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Chapter 381

The Listed Competition was held at the center of the outer institute and there was a gigantic contest stage .

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Early in the morning, the contest stage had an unprecedented clamor . Over a thousand outer institute cadets were already in their seats . The outer institute mentors, elders, and the Assistant Dean were also in their seats .

The annual Listed Competition was the liveliest time for the outer institute .

During the Listed Competition, apart from the top three cadets receiving the earth class low-tier cultivation techniques, the top ten cadets would also get rewarded with spirit stones . The first position would receive 2000 low-grade spirit stones, the second and third positions would receive 1000 low-grade spirit stones . From the fourth position and below, all the other top ten cadets would receive 500 low-grade spirit stones . It was considered generous rewards, especially for the first position .

At the long table beside the rostrum, the grade A mentors were seated beside one another . ”

Grade A class 3’s mentor, Gu Lie smiled with narrow eyes and said, “Mentor Xu, your class 7 is so lucky . You actually have a cadet with legendary perception . In another two years, my class 3 will not be comparable to your class 7 anymore . ”

Xu Chunhua grunted,” Gu Lie, stop being hypocritical . ”

Xu Chunhua had never been on good terms with Gu Lie . A few years ago, his class 7 was superior to class 3, but in recent years, he wasn’t lucky and didn’t have any listed cadets in his class . However, this class 3 had a total of three listed cadets during recent years and the no . 1 listed cadet, Di Jun was also in class 3 .

Hence, whenever this Gu Lie had a chance, he would mock and ridicule Xu Chunhua .

Gu Lie grinned, “You are truly a boring person . Forget it, I shall not speak with you . ”

He was feeling contented with three listed cadets, giving him around 1400 mentor points . When these three listed cadets successfully promoted to inner institute cadets, he would be on the receiving end of the 1400 mentor points .

“Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist do your best!”

At the audience stand, Luo Yan was sitting the grade A class 5 group and watching Li Fuchen from below the contest stage while silently rooting for Li Fuchen .

“Hmph, I shall watch how Cousin Fenghua humiliates you on the contest stage . ”

Zhao Linghua was also from grade A class 5 . She was 28 years old this year, she was one year older than Luo Yan and the same age as her cousin, Zhao Fenghua .

At the eastern corner of the contest stage, Li Fuchen was standing straight and behind him were Qin Lie, Wang Yingxue, and others .

In grade A class 7, a total of five cadets had passed the fifth floor of the Clear Sky Tower .

Looking at Li Fuchen’s back, Qin Lie and Wang Yingxue were revering him in their hearts .

For the past few days, Mentor Xu Chunhua had arranged for them to spar with Li Fuchen .

But the results were miserable as neither of them could even withstand three swords from Li Fuchen .

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They similarly had their mystic class peak-tier cultivation technique at the highest rank, and their mystic class peak-tier martial arts were also at the highest stage . However, they were just like children when facing Li Fuchen as they couldn’t put up any form of resistance .

According to Mentor Xu Chunhua’s explanation, even at the same rank or stage, there would be differences . It would depend on the individual’s combat skills, and it was obvious that Li Fuchen’s combat skills were far superior to them .

“My only rival should be Di Jun . ”

Li Fuchen’s eyes landed on Di Jun, while the others were ignored by him .

Li Fuchen had yet to witness the true prowess of earth class low-tier cultivation techniques . Thus, he didn’t have complete confidence that he could defeat Di Jun .

On the rostrum, the grey-robed Assistant Dean stood up and announced, “The competition’s rules are simple . Those who accumulated ten losses shall be eliminated . In the end, those who lost the least will have a higher ranking . The competition shall begin now . ”

There was a total of ten contest stages and ten matches were conducted at the same time .

“No . 2 contest stage, Li Fuchen will go against Yang Yuanhe . ”

Once the referee’s voice echoed, Li Fuchen flashed and landed on the no . 2 contest stage .

Opposite him, Yang Yuanhe flashed and appeared too .

Yang Yuanhe was rather confident in his strength . In grade A class 6, his strength was just inferior to the no . 9 listed cadet, Lin Chao .

But he was facing Li Fuchen who had legendary perception . He didn’t dare to be complacent and had put in all his strength at the beginning .

“Excuse me . ”

An iron rod appeared in Yang Yuanhe’s hands and it was a mystic class peak-tier weapon .

During the Listed Competition, cadets were only allowed to use mystic class peak-tier weapons and were forbidden from using earth class low-tier weapons .

Huff Huff Huff Huff…

Intensive technique intent and rod intent spread out . The iron rod in Yang Yuanhe’s hands were like a storm . In the blink of the eye, he had blasted out with dozens of rod strikes at Li Fuchen . Each strike contained boundless power and they weren’t as simple as shadows .

Earth class low-tier rod art, 36 Rods of Mountain Explosion .

Violent gale rushed at the face while clothes were fluttering . Li Fuchen drew his Joint-Heaven Sword to deal with Yang Yuanhe’s violent rod art .

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His blacklight sword was just a mystic class high-tier artifact sword . Li Fuchen had the confidence to defeat Yang Yuanhe even with his mystic class high-tier artifact sword, but he didn’t have to go through this trouble .

With the Joint-Heaven Sword out of the sheathe, Li Fuchen brandished his sword lightly and indifferently .

It was the Inferno Sword Art’s first move, Extreme Heat Blaze . As Li Fuchen brandished his sword, a blazing hot sword qi flashed across .

Boom Boom!

Countless exploding sounds echoed in the air . Yang Yuanhe’s 36 Rods of Mountain Explosion was just like a punctured ball as the rod forces declined sharply and lost more than 90% of its original power .


The iron rod shivered and Yang Yuanhe felt half his body getting paralyzed while he was sent flying .

“How is this possible? We are both using mystic class peak-tier martial arts, why did I lose so quickly?” Yang Yuanhe was in disbelief .

At the grade A mentors’ seats, Xu Chunhua smiled . He didn’t think that Li Fuchen can obtain the no . 1 listed cadet’s position but with Li Fuchen’s combat skills, it was highly possible for him to become a listed cadet .

“Interesting, this child’s combat skills seem to be exceptionally brilliant . ” Gu Lie had a slightly surprised expression .

With a frenzied circulation of qi, Yang Yuanhe forcefully stopped his body from flying before he staggered after landing on the ground .

“Li Fuchen, if you can withstand my next move, I shall concede voluntarily . ”

Yang Yuanhe grasped his iron rod with both hands while an imposing mountain-like rod presence was emitted .

“You shall be defeated! Five Mountains Rod Art!” Yang Yuanhe rushed into the sky and cleaved down with his rod .

This rod felt as though it contained the weight from five great mountains . It was just a simple downward swing, but it covered a massive radius . Half the contest stage was enveloped by the rod presence . There was simply no place to evade or hide .

Five Mountains Rod Art, earth class low-tier rod art .

Yang Yuanhe might have cultivated the Five Mountains Rod Art to the sub-completion stage recently and the power might not be comparable to the 36 Rods of Mountain Explosion, but in terms of profundity, it was superior as earth class low-tier rod art contained the quintessence of heaven and earth .

“Earth class low-tier martial arts will only produce the field’s power after reaching completion stage . This rod move would be even more profound . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t execute his Green Sun Sword Intent . Instead, he responded with one of the Inferno Sword Art’s move, Soaring Dragon Inferno .

A regular Soaring Dragon Inferno was naturally incomparable with the opposition’s Five Mountains Rod Art, but Li Fuchen’s Soaring Dragon Inferno felt as though it had a spirit of its own . The rotating sword had forcefully drilled opened the Five Mountains Rod Art by focusing on the flaws .

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After a mouthful of blood was vomited, Yang Yuanhe’s iron rod was disarmed . His body fell and crashed onto the barrier array at the edge of the contest stage before bouncing back .

Yang Yuanhe was defeated .


Xu Chunhua applauded and cheered . He noticed that he had underestimated Li Fuchen as the latter didn’t even bring out his full strength when sparing with Qin Lie and Wang Yingxue . Xu Chunhua still wasn’t sure of Li Fuchen had used all his strength yet .

After defeating his opponent in a clean fight, Li Fuchen flashed off the stage .

For the next few matches, Wang Heilong, Le Changfeng, and Gao Yue had gone on stage consecutively .

Among the trio, Wang Heilong’s strength was obviously the strongest and his combat skills were also brilliant .

Le Changfeng and Gao Yue’s combat skills were much more superior to Yang Yuanhe too but were slightly inferior to Wang Heilong .

At this moment, many of the outer institute cadets had noticed something .

With the same cultivation level and martial arts proficiency, different combat skills would result in a huge difference in strength .

There was still a chasm in regards to the difference between a true prodigy and a normal genius . It wasn’t going to be surpassed so easily .

Li Fuchen, Wang Heilong, Le Changfeng, and Gao Yue were true prodigies . Of course, with the exception of Li Fuchen, the other three had 6-star bone frames and if they weren’t prodigies with 6-star bone frames, what were they?

As compared to the four new cadets, the rest looked to be inferior . Even the current listed cadets had combat skills that weren’t a match for the four new cadets . Only a few of the listed cadets like Di Jun, Zhang Yunfeng, and Zhao Fenghua seemed to be stronger .

Of course, a listed cadet had obtained their position for a reason . Even if their innate potential were inferior, with a longer cultivation time and stable foundation, it was still very difficult to defeat them . In the past years, the only chance for others to enter the listed rankings were only after the listed cadets had promoted to inner institute cadets .

After four rounds, it was Li Fuchen’s turn again . This time, he was on the no . 5 contest stage and his opponent was Gao Yue .     而他的对手,赫然是高月。

Gao Yue pursed her lips and launched a sudden attack .

Just like Li Fuchen, Gao Yue was also a swordsman and her weapon of choice was a pair of thin swords .

When coordinating with two swords, Guan Yue’s sword art was extremely dense like heavy rain . There were no gaps that the swords couldn’t enter and it was extremely hard to defend against .

It was a pity that her opponent was Li Fuchen who was also a swordsman .

A swordsman was most understanding of other swordsmen . Li Fuchen clearly knew the specialty of swords .

Clang! Clang!

Against the dense sword art, Li Fuchen casually swung his sword twice, each sword strike would clash at the weakest part of Gao Yue’s sword art . After the first sword strike, Gao Yue’s sword strikes had a drastic decrease in density . After the second sword strike, Gao Yue’s sword attack had instantly collapsed .

With the third sword strike, it was pointed at Gao Yue’s throat .

He didn’t even give a trace of opportunity to his opponent .

Gao Yue had a ghastly pale expression . Li Fuchen’s sword art was like a nightmare that had crushed her completely . Even against the seniors in her clan, she had never felt this sensation before .

“I am inferior to him . ” Under the stage, Le Changfeng shook his head .

Li Fuchen’s strength was simply flawless . When contesting against such people, unless you had absolute strength to suppress him, there was basically no chance of winning .

Next, Li Fuchen won consecutively and Le Changfeng had also been defeated by him .

No matter who his opponent was, Li Fuchen didn’t feel a hint of intimidation, including the no . 9 listed cadet, Lin Chao .

Such strength had made all the grade A mentors to frown involuntarily .

As expected of a person with legendary perception, not only is his perception high, his innate potential in combat skills is also terrifying . With similar cultivation strength, he will be able to achieve complete domination . In the entire outer institute, there are just a few cadets who are rivals to him .

On the 11th round…

“No . 7 contest stage . Zhao Fenghua will go against Li Fuchen . ”

Li Fuchen who had consecutive victories had finally encountered a formidable foe .

No . 5 listed cadet, Zhao Fenghua .

As one of the four cadets with transcending perception, Zhao Fenghua’s strength was something that other listed cadets couldn’t be compared with . He had also accumulated enough experience as he had been in the South Forest Martial Institution for over two years . During his first year, he had entered the ranks of the listed cadets and in the second year, he became the no . 5 listed cadet .

This year, there were many who speculated if he could barge into the top three .

After all, the no . 3 listed cadet was Wu Zhi who only had extraordinary perception . Had he not ben in the South Forest Martial Institution for five years, he might not even make it to the no . 3 listed cadet position .

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