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Chapter 368
Three days later, cloud visitor .

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In the secret room of the room, Li Fuchen slowly spit out a bloody impure qi and opened his eyes .

“Worthy is Cleansing Marrow Pill and Jade Water Pill, which eliminated 60% of the monster beast blood essence impurities, and when Jade Water Pill is used up, it should be almost the same . ”

For three days, he used all of Cleansing Marrow Pill and a Jade Water Pill .

Cleansing Marrow Pill can be taken continuously, Jade Water Pill Because the medicine effect is slow, Li Fuchen only took one .

Excluding 60% of monster beast blood essence impurities, Li Fuchen feels a lot lighter, and the pores seem to open, swallowing fresh aura .

"But Blood Corpse Pill has to be removed maliciously, just don't know which medicine pill to take . "

Li Fuchen frowned .

Blood Corpse Pill is malicious, this kind of thing, most people don't understand, to be honest, even he doesn't understand very well .

"First ask the old Huo . "

On this day, Li Fuchen came to Myriad Pill Pavilion again .

"Young Hero Li . "

As soon as he saw Li Fuchen, Old Huo quickly rushed over .

"Old Huo . "Li Fuchen hugged cup one fist in the other hand .

"Young Hero Li, what medicine are I going to buy this time . "Old Huo has already regarded Li Fuchen as a big rich man, and Shedding Body Realm low rank martial artist take action is not as wide as Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen describes: “There can be a drug pill like evil qi . ”

“It seems that Young Hero Li is contaminated with something that is not clean . ”Old Huo didn't show his confusion and saw it .

How many of Li Fuchen underestimate Old Huo, as one of the directors of Myriad Pill Pavilion, Old Huo has seen too many medicine pills, too many martial artists have been seen, some martial artists have touched something evil, and they will also Contaminated with evil qi, you need a special medicine pill to get rid of, of course, if there is an expert to help drive out, naturally, but you must first know an expert,

“Is there a Myriad Pill Pavilion?”

Li Fuchen has a heart .

Old Huo apologized: "This kind of medicine pill, only Profound Yang Great Master can refine, Profound Yang Great Master will refine one year, but this year has been bought . "

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"What level of medicine pill?"Li Fuchen asked .

Old Huo Road: “Earth level low rank medicine pill Spirit Cleansing Pill, Spirit Cleansing Pill In addition to removing the evil qi effect, it can also refine the root bone . If it is taken by 3 star lower root bone martial artist, it can even increase 1 star to two stars . Not equal to the root bone . "

"Where is Profound Yang Great Master, I want to see him . "

Li Fuchen's eyes flashed .

Whether it's removing the maliciousness of Blood Corpse Pill or raising the root bone, he is very eager .

However, it is rare to be able to raise the medicinal herb or medicine pill of the root bone .

"This…"Old Huo is hesitant to bother with an Earth level Pill Refining Master . This is a big deal, and maybe he will lose the position of Myriad Pill Pavilion .

Where does Li Fuchen still don't understand, take out fifty low grade spirit stone directly: "Old Huo, I know your difficulties, but please help . "

Old Huo struggled and immediately gnawed his teeth: "Then I try, I can't make it, I don't know . "

He is just Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, and fifty low grade spirit stones are very tempting to him . Even if he is dismissed, he recognizes it .

After taking the spirit stone, Old Huo said: "Profound Yang Great Master lives in the rest of the city, and after a day, you come over . "

Good .

Li Fuchen is not afraid that Old Huo will take the spirit stone and do nothing . As a supervisor, if he is complained, it is estimated that he will not be able to keep his job .

What's more, Li Fuchen can afford fifty low grade spirit stone .

One day later, Li Fuchen came to Myriad Pill Pavilion again .

"Young Hero Li, you are lucky, Profound Yang Great Master was in a good mood yesterday, willing to refine a Spirit Cleansing Pill for you, but refining Spirit Cleansing Pill is still a Spirit Cleansing Grass, you need to prepare yourself, The price of refining a Spirit Cleansing Pill is five hundred low grade spirit stone, no price . "

▢ LINELi Fuchen nodded immediately .

Five hundred low grade spirit stone, he can afford it, it is a little trouble for Spirit Cleansing Grass .

“Old Huo, Raging Fire City is available for sale with Spirit Cleansing Grass . ”Li Fuchen asked .

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Old Huo said: “Spirit Cleansing Grass is an Earth level low rank medicinal herb . There are very few places to sell, but the Cloud Yang Mountain Range near Raging Fire City has a trail of Spirit Cleansing Grass . In previous years, Spirit Cleansing Grass was from Discovered by Cloud Yang Mountain Range . "

"Cloud Yang Mountain Range?"

Li Fuchen frowned .

Before he came, he already knew about Raging Fire City and its surroundings .

The Cloud Yang Mountain Range is a level 5 danger zone with a level 5 Monster Beast that is dangerous for the Shedding Body Realm martial artist .

After leaving the Myriad Pill Pavilion, Li Fuchen did not immediately go to the Cloud Yang Mountain Range, he needed time to prepare .

In a blink of an eye, Li Fuchen used all of Jade Water Pill a month later .

“Monster beast blood essence is exhausted and can continue to use the monster beast blood essence cultivation Dragon Form Forging Body chapter . ”

With Body Refining medicine pill cultivation, it is too wasteful of spirit stone, and Profound level high rank Body Refining medicine pill is useless to Li Fuchen . Only Profound level top rank Body Refining medicine pill is useful, but in comparison, use monster beast blood essence More cost-effective, the same value, monster beast blood essence contains Body Refining power, which is several times that of medicine pill .

Of course, not everyone can use the monster beast blood essence to quench the Body Refining, and only the Li Fuchen spirit will be extraordinarily powerful, otherwise it must be a madman .

At the Black Heaven Sect ruins, Li Fuchen killed Iron River Sect Supreme Elder, a Shedding Body Realm 2nd layer martial artist, and got a bottle of level middle rank monster beast blood essence . After using 10 drops, there was still Ninety drops .

Remove the blood essence bottle and drop a drop of Li Fuchen into the mouth .


As if the volcanic eruption, Li Fuchen within the body qi and blood boiled, a trace of the Dragon of Dragon Form is condensing .

Two drops .

Five drops .

Ten drops .


It may be that the body is much stronger than before . Ninety drops of level middle rank monster beast blood essence After taking it, the impurities of Li Fuchen within the body have not increased much . Of course, this is mainly because Jade Water Pill's medicinal power is still There are quite a few remaining in the body .

“The addition of three hundred strengths of Dragon Form is not bad . ”

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Ninety-third level middle rank monster beast blood essence added three hundred strength of Dragon Form, Li Fuchen is very satisfied, after all, this is not to restore the strength of Dragon Form, but the strength of Dragon Form after breaking through the limit, he can I feel that my body has increased a bit, and qi and blood are also stronger .

"This Golden Scaled Grass, if it is made into Earth level low rank medicine pill, the effect should be better, but now it is not so much . "

Li Fuchen took out a grass with golden scales, this medicinal herb, also obtained from the remains of Black Heaven Sect .

Put Golden Scaled Grass in your mouth and Li Fuchen chews it up .

Golden Scaled Grass is very brittle . After chewing, a hot juice flows into the stomach, causing the stomach to warm, and immediately, a majestic medicinal power, infiltrating into the body and beginning to temper Li Fuchen . Qi and blood .

One thousand eight hundred and fifty .

One thousand nine hundred silk .

One thousand nine hundred and fifty .

Li Fuchen within the body's strength of Dragon Form, increased again, and increased much faster than swallowing the level middle rank monster beast blood essence .

Finally, when the strength of Dragon Form reached two thousand, the Golden Scaled Grass's medicinal power was consumed .

"Two thousand strength of Dragon Form, now I, pure power is not even Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer, it is estimated that it is not much worse!"

Shedding Body Realm Body Refining martial artist, the more difficult it is to cultivation .

The 1,500-strandth of the Dragon Form is equivalent to the Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer martial artist . Li Fuchen estimates that at least 2,500 threads or more can match the Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer martial artist . Of course, this is only approximate . It is estimated that the specific level will not be known until after trial .

"Dragon Form Forging Body chapter needs to be slowed down first, so much power is raised at once, and the realm can't keep up . This is a cultivation taboo . "

Strength of Dragon Form reached two thousand filaments, Li Fuchen clearly felt that there was some reminder of the strength of Dragon Form, which means that his own realm has not kept up, just like a child dancing a large blade, not enough strength, must wait for children I grow up a little .

"Battle is the best way to improve yourself . It's time to go to the Cloud Yang Mountain Range . "

Growing up, Li Fuchen left the cloud visitor .

Before leaving, Li Fuchen prepaid a one-month deposit .

"Leader, that kid is out of town . "

An Inn, not far from the cloud visitor, is a plain-looking gray clothed man that is hard to find in the crowd, pushing a room door .

In front of the living room table, a tall and sturdy figure with a gloomy middle-aged man sitting there .

"Is it finally out of town?"

There is a ray of light in the eyes of the man .

"When I come back, I will reward you . "

Drink a drink, sullen man quickly leave .

"This is the first take action after the promotion of the Leader cultivation base . This kid is really bad luck!"Gray clothed man went to the table and poured a glass of wine to drink .

They are hungry wolves, specializing in hunting wealthy martial artists, but they are always Leader take action, because only Leader is Shedding Body Realm martial artist, and not Shedding Body Realm 1st layer double martial artist, but Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer martial Artist .

Of course, if you don't swallow a Rising Origin Pill, it's impossible for the Leader to advance to the Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer .

Out of Raging Fire City, Li Fuchen went straight to the Cloud Yang Mountain Range .

But to make Li Fuchen frown, behind, a Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer martial artist followed .

“It seems to be the wind that leaked at the Myriad Pill Pavilion . ”

Li Fuchen secretly thought .

Raging Fire City is one of the 10 Great Cities in South Forest County . It is sure that dragons and snakes are mixed . Some of the activities that specifically kill wealthy martial artists are also natural . If he guesses well, Myriad Pill Pavilion should have leaked news about him . As for It is not known whether Old Huo is .

Speed ​​is not diminished, Li Fuchen quickly moved away from Raging Fire City .

Raging Fire City is not a good place to play .

“I bought a Rising Origin Pill and spent three thousand low grade spirit stones, just to make up for you . ”He is promoted to the Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer . He is obviously not able to rely on his own strength . Since he was promoted to Shedding Body Realm martial artist, he has at least hunted five Shedding Body Realm martial artists and dozens of them . Named Heavenly Dipper Realm high rank or Apex martial artist, in order to get a lot of low grade spirit stone, only to buy stone Rising Origin Pill .

Otherwise, with his talent potential, he will become Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer martial artist so soon .

His promotion is the way to kill .

Only by hunting, can he make rapid progress .

Unknowingly, the two have been thousands of miles away from Raging Fire City .

Time now

The savage man broke out and quickly caught up with Li Fuchen .

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