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Chapter 365
Dāng dāng dāng dāng ……

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Luo Family At the huge Martial Arts Competition Stage, the two are learning .

One is Luo Yan and the other is a Luo Family, a Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer martial artist .

Although Luo Yan is only Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer cultivation base, but the talent is very high, with the deep sword technique, and this Luo Family Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer martial artist fighting hard, the scene is very intense and exciting, the spectators from time to time Say loudly .

"Luo Yan, twenty-seven years old, 5 star root bone, Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer cultivation base, seeing its True Spirit fluctuations, Profound level top rank cultivation technique should reach the eighteenth layer, Profound level top rank sword technique is the reaching peak realm . "

Li Fuchen just saw it at a glance and saw the truth of Luo Yan .

Seriously, Luo Yan's talent potential is far less than that of Eastern Lín Continent .

The reason for this brilliant Martial Dao achievement is mainly due to the excellent cultivation environment of Seven Colored Continent .

First of all, in Seven Colored Continent, the cultivation base is much faster than the Eastern Lín Continent . The Luo Yan is only a 5 star root bone, but it can be seen at the age of 27 to reach the Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer cultivation base .

Second, the cultivation base is high, and the comprehend cultivation technique and Martial Art are naturally faster .

So, Li Fuchen can be sure that if Eastern Lín Continent's fabulous heaven's chosen came here, it could burst into an unprecedented potential, and it would take a few years to complete a leap .

Of course, it's a bit unfair to take Eastern Lín Continent's top heaven's chosen and Seven Colored Continent's genius for a normal City .

Eastern Lín Continent has a rare heaven's chosen, Seven Colored Continent must also have a rare heaven's chosen, and will be much more than the Eastern Lín Continent freak, those Origin Sea Realm King, at least 7 star root bone, only a few people organic cause, with 6 star root bone Achievement King .

"Li Fuchen . "

Seeing Li Fuchen, Luo Yan's eyes lit up .

A few days ago, the situation on Li Fuchen's face was much better . Now, after all recovery, Luo Yan can still recognize it .

However, the temperament of Li Fuchen still makes Luo Yan shine .

From the perspective of the five senses, Li Fuchen is not a peerless beauty man . He can only say that he is very handsome and looks good .

But on the temperament, Luo Yan has never seen anyone who can match Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen's temperament, contains detached, dusty, proud, sharp, domineering, all kinds of strange temperament merged together, but did not give people a sense of violation .

Luo Yan feels that Li Fuchen's temperament has blurred the meaning of low-key and high-profile .

He doesn't look arrogant at all, low-key and restrained, but it can't be ignored . It's like a mountain, it doesn't move, it looks like the wind .

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Li Fuchen didn't care too much about Luo Yan's look . He was Eastern Lín Continent's best heaven's chosen . Naturally, he was different . He took Situ Lei and Su Muyu, the best heaven's chosen, which is extraordinary .

What Li Fuchen doesn't know is that he and Eastern Lín Continent are still very different from heaven's chosen .

Those who are famous's chosen, one by one give rebuke the Heavens and Earth, or the domineering or radiant feeling, bright and natural, but the temperament is much simpler, not as unfathomable as Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen's temperament has been honed in three stages .

The first stage is a year of silence .

The second stage is to get Goldem Small Talisman .

The third stage is to win the Star List Number 1 and become the first heaven's chosen Eastern Lín Continent .

"Li Fuchen, are you interested in discussing it, of course, just learning skills and not being able to press people . "Luo Yan is well aware of the terrifying of Li Fuchen .

"Okay, I just learned the sword technique . "

Li Fuchen forced out a trace of True Spirit, opened the storage pouch, and took out the Profound Light Sword .

"You are learning the sword technique?"

Luo Yan's face is strange .

A Body Refining martial artist learning sword technique?


The two men are fighting together . This time it is only a temptation . I know how much strength I should use . After all, if I don’t control the power, there is no need to learn .

"Be careful . "

Luo Yan took the lead in the sword, Profound Wind Sword Technique was smart in her hands, but in order not to take advantage of it, she did not prompt the sword qi .


Li Fuchen shook his wrist, and a sword blocked the sword of Luo Yan .

Dīng dīng dīng dīng dīng dīng ……

Luo Yan's sword speed is getting faster and faster, and it's getting harder and harder, but no matter how she changes her mind, Li Fuchen can always block it .

“His sword technique is so unfathomable?”

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Luo Yan bit his lip .

“It’s a bit unaccustomed to have no True Spirit urging the sword technique . ”

Li Fuchen shook his head secretly .

True Spirit Martial Art, only to provoke True Spirit to reach the limit .

In addition, without True Spirit, Li Fuchen can't spur Sword Intent unless he cultivates an Earth level sword technique and cultivates the Earth level sword technique out of Sword Intent to force Sword Intent without True Spirit .

Of course, despite this, Li Fuchen's sword technique is still high . Luo Yan doesn't know .

"The mysterious wind has changed!"

With a low drink, Luo Yan issued the Profound Wind Sword Technique killing move, a sword that contains nine changes, just like nine people waving a sword at the same time .

"This sword is a bit interesting . "

Li Fuchen held Profound Light Sword, and it solved Luo Yan's killing move easily, and because of the weakness of Luo Yan's sword technique, Luo Yan figure shunned and the sword momentum blew .

"I lost . "

Luo Yan is convinced and admired Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen's sword technique has achieved a near-perfect level of perfection . If it weren't for True Spirit, it would have already realized Sword Intent .

"You let me win . "

Li Fuchen cup one fist in the other hand .

"Li Fuchen, let's talk about it, but don't limit its advantage . Whoever gets hit first, who loses . "A young man came out .

"Luo Hao, you are not a Li Fuchen opponent . "

Luo Yan stopped the road .

Li Fuchen can kill a Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist with a fist strike . Real strength is absolutely terrible .

Although Luo Hao is the second generation of Luo Family, her 35-year-old is already Heavenly Dipper Realm 9th layer cultivation base, and he is beyond the general Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist, but compared with Li Fuchen . There is still a big gap .

Hear this, Luo Hao looks ugly, Luo Family has a large population, he and Luo Yan are not so close, he has been interested in Luo Yan, he felt a strong threat from Li Fuchen, which is why he challenged Li Fuchen s reason .

"Is it an opponent? I have to know more than that, Li Fuchen, you said it is not . "Luo Hao does not believe that Li Fuchen's strength can be strong, but it also occupies a thick skin, but unfortunately this is only a discussion, who is first hit, who loses .

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"That's a good thing, take action!"

Li Fuchen naturally saw that Luo Hao was not good .

"excuse me . "

Luo Hao The whole person is soar, and a sword flies down .


Countless words of word glow are like pear blossoms, shrouded to Li Fuchen .

Body Refining martial Artist can't attack from a distance, and Luo Hao is sure that this sword will hit Li Fuchen .

"It's good . "

Li Fuchen's sole slammed into the ground, and the same soar, and the speed was much faster than Luo Hao . On the way, Li Fuchen crossed a sword and broke Luo Hao's pear flower sword move . The next moment, Li Fuchen came . Luo Hao is above the sky .

"Be taller than anyone?"

Luo Hao sneered, this sword was broken, he was not surprised, it was just the beginning .

Since Li Fuchen is in the air, you can't blame him .

Body Refining martial Artist In the air, it is a rare target .

I am preparing for the sword .

"Beyond Heaven Meteor . "

Unfortunately, he didn't have time to get a sword .

A flowing light is like a meteor breaking through the sky . The speed and rays of light of that moment make the scalp numb .


A blood mark appeared on the shoulder of Luo Hao, and Luo Hao fell down .

A sword, Luo Hao defeated .

"A quick sword . "

Luo Yan took a deep breath .

From this sword, Luo Yan felt the terrible speed and strength, the speed and strength, very simple, but extremely terrible .

"There are people in the dragon and phoenix, this heaven's chosen, and I don't know where it comes from . "

The audience watched the discussion and discussed the sword just now .

Thunder fell to the ground, Li Fuchen took the sword into the sheath .

The sword just now is Meteor Sword Technique, which has not been used for a long time .

Over the years, he has already pushed Meteor Sword Intent to the Profound level top rank level and evolved many of his own things .

If it is difficult to attack from a distance with other sword techniques, then with Meteor Sword Technique, Li Fuchen can increase the attack distance by several times, which is the effect of the speed and power of peak .

Luo Hao's face was pale and it was difficult to accept the fact that he could not even catch a sword .

But if he knows that Li Fuchen is the first heaven's chosen of Eastern Lín Continent, perhaps it won't be so discouraged .

After all, Luo Hao is only 4 star root bone, 4 star root bone in Eastern Lín Continent, even heaven's chosen are not counted, can only be regarded as a genius, and Li Fuchen is several levels .

The Martial Arts Competition Stage soon passed and Li Fuchen began to get busy .

After the injury is restored, what he will do next is to increase the strength of Dragon Form .

His current physical strength can accommodate 1,500 pieces of strength of Dragon Form, but it has already consumed half of it before and must be added .

Monster beast blood essence can't be used, so Li Fuchen can only use the strength of medicine pill to increase strength of Dragon Form .

Luo Family is not as good as Azure Billow Sect, but because of the outstanding people here, medicine pill surpasses Azure Billow Sect . In the case of half-selling, Li Fuchen has obtained many Profound level high rank Body Refining medicine pill and A Profound level top rank medicine pill .

A few days later, Li Fuchen within the body's strength of Dragon Form reached 1200, and it was still a little to reach 1,500 .

"The impurities of medicine pill are much less harmful than the monster beast blood essence . "

Li Fuchen feels the difference between medicine pill and monster beast blood essence .

After the medicine pill was used up, Li Fuchen took over the Luo Family to acquire some in Tang City .

In the past few days, Li Fuchen within the body's strength of Dragon Form has finally reached 1,500 .

With ample strength of Dragon Form, Li Fuchen has a lot of peace of mind .

Even with Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer martial artist, he has the confidence to fight .

However, under normal circumstances, Li Fuchen decided not to use strength of Dragon Form, only use the body of ordinary strength of Qi and Blood, he can also fight with Shedding Body Realm 2nd layer martial artist, and strength of Qi and Blood is a lot more than the strength of Dragon Form, and it's a lot easier to add . You can eat precious ingredients and add strength to Qi and Blood .

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