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Chapter 392

“Returnless Golden Saber Slash . ”

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In the air, sharp golden saber shadows covered the entire area . There were traces of bitter qi presence that were all slashing at Guo Ming violently .

“Cloud Sky Divine Palm!”

Guo Ming’s cultivation was pushed to the limits and he struck out extremely dominant palm forces that looked nimble .

Crackle Bam!

Electric currents were produced in the air and were mixed together with the chaotic qi forces before spraying out in all directions .

“Regretless Saber!”

Zhang Yunfeng broke the qi force and cleaved at Guo Ming while wielding his saber with both hands .

This saber wasn’t far but it contained desperate hints of unregretful feelings .

“Remote White Clouds . ”

When facing against Zhang Yunfeng’s powerful and swift saber, Guo Ming roared with anger and sent out countless palm strikes at breakneck speed . Each palm strike looked slow but were actually fast like lightning . Each palm strike looked soft but were extremely aggressive . They were like white clouds like the sky, when they were blown by the violent wind, they wouldn’t scatter and would simply change in shape and grow in intensity .


There was a giant rumble in the air and the duo were both sent flying .

Cough Cough .

Zhang Yunfeng coughed out fresh blood . Guo Ming’s strength was much stronger than he had imagined . Earlier on, Zhang Yunfeng had already broken Guo Ming’s palm art but the palm force didn’t scatter and were still congealed together and had blasted on Zhang Yunfeng . It was fortunate that the palm art wasn’t at completion stage, otherwise, this palm strike would be enough to claim Zhang Yunfeng’s life .

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“This palm art is rather powerful . ” Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist could see that the Cloud Sky Divine Palm was a strong martial art .

This palm art was extremely soft and when it was soft to the extremity, it would naturally produce aggressive power . There was a saying, ‘extreme yang would produce yin and extreme yin would produce yang . When anything was pushed to the extremity, a variation would occur and produce a new extremity . ’

Of course, Zhang Yunfeng was suffering but so was Guo Ming . The wound had extended from Guo Ming’s right shoulder to his left waist and his injury was much more serious than Zhang Yunfeng .

This match looked to be even, but it was Zhang Yunfeng who was superior .

“It is my turn . ” On the third floor of Yellow Sand Martial Institution’s pavilion, a figure flew towards the stage .

“Yao Kun, no . 2 listed cadet of the Yellow Sand Martial Institution . Is there anyone from South Forest Martial Institution that is willing to accept my challenge . ” This person had narrow eyes but they were bright and filled with expression . He gave off a feeling that must not be neglected and he was currently looking up at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen let out a sigh . Zhang Yunfeng was severely injured and he was the only person left in the South Forest Martial Institution . He had to make a move even if he didn’t want to .

His flashed as though he moved instantly and appeared in front of Yao Kun .

“Such speed . ” Yao Kun’s scalp went numb and he got a shock .

“Make your move then . ” Li Fuchen stood with his hand behind his back and didn’t even draw his sword .

“Yellow Sand Divine Palm!”

Yao Kun immediately executed his finishing move and kill move . His entire body lunged over aggressively and in the midst of his lunge, he struck out with both palms . A misty and yellow qi force shrouded the entire place while being accompanied by two yellow palm forces that were like dragons . The palm forces rotated and condensed . They didn’t only contain powerful wind forces, they also contained horrific suction force . Those weaker martial artists would be pulled towards the center of the palm forces and would be turned into dust or suffering severe injuries . At the same moment, there was an immense binding force that had enveloped Li Fuchen .

“Completion stage palm art . ” Li Fuchen’s brows lifted .

The opposition’s earth class low-tier palm art was actually at the completion stage . Such strength was already comparable to Di Jun from a few months ago .

It was a pity that the current Li Fuchen was already totally different from before .

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“Ardent Sun Divine Palm . ”

The Ardent Sun Divine Technique had also contained a palm art . When Li Fuchen had nothing to do, he had also cultivated the Ardent Sun Divine Palm .

Dazzling radiance spouted out as Li Fuchen’s palm force was unimaginably scorching and had immediately appeared . There was a small sun that suddenly appeared between the duo . Yao Kun’s Yellow Sand Divine Palm looked just like a breeze in comparison and was easily disintegrated . Immediately after, the ardent sun palm force landed on Yao Kun’s chest .


A mouthful of boiling fresh blood was vomited as Yao Kun was sent flying with a horrific expression .

“Earth class mid-tier palm art?”

Yao Kun never would have imagined that Li Fuchen would actually have cultivated an earth class mid-tier palm art . Furthermore, he had cultivated it to near completion stage . In addition, Li Fuchen’s qi was brilliant and imposing, making his palm force even more terrifying and was basically unstoppable .

“Such power . This is Senior Fuchen’s strength?” Yun Yue’s eyes were wide opened while she had an expression of adoration .

Yao Kun’s strength was obviously much stronger than Zhang Yunfeng but in the face of Li Fuchen, he couldn’t even withstand a single palm strike . Moreover, Li Fuchen was best at his sword art not his palm art .

After defeating Yao Kun in a single palm strike, he swept a glance at the Yellow Sand Martial Institution, the Wild Lion Martial Institution, and the Green Stone Martial Institution and asked, “Is there anyone willing to accept my challenge?”

Since Li Fuchen had entered the stage, how could he return without defeating a few more individuals?

“Wild Lion Martial Institution’s no . 2 listed cadet, Cheng Fang . ”


It was still a single palm strike with a vigorous and dazzling palm force . It was simply invincible and had sent Cheng Fang flying immediately .

“Anyone else?” Li Fuchen carried on .

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“Green Stone Martial Institution’s no . 3 listed cadet, Liu Quan . ”


“Anyone else?”

“Green Stone Martial Institution’s no . 2 listed cadet, Wan He . ”


Four consecutive spars were all ended by a single palm strike from Li Fuchen .

Seemingly knowing that the various no . 1 listed cadets weren’t going to enter the stage, Li Fuchen looked at the pavilions where the Smile Wave Martial Institution, the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution, and the Evergreen Martial Institution were located at . There were plenty of members from these three martial institutions that had yet to go through a sparring match .

“Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution’s no . 2 listed cadet, Fang Zhong . ”

At the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution’s pavilion, a youth with square head and face skimmed down with torch-like eyes .

“White Tiger Battle Saber!”

A majestic and mighty white tiger shadow appeared as Fang Zhong cleaved at Li Fuchen .

He didn’t believe that Li Fuchen was able to defeat him in a single palm strike .

His White Tiger Battle Saber had already reached the completion stage for a long time and his body refinement cultivation wasn’t weak as it had reached the high-levels of Heaven Dipper Realm . When these two factors were combined, his saber presence was unbelievably powerful and could even cleave apart a small mountain .

“Too weak . ”

Li Fuchen shook his head and activated a little of the 22nd rank Ardent Sun Divine Technique before sending an attack with the Ardent Sun Divine Palm .


The long saber was repelled and Fang Zhong’s feet lifted off the ground before flying back .

With the earth class mid-tier cultivation technique, the Ardent Sun Divine Technique at the 22nd rank and the earth class mid-tier palm art, the Ardent Sun Divine Palm close to the completion stage, Li Fuchen didn’t even have to use his sword to suppress most of the people here .

One had to understand that the 22nd rank of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique was equivalent to the 23rd rank of an earth class low-tier cultivation technique .

The earth class low-tier cultivation techniques only had 24 ranks .

Furthermore, the near completion stage of the Ardent Sun Divine Palm had strength that surpassed earth class low-tier martial arts at the completion stage .

To be honest, this tea party was just like playing house for Li Fuchen, there wasn’t any sense of challenge for him .

Had it not been for the Clear Spirit Fruit, Li Fuchen wouldn’t even come here .

“Let me spar with you . ” 

Finally, one of the no . 1 listed cadets couldn’t hold back anymore .

From the Wild Lion Martial Institution’s pavilion, the domineering youth rushed down while his back appeared with the shadow of a male lion .

“Wild Lion Martial Institution’s no . 1 listed cadet, Lin Ying . ”

Lin Ying was the no . 1 listed cadet of the Wild Lion Martial Institution and had been accepted as an in-room cadet by the assistant dean last year .

He was 29 years old and had cultivated the earth class low-tier cultivation technique, the Wild Lion Divine Technique to the 22nd rank . His strength overwhelmed the no . 2 listed cadet, Cheng Fang .

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