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Chapter 364
"Li Fuchen, you don't seem to be a person of Purple Flower Kingdom?"Luo Family On a small path, Luo Yan asked .

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Li Fuchen said: "I am not a person of Purple Flower Kingdom . I used to live in another kingdom . I had a master . Later, the master was killed by the enemy . I was disfigured and fled to Purple Flower Kingdom . "

As a last resort, Li Fuchen made up a lie .

Luo Yan nodded and apologized: "Sorry, mention your sadness . "

She could see that Li Fuchen seemed to have been injured . She did not expect to be harmed by the enemy, and even the master was killed .

"It's okay, it's been a long time, and my injury will not recover for a long time . "Li Fuchen said .

I don't want to entangle on this topic, Luo Yan points to a small lake in front of the road: "There is the most concentrated place of my Luo Family origin qi, its concentration is 70% higher than the outside world, and there are many spiritual fish in the lake . Let's see . "

Good .

Li Fuchen followed .


Tang City, the eastern suburbs, Zhang Family .

“Patriarch, Black Mountain Four Tigers lost his hand, and it is said that a ruined young expert came out halfway, and a fist strike killed the dwarf tiger . ”In the garden, a middle-aged man is holding hands and a spy behind him reports the news .


Zhang Yun's face flashed with anger .

Such a good opportunity has been missed, and it will be ten times more difficult to kill Luo Yan in the future .

The face expression changed several times, Zhang Yun sound transmission said: "You go to Black Cloud City to contact the stinger Branch and let them arrange a low rank Silver Medal Killer . "

"low rank Silver Medal Killer ?"

The spy was taken aback .

Stinger tissue is a famous killer organization of Purple Flower Kingdom . Within its organization, the killer is divided into three major levels, namely bronze, silver and gold .

The bronze medal corresponds to the Heavenly Dipper Realm cultivation base .

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The silver medal corresponds to the Shedding Body Realm cultivation base .

Low rank Silver Medal Killer, representing the killer with Shedding Body Realm low rank cultivation base .

This cultivation base is enough to kill the Shedding Body Realm middle rank martial artist .

The price of inviting a low rank Silver Medal Killer is enormous, and there is no 10,000 low grade spirit stone, which is basically impossible .

And 10,000 low grade spirit stone is a huge number for Zhang Family . It is used to deal with a junior who has not yet grown up .

Of course, as a spy, he knows that he only has to listen to it, and he doesn't need to have too many questions .

"Yes .

The spy led to leave .

Zhang Yun forced out a sigh of relief, secretly thought: a junior who has not yet grown up is not terrible, but once she is accepted as an entry student by Martial Courtyard Elder, it is terrible, and must be prevented before it happens, otherwise it will not be a few years, Zhang Family is bound to perish .

As for himself, if he can take action, he will take action, but the risk is too great .

First, Zhang Family has a probe of Luo Family in all directions .

Second, once it fails, it will be a torn face . At that time, Zhang Family will not only face the anger of the Luo Family, but also face the punishment of the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard .


At night, the Luo Family is very lively and lively .

At the banquet, Luo Zhan frequently toasted Li Fuchen, thanking Li Fuchen for saving the single daughter Luo Yan .

At the same time, Luo Family's young and beautiful female sons, under the arrangement of the elders, came over to toast, one by one .

They don't dislike the appearance of Li Fuchen . Although Li Fuchen is ruined, it looks terrifying, but there is no way to recover, and even if they can't recover, they don't mind, a 30-year-old Heavenly Dipper Realm limit . Expert, wherever they are geniuses, the future is huge, so they can be picky, even if they are happy to make a fuss for Li Fuchen .

After the wine cellar, Li Fuchen returned to his residence, a small and luxurious courtyard .

"young hero, this is what Patriarch has given you . "

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A Luo Family guard walked into the small courtyard, handed over a storage pouch, and immediately turned and left .

Li Fuchen smiled and opened the storage pouch .

There is nothing in the storage pouch, only a bunch of low grade spirit stone, estimated to have two thousand .

"It's really great . "

Two thousand low grade spirit stone is not a small number . Although this continent is a hundred times larger than Eastern Lín Continent, there are many Shedding Body Realm martial artists . There are more resources and more points . Two thousand low grade spirit stones are almost all . A Shedding Body Realm low rank martial artist is all here .

Li Fuchen's heart was taken down .

These two thousand low grade spirit stones are what he deserves .

Overnight, Li Fuchen felt that his injuries had recovered .

In the morning, Luo Zhan came over and asked early .

"Young Hero Li can live in Antan . "Luo Zhan asked .

Li Fuchen nodded: "Patriarch Luo has a heart, and the Luo Family has an elegant environment and can't live well . "

Luo Zhan laughed, "Young Hero Li, dine together!"

Good . Li Fuchen does not deny .

In the dining room, Luo Yan is also there, as well as Luo Yan's mother, a Middle Age Beautiful Female with a charm .

Halfway through the meal, Li Fuchen put down the chopsticks and said to Luo Zhan: “Patriarch Luo, I want to ask, I don’t know Luo Family or Tang City, there is a medicine pill to get rid of body impurities, it is best to reach Profound level high rank, I Willing to buy with spirit stone . "

Physical impurities are his biggest hidden danger, and his physical strength cannot be improved in one day without being removed .

At this stage, his True Spirit can't be used, and Body Refining is his only snuggle .

"Profound level high rank ?"Luo Zhan frowned and apologized: "I have a Profound level high rank medicine pill for my Luo Family, but there is no medicine pill to get rid of body impurities . Tang City is not afraid, maybe only South Forest County has ten Great City . ”

“The medicine pill Southern Forest Martial Courtyard has been removed from the body, but it must be a student of the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard . Unfortunately, the Southern Forest Martial Courtyard will only be enrolled for three months . ”Luo Yan started talking .

“Southern Forest Martial Courtyard students?”Three months is too long, Li Fuchen intends to go to the Great Forest in South Forest County, of course, first of all, to wait for the injury to recover .

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After breakfast was exhausted, Li Fuchen returned to the small courtyard .

Consciously explored Dantian, Li Fuchen saw the contraction of Flame True Qi and the sun-like Burning Heaven True Qi .

It seems that Burning Heaven True Qi is very loud, but only when it comes to Flame True Qi, I know how glad this group of Flame True Qi is .

If Burning Heaven True Qi is a fierce beast .

Flame True Qi is a Violent Dragon, and once it gets angry, it's just Heaven Falls and Earth Rends, everything burns .

"With my current cultivation base, there is no way to deal with Flame True Qi . Is it so expensive?"

Li Fuchen is not reconciled . At his cultivation speed, if there is no delay, it will take a long time to advance to the Heavenly Dipper Realm 9th layer, but he is now unable to cultivate, and ruined the continent's cultivation environment .

"Heaven never bars one's way, there must be a way . "

Li Fuchen withdraw consciousness .

Nothing to do, Li Fuchen plans to visit the Luo Family's Book Collection Pavilion .

He is from Eastern Lín Continent . He doesn't know anything about this continent . It's not easy to ask directly . Reading is undoubtedly the easiest way to understand this continent .

The Luo Family Book Collection Pavilion has four floors . The first floor is just an ordinary collection of books . There is no Martial Art secret book, so Li Fuchen came to the first floor of the Book Collection Pavilion without any hindrance .

There are many books on the first floor, and there are all kinds of books .

For example, biographies, such as wild history, such as poetry and songs, such as human history .

Li Fuchen looked at him with intoxication .

For him, it is interesting to understand the process of a continent .

In a few days, Li Fuchen looked at the book collection on the first floor of the Book Collection Pavilion . This is mainly due to his ability to read and write ten lines . The reading speed is extremely fast, and the contents can be clearly recorded .

"The original continent is called Seven Colored Continent . Seven Colored Continent is not a continent, but a seven connected continent . The continent is in its own place, called Red Earth Continent . Red Earth Continent is dominated by Red Rainbow Sect . Red Rainbow Sect has a lot of existence beyond Battle Spirit Realm . It should be said that it is the existence of Origin Sea Realm . The most expert is Red Rainbow King, Origin Sea Realm 8th layer King, one hand red rainbow sword technique, the world is unparalleled, Zeng Yijian is in Purple . Flower Kingdom created a canyon . "

“Red Earth Continent has seven Great King countries . The Purple Flower Kingdom is just a middle grade kingdom . In the royal family, there is also the Origin Sea Realm King, but only the Origin Sea Realm 1st layer King . ”

“Purple Flower Kingdom is home to Four Great Families, two of the Martial Courtyards, and the most expert, the Battle Spirit Realm Apex Grandmaster . In addition, the Purple Flower Kingdom has twenty-four counties, each with a Martial Courtyard . ”

After learning the general information about Seven Colored Continent, Li Fuchen was very emotional .

The Seven Colored Continent is more magnificent and more magnificent than he imagined .

Above the Battle Spirit Realm is the Origin Sea Realm .

Origin Sea Realm martial artist can be called King, corresponding to Monster King in the monster beast .

The strength of King is terrifying, and Li Fuchen can see some clues in some biographies .

It is no exaggeration to say that getting Eastern Lín Continent is absolutely the existence of destroy the Heavens and extinguish the Earth, and it is indispensable to be treated as God .

However, in Seven Colored Continent, King is not a god, after all, there is a lot of King here .

In addition, Li Fuchen thought that this continent has many kingdoms . I didn't expect Red Earth Continent to have only seven kingdoms, each of which has Origin Sea Realm King .

This is not the memory of Eastern Lín Continent .

Eastern Lín Continent has a Numerous Sect and is very complicated .

It turns out that the Battle Spirit Realm expert can be called Grandmaster, Red Earth Continent and a Grandmaster List .

Those who can rank in the Grandmaster List are basically Battle Spirit Realm Apex Grandmaster, and some of them do not reach the Battle Spirit Realm Apex cultivation base . They are also extremely freak's existence, which can kill the enemy .

"Seven Colored Continent, there are seven continents, and the other six continents don't have much records, just know the name, but just a Red Earth Continent can make the Top Level of Eastern Lín Continent stunned!"

Li Fuchen smiled secretly .

In the blink of an eye, Li Fuchen has been in the Luo Family for a week .

A week later, Li Fuchen's injury completely healed, and the burning marks on his body disappeared completely, and his original appearance was restored .

"It turned out that he was so clear . "

Walking on the Luo Family Trail, Luo Family is a young woman with a fascinating face .

Li Fuchen has always been very attractive, and now it has restored its original appearance . It is definitely a dragon and a phoenix, and it is a rare choice of heaven's chosen style .

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