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Chapter 385

“Defeating Wang Heilong in a single spear strike . Is this Di Jun’s strength?”

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“He is the no . 1 listed cadet for a reason . Such dominance . ”

The audience was in a commotion as Di Jun’s strength had exceeded expectations .

“Hehe, Di Jun’s Cloud Startle Spear Art is already at the completion stage . Even those 1st level Reincarnation Realm martial artists who have never cultivation earth class martial arts would be penetrated by his spear . ” Class 3 mentor, Gu Lie grinned and laughed .

Xu Chunhua’s mouth twitched but didn’t say anything .

Di Jun’s strength was revealed for all to see and he couldn’t retort . But he didn’t believe that Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist didn’t have a chance at all . The Green Sun Sword Intent was one of the most reputable sword arts that the South Forest Martial Institution possessed . Its profundity must be so extraordinary that it surpassed the Cloud Startle Spear Art . It was just unknown which stage has Li Fuchen cultivated the Green Sun Sword Intent until .

Below the stage, Zhang Yunfeng shook his head and spoke in his heart: Li Fuchen, you are really unlucky . If it was Di Jun from a month ago, he wouldn’t be a match for you . But after his Cloud Startle Spear Art reached the completion stage, even if you and I worked together, we wouldn’t be a threat to Di Jun .

There was a huge disparity in whether the earth class low-tier martial art reached the completion stage .

It wasn’t just the difference in the profundity and power . Most importantly, once the earth class low-tier martial art reached the completion stage, it would produce the power of field . Under the pressure of the power of field, who would be able to contest?

The competition was only left with a final few rounds . During the second last round, Zhang Yunfeng was matched up against Wang Heilong .

Wang Heilong had been injured twice and it had affected his condition, hence, he was ultimately not a match for Zhang Yunfeng .

For the final round…

“Di Jun will go against Li Fuchen . ” The referee took a deep breath and spoke with a loud voice .

Holding his spear, Di Jun appeared on the contest stage . His qi presence was held back but it still emitted an immense pressure . It was the changes that was brought the completion stage, Cloud Startle Spear Art .

On the opposite side, Li Fuchen had also flashed and appeared .

After sizing up Li Fuchen, Di Jun said indifferently, “Ten spear strikes . ”

He declared that he would defeat Li Fuchen in ten spear strikes . Apart from Li Fuchen, no one else, including Zhang Yunfeng was able to withstand a single spear strike from Di Jun .

“Overestimating yourself isn’t a good thing . ”

Li Fuchen admitted that the current Di Jun was a formidable rival as he only had a 60% confidence of defeating Di Jun .

But it was sufficient .

Di Jun’s Cloud Startle Spear Art might be at the completion stage, his Green Sun Sword Intent was also close to the completion stage .

Furthermore, the Green Sun Sword Intent’s tier was superior to the Cloud Startle Spear Art .

“Overestimating? I don’t think so . ”

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Di Jun’s qi presence began to converge and climb . The 21st rank Cloud Dividing Divine Technique and his 5-star secret technique allowed Di Jun’s qi presence to suppress Li Fuchen . If it was someone else with weaker willpower, they might already cower before exchanging moves . In this condition, it was already good enough to be able to bring out 30% of the original strength .

To Li Fuchen, this qi presence wasn’t worth mentioning and it wasn’t enough to make him cower .

Of course, Li Fuchen’s strength was most definitely suppressed, after all, Di Jun’s qi presence was indeed stronger than him .

But it had only suppressed Li Fuchen’s strength by 10% to 20% .

Looking from this point of view, Wang Heilong’s power of darkness was the one that was truly heaven-defying . Once his power of darkness was burst out with his qi, it could devour the opposition’s qi presence . Earlier on, Li Fuchen’s strength was suppressed by nearly 30% .

This was even when Wang Heilong’s cultivation technique was inferior to Di Jun . If Wang Heilong’s power of darkness was coupled with Di Jun’s 21st rank of Cloud Dividing Divine Technique, Li Fuchen’s strength would be suppressed by at least 50% .

It wasn’t just a saying when they mentioned that special bone frames had the potential to be unrivaled in the same cultivation realm .

“First spear strike!”

Di Jun’s qi presence built up very quickly and had reached the peak in a blink of the eye . But Di Jun wasn’t finished yet, he immediately executed the Cloud Startle Spear Art . The first spear strike was complemented with the intense spear presence and qi presence, causing his overall qi presence to rise again .


There was a torrential wave when Di Jun thrust with his spear .

The Cloud Dividing Divine Technique and the Cloud Startle Spear Art had complemented one another .

This spear strike was extremely quick and violent . With this spear strike, Di Jun was confident he could kill a regular 1st level Reincarnation Realm Martial artist .

White qi force was extending out and the silver spear looked like a silver bolt of lightning . Due to the intense speed, traces of silver sparks burst out and at the same time, an invisible power was combined with the spear presence to envelop Li Fuchen .

Di Jun was confident that this spear strike would at least injure Li Fuchen even if he couldn’t defeat Li Fuchen .

Ten spear strikes was actually just a modest declaration . To be honest, Di Jun believed that he only required three spear strikes to defeat Li Fuchen .

“Power of field huh?” Li Fuchen had already circulated his cultivation technique and secret technique . When Di Jun thrust with his spear, the Green Sun Sword Intent had instantly burst out .

When Li Fuchen dealt with Wang Heilong and Zhang Yunfeng earlier, he didn’t execute the Green Sun Sword Intent to the extreme . Right now, inside Li Fuchen’s body, there was a bundle of green light that was several times bigger than the green light spot that was formed .


A horrific and invisible power merged with the qi presence and expanded .

Boom Boom Boom!

In the air, there was countless sounds of explosions .

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At this moment, Di Jun’s attack had yet to even get near to Li Fuchen .

“Power of field?” A flash of light appeared in Di Jun’s mind while he shivered .

Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent had also produced the power of field and it had instantly neutralized his Cloud Startle Spear Field . No… it was suppressed .

Immediately after, a dazzling burst of light assaulted and clashed with the spearhead that was a bolt of silver lightning .


An intense metallic clash had echoed . There were countless flashes and sparks that burst out violently in between the duo . For an instant, half the contest stage was covered with sparks and flashes, making it unbelievably resplendent .

Thud Thud Thud…

The duo retreated and they looked to be even in strength .

“He blocked it?”

Plenty of people rubbed their eyes as the contest stage was too dazzling and they weren’t able to see clearly .

“The Green Sun Sword Intent had already produced the Green Sun Sword Field . Could his Green Sun Sword Intent be at the completion stage?” The grey-robed assistant dean was surprised .

9th level of Heaven Dipper Realm and with the completion stage of Green Sun Sword Intent . This was something that no one would believe .

But the facts couldn’t be disputed . If it wasn’t the case, how was Li Fuchen able to block Di Jun’s Cloud Startle Spear Art that was at the completion stage?

“The completion stage of Green Sun Sword Intent . ” The few outer institute elders who cultivated the Green Sun Sword Intent looked at each other in dismay .

Some of them were peak level Reincarnation Realm martial artists and were still unable to cultivate the Green Sun Sword Intent to the completion stage, but Li Fuchen did it .

Was he still human!?

The few of them didn’t know that Li Fuchen had yet to cultivate the Green Sun Sword Intent to the completion stage . As for the Green Sun Sword Field, Li Fuchen reckoned that the Green Sun Sword Intent that he comprehended wasn’t at the earth class low-tier, but at the earth class mid-tier .

The completion stage of earth class mid-tier martial arts was comparable to earth class low-tier martial arts at the trance stage .

Li Fuchen didn’t cultivate the Green Sun Sword Intent to the completion stage but was close .

When going all out, Li Fuchen was even able to control all the sword lights in a single direction without too much overflow .

A single sword strike had shocked everyone .

No one had witnessed such an overwhelming new cadet . He had only entered for three months, if he was here for one or two years, what would happen? Was he going to instantly wipe out the current Di Jun?

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“How did he cultivate it? Is this what the legendary perception is capable of?” Zhang Yunfeng’s mouth was agape for a long time without closing .

Di Jun was only able to reach this strength level because he had been in the institution for four years . Li Fuchen was only here for three months .

Zhang Yunfeng admitted that he had suffered a shock . As compared to Li Fuchen, he was simply a feeble chicken .

“Haha, Gu Lie, it looks like Di Jun might not be able to win!” Xu Chunhua might be surprised, but he still didn’t forget to deal a blow to Gu Lie .

Gu Lie sneered and said, “Isn’t it just starting?”

“Then we shall see!” Xu Chunhua continued to observe the contest stage .

Di Jun had a gloomy expression . He seemed to have underestimated Li Fuchen .

But this wasn’t important . He still had nine spear strikes and he didn’t believe that Li Fuchen would be able to block the next nine attacks .

“Second spear strike!”

Di Jun yelled out as he thrust and lunged at Li Fuchen . This thrust of the spear had poured all the qi and spear presence onto Li Fuchen . It had the effect of piercing through the cloud .

“Seal!” Li Fuchen brandished the Joint-Heaven Sword in his hand and sprayed out with dazzling sword light .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The metallic clashes echoed one after the other .

Third spear strike, fourth spear strike…

In the bat of the eye, Di Jun had already executed nine spear strikes and was left with his final move .

“Rebuking the Wind and Cloud!”

Di Jun had squeezed out all of his strength to thrust out with the Cloud Startle Spear Art’s kill move .


Ten meandering electric arcs that looked like wild dragons were bursting out in all directions with the silver spearhead as the source .

This wasn’t a thunder-type spear art . If it was a thunder-type spear art, it wouldn’t be exaggerated for there to be so many electric arcs and would be very normal .

For the Cloud Startle Spear Art to produce so many electric arcs, it was imaginable how terrifying this spear move was and how concentrated the qi was .

“Just in time . ” Li Fuchen wielding his sword with both hands and suddenly thrust with his sword .

As he thrust with his sword, a myriad of radiance gathered into a single ray .

Quietly and without presence, a giant sphere of energy was born and had immediately exploded, sending both Li Fuchen and Di Jun flying .

Ten spear strikes had been executed and Di Jun still didn’t hold any upper hand, let alone defeating Li Fuchen .

“It is my turn now . ” Li Fuchen spoke .

Di Jun didn’t say anything while his eyes were filled with cold intent .

“Sect Origin Swords!” Li Fuchen yelled out and the air around his body was filled with sword qi . By taking a rough glance, there were at least a few tens of thousands of them .


With a swish of Li Fuchen’s left finger, tens of thousands of sword qi was violently launched at Di Jun .

“Another 5-star secret technique?”

Di Jun sneered and wielded his spear to repel the numerous sword qi . There were times he burst hundreds or a thousand sword qi with a single spear attack .

The 5-star secret technique was nothing to him unless Li Fuchen had a 6-star secret technique .

But when tens of thousands of sword qi were attacking in a wave, Di Jun’s concentration was still distracted as he had still need to stay on guard for Li Fuchen’s kill move .

“Descend . ”

With less than half of the sword qi left, Li Fuchen’s left hand suddenly waved down .

Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish…

The rest of the sword qi were all shot at Di Jun and the instant burst of power was enough to frighten Di Jun .


Li Fuchen flashed in front of Di Jun and brandished his sword . The myriad of radiance turned into fan-shape and extended out with the coordination of the tens of thousands of sword qi from above . Di Jun wished he could have three heads and six arms right now .


Di Jun vomited a mouthful of fresh blood and his body had dozens of sword wounds .

His strength was sufficient to block off the tens of thousands of sword qi, but he wasn’t able to spare out enough attention to deal with Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent .

The battle of the pinnacles had reached a conclusion and the victor was Li Fuchen .

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