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Chapter 388

When the Ardent Sun Divine Technique was at the 21st rank, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had exited his seclusion .

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He reckoned that he would need at least a few months or even half a year to reach the 22nd rank of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique . The later the ranks, the harder it was to breakthrough . Of course, after Li Fuchen progressed to the Reincarnation Realm, the difficulty would decrease .

It was already four months after the Listed Competition and the outer institute had already regained its serenity .

When walking on the path, Li Fuchen heard a few outer institute cadet discussing about Di Jun .

“Did you hear? Senior Di Jun has just progressed to the Reincarnation Realm half a month ago . He is now an official inner institute cadet . ”

“Incredible . Senior Di Jun is just 31 years old, right? He can already be considered a first-rate prodigy if he progressed to the Reincarnation Realm at the age of 31 .

“Isn’t that right . Those that can progress to the Reincarnation Realm before the age of 35 are all considered prodigies . ”

“Sigh, I wonder when will we be able to progress to the Reincarnation Realm? I heard that even a 6-star bone frame would need at least 2 hours in order to progress from the peak level of Heaven Dipper Realm to the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm . ”

“Hurry up and look . It is Senior Li Fuchen!”

When a few individuals saw Li Fuchen, their faces were instantly filled with respect and worship .

There was a busybody who had titled Li Fuchen as the strongest new cadet of the century in South Forest Martial Institution, not just one of the strongest . That person had even said that Li Fuchen had the hopes of making it into the Youth Master Rankings .

The Youth Master Rankings was actually a ranking for the Reincarnation Realm cadets . Those that could enter the Youth Master Rankings were all elite Reincarnation Realm martial artists . The majority of them had awakened extraordinary abilities and they all had heaven-defying strength, allowing them to be invincible in the same realm .

Having hopes to make it into the Youth Master Rankings was a very high assessment . After all, Li Fuchen only had a 3-star bone frame and it wasn’t even an extraordinary bone frame .

After hearing the words of others, Li Fuchen laughed indifferently . He didn’t bother about false reputations . Once a person had strength, they would have the reputation and if one had reputation without strength, they would ultimately be a moon reflected in the lake mirror and would be destroyed upon contact .

He wasn’t going to pursue reputation, he was going to pursue strength as all other things were just cause and effect .

For four months, Li Fuchen had finally attended the lecture . Xu Chunhua felt overwhelmed with favor and did his best in the lecture on theory to give more knowledge .

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Time elapsed and Li Fuchen’s cultivation had already reached the peak level of Heaven Dipper Realm . But he didn’t know how far he was from progressing to the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm as he didn’t even feel the bottleneck of the realm yet .

“In normal situations, a 6-star bone frame would require around two years to breakthrough . My bone frame is inferior, therefore, I have to rely on the Ardent Sun Divine Technique . But the 21st rank of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique will not be enough for me to surpass the 6-star bone frame . ”

“If the 6-star bone frame required around two years, the current me will require at least three to four years . ”

The higher the grade of the bone frame, the faster the speed of cultivation and the speed of progressing to the next realm .

Li Fuchen’s cultivation speed in the Heaven Dipper Realm wasn’t inferior to any of the 6-star bone frames . But it was mainly because he had the perfect form of the Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint . But in regards to breaking through to the Reincarnation Realm, the Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint was useless and he had to rely on his own cultivation talent .

If Li Fuchen had to rely on his cultivation talent, even with the 21st rank of the Ardent Sun Divine Technique, he would only be comparable to the elite 4-star bone frames and it wasn’t even at the level of the 5-star bone frames, let alone the 6-star bone frames .

“I am 26 years old now . Before the age of 28, I must progress to the Reincarnation Realm . ”

Li Fuchen set a target for himself .

Of course, it would obviously be better if he could make it to the Reincarnation Realm earlier . But he would need fated opportunities .

“Senior Fuchen . ”

On this day, at a path in the outer institute, there was a clear voice that echoed from afar .

Li Fuchen turned around to take a look and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows . The one who called out to him was actually the Third Young Lady of the Nanlin Marquis Residence, Yun Yue .

Before Li Fuchen became a cadet of the South Forest Martial Institution, he had seen Yun Yue at the South Forest City once . Back then, Yun Yue was crowded by a group of people and had a noble aura . Luo Yan had even asked him not to offend Yun Yue or he might bring huge trouble to himself .

Right now, he was the in-room cadet of the South Forest Martial Institution’s Dean and his status wasn’t inferior to the Nanlin Marquis Residence’s young ladies . He had an equal footing when compared to her and with his strength and talents, it wasn’t strange for her to address him as a senior .

“Yun Yue, is there something you need?” Li Fuchen asked .

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Yun Yue sized up Li Fuchen . After cultivating the Ardent Sun Divine Technique to the 21st rank, Li Fuchen looked significantly different as compared to four months ago . His qi presence was still very reserved, but there was a grand and magnificent qi presence that would leak out that was utterly outstanding . For a moment, she couldn’t help but take another glance .

In response to Li Fuchen’s question, Yun Yue said, “Senior Fuchen, three days later, the South Forest Region would host a tea party for the Heaven Dipper Realm . Apart from the outer institute cadets from our institution, cadets from other martial institutions would also participate . I hope that you can participate too . ”

“Tea party? I am not very interested . ” Li Fuchen immediately refused .

He wasn’t interested in such boring tea parties that were a waste of time .

Yun Yue pursed her lips and said, “Senior Fuchen, this tea party’s location is hosted at the Grandmaster Ever Youth’s Everlasting Youth Garden . Grandmaster Ever Youth will provide four Clear Spirit Fruits as a prize for us to distribute as we please . ”

“Grandmaster Ever Youth? Clear Spirit Fruits?” Li Fuchen’s eyes narrowed .

Grandmaster Ever Youth was a Concoction Grandmaster who had the cultivation of the Battle Spirit Realm and was also able to concoct earth class high-tier elixirs . His reputation was even above the Marquis Nanlin and the Dean of the South Forest Martial Institution . He was also one of the ten great Concoction Grandmasters in the Violet Flower Kingdom .

The Clear Spirit Fruit was a fruit borne by the Clear Spirit Tree . It was said that the medicinal effects weren’t inferior to earth class low-tier elixirs and was able to allow the person who consumed it to have a burst in cultivation speed temporarily . It was also extremely effective to use it for breakthroughs and it was something that everyone wished to have .

“Why is Grandmaster Ever Youth willing to provide four Clear Spirit Fruits as prizes?” Li Fuchen couldn’t understand .

To Grandmaster Ever Youth, the cost of four Clear Spirit Fruits that were comparable to four earth class low-tier elixirs might not be considered anything . But who would be so foolish to provide it for no benefits?

Yun Yue said, “In fact, this tea party has always been hosted at the Everlasting Youth Garden for the previous years too . There is one for the Heaven Dipper Realm and also one for the Reincarnation Realm . For the Reincarnation Realm’s tea party, the prizes are ten Clear Spirit Fruits and also other valuable treasures . ”

“Is that so?” Li Fuchen might not understand but he wasn’t suspicious anymore .

The reasoning of a Battle Spirit Realm master was something that he couldn’t guess .

Perhaps it was purely because he had nothing to do and wanted some liveliness at his Everlasting Youth Garden .

Perhaps it was to observe which junior generation individuals were worthy to be nurtured .

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“Alright, I will go . ”

The temptation of the Clear Spirit Fruit was rather strong for Li Fuchen . Anything that could increase the cultivation speed was something he should strive for .

“Then we shall agree on it . ” Yun Yue revealed a smile . The participants of the tea party were outer institute elites from various martial institutions . If Li Fuchen didn’t participate, there was no one who could hold the ground for the South Forest Martial Institution . By then, it wouldn’t be nice if they were humiliated . She was the Nanlin Marquis Residence’s Third Young Lady and also the outer institute cadet of the South Forest Martial Institution, and she hated losing face the most .

After making sure that Li Fuchen was attending the tea party, Yun Yue left and started to invite the other outer institute elites .

“The Clear Spirit Fruit has incredible medicinal effects . After refining it into the Clear Spirit Elixir, the quality would become an elixir of the earth class mid-tier . The Clear Spirit Elixir is something that has a price but doesn’t have stock . With my current status, there won’t be anywhere to buy it even if I wanted one . ”

Grandmaster Ever Youth would only sell 30 Clear Spirit Elixirs every year and they were all basically reserved by influential powerhouses .

As for the Clear Spirit Trees, there were only three of them in the entire Violet Flower Kingdom . One of it was at the Grandmaster Ever Youth, one of it was at the Violet Flower Kingdom’s royal clan and there was another one at the Hua Clan which was one of the four major clans of the Violet Flower Kingdom .

If Li Fuchen missed out on this opportunity, it would be the same as missing out on a fated opportunity to increase his cultivation speed .

Three days passed by very quickly…

“Senior Fuchen . ” Outside the South Forest Martial Institution’s entrance, Yun Yue was already waiting there . Beside her, was Zhang Yunfeng, Wu Zhi, Lin Chao, and two other listed cadets . After including Li Fuchen, there was a total of six listed cadets .

Apart from Di Jun, Wang Heilong, Zhao Fenghua, and one other listed cadet, the rest of the listed cadets were here .

“I have made everyone wait . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

“Since everyone is here, let us depart!”

Yun Yue had already prepared the Unicorn Wildebeests and was the first to ride on one .

The others hopped onto their respective mounts too .

Along the way, Lin Chao said, “There are outer institute elites from seven other martial institutions that are participating in this tea party . Will it be enough with just us?”

“There is no other choice even if it isn’t enough . Di Jun has already progressed to the Reincarnation Realm and it is impossible for him to attend . Wang Heilong is still in seclusion and Zhao Fenghua wasn’t willing to come . ” Zhang Yunfeng shook his head .

If Di Jun could come, they would have two aces .

After all, during the Listed Competition four months ago, Di Jun was just slightly inferior to Li Fuchen .

If they were to only rely on Li Fuchen, it would be somewhat risky .

Outer institute elites from seven other martial institutions were going to participate in this tea party . The chances of encountering formidable opponents were great, especially when three of the seven martial institutions had the strength that surpassed the South Forest Martial Institution . One of them was even no . 3 among the 24 martial institutions, even the weakest listed cadet might not be inferior to Zhang Yunfeng .

After hearing those words, with Yun Yue included, all of them lost some confidence .

Di Jun, Wang Heilong, and Zhao Fenghua were elites among elites . Without the three of them, the overall strength of the South Forest Martial Institution was a little bleak . Li Fuchen was the only person that had some guarantee, but he might not bring them far enough .

If those three could come, their overall strength would increase greatly . Even if they were to lose, they wouldn’t be utterly defeated and wouldn’t be humiliated .

South Forest Martial Institution wasn’t far from South Forest City . In just a short moment, the group arrived at the South Forest City .

After entering the city, the seven cadets headed straight for Grandmaster Ever Youth’s Everlasting Youth Garden .

Soon after Li Fuchen and the group entered the city, in the center of the South Forest City, there was a tall platform and it was circulating with radiance . A group of people suddenly appeared .

This was a spatial teleportation platform and every regional city in the Violet Flower Kingdom had one . By using the spatial teleportation platform to teleport, one could instantly travel to any regional city .

It wasn’t expensive to use the spatial teleportation as each time only cost 100 low-grade spirit stones . After all, this was teleportation between regional cities . If they were teleporting across kingdoms, it would be expensive . If they were teleporting across continents, most of the Reincarnation Realm martial artist wouldn’t be able to afford it . There were some continents there were further away and even regular Battle Spirit Realm masters would find it taxing to teleport across . Of course, the prerequisite was for the two continents to have spatial teleportation platforms that were mutually connected .

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