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Chapter 375
Soon, the days of admission to the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard are here .

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Thousands of young people rushed to the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard .

Yes, there are thousands of young people who enroll every year .

Among them, 6 star root bone is usually only one or two people, sometimes no one, 5 star root bone is in the number of dozens, and when there are less than ten people, the rest are all 4 star root bone .

Although the admission criteria for the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard is 5 star root bone, everything stays in the line . In addition to the 5 star root bone, the 4 star root bone will also recruit an indefinite number of people, but only if you can get through the Azure Cloud Pagoda .

The Southern Forest Martial Courtyard is only a few hundred miles away from the South Forest City . It didn't take long for everyone to come to an open space, in front of them, a magnificent and majestic complex .

The complex is built on a conical highland, from low to high, arranged in order, at the top of the cone, and there is a tower, which is said to be connected to the Secret Realm and has access to the inner courtyard .

The enrollment time has not yet arrived, everyone is waiting in the open space .

"Luo Yan, you are a curse, now I see if you can still arrogant . "Not far away, Zhao Linghua took Yang Biao and walked over .

Luo Yan has a frosty face . "Zhao Linghua, your mouth is really dirty, you can wash it . "

"The tip of your teeth is sharp, don't worry, first get your follow-up get down, I will deal with you again, Yang Biao, before you were slapped by him, the opportunity for revenge is here . "Zhao Linghua said to Yang Biao .


True Spirit broke out, 5 star secret technique broke out, and Yang Biao looked gloomy at Li Fuchen, "little bastard, now kneel down, and 10 slaps are still available . "

Being blinded in public, Yang Biao has always been regarded as a shameful shame . He does not know how he endured for ten days .

"It seems that a slap has not yet awakened you . "Li Fuchen indifferently said .

"court death . "

Yang Biao was raging, and there was a sledgehammer in his hand . The figure flashed and he slammed into Li Fuchen .

"This kid is miserable . Yang Biao is an outer courtyard elite student . He has passed the Azure Cloud Pagoda three layers . It is a new student . "

"Unless he is Le Changfeng and others, it's almost the same . "

Everyone gave up a piece of open space and pointed to it .

Yang Biao's cultivation base is not weak, up to Heavenly Dipper Realm 7th layer, the first-hand Profound level top rank hammer method also reached the reaching peak realm, a hammer bombarded, the violent airflow is fierce, the usual Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist has not been hammered Hit, it is estimated that you will be seriously injured .

Seeing that Li Fuchen is about to be hit .

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In the face of Yang Biao's strong tyranny, Li Fuchen grabbed his right fist and slammed it out with a simple punch .

A simple punch, like the power of the demon god, not only broke the giant hammer with a punch, but also made the giant hammer shocked back and bombarded it on Yang Biao's chest .

The blood fountain usually spits out, and Yang Biao slams the whole person out .

On the open ground, quiet as never before, everyone is staring at Li Fuchen .

A fist is seriously injured in the outer courtyard, this kind of strength, is a new student can do it?

On the side of Zhao Linghua, the young man with a quiet face was dignified a lot, they seem to haveestimate Li Fuchen, this person, extraordinary .

"Damn, useless fellow, Xu Lin, you must give me a defeat . "

Zhao Linghua has a sharp voice .

She refused to accept, Luo Yan from where to find such a powerful new life .

Among them, only Luo Yan is a strange look, Li Fuchen, even the Shedding Body Realm killer can punch, not to mention an outer courtyard elite student .

"Body Refining martial artist?"

Le Changfeng is thoughtful .

"Xu Lin, you are here!"Zhao Linghua See Xu Lin, no movement, urging .

Xu Lin frowned . If Zhao Linghua was not the cousin of Zhao Fenghua, he was too lazy to care for each other .

Stepping out, Xu Lin said to Li Fuchen: "You have offended someone who shouldn't offend, so sorry . "

"There are people who can't offend, but not you . "Li Fuchen said .

"I am not Yang Biao, be careful . "

Xu Lin True Spirit broke out, 5 star secret technique broke out .

Although they are both elite students, Xu Lin's strength is stronger than Yang Biao .

Yang Biao only survived the Azure Cloud Pagoda, and he passed the Azure Cloud Pagoda .

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On the cultivation base and Martial Art realm, he also has a stronger level than Yang Biao . His cultivation base is Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer, and Martial Art realm comprehend out Martial Art True Meaning, and the cultivation technique has not reached the highest level . realm .

Xu Lin's weapon is a knife, the blade is sharp, and the cold qi is compelling .


Long blade A wave, the majestic blade qi rolled over, the earth was scraped off a layer, the dust was over the sky .

Shaking his head, Li Fuchen is still a fist strike .

The powerful fist runs through the air waves, runs through the blade qi, and bombards the long blade .

Like Yang Biao's ending, the long blade was back in shock by Li Fuchen's fist, and the knife back ruthlessly hit Xu Lin . The next moment, Xu Lin squirted a blood and looked incredibly backward .

On the open ground, everyone was speechless .

A punch is still a punch . Xu Lin, who is a level stronger than Yang Biao, can't stop even a punch and is directly injured .

These strengths are only the strength of Azure Cloud Pagoda fifth layer .

Zhao Linghua's mouth is wide open and no sound can be heard .

She is really nothing .

Xu Lin is the strongest elite student around her . Even Xu Lin is not a puncher of Li Fuchen . I am afraid that only the cousin Zhao Fenghua will be able to do it himself .

"Zhao Linghua, are you not to teach me?"Luo Yan sneered .

"You!"Zhao Linghua pointed to Luo Yan, fiercely said: "You wait . "

Her cousin, Zhao Fenghua, will take a few days to return to the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard . By then, it will not be too late to teach them .

"Interesting, I thought that there is nothing worth paying attention to except the Human List students . "In the crowd, a black clothed young man smiled a little .

At this moment, the door of the Martial Courtyard was opened, and the indifference of wearing a formal robes came out . The sound was not ill: "Thirty-year-old lower, before the admission test, the rest of the people are not allowed to enter . " ”

The admission criteria for the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard is 5 star root bone, 30-year-old lower .

If you don't have 5 star root bone, go to Azure Cloud Pagoda and get through the second layer to be a military court student .

Li Fuchen saw at a glance that the indifference of middle age was Shedding Body Realm high rank martial artist, and from Aura's point of view, it was no worse than Eastern Lín Continent's Top level expert, and probably worse than Evil King .

Indifference to middle-aged, take a few high-profile frames from the storage pouch .

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The frame is firmly placed on the ground, and inside the frame, a layer of light blue light curtain suddenly appears .

"Only a 30-year-old lower person can pass this mirror, can't pass, and get out . "Indifferent middle age road .

"Let me do so!"

A figure flew over and passed through the light blue curtain .

Indifferent middle-aged does not care, this secret treasure, with the effect of identifying the age, even the Battle Spirit Realm Grandmaster, it is difficult to hide, of course, the Battle Spirit Realm Grandmaster is impossible to be a new student .

Thousands of people have passed, but very few people have been blocked by light blue curtains .

"Impossible, I am exactly thirty years old this year, and I am eligible . "A young man is not willing .

Indifferent middle-aged only said one word, "roll . "

If the age test is the first Rank 1 test, the first Rank 2 test is the root bone test .

Inside the Martial Courtyard, there is a magnificent plaza, in the middle of the plaza, with a huge root bone stone .

"One by one, if the root bone reaches 5 star, it will become Wu Courtyard student, 4 star, and need to participate in the Rank 3 test . "

On the side of the stone, there is a long table . There is a person sitting at the long table . It seems to be the person responsible for registration .

"First, what is your name, how old?"

"Fu Qing, twenty-eight years old . "

"Okay, go up and test the root bone . "

The root bone stone emits a rich white light .

"Fu Qing, twenty-eight years old, 4 star root bone . "



The test was fast, and in a short while, it was a black clothed young man .

Black clothed The young man's right hand is placed on the root bone stone . The next moment, the root bone stone emits a strong black light .

"What is this root bone, which actually releases black light . "

"Worthy is Black Bone City Young City Lord . "

Everyone was in a hot discussion .

Instructor, who was in charge of registration, was surprised to see the black clothed young man, and wrote on the paper: "Wang Heilong, twenty-seven, 6 star Dark Root Bone . "

"This Wang Heilong, I know, he has 6 star root bone, but he didn't expect it to be 6 star Dark Root Bone . "Luo Yan whispered to Li Fuchen said .

"Dark Root Bone?"

Li Fuchen is unheard of .

Luo Yan explained: “The extraordinary root bone is divided into two levels . The first level is the ordinary super root bone, such as cold ice, flame, etc . The second level is a special super root bone, such as Dark Root Bone, such as Sword . Dao Root Bone . "

“It turns out that it seems that Dragon Sword Young Master Chi Yuye has 6 star Sword Dao Root Bone instead of the so-called Sword Vein . ”Li Fuchen realized .

After thinking about it, Li Fuchen asked: "Can special root bones awaken divine ability?"

Luo Yan said: "In fact, all the extraordinary root bones have the opportunity to awaken the divine ability, but the degree of difficulty in awakening is not the same . The special superb root bone is more likely to wake up the divine ability . The ordinary super root bone is much harder, maybe for a lifetime . There is no way to wake up, but whether it is a special extraordinary root bone or a common superb root bone, at least to Shedding Body Realm has a chance to awaken the divine ability, once you wake up the divine ability, you will have the invincible strength of the same territory . "

"Is the territory invincible?"

Li Fuchen gave birth to a curiosity .

Next, Le Changfeng and a young woman named Gao Yue also tested the root bone .

One is the 6 star Wind Spirit Root Bone and the other is the 6 star Gentle Water Root Bone .

"Yes, yes, this new student is really many times stronger than usual! It seems that the era of the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard is coming . ”At the top of a tall tower in the distance, a gray-haired old man stands in the wind .

Soon, it was Li Fuchen's turn .

"This kid, good qi and blood, this is clearly the level of Shedding Body Realm Body Refining martial artist, is not knowing his root bone?"The gray-haired old man is staring at Li Fuchen .

Step by step to the root bone stone, Li Fuchen smiled .

His root bone, I am afraid it will surprise many people .

But no way, his root bone is just 3 star root bone .

This is still a two-star upgrade, otherwise the 1 star root bone is even more incredible .

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