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Chapter 391

Soon enough, the rest of the outer institute elites from other martial institutions had also arrived .

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According to the rankings of the martial institution, they were ranked respectively: Evergreen Martial Institution, Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution, Smile Wave Martial Institution, South Forest Martial Institution, Green Stone Martial Institution, Wild Lion Martial Institution, and Yellow Sand Martial Institution .

The Evergreen Martial Institution was ranked 5th, the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution was ranked 11th, the Smile Wave Martial Institution was ranked 13th, the South Forest Martial Institution was ranked 15th, the Green Stone Martial Institution was ranked 16th, the Wild Lion Martial Institution was ranked 18th, and the Yellow Sand Martial institution was ranked 21st .

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist took a glance and noticed that each martial institution would have one very impressive outer institute elite . The Evergreen Martial Institution had the stern youth, the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution had the crew cut youth, the Smile Wave Martial Institution had the long-haired youth, the Green Stone Martial Institution had the stout youth, the Wild Lion Martial Institution had a domineering youth, while the Yellow Sand Martial Institution had the yellow-clothed young lady .

The outer institute elites from the seven martial institutions had chosen their own pavilions and didn’t have many interactions with each other .

At this moment, Yun Yue stood up and said, “It is Yun Yue’s honor for everyone to visit the South Forest City . This tea party is a gathering for us to interact with each other and I hope that everyone will not be overcautious . Let us enjoy the tea and watch sparring matches . But Yun Yue hopes that everyone will abide by the tea party’s rules and will not intentionally hurt or kill anyone . The sparring matches at the tea party shall end appropriately and the loser must not be persistent if not, you shall be the one losing face . ”

As the young lady of the Nanlin Marquis Residence, Yun Yue’s status was still rather esteemed and everyone would respect her .

“Sister Yun Yue is correct . The sparring matches of the tea party shall be ended appropriately . Everyone here is people with status and I believe no one would do barbaric things . ” In the other pavilion, a young man from the Smile Wave Martial Institution stood out and commented . This person was the young master of the Yintao Marquis Residence and Marquis Yintao was also a Battle Spirit Realm master .

(TL note: Yintao = Smile Wave)

“Don’t worry, I will not reserve myself . Let the tea party begin quickly!” The stout youth from the Green Stone Martial Institution was a little impatient .

Yun Yue looked at the stout youth and laughed, “Since Brother Jiang is in such a hurry, let us start the tea party!”

The stout youth wasn’t an ordinary person . The Green Stone Martial Institution might only be ranked 16th among the 24 martial institutions, the stout youth’s father was the renowned Master Ax . He was among the top ten among the Violet Flower Kingdom’s master rankings and was stronger than most of the martial institutions’ deans .

As soon as Yun Yue announced the start of the tea party, an outer institute elite from the Yellow Sand Martial Institution flashed and appeared at the empty stage . He cupped his fist and said, “I am Gao Haifeng, the no . 9 listed cadet of the Yellow Sand Martial Institution . Is there anyone willing to spar with me?”

Gao Haifeng was this year’s no . 9 listed cadet from the Yellow Sand Martial Institution . He knew that it was impossible for him to obtain glory for the Yellow Sand Martial Institution . His objective was to test the strength of other martial institution and of course, if he could win a match or two, it would be the best .

He had reported his ranking in hopes that the high rankers from the other martial institutions wouldn’t challenge him . If the no . 1 listed cadet from the other martial institutions was to challenge him, there wasn’t even a need to spar and he didn’t believe that the opposition would be so shameless .

“I am Huang Biao from Wild Lion Martial Institution, no . 8 listed cadet . ”


A figure skimmed over from the Wild Lion Martial Institution’s pavilion .

“Please . ”

“Please . ”

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The duo were separated by ten meters and they bowed with cupped fists . Their eyes immediately turned sharp while they stared at each other without blinking and seeking an opportunity to make a move .

This was the first spar and it involved the honor of the respective martial institutions . Winning wouldn’t be influential, but losing would be a little humiliating .

“Be careful . ”

Huang Biao made the first move and attacked with hands like claws .

Gao Haifeng didn’t dare to be complacent and wielded his saber to defend .

The duo didn’t have weak strength and was in a frantic battle as their qi forces were overflowing in all directions .

In the end, Gao Haifeng was superior and had won the first spar of the tea party .

After seeing the outcome, the Wild Lion Martial Institution’s members had unpleasant expressions . Huang Biao’s face was also very pale . He was the no . 8 listed cadet at the Wild Lion Martial Institution while his opponent was the Yellow Sand Martial Institution’s no . 9 listed cadet . If his opponent won him, didn’t it mean that the overall strength of the Wild Lion Martial Institution was inferior to the Yellow Sand Martial Institution?

This was something the Wild Lion Martial Institution couldn’t tolerate .

“I, Xu Tao will spare with you . Oh right, I am the no . 7 listed cadet in Wild Lion Martial Institution . ”

The Wild Lion Martial Institution wasn’t going to swallow this anger . A tall youth stood in front of Gao Haifeng .

“Please . ”

After winning one sparring match, Gao Haifeng felt much more at ease . It would be fine even if he lost this match, after all, he was just a no . 9 listed cadet .

Xu Tao was obviously much stronger than Gao Haifeng . After a few dozen matches, Xu Tao had won this spar without any difficulty .

This time, the Yellow Sand Martial Institution didn’t send anyone else . They didn’t have any grudge with the Wild Lion Martial Institution and there wasn’t a need for them to fight to the death . Furthermore, they had to allow the outer institute elites from the other institutions to spar and to observe their strength .

With an intensive start, the rest of the matters were easier to arrange . The outer institute elites from the various martial institutions would spar one after the other and some would go on for two or three spars . The violent qi was rumbling and exploding in the spacious stage . It was reckoned that regular peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists wouldn’t be able to stand still in the contest stage and would be sent flying .

During this period of time, the South Forest Martial Institution had also sent two individuals and they were the no . 10 listed cadet, Lin Chao, and the no . 8 listed cadet, Sun Yun .

It was a pity that the duo’s strength was obviously far inferior to others and had simply lost their matches .

“Your South Forest Martial Institution is the 15th ranked martial institution after all . Do you have no one else? Send another person to be my opponent . ” The no . 5 listed cadet of the Green Stone Martial Institution, Zhang Long was speaking arrogantly .

“I will go . ” Wu Zhi couldn’t hold back anymore . He put his teacup down and appeared in front of Zhang Long .

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“Wu Zhi, no . 5 listed cadet . ” Wu Zhi drew his long saber and spoke in a cold voice .

“Make your move then!” Zhang Long’s weapon was a snake lance and it was obviously a heavy weapon .


Wu Zhi yelled out and cleaved at his opponent .

“Come on!”

Zhang Long yelled out too and thrust with his spear .

Cling Cling Clang Clang…

After a few dozen attacks, the duo were still even in strength . But those meticulous people would realize that Wu Zhi was guarding more than attacking for the final ten attacks .

“Danger . ” Li Fuchen immediately understood that Wu Zhi wasn’t a match for Zhang Long .

The duo’s strength didn’t have a huge disparity, but Zhang Long was using a heavy weapon, the snake spear and had the advantage in attack power . In such situations, one would require exceptional combat skills or superior attack power . Otherwise, if it was a battle of attrition, one would surely lose .

At the 99th exchange of moves…


Zhang Long thrust out violently and knocked off Wu Zhi’s long saber .

Wu Zhi obviously didn’t believe that he had lost and was still staring blankly .

Zhang Long criticized, “Go back and train for another two years!”

On the pavilion, Zhang Yunfeng frowned and seemingly wanted to enter the stage .

Li Fuchen said, “Don’t go first . Only you and I have yet to enter the stage from the South Forest Martial Institution . If you go now, I will need to go soon too . ”

Each of the martial institutions had only sent out less than half of its members . It still wasn’t the time for them to make an appearance yet .

Most importantly, Li Fuchen didn’t wish to go on stage so early as he wasn’t interested in exchanging moves against weak people .

He simply had to defeat the no . 1 listed cadets from the various martial institutions .

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By then, no one would dare to belittle the South Forest Martial Institution .

“Zhang Long, you are too overbearing . I, Xu He will spar with you . ” Xu He, Smile Wave Martial Institution’s no . 5 listed cadet .

“Xu He, when does the South Forest Martial Institution need your Smile Wave Martial Institution to stand up for them?” Zhang Long asked .

“Just make your move, enough of your nonsense . ”

Xu He wasn’t trying to stand up for South Forest Martial Institution, he liked seeing the Green Stone Martial Institution being so outstanding .

This Zhang Long had already defeated a few individuals and his limelight was covering over the Smile Wave Martial Institution .

“Since you are so confident, I shall crush you . ” Zhang Long thrust suddenly .

Xu He sneered and brandished the longsword in his hand, repelling Zhang Long’s snake spear .

Clang Clang Clang…

The duo’s every move and stance was extremely intense and after a hundred moves, there was still no victor yet .

“Dragon Snake Assault . ”

Zhang Long executed his finishing move and when it was executed, a dragon and snake appeared in the air . The dragon and snake twined together and rushed at Xu He with imposing power .

“Aurora First Sword . ”

Xu He’s sword art was incredible . When his sword was brandished, there was a burst of aurora and it was a sword light that was extremely fast .


The dragon and snake shadows were shattered and Zhang Long’s chest appeared with traces of blood .

“Guo Ming, Yellow Sand Martial Institution’s no . 3 listed cadet . ”

After Zhang Long was defeated, the Yellow Sand Martial Institution couldn’t hold back anymore .

The Yellow Sand Martial Institution was the last in rank among the seven martial institutions . They might have a good opening match in the beginning, but their later performance wasn’t better than South Forest Martial Institution .

Guo Ming executed palm art and it was extremely nimble and had variations, yet it didn’t have a lack of ferocity . After a few palm strikes, Xu He had to constantly retreat as he couldn’t exhibit any prowess when his sword art was getting suppressed by stacks of palm forces .

After twenty moves, Guo Ming sent Xu He flying .

“Is there anyone from the South Forest Martial Institution who wishes to challenge me?”

Using the same strategy that the Green Stone Martial Institution had, the Yellow Sand Martial Institution had also targeted the South Forest Martial Institution .

Most importantly, the South Forest Martial Institution had the least number of members . Apart from Yun Yue, they only had five individuals that could enter the stage . The first few members were very weak and if they could take down the entire South Forest Martial Institution, it would surely be a great achievement .

Right now, Zhang Yunfeng couldn’t reserve himself anymore . Li Fuchen didn’t stop him either .

If they didn’t make a move after getting underestimated by people, they would truly become a joke .


Zhang Yunfeng skimmed down the pavilion and appeared in front of Guo Ming .

“Zhang Yunfeng, no . 3 listed cadet of the South Forest Martial Institution . Please give me some pointers . ” Zhang Yunfeng’s eyes were very sharp .

“We are both no . 3 listed cadets . Don’t complain if you lose . ” Guo Ming chuckled .

“Talk after winning me . ”

Zhang Yunfeng brandished his saber and with the support from the Hematite Divine Technique, his saber light that was unstoppable and dazzling had rushed out in a circular sector .

At the same time, an invisible yet scorching pressure enveloped Guo Ming .

This was the initial form of the power of field . If Zhang Yunfeng had cultivated the Hematite Divine Technique to the 22nd rank, the power of field from the Hematite Divine Technique would be even stronger .

Of course, if Zhang Yunfeng had the power of field, Guo Ming had the power of field too . He was the no . 3 listed cadet of the Yellow Sand Martial Institution and had already cultivated the earth class low-tier cultivation technique to the 21st rank too .

When the two power of fields clashed, there was countless clear explosions in the air as though countless waves crashing .

“Senior Fuchen, can Zhang Yunfeng win?” Yun Yue was a little concerned .

Li Fuchen said, “If he wants to win, he will have to rely on his combat skills . ”

The duo was almost on par for all attributes . Their cultivation techniques were at 21st rank, their earth class low-tier martial arts were close to the completion stage . It would be hard to decide a victor without exchanging a few hundred moves .

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