano . His qi surged out and enveloped a few miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters of the vicinity .

Jiang Ba was the no . 1 listed cadet of the Green Stone Martial Institution, the son of Master Ax who was an expert of the master rankings . Jiang Ba entered the Green Stone Martial Institution didn’t the manuals, after all, Master Ax’s cultivation technique was the earth class mid-tier cultivation technique, Mountain Cutting Divine Technique . The martial arts Master Ax was cultivating was the earth class high-tier Mountain Cutting 36 Axes . With the Mountain Cutting Divine Technique and the Mountain Cutting 36 Axes, Master Ax was able to reach the 7th rank of the master rankings and roam proudly in the Violet Flower Kingdom .

Jiang Ba entered the Green Stone Martial Institution, mainly to temper and train himself . The Green Stone Martial Institution was one of the 24 martial institutions and there were plenty of heavenly prodigies . The intensive competition was able to give him a faster progression and allow him to quickly inherit Master Ax’s legacy .

Facing Jiang Ba, Li Fuchen stood with his hands behind his back and with a composed expression . Everyone could feel a profundity and Li Fuchen was also emitting a subtle and unequaled qi presence .

Originally, Li Fuchen wanted to enter the stage during the later part of the tea party . He didn’t expect for the three lower-ranked martial institutions behind South Forest Martial Institution to target the South Forest Martial Institution and wanted to take down the South Forest Martial Institution first . As a result, Li Fuchen had no choice but to make a move in advance .

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Since he had made his move, he wasn’t going to withdraw so easily and he wanted to make sure that everyone was convinced with his strength .

He wasn’t being arrogant, he simply had the confidence .

At the East Unicorn Continent, Li Fuchen was already standing at the peak of the youth generation .

After arriving at the Seven Color Continent, it was true there were more heavenly prodigies here and the environment here was better too . But it was obviously a little unrealistic for heavenly prodigies of a few martial institutions to contest against him . Without overstating it, if the heavenly prodigies from the East Unicorn Continent was to come to the Seven Color Continent, they might not be inferior to these people after a few years . People like Chiyu Ye and others might even be above these people .

Li Fuchen’s composed and indifferent expression had infuriated Jiang Ba .


Jiang Ba roared with anger and it felt as though his stout figure had grown taller by a few inches . His massive and dominant qi presence intensified and it felt like countless giant axes cleaving and cutting open a large mountain, shocking the heavens .

The 21st rank of the Mountain Cutting Divine Technique .

“Take one of my ax moves!”

Jiang Ba cleaved his ax at Li Fuchen from a distance . As he cleaved, the air seemed to shiver and the horrific ax light turned into a giant ax that was flying at Li Fuchen . The qi presence made everyone tremble and causing their hearts to stop .

Li Fuchen smiled and lifted his right hand like a steel pincer to pinch the ax light .

What kind of hand was this?

It was obviously a hand made of flesh and blood, but it was emitting boundless heat rays like it was formed with the sun’s magma . The horrific ax light shuddered violently but was totally useless .


Putting strength into his right hand, Li Fuchen smashed the ax light .

“Mountain Cutting 36 Axes, first ax, Mountain Cutting Sea Splitting . ”

Jiang Ba was furious and he rushed up into the sky . He wielded his giant ax with both hands and using the strength from his waist, he cleaved the ax down violently .


Before the ax light reached its target, the power of field had already enveloped Li Fuchen .

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This power of field was very heavy and tyrannic, suppressing the surrounding air around Li Fuchen, making it hard to move for even an inch . If it was the other heavenly prodigies, it would already be brilliant to utilize 50% of their original strength when being enveloped by this power of field . When all was said, this was an earth class high-tier martial art, Mountain Cutting 36 Axes .

The giant ax light descended from the sky and produced traces of black scars in the void .

Of course, the void wasn’t getting split open as not even Battle Spirit Realm masters were able to split open the void .

This was merely the phenomenon of compressed air getting cut open .

Despite the case, it was already extremely horrific and Jiang Ba didn’t believe that Li Fuchen would be able to withstand this move with composure .

But it was obvious that Jiang Ba had underestimated Li Fuchen .


Li Fuchen swung his right hand and blasted the ax light with the palm like an ardent sun .

The ax light was ruptured with a loud bang .

“Bastard . Mountain Cutting 36 Axes, second ax, Mountain Cutting Ground Rending . ”

Jiang Ba’s eyes contracted and followed up with the second ax move . This ax move was slanting like a lightning bolt as though it was a punishment from heaven . The instant of the cleaving, there was a short burst of intense sound . It meant that the ax’s speed had already surpassed the speed of sound .


The ax light was ruptured again .

In the fact of the Ardent Sun Divine Palm, Jiang Ba’s Mountain Cutting 36 Axes was just a joke . Jiang Ba wasn’t able to exhibit the essence of the Mountain Cutting 36 Axes as he only knew the superficial skills of it .

“Overwhelming . Compared to a few months ago, Li Fuchen’s strength didn’t just increase by two times, it is stronger by a few times . Even if Di Jun, me, and the other listed cadets were to work together, we still will not be a match for a few palm strikes from him . ”

The injured Zhang Yunfeng was utterly convinced and in admiration of Li Fuchen .

“It seems like entering the South Forest Martial Institution was the correct choice . First Brother and Second Sister still said that the South Forest Martial Institution is trash . In my opinion, there might only be a few outer institute elites that are a match for Senior Fuchen in the Violet Flower Martial Institution . ” Yun Yue had a surge of emotions .

With her status, she could actually enter the royal martial institution, the Violet Flower Martial Institution, but she didn’t want to enter by relying on her status .

“To force Jiang Ba to this extent, who exactly is this person?”

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The Yellow Sand Martial Institution’s no . 1 listed cadet, the yellow-clothed young lady narrowed her eyes . From this battle, she could judge that Jiang Ba’s strength was almost the same as her strength . But Li Fuchen’s strength was obviously superior to Jiang Ba by a great difference . If Jiang Ba didn’t have stronger moves, he had already lost .

“You are forcing me . Mountain Cutting 36 Axes, third ax, Mountain Cutting Cliff Breaking . ” Jiang Ba had gone insane .

Each of the ax moves in the Mountain Cutting 36 Axes were increasingly stronger . He had only grasped the third ax move and it was taught to him by his father using a unique method . Otherwise, he would only be able to comprehend the second ax move .

The third ax’s power was only slightly stronger than the second ax, but the intent contained within the third ax was much more tyrannic . There were times that power wasn’t important and intent had the most importance . After all, enemies’ didn’t have bodies of steel and once they were struck by the ax, they would still get injured or be killed . The small difference in power wasn’t that significant .

The qi surged frenziedly and with the enhancement from the secret technique, the countless qi poured into the giant ax . This time, the giant ax was covered in a layer of pale black light . When the ax was cleaved, the black light poured out like a waterfall .

“Good move . ”

When Li Fuchen detected that Jiang Ba was using all his strength, Li Fuchen didn’t hold himself back anymore . He soared into the air and used his right hand that was already a small sun, to forcefully tear apart the black waterfall of light . He then smashed at Jiang Ba’s giant ax with a ferocious attack .


The giant ax flew out along with Jiang Ba who vomited a mouthful of fresh blood .

Jiang Ba, defeated .

There was absolute silence .

No one had expected such a conclusion .

Li Fuchen wasn’t just slightly superior to Jiang Ba but by a few levels . They were already opponents of different classes .

Right now, not even Leng Feng, Evergreen Martial Institution’s no . 1 listed cadet was confident he could defeat Li Fuchen .

“You may come together . ”

Li Fuchen’s eyes glanced at the various no . 1 listed cadets .

In honesty, a solo fight was very boring . After arriving at the Seven Color Continent, Li Fuchen didn’t have to intentionally hide his strength . Since this was the case, why shouldn’t he release all his radiance?

In any case, this was just a spar between the seven martial institutions and it wasn’t considered an offense to the society .

Evergreen Martial Institution’s Leng Feng and Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution’s Wang Jiang were scoffing with unpleasant faces . Especially Wang Jian who had a gloomy face . Li Fuchen’s Ardent Sun Divine Palm had immense power, even though Wang Jian’s body could resist an attack from a regular Reincarnation Realm martial artist, Wang Jian still wasn’t confident he could withstand Li Fuchen’s Ardent Sun Divine Palm . After all, the strength that Li Fuchen exhibited was already able to instantly kill a 2nd level Reincarnation Realm martial artist .

“I, Yang Miaomiao will spar with you . ” The Yellow Sand Martial Institution’s no . 1 listed cadet, Yang Miaomiao appeared on the stage .

“Lu Ping . ” Smile Wave Martial Institution’s no . 1 listed cadet, the long-haired youth flew over too .

It wasn’t just a spar now . If they couldn’t defeat Li Fuchen, it was hard for the tea party to be conducted regularly . Even if they have to gang up on him with two individuals, they still had to defeat Li Fuchen, even though it might be unfair .

They believed that when they defeated Li Fuchen, the arrogant Li Fuchen would be too embarrassed to continue fighting on the stage .

This was all Li Fuchen’s fault for being overconfident and wanting to fight multiple opponents .

“Just the two of you?”

Li Fuchen’s ‘arrogance’ was beyond everyone’s imagination as he actually felt that two individuals weren’t enough .

“Arrogant . ” The long-haired youth, Lu Ping had cold eyes . He was the no . 1 listed cadet from Smile Wave Martial Institution and his strength was definitely stronger than Jiang Ba . Even when he was working together with Yang Miaomiao, Li Fuchen was still unsatisfied .

“What if I join in?” The Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution’s no . 1 listed cadet, Wang Jian entered the stage too .

He didn’t plan to fight with the advantage, but Li Fuchen was too arrogant and he wanted Li Fuchen to pay the price of his arrogance .

“This!” Yun Yue’s mouth was agape and she looked rather concerned .

She naturally had the utmost confidence in Li Fuchen in a solo fight .

Her confidence started to waver when Li Fuchen had to go against three opponents .

The Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution and the Smile Wave Martial Institution’s rankings were above the Green Stone Martial Institution . These two no . 1 listed cadet’s individual strength were definitely above Jiang Ba by quite a bit .

To fight against three, not even the newly promoted inner institute cadet, Di Jun would be able to win!

“Are you not joining?” Li Fuchen didn’t look at Wang Jian as his eyes were on Leng Feng .

Leng Feng was startled at first and sneered afterwards, “You are too arrogant . Defeat the three of them first before saying anything else . ” He was enduring the anger in his heart . It didn’t matter if the trio was able to defeat Li Fuchen, he was still going to battle against Li Fuchen . The reputation of the Evergreen Martial Institution must not fall .

Beside Leng Feng, the tanned youth and the gorgeous young lady were didn’t speak anymore . Before they arrived, they were full of confidence, but now, they didn’t even dare to enter the stage .

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