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Chapter 390

Someone once offered a million low-grade spirit stones to purchase Grandmaster Ever Youth’s Clear Spirit Tree, but Grandmaster Ever Youth didn’t agree .

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The reason that spirit trees had such high value was due to the fact that they could constantly produce fruits or flowers .

Take the Clear Spirit Tree as an example, it would produce a batch of Clear Spirit Fruits every decade . The number of fruits was correlated to the age of the tree . It would be praiseworthy for a Clear Spirit Tree under the age of a hundred years would produce ten Clear Spirit Fruits . The older the tree, the higher the quantity of Clear Spirit Fruits .

Grandmaster Ever Youth’s Clear Spirit Tree was 350 years old and it was rumored that it would produce 50 Clear Spirit Fruits every harvest .

On the market, a single Clear Spirit Fruit had the value of 500 low-grade spirit stones . 50 of the fruits would mean 25 thousand spirit stones . A century later, they would be able to earn 250 thousand low-grade spirit stones . This was under the situation if the tree didn’t age . A century later, this Clear Spirit Tree might already be able to produce 60 or 70 Clear Spirit Fruits at every harvest .

Apart from all those things mentioned, spirit trees could be arranged as the core of arrays, making them more stable .

Just like this place which obviously contained a class 6 energy assembly array, a class 6 attack array, and a class 6 defense array . If the Clear Spirit Tree wasn’t around, these three class 6 arrays could only be considered normal class 6 arrays . But with the Clear Spirit Tree as the core of the arrays, they became enhanced class 6 arrays . Even if multiple Battle Spirit Realm masters were to launch an assault, they wouldn’t be able to destroy it within one or two days . The arrays might be destroyed within a short period only if dozens or a hundred Battle Spirit Realm masters were attacking .

Therefore, the value of the earth class spirit tree had many other factors, otherwise, Grandmaster Ever Youth would have sold this tree for one million low-grade spirit stones . After all, the Clear Spirit Tree could continue to grow for a long time, but Grandmaster Ever Youth didn’t have that much lifespan . If he obtained one million low-grade spirit stones in a single transaction, he could use them to accomplish many things .

“So this is the earth class mid-tier spirit tree, the Clear Spirit Tree?” Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was deeply moved in his heart .

Earth class spirit trees were also called Wealth Trees . The fruits on the trees were basically money .

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If Li Fuchen had one earth class spirit tree, even if it was earth class low-tier, it would be able to sell for 100 thousand low-grade spirit stones .

100 thousand low-grade spirit stones was an astronomical number to him . He reckoned that he would be able to teleport back to the East Unicorn Continent from the Seven Color Continent .

Beside the Clear Spirit Tree, there was a giant piece of circular flatland . In the center, there was a martial contest stage and it was surrounded by over a dozen pavilions . The pavilions were connected with passageways that encircled the entire martial contest stage .

“Come, we will pick one of the pavilions first . ” Yun Yue entered one of the pavilions in a familiar manner .

The pavilion had three floors and the groups immediately climbed up to the third floor .

There was a maid preparing tea on the third floor and the table was arranged with various fruits and light refreshments . All of the food and drinks looked extraordinary and didn’t seem like they were available to regular people .

Yun Yue introduced, “These fruits are the specialty fruits of the Everlasting Youth Garden and they are not sold to the public and are only used to serve guests . That purplish-red fruit is called Purple Snake Fruit and its nutritional value isn’t inferior to regular mystic class herbs . The heart-shaped fruit is called Kind Intention Fruit and the nutritional value is even higher than the Purple Snake Fruit . There is also that fruit with three colors, it is called the Tri-Land Fruit and it has the highest nutritional value . Apart from fruits, these light refreshments are also extremely valuable . The ingredients used to make the refreshments are all from the Everlasting Youth Garden and they cannot be seen in the outside world . ” 

“Let me try one . ” Wu Zhi picked up the Purple Snake Fruit and took a large bite .

“Amazing . ” Wu Zhi’s eyes had lit up .

With his status, he could also afford mystic class herbs, but the Purple Snake Fruit was different . It didn’t only have nutritional value, it was also very delightful and this was the most important point .

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“Is it really that good?” Everyone picked up a piece of fruit to try .

“It is indeed nice . But it is a pity that we can only eat it in the Everlasting Youth Garden . If it can also be bought in the outside world, even if I cannot eat it daily, it will still be nice to eat it a few times every month . ” Zhang Yunfeng commented .

Li Fuchen nodded while he ate a Kind Intention Fruit . To be honest, he had never ate such nice fruits before and they had completely conquered his tastebuds . If possible, he wished to eat one or two of such fruits every single day .

Grandmaster Ever Youth didn’t appear but it was understandable with his status as a grandmaster . He would never be disdain to interact with these youths and it was reckoned that he was probably observing from the dark .

A moment later, the second group had arrived .

This group of people were wearing deep green cadet uniforms and on the chest portion, there was a design of a green vine .

“They are the Evergreen Martial Institution’s cadets . ” Yun Yue had a grave expression .

The Evergreen Martial Institution were ranked 5th among the 24 martial institutions and they had a long history . The first dean was rumored to be a half-step Monarch .

(TL note: Monarchs are also titles for martial artists at the Primary Sea Realm)

Due to the long-running history, there was a large number of competent mentors, causing an extremely high quality of cadets in the Evergreen Martial Institution . There was a martial contest for inner institute cadets that would be conducted every five years . The Evergreen Martial Institution would always be ranked in the top five and their worst performance was also no . 6 . Among the seven martial institutions that attended the tea party, the Evergreen Martial Institution was ranked the highest and was considered to be one of the superior martial institutions .

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“This person seems rather strong . ” Li Fuchen’s eyes landed on the stern youth who was the leader .

It wouldn’t be accurate to judge a person’s strength by their qi presence . Their spiritual traits must also be considered . Those with tough spiritual traits meant they had absolute confidence and those with absolute confidence would naturally have a strength that could reach an extremely high level . Otherwise, they wouldn’t have such confidence .

With Li Fuchem’s awareness, a single glance was enough for him to differentiate if that person was only strong in appearance but weak in reality . An example would be that rather handsome youth with tanned skin . He had a prideful aura field and was insufferably arrogant, but he was actually strong in appearance but weak in reality . At least, he looked like that to Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen stared at Leng Feng and when Leng Feng’s eyes swept across the third floor of the pavilion, his eyes had also landed on Li Fuchen .

“Mm!?” Leng Feng was rather surprised .

Li Fuchen’s qi presence was radiant and scorching, but it didn’t have imposing power . Instead, it felt calm like the morning sun which wasn’t as intense as the afternoon sun, but the morning sun could continue climbing higher, while the afternoon sun had already reached its peak and would only start to decline .

“The South Forest Martial Institution actually has such expert . ” Leng Feng’s eyes flashed with brilliance .

He had come to the South Forest City from a distant place, if he had to sit here and wait for the tea party to end, it would be very boring . If someone was able to exchange moves with him during this tea party, it would be for the best .

“I hope you can withstand at least 20 moves from me . ” Leng Feng spoke to himself inwardly .

After the Evergreen Martial Institution’s outer institute elites picked a pavilion, the third group arrived .

This group of people were wearing scarlet red cadet uniforms and their shoulders had a design of a tiger’s head .

“It is the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution . ” The one who spoke was Zhang Yunfeng .

The Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution was ranked 11th among the 24 martial institutions and was considered an old school institution . For the past two decades, they had once reached the top 10 institutions and would regularly produce dazzling prodigies .

“Qi and body refinement cultivation . ” Li Fuchen ignored everyone as his eyes were on the youth with the crew cut .

He could sense a powerful qi strength and it had obviously reached the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm .

Body refinement cultivation wasn’t easy and Li Fuchen was able to progress so quickly due to his exceptionally tenacious willpower . This was a benchmark for body refinement martial artist, otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to control the qi strength, as qi strength was much more violent than qi . If one didn’t control it properly, they would die from body explosion .

Afterwards, the speed of the body refinement cultivation was also dependent on awareness . With a powerful awareness, one would understand the details one’s own body inside out . If the awareness wasn’t powerful enough, they would only be able to have an equal level of body refinement cultivation with qi cultivation and it wouldn’t be possible to surpass the qi cultivation .

The crew cut youth’s willpower and awareness were rather competent, otherwise, his qi strength wouldn’t be able to reach the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm .

“This is indeed the seven color continent . There are plenty of geniuses and heavenly prodigies . ” Li Fuchen let out an indifferent smile .

His qi strength and dragon elephant power might be sealed up, but with his current strength, it didn’t matter if they were locked up or not .

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