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Chapter 386

“Haha, Gu Lie, my cadet got the no . 1 position this time . Apologies about it . ”

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The moment Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist won, Xu Chunhua was so excited that he nearly jumped out .

It was a surprise, a huge surprise .

Li Fuchen was able to attain victory even against Di Jun with the Cloud Startle Spear Art at the completion stage . As Li Fuchen’s mentor, he felt as though he was struck by a reward from heaven and was dizzy .

Beside him, Gu Lie had an expression that was truly awful .

He didn’t only suffer humiliation, the most important thing was the 1000 mentor points . It was going to be halved into 500 mentor points and it was the same as shaving his flesh .

These 500 mentor points might delay his promotion to become an inner institute elder by several years . After all, three listed cadets was required to compensate for the loss of 500 mentor points . If a mentor was unlucky, they might not be able to nurture any listed cadets for a few years . It was just like Xu Chunhua who hadn’t been able to nurture one for many years .

His face was important, so was his assets . Right now, he had lost both .

“This is truly jinxed . . ” Gu Lie spoke indignantly .

“Mentor Xu, congratulations . ” The rest of the mentors came over to congratulate Xu Chunhua .

Xu Chunhua nodded and laughed with a pleased expression .

“Assistant Dean, this child’s innate perception can only be found once a century . I reckon that the Dean will also be interested!” At the rostrum, the various outer institute elders were very emotional .

The grey-robed assistant dean nodded, “The Dean should be back in a few days . If he doesn’t accept Li Fuchen as his in-room cadet, I will . ”

As the South Forest Martial Institution’s assistant dean, he had only accepted three in-room cadets up till now . The dean was even more excessive as he had only accepted one in-room cadet . Regular 6-star bone frames were people that he didn’t even pay attention to . He would only pay attention to individuals with special bone frames or cadets like Li Fuchen with terrifying perception .

Of course, special bone frames had special circumstances . Only those with extraordinary bone frames that awakened extraordinary abilities would be able to teach them . The assistant dean didn’t have the extraordinary bone frame but the dean possessed the 6-star blazing fire bone frame and had awakened the blazing fire ability . He reckoned that the dean would accept Wang Heilong as an in-room cadet too .


The assistant dean let out a sigh . There were just a few cadets that he had high regard for when they were in the Heaven Dipper Realm . If he missed these talents, it was unknown when it would be the next time .

“No . 1 listed cadet . I, Luo Yan is truly fortunate to meet him . I really don’t know what kind of kind did I have . ” Luo Yan looked at Li Fuchen who stood on the contest stage like a bright sun while feeling shocked .

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The assistant dean stood up and declared the result of the competition, “For this Listed Competition, no . 1 Li Fuchen, no . 2 Di Jun, no . 3 Zhang Yunfeng, no . 4 Wang Heilong, no . 5 Zhao Fenghua, no . 6 Wu Zhi…”

During the earlier few rounds, Wang Heilong had defeated Zhao Fenghua while the latter defeated Wu Zhi .

As such, Zhao Fenghua’s ranking didn’t change and he was still the no . 5 listed cadet .

Wu Zhi, on the other hand, had dropped from being the no . 3 listed cadet to the no . 6 listed cadet . It could even be considered jumping off the cliff into the water .

As the assistant dean was preparing to carry on, he suddenly lifted his head and looked towards the east of the contest stages .

In the east, a black spot could vaguely be seen .

The black spot was rapidly expanding and had appeared on the stage in a wink of the eye .

“Dean . ” The assistant dean greeted .

“Greetings to the Dean . ”

All the outer institute elders, grade A and B mentors had all stood up and greeted respectfully .

On the contest stage, it was unknown when a white-robed elder had appeared .

The white-robed elder had a florid complexion and immortal-like aura, he was just like a generational master .

“Is this white-robed elder the South Forest Martial Institution’s Dean?” Li Fuchen sized up the white-robed elder .

The South Forest Martial Institution’s dean was one of the master experts in the Violet Flower Kingdom . It was said that he had the cultivation of the 8th level of the Battle Spirit Realm and had awakened the blazing fire ability, and had once melted an entire mountain . In the master rankings of the Violet Flower Kingdom, he was ranked 15th .

One should not underestimate the dean who was ranked 15th .

The Violet Flower Kingdom had 24 martial institutions and two elite martial institutions . When including the royal clan of the kingdom, there were numerous top-classed masters . Among the 24 martial institutions’ deans, only nine of them were ranked top 20 in the master rankings .

“You are this year’s no . 1 listed cadet?” Waving his hand in response to everyone’s greetings, the white-robed elder suddenly looked at Li Fuchen with burning eyes .


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Inside Li Fuchen’s body, the white-robed elder could feel a silver extraordinary vigor and it was locking up Li Fuchen’s physical power and extraordinary vigor .

After turning around, the white-robed elder took a glance at the assistant dean .

This silver extraordinary vigor is called Silver Nucleus Vigor and is cultivated by Lao Zheng . It seems like Lao Zheng doesn’t want Li Fuchen to break the balance and intentionally sealed his body refinement strength .

“Yes, Dean . ” Li Fuchen replied with a cupped fist .

The dean smiled and said, “Not bad, not bad . Your body still has remnant Green Sun Sword Intent and it has already entered a higher tier . I, Meng Chihang has only accepted one in-room cadet . I wonder if you are willing to become my second in-room cadet . ”

Li Fuchen’s perception had tempted the Dean greatly . He knew clearly about the difficulty to cultivate the Green Sun Sword Intent . Back when he was just a cadet in the South Forest Martial Institution, he was unable to cultivate the Green Sun Sword Intent until he reached the Reincarnation Realm .

“As expected . ” The assistant dean laughed bitterly as he saw a great talent getting snatched .

“What? The dean accepted an in-room cadet?”

After hearing that the dean was accepting Li Fuchen as an in-room cadet, everyone was filled with envy .

The dean’s status was superior to Marquis Nanlin . After becoming the dean’s in-room cadet, Li Fuchen’s status would naturally rise with the trend and would be comparable to the Nanlin Marquis Residence’s young masters and ladies . It wasn’t outrageous to say that Li Fuchen would be able to walk across the entire South Forest Region with pride . No one would dare to deal with him publically, otherwise, they would suffer the wrath of the dean .

Even Di Jun and the rest were filled with envy .

“Li Fuchen is willing . ”

No one would refuse this opportunity unless they were fools and Li Fuchen was obviously not a fool .

“Good . ” The dean revealed a smile .

After scanning across, the dean’s eyes landed on Wang Heilong . He could sense the subtle power of darkness from Wang Heilong’s body .

“Darkness bone frame?” The dean was very astonished .

For the recent century of the Violet Flower Kingdom, the darkness bone frame had never appeared . Wang Heilong was the first individual .

If the darkness bone frame holder was nurtured properly, he would become an invincible existence among the martial artists of the same cultivation realm . If Wang Heilong’s cultivation could reach the 7th or 8th level of Battle Spirit Realm, he would certainly have the strength of the top five or even top three masters . If he could reach the 9th level of Battle Spirit Realm, he would basically be the no . 1 master .

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Of course, the prerequisite was for him to awaken the darkness ability and develop it to a certain extent .

“What is your name? Do you possess the darkness bone frame?” The dean questioned Wang Heilong .

Wang Heilong’s was rather excited as he nodded, “This cadet is Wang Heilong and I possess the 6-star darkness bone frame . ”

“Good, are you willing to become my in-room cadet?”

“Wang Heilong is willing . ” Wang Heilong replied hastily .

The dean laughed as he had picked up a treasure . A 6-star darkness bone frame holder was an existence that would be snatched by the dean in any martial institution .

“The two of you will follow me . ”

The dean waved his hand and there was an invisible energy binding them . In the next moment, the trio vanished .

When they appeared again, they were outside the Secret Manual Tower .

“Dean . ” The elder guarding the tower stood up and greeted with respect .

The dean said, “They will become my in-room cadets from today onwards . I brought them here to pick a cultivation technique . ”

“Yes, Dean . ” The elder looked at the duo with envy .

There were great benefits for becoming the dean’s in-room cadets . The greatest benefit was to directly pick an earth class mid-tier cultivation technique .

One must know that outer institute mentors weren’t even qualified to pick an earth class mid-tier cultivation technique . Only inner institute mentors were qualified to do so .

“Eh, isn’t this the child that picked the Green Sun Sword Intent?” The guardian elder recognized Li Fuchen .

Could he have successfully cultivated the Green Sun Sword Intent and was accepted by the dean as an in-room cadet?

“The two of you can enter and pick an earth class mid-tier cultivation technique you like! But with your current status, you can only obtain the first 24 ranks of the technique . As for the future ranks, it will depend on your performance and contributions to the institution . ” The dean turned around and informed Li Fuchen and Wang Heilong .

“Many thanks, Dean . ” Li Fuchen and Wang Heilong felt a little light-headed .

Choosing an earth class mid-tier cultivation technique they liked… Even though it was only the first 24 ranks, wasn’t this too big of a leap?!

The dean nodded and continued, “I have nothing to guide you now, wait till the two of you become inner institute cadets . Alright, you may enter!” After finishing his statement, the dean flashed and vanished .

“The two of you are truly in luck . You are already able to cultivate earth class mid-tier cultivation techniques at such an early age . ” After the dean left, the guardian elder smiled and said .

“Hehe . ” Wang Heilong grinned and laughed .

“Child, have you successfully cultivated the Green Sun Sword Art?” The guardian elder couldn’t hold back his curiosity and inquired Li Fuchen .

“I am fortunate enough not to disgrace myself . ” Li Fuchen cupped his fist .

“How can you even say that? You are really a young maniac . ” The guardian elder waved his hand and asked the duo to enter the tower .

With the authority given by the dean, the duo immediately arrived on the fourth floor of the Secret Manual Tower .

This floor had very little quantity of manuals but each manual had the ability to create a storm of blood .

The duo didn’t bother talking and started to look through the manuals .

“First Heaven Divine Technique, earth class mid-tier cultivation technique . Ability to cultivate the first heaven qi . If a Reincarnation Realm martial artist cultivates it, it will increase the lifespan by 50% . If a Battle Spirit Realm master cultivates it, it will increase the lifespan by 30% . The first heaven qi is unbreakable and has interchangeable between hard and soft . With a concentrated mind, when cultivated to a high rank, it could be used for self-recuperation and could also be used to assist others in recuperation . The effects are truly remarkable . ”

“It is actually a qi cultivation technique that can increase the lifespan and also has a healing effect!” Li Fuchen was feeling shocked in his heart .

Cultivation techniques with the ability to increase lifespan was extremely rare . There were martial artists who were stuck in a realm and wouldn’t be able to break through no matter what . If they were to cultivate the First Heaven Divine Technique, they would definitely be able to break through their body’s limit with the increase in lifespan and reach a higher realm .

Cultivation techniques with healing effects were also rare . When martial artists crossed moves in battle, it was inevitable that they would be injured . Without any elixirs, it was needless to say that the First Heaven Divine Technique had the ability to increase the cultivator’s survivability greatly . Minor injuries could be ignored while severe injuries would gradually turn into minor injuries .

When these two factors were combined, it was extremely rare .

Furthermore, the First Heaven Divine Technique wasn’t a weak technique and wasn’t those support type cultivation techniques .

If this divine technique’s manual was brought to the East Unicorn Continent, wouldn’t it be invincible?

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