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Chapter 367
In the middle of the knife, Li Fuchen found a silver storage pouch with more than a thousand low grade spirit stones and some medicine pill .

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More than a thousand low grade spirit stones are not a small number .

After all, Shedding Body Realm martial artist itself needs to absorb refining low grade spirit stone .

In general, Shedding Body Realm 1st layer martial artist, a day needs to absorb a low grade spirit stone, if the cultivation is a cultivation technique, the number will increase, maybe one and a half a day .

At the level of Shedding Body Realm, gold coin and the like, it is useless . They care only the spirit stone . After all, a low grade spirit stone is auctioned out, how can you auction more than 10 million gold coins, and gold coin More, what is the use .

In comparison, the Black Mountain Three Tigers' storage pouch will be much bitter, and the three will add up to dozens of low grade spirit stones .

What Li Fuchen didn't know was that the three had three hundred low grade spirit stones, and they had to spend three hundred in the middle of the knife . This is the savings of three years .

After cleaning up, Li Fuchen continued on his way .


Raging Fire City, one of the ten Great Cities in South Forest County, has a population of tens of millions .

The reason for coming to this city is that this city is the most city of Pill Refining Master .

On this day, Li Fuchen appeared outside the East Gate of Raging Fire City .

Looking at it, Raging Fire City is much bigger than he imagined . The city is only a hundred meters high . At the gate of the city, the flow of people coming in and out is amazing . Even Li Fuchen sees several Shedding Body Realm martial artists . The figure .

“Even Shedding Body Realm martial artist has to walk in and out of Raging Fire City . It seems that this Raging Fire City should cover the banned array . ”

The forbidden array is a legend in Eastern Lín Continent, and it should be nothing at Seven Colored Continent .

After all, the forbidden array also has a grade, and the level 5 banned array is enough to ban the Shedding Body Realm martial artist flight .

But a forbidden array of cities that cover tens of millions of people should not be that simple .

"One person, one gold bar, who dares to get away with it, and blame me for being ruthless . "At the gate of the city, a team of soldiers was waiting . The cultivation base of these soldiers was all at the Returning Origin Realm level . The sharp-eyed soldier captain glanced and coldly shouted .

When it was Li Fuchen's turn, Li Fuchen threw a gold bar on the table .

At Seven Colored Continent, a gold bar is equivalent to ten gold coins .

"The horse also wants a gold bar . "A soldier reminded .

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Hear this, Li Fuchen nodded and found a gold bar .

He has forgotten the rules of entering the city . A single person is a gold bar . If you bring a horse, you must add a gold bar . If it is a caravan, then there will be more, except for the man who wants to pay the gold bar . Times .

After paying the gold bars, Li Fuchen entered Raging Fire City .

"Good spacious road . "

The luxury of Raging Fire City has shocked Li Fuchen a bit .

As soon as entering the city, the first is a blue brick Grand Dao . This avenue is divided into two main roads, each of which is 30 meters wide, enough to accommodate ten horse-drawn carriages, and in the middle of the two roads . It is a lush green planting area, which is almost ten meters wide . That is to say, this road is 70 meters wide and how magnificent it is .

On the two roads, there are magnificent shops, each of which is more than three stories high, and some even have more than a dozen floors .

Because the road is very spacious, Li Fuchen, who is holding the horse, doesn't feel crowded .

To get into Raging Fire City, first find a place to live .

However, Li Fuchen did not intend to find a place to live immediately .

Raging Fire City is divided into inner city and outer city .

Li Fuchen wants medicine pill in inner city, so it is impossible to live in the outer city .

Going to inner city and spending Li Fuchen for a while .

Compared to the outer city, the soldiers at the entrance of the inner city, the cultivation base is one level higher, all of them are Earth Fiend Realm cultivation base, but the attitude is very good, obviously they also know that they can come to the inner city, not the mortal .

The cost of entering the inner city is much higher, and one person has to pay ten gold disks .

Here, a gold disk is equivalent to ten gold bars, equivalent to one hundred gold coins .

In other words, entering the inner city, one person needs to pay a thousand gold coins .

After paying 20 gold disks, Li Fuchen entered the inner city smoothly .

The inner city road is no narrower than the outer city, but the people here are ten times ten times less, and each cultivation base is Earth Fiend Realm, and Heavenly Dipper Realm is also very much . As for Shedding Body Realm, every walk You can see one or two .

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It took half a hour for Li Fuchen to choose an Inn called cloud visitor to live .

This Inn had to spend five thousand gold coins for one night . Li Fuchen didn't know how long he had to live . He was afraid of trouble and paid a one-month deposit directly .

After arranging the accommodation and Lín Horned Horse, Li Fuchen left the cloud visitor and strolled around the inner city .

Inner city Worthy is inner city , medicine pill in medicine pill, the worst is Profound level low rank, there is no Yellow level medicine pill .

However, Li Fuchen found the generic medicine pill shop, which has few Profound level top rank medicine pills and few types, no medicine pill he wants .

Looking for someone to inquire, Li Fuchen learned that the inner city has Five Great Medicine Pill Shop, each with Earth level medicine pill for sale, and a wide variety of Profound level medicine pill .

Soon after, Li Fuchen came to the Myriad Pill Pavilion, one of the Five Great Medicine Pill Shops .

This Myriad Pill Pavilion is the most versatile medicine pill shop in Raging Fire City medicine pill .

The Myriad Pill Pavilion covers a vast area and is actually a three-story palace with a jewel in the air, giving a feeling of extraordinary .

After entering, there was a shop Waiter to come and entertain .

“guest, what level of medicine pill do you need?”Shop Waiter bent slightly and asked in a hurry .

Li Fuchen said: "I need Profound level top rank or Earth level medicine pill . The medicine pill feature is to remove body impurities . "

"Profound level top rank or Earth level?"

The store Waiter has a bright eye . This kind of customer is not the one he can receive . Only the supervisor can receive it . Of course, he will get a lot of rewards .

"guest, please wait, I will ask the supervisor, Old Huo, to come . "

Shop Waiter apologized and went to the supervisor .

Soon, an Azure Clothed Old Man came over .

Old Huo, Myriad Pill Pavilion One of the 18 directors who can make him entertain is a big customer .

"I don't know the young hero?"Azure Clothed Old Man Old Huo Smiles .


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"Young Hero Li, please go to the second floor, you need something, only on the second floor . "Old Huo's right hand imaginary, immediately leading the way .

Soon, the two came to the second floor .

Compared with the first floor, the second floor is brighter and there are very few counters .

Before coming to a counter, Old Huo pointed to a medicine pill in the counter made of clear crystal: "This is Profound level top rank medicine pill Cleansing Marrow Pill, which can wash the marrow and remove the body impurities . A value of 30 low grade spirit stone, if you buy ten at a time, you can give one . "

"Cleansing Marrow Pill? First come one . ”

Good .

See Li Fuchen buy one at once, Old Huo smiles even more on his face .

Thirty low grade spirit stones are not a small number, even if it is Shedding Body Realm low rank martial artist, it will not casually spend thirty low grade spirit stones .

“Old Huo, Myriad Pill Pavilion has a secret room, I want to test the medicine effect of Cleansing Marrow Pill . ”

Li Fuchen asked .

Old Huo nodded . "Yes, my Myriad Pill Pavilion is one of the Raging Fire City Five Great Medicine Pill Shops . It's naturally equipped with a secret room, please ask Young Hero Li . "

The second floor of the Myriad Pill Pavilion was very large, with a secret room around it, entering a secret room, and Li Fuchen sat down immediately after closing the door .

“It’s also Profound level top rank medicine pill, a Body Refining medicine pill worth a few low grade spirit stones, and a Cleansing Marrow Pill worth thirty low grade spirit stones, hoping not to let me down . ”

Medicine pill varies in value depending on the grade .

But the types are different, the values ​​are also different, and the difference is very large .

For example, some medicine pill that can break through the realm, even if the level is low, is also expensive .

The medicine pill, which removes body impurities, is special and equally expensive .

Sitting on the praying mat, Li Fuchen opened the mouth and swallowed Cleansing Marrow Pill .

Because of the inability to use True Spirit, Li Fuchen can only let Cleansing Marrow Pill turn it on .

In the past, Li Fuchen felt a delicate and violent medicinal power spread . The next moment, Li Fuchen's skeleton flesh and blood was like a needle puncture, sore .

The medicine effect lasts for a short time, and after about half an hour, the medicine effect is exhausted .

Open your eyes, Li Fuchen looked down and saw a lot of black matter on the surface of the skin, with a hint of stink .

"This Cleansing Marrow Pill can only be used for monster beast blood essence impurities, not for Blood Corpse Pill, but the medicine effect is okay, even eliminating half of the monster beast blood essence impurities . "

The semi-impurity is not too small . After all, Li Fuchen swallows too much monster beast blood essence, with the body monster beast blood essence .

There was a bath in the chamber, and after cleaning it, Li Fuchen opened the chamber and walked out .

"Young Hero Li, how effective?"

Old Huo asked quickly .

"The effect is okay, but I want to see if there are other medicine pills . "Li Fuchen said .

"Okay, please, please . "

Old Huo nodded in understanding .

Going to a counter again, Old Huo said: “The medicine pill inside is called Jade Water Pill . The effect of repelling body impurities is more delicate . It can penetrate deep into the bones and flesh . The disadvantage is that it takes a long time, no Cleansing . Marrow Pill is so effective . "

As Old Huo said, Jade Water Pill does not work as well as Cleansing Marrow Pill .

However, Li Fuchen's consciousness is superb, and it can be sensed that Jade Water Pill's medicinal power is deeper than Cleansing Marrow Pill, and it is entangled in it, slowly killing the monster beast blood essence, and the eradication effect is higher than Cleansing . Marrow Pill is quite a lot .

Finally, Li Fuchen tried another medicine pill called Golden Bone Pill .

Golden Bone Pill is mainly aimed at impurities in bones and has a weak effect on impurities in flesh and blood .

"Cleansing Marrow Pill comes ten, Jade Water Pill ten . "

In the end, Li Fuchen decided to buy Cleansing Marrow Pill and Jade Water Pill, each buying ten .

"Young Hero Li, your medicine pill . "

Old Huo has a spring breeze .

Cleansing Marrow Pill thirty low grade spirit stone one, Jade Water Pill thirty-two low grade spirit stone one, add up to a total of 620 low grade spirit stone, one month of the mission is completed, and More than a lot, at the Myriad Pill Pavilion, beyond, will give him a commission .

Holding twenty-two medicine pill, Li Fuchen left the Myriad Pill Pavilion .

For the next time, his task is to get rid of physical impurities and try to solve this problem as soon as possible .

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