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Chapter 389

“South Forest Martial Institution is in the lower to middle ranks of the 24 martial institutions . If it isn’t for the four Clear Spirit Fruits, our Evergreen Martial Institution is simply lowering our status . ”

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A group of eight individuals walked down from the spatial teleportation platform . One of them was a youth who had tanned skin who had handsome looks . He was the one that was speaking so arrogantly .

“There are only three Clear Spirit Trees in the entire Violet Flower Kingdom . The price of the Clear Spirit Fruit might be so much lower, but it can still allow me to quickly step into the Reincarnation Realm . Furthermore, it doesn’t have any side effects . It is rather worthy . ” A gorgeous woman smiled while looking at the stern youth who looked to be the leader .

The stern youth had a tall build and blade-like eyes which seemed to be able to slice a person’s spirit soul . He spoke, “Our Evergreen Martial Institution is ranked 5th among the 24 martial institutions . For this tea party, do not bring down the reputation of the Evergreen Martial Institution . ”

“Leng Feng, we might not be as formidable as you, but as compared to those weak people, we are still very confident . ” The first to speak was that tanned youth . He spoke with extreme confidence while revealed a disdainful smile at the same time .

“Let’s go! I have been looking forward to seeing Grandmaster Ever Youth’s Everlasting Youth Garden . I heard there are countless rare and mystical plants . I wonder if the reputation is justified . ” The gorgeous woman spoke .

Leng Feng nodded and the group headed towards the Everlasting Youth Garden .

Soon after Leng Feng and his group left, the spatial teleportation platform lit up with radiance again . This time, six figures appeared .

“So this is South Forest City? It looks like it is flourishing . No wonder it is one of the top ten cities of the Violet Flower Kingdom . But I wonder about the outer institute elites of the South Forest Martial Institution, I hope they don’t disappoint me . ”

The youth with the crewcut was extremely sturdy . All the muscles on his body had a clear and distinct cutting . His arms were folded and he had an indifferent expression, giving off a feeling as though he was a human-shaped dragon that was talking a stroll . His qi presence was oppressive and horrific .

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“Wang Jian, with your strength, I reckon that even those higher ranked outer institute elites from other martial institutions wouldn’t be a match for you . ” The five other cadets looked at the youth with the crewcut with revering eyes .

Wang Jian was the no . 1 listed cadet of the Scarlet Tiger Martial Institution . During this Listed Competition, no one was able to withstand a single attack from him, including the no . 2 listed cadet . All of them were sent flying in a single fist or would be sent off the stage in a single kick . His strength was truly stunning .

Hearing the flatteries, Wang Jian’s face remained unconcerned and said, “This is a wide world and there are always others that are stronger . The Evergreen Martial Institution is also participating in this tea party . There are definitely experts inside, but of course, even if they are experts, I, Wang Jian will still use my iron fist to defeat them . ”

Everlasting Youth Garden was a landscape garden that occupied almost a thousand hectares .

South Forest City was a place where the land was extremely expensive . To have a landscape garden that took up a thousand hectares had already made it extremely obvious that the owner had a status that was far superior to the Nanlin Marquis Residence .

There were plenty of martial artists guarding the Everlasting Youth Garden . The worst among them was also at the Heaven Dipper Realm and there were a good number of Reincarnation Realm martial artists too .

The Everlasting Youth Garden had countless arrays enveloping it but these arrays were basically used to protect the herb fields . Without anyone guarding them, it was inevitable that someone might use the opportunity to infiltrate and would disturb Grandmaster Ever Youth’s peace .

Two Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists were guarding the entrance of the Everlasting Youth Garden .

“Who is it?” The Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist at the left obstructed Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and his group while speaking in a cold voice .

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Yun Yue lifted the token in her hand and said, “We have already obtained permission from Grandmaster Ever Youth . This is the evergreen token . ”

The Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist walked over and took the token . He sensed it carefully and noticed that Grandmaster Ever Youth’s qi presence was indeed contained inside, meaning that this token wasn’t fake .

“Please enter . ”

The two guards raised their hands and gestured for the group to enter . Their attitudes were neither obsequious nor supercilious .

“Come, let’s enter . ” Yun Yue led the group and entered the Everlasting Youth Garden .

Once they entered the Everlasting Youth Garden, the group was astonished by the herb fields inside the Everlasting Youth Garden .

When looking over, the place was covered with herb fields . Some of the fields had beautiful and bizarre flowers, some of the fields had strange looking herbs . There were even fields with small trees that were filled with fruits . When seeing the waves of vitality emitted by the fruits, how could they not know that these weren’t ordinary trees? They were trees that contained the spiritual energy of heaven and earth . At the same tier, a single spirit tree had the price that was a few hundred or thousand times more than the herbs .

Of course, these herb fields were enveloped with arrays .

Li Fuchen swept his awareness over and noticed that the arrays were all class 5 arrays and they weren’t normal class 5 arrays . Even if a peak level Reincarnation Realm martial artist was to attack with his full strength, he might not be able to break this array in a short amount of time .

Apart from the herb fields, the Everlasting Youth Garden had plenty of observation pavilions . These pavilions were in excellent locations where one could sit and drink tea while admiring the beautiful scenery of the surrounding herb fields and also the small streams that were crisscrossed .

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As they walked further inside, they had arrived at the depths of the Everlasting Youth Garden unknowingly .

“Isn’t this the earth class low-tier herb, Golden Grass? There are actually so many here?” The no . 10 listed cadet, Lin Chao was shocked .

The Golden Grass was an earth class low-tier herb and had gotten its name due to the golden color it had . Lin Chao wouldn’t be so surprised if there were just eight or ten stalks of Golden Grass, but this was an entire herb field of Golden Grass . It wasn’t just eight or ten stalks, it was counted by hundreds .

A single stalk of Golden Grass cost ten low-grade spirit stones . If it was calculated by the hundreds, there would be a few thousand low-grade spirit stones . Furthermore, this was just one patch of herb field and the Everlasting Youth Garden had plenty of herb fields .

“Grandmaster Ever Youth is formidable indeed and no wonder the Everlasting Youth Garden is the no . 1 garden of the South Forest Region . ” Zhang Yunfeng was overwhelmed with feelings .

Although Concoction Masters were very wealthy, he had never personally witnessed it before . Now that he saw it, Concoction Masters were much more wealthy than he had imagined . Even the entire wealth of a regular Reincarnation Realm martial artist would only be able to purchase one patch of herb field in this place .

Yun Yue added on a comment, “Grandmaster Ever Youth is even wealthier than my Nanlin Marquis Residence . ”

As they continued to walk, they were blocked by a mist .

Lifting the evergreen token, Yun Yue walked into the mist in a familiar manner while everyone followed behind closely .

After passing through the mist, they arrived at a spacious place with extremely concentrated energy .

“The concentration of energy in this place is at least ten times more than the outside world . ” Li Fuchen was shocked .

The energy concentration in the Seven Color Continent was already high, what was the concept of being ten times more concentrated? It was just like having a soak in an ocean of energy, every breath would allow streaks of energy to enter the body . At the same time, it felt like all the pores were opened up and were absorbing the energy .

The effects of using the spirit stones to cultivate were also great . But there were some differences between the two methods .

When soaked in energy, the body would be tempered by the energy too . When using qi to absorb the energy from the spirit stones, the body wouldn’t be tempered by the energy . Perhaps there would be no difference in the short term, but after the long term, those who had been living in places with high energy concentration would definitely have a stronger physique . Even the children that they gave birth to would possess higher grades of bone frames .

Soon enough, everyone understood why the energy concentration in this place was extremely high .

Apart from the energy assembly array, the most important reason was a tree that was over a few dozen meters tall and had a treetop that covered over 100 meters in radius .

The tree had borne pink fruits that were the size of human heads .

Earth class mid-tier spirit tree, Clear Spirit Tree .

In the same tier, spirit trees were worth a thousand times more than herbs . A stalk of earth class mid-tier herb would cost around a hundred to a few hundred low-grade spirit stones . But a single earth class mid-tier spirit tree was at least a hundred thousand to a few hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones .

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