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Chapter 360: 360
The guardian of the metal disk is a large python, see Li Fuchen approaching, its upper body is raised, bite to Li Fuchen, the speed is lightning fast .

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Moving half a meter sideways, Li Fuchen avoided the direct attack of large python and punched the other's head .


As if on a huge metal ball, Li Fuchen felt the arm slightly a little numb .

"This large python monster body defense is only beyond the level 5 Demon!"Li Fuchen secretly complained .

Level 5 Demon's defense is terrible . Even if he is now, he just barely beats Horned Demon King . On the Blood Demon King, it is not necessarily an opponent . This large python defense is more than level 5 Demon . It’s not that easy to defeat .

With a glance, Li Fuchen saw that Evil King was about to solve the second goal, and others had already suppressed their opponents .

"Can't wait for them to succeed, they must be quick and quick . "

With the Silver Scaled Treasure Armor, Li Fuchen thinks that everyone can not beat him, but can't take risks without risk, who knows whether Evil King will hide the trump card .

“Iron Bone Splitting Soul . ”

Li Fuchen's left and right fists, the surface of the skin suddenly cracked open, and immediately, the dark golden luster of the cockroach rushed out, like a solidified magma, wrapped around Li Fuchen's fist .

This is a unique skill in the Iron Bone Fist, which consumes strength of Qi and Blood or strength of Dragon Form .

If you say that Li Fuchen consumes a single strength of Dragon Form every time you breathe, you should consume at least three strengths of Dragon Form each time you breathe .

To know that there is only a thousand or more pieces of strength of Dragon Form, and even the body defense has dropped .

A breath of strength of Dragon Form, it will take a long time, with his body's strength of Dragon Form will be consumed .

At that time, his body defense is estimated to be at best resistant to the full attack of Shedding Body Realm 1st layer martial artist .

"Make sure to solve large python in a short time . "

Li Fuchen flew up and punched the big python's head .

This time, Li Fuchen's fist seemed to be corrosive, and he made a punch on the head of a large python .

"Worthy is Iron Bone Fist unique skill . "

Li Fuchen's eyebrows are picked .

The consumption of a three-strand strength of Dragon Form makes his attack power reach a terrible level . In the case of close combat, even without True Spirit or any trump card, he can and unrestricted Shedding Body Realm 4th . Layer martial artist is a battle .

Of course, the premise is that he is wearing the Silver Scaled Treasure Armor, without the Silver Scaled Treasure Armor, his body defense can only resist the unrestricted Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer martial artist, unable to hold the Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer martial artist Full attack .

And he can only get close to Shedding Body Realm 4th Layer martial artist in a short time . When the strength of Dragon Form is exhausted, he will be returned to the original shape .

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Li Fuchen guessed that perhaps this is one of the main reasons why Body Refining has fallen, or become a helper . Prolonged war doesn't work .


Li Fuchen, who broke out all over, repeatedly punched out the punches on the big python head .

At the same time, however, Li Fuchen's strength of Dragon Form is also rapidly consuming .

Let Li Fuchen feel bad .


On the other hand, Evil King has solved the second goal and got pitch-black gloves .

Without going to Li Fuchen, Evil King came to the third crystal pillar .

At this stage, he has to get a few more treasures to say, as for Li Fuchen, after waiting to go out, there is a way to deal with it .

Just as Evil King solved the second goal, Blood Demon King also solved the first goal and got a treat .

His eyes flashed and he was on the top of Evil King Horned Demon King and Li Fuchen Ge Yun .

Evil King, he doesn't want to provoke .

Like him, Horned Demon King, as part of the Monster and Demon Ten Territories, can't be guilty .

Only Li Fuchen and Ge Yun are left .

As a Profound Tool Sect Supreme Grand Elder, Ge Yun has a high body defense and is stronger than their level 5 Demon . It is definitely a tough bone .

In comparison, Li Fuchen is undoubtedly the best choice .

"First, don't worry, wait for him to solve the large python and take action . "

Blood Demon King is sinister and cunning .

Looking at the move of Blood Demon King, Li Fuchen frowned .

This Blood Demon King is definitely the enemy behind Evil King .

Being stared at by the other party is not a good thing .

Soon, Ge Yun also solved the first goal, his eyes glanced around and finally placed on Li Fuchen .

In front of treasure, even if it is a good friend, it will have some thoughts, let alone just a junior .

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Kā cā!!

Large python has more and more fists on the head . Gradually, the defense of large python has dropped a bit, and there have been numerous cracks on the head .


Blood Demon King turns into a Blood Shadow, rushing to Li Fuchen .

Ge Yun is not convinced, but also sprints .

"It’s just right . "

Li Fuchen's spirit will be so strong, at a critical moment, without hesitation, his hands suddenly hugged the big python head and then violently moved .

Give a cry!

Large python The huge body flew out of Li Fuchen and headed to Blood Demon King and Ge Yun .

Blood Demon King and Ge Yun take action at the same time and hit large python .

Large python was on the verge of collapse, facing the full attack of the two, suddenly stiffened and lost their mobility .

At the same time, outside the crystal pillar in front of Li Fuchen, the crystal rays of light dissipated .

Li Fuchen take action Like the electric, took away the metal plate .

"court death . "

Blood Demon King was furious, pulled out a spike and shot at Li Fuchen .


The spike did not penetrate Li Fuchen's Silver Scaled Treasure Armor, but its powerful force was still on Li Fuchen, flying Li Fuchen out .

“Treasure is at hand, it’s time to leave . ”

Li Fuchen used this force to quickly approach the gate of the Temple of the Nativity .

"Take off . "

Ge Yun's red tool mark lights up and the speed breaks out, chasing Li Fuchen .

However, Li Fuchen is not slow, and the feet are light golden, and the temple is first stepped out .

Following the small bridge that passed, Li Fuchen left the core of the palace, and behind, Ge Yun and Blood Demon King chased each other .

"Strength of Dragon Form has more than 800 lines, a lot, but not much . Let's see what this metal plate is?"

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Taking advantage of his own speed, Li Fuchen took out the metal plate from his arms and consciously explored it .


The next moment, Li Fuchen felt that he had come to a vast void, surrounded by fluttering, difficult to distinguish direction .

Looking down, Li Fuchen saw two black shadows, one big and one small, and the big ones were a hundred times smaller .

Staring at the little black shadow, Li Fuchen took a closer look .

The shadow is immediately enlarged, but it is a huge continent .

Look closely, Li Fuchen found that this continent is awesome Eastern Lín Continent .

Because Li Fuchen saw Star Fate Mountain .

"What is this secret treasure?"

Li Fuchen was taken aback .

While running with distraction, Li Fuchen continued to explore the metal plate .

Looking away from Eastern Lín Continent, Li Fuchen looked at another black shadow . This black shadow is about a hundred times larger than the Eastern Lín Continent . With the concentration of Li Fuchen, the shadow begins to enlarge, and it is also a continent . A very large continent, Eastern Lín Continent is like a small island .

Li Fuchen is ups and downs, he wants to know what the secret treasure of this metal plate is .

The consciousness extends upwards and extends deep into the void .

The next moment, Li Fuchen knew what secret treasure it was .

"Continent Transmission Disk, space transmission secret treasure, can be transmitted to any continent in the transmission disk, the transmission method can swallow Spirit Stone Origin Qi, and can also save Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, which can be used for refining . "

After getting information about the metal plate, Li Fuchen was shocked .

This metal disk, actually space transmission secret treasure, with such secret treasure, is not free to travel to two continents .

Be aware of the between continent and continent, but across the Endless Sea .

There are countless monster beasts in Endless Sea . According to records, low-level continents generally do not have powerful martial artists, such as Eastern Lín Continent . The strongest martial artist is Shedding Body Realm martial artist, which surpassed Shedding thousands of years ago . Body Realm's martial artist, but then all disappeared .

And Endless Sea, but there are no such restrictions .

In the Endless Sea, the level 5 Monster Beast is nothing at all .

The level 6 monster beast is endless, and the level 7 Monster Beast is also multi-faceted .

Further up there is the level 8 Monster Beast and the level 9 monster beast that rules a sea area .

The monster beast actually has other names, such as level 5 Monster Beast is generally Great Monster, level 6 monster beast can be called Monster General, level 7 Monster Beast is Monster King, and then Li Fuchen does not know Because Eastern Lín Continent has no following records .

Horned Demon King Blood Demon King Evil King and others called themselves kings, but they were only on Eastern Lín Continent, leaving Eastern Lín Continent, all of them just mole crickets and ants .

In addition, according to records, in the Endless Sea, the continent is much more .

It's very dangerous to go through the Endless Sea and go to another continent . This is very dangerous . It is for the expert beyond the Shedding Body Realm martial artist .

Shedding Body Realm martial artist wants to go to another continent, basically it is to find death .

“I don’t know how much spirit stone or Heaven and Earth Origin Qi to consume when sending to another continent . ”

Li Fuchen's consciousness scan, and soon in the depths of the void, found an Origin Qi Pond .

Origin Qi Pond is very large, filled with liquid Heaven and Earth Origin Qi . For a time, Li Fuchen can't tell how many origin qis there are, but he can feel the origin qi in the Origin Qi Pond . Very, his consciousness was immediately smashed by the fluctuations of Origin Qi Pond as soon as he got close to the past .

Deeper in the void, Li Fuchen discovered a metal ball .

The metal ball rotates slowly, with numerous mysterious veined marks on it .

Consciousness invades, and Li Fuchen instantly understands that this metal ball is the core of the transmission disk . Once the metal ball is refining, it can be transmitted to another continent through the transmission disk .

"I don't know how to refine it?"

Li Fuchen's consciousness retired from the transmission disk, and afterwards, Ge Yun and Blood Demon King had caught up .

"You Lie, stop him . "

Just then, Ge Yun screamed .

Li Fuchen looks forward, Thunder God Sect Supreme Grand Elder You Lie I don't know when it will be there .

Seeing that Ge Yun and Blood Demon King were chasing Li Fuchen, You Lie's face flashed sharply and slammed into Li Fuchen .

"God damn it!"

Li Fuchen did not counterattack, and the body rubbed the red-red fist glow .

The aftermath of the fist glow made Li Fuchen slower .

You Lie also wants to take action .

"Fuck off!"

Li Fuchen raised his fist, a fist strike flew You Lie, vomiting blood to the other side, and the ribs broke at least three or four .

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