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Chapter 341
Escaped to Cangshan, Demon and monster beast did not catch up .

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However, the loss of Numerous Sect is still very large, Shedding Body Realm martial artist died five, a Shedding Body Realm middle rank, four Shedding Body Realm low rank, Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist died thousands, and Earth Fiend Realm martial The artist died of tens of thousands of people, which is a heavy loss .

After all, this is just a battle . Several times, Numerous Sect took what to fight with Monster and Demon Ten Territories .

Back at Black Mountain City, Li Fuchen immediately decided to retreat .

However, the retreat is not in Black Mountain City, but in Black Mountain, a hundred miles away from Black Mountain City .

Black Mountain stretches for thousands of miles, deep in the Black Mountain, hot ray of light filling the world, a small round of sun rising, in the center of the small sun, a sizzling Intent Domain, is gradually brewing .

Burning Heaven Merit Intent, which is more powerful than the Burning Heaven Sword Intent .

If the Burning Heaven Sword Intent can only be used to increase the power of the sword technique, then the Burning Heaven Merit Intent is much more comprehensive, directly increasing the power of True Spirit .

Whether it's defense, speed or attack, it's all about True Spirit .

Unfortunately, now Burning Heaven True Merit is only the nineteenth layer realm, there are two big steps to master the Burning Heaven Merit Intent, these two big steps are not so good .

Breaking Burning Heaven True Merit into the nineteenth layer, Li Fuchen started the cultivation Dragon Form Forging Body 4th Chapter .

The fourth chapter corresponds to Heavenly Dipper Realm . Once cultivate to great accomplishment, with the level 5 Monster Beast leather armor, Li Fuchen is basically invincible . It is estimated that level 4 Demon's defense is better than no . Go to him .

As time passed, Li Fuchen's progress on the Dragon Form Forging Body was soaring .

With a sufficient level of 4 monster beast blood essence, the fourth chapter is as much as eating and drinking without any hindrance .

But the premise is that you can stand the baleful qi in level 4 monster beast blood essence .

Monster beast blood essence, containing monster beast crazy will and monster qi, ordinary Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, refining a few drops in a short time is OK, but more than ten drops of refining, must affect the mind, as for refining Ten drops will definitely become a madman or a maddening, even if it is a highly willing's chosen, it will not refine too much monster beast blood essence .

It is estimated that only Li Fuchen can refine the monster beast blood essence without wariness .

Soon, Li Fuchen put the fourth chapter cultivation into the small accomplishment realm .

At this time, Li Fuchen has been able to ignore the attack of the usual Heavenly Dipper Realm 3rd layer martial artist .

However, after the small accomplishment realm, Li Fuchen found that the progress was much slower .

This is not the will to hold, but the body is strengthening too fast, too late to adapt, too late to temper .

On this day, when Li Fuchen strengthened his body to an attack that ignored the Heavenly Dipper Realm 5th layer martial artist, the summoning command token made a shock .

"Will the war start again?"

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Li Fuchen grew up and flew to Black Mountain City .

At the moment, Black Mountain City is mobilized throughout the city .

And over the Black Mountain City, there is an aura huge white man who looks like a snow storm .

“Shedding Body Realm Apex martial artist ?”

Li Fuchen pupils shrank .

The entire Eastern Lín Continent, except Demon Dao martial artist, Shedding Body Realm Apex martial artist no more than ten, not every peak force, there is a Shedding Body Realm Apex martial artist .

And Li Fuchen feels that the Shedding Body Realm Apex martial artist is only stronger than the average Shedding Body Realm Apex martial artist, because the other side has such a sneak peek of True Meaning .

True Meaning exists alone, but only the Earth level cultivation technique Martial Art can do it .

“Numerous Sect background is still very deep, and Monster and Demon Ten Territories want to completely defeat Numerous Sect, it’s not that easy . ”

At this moment, Li Fuchen has a lot of confidence in Numerous Sect .

"Supreme Grand Elder left seclusion, one person is enough to withstand the Horned Demon King . "

On the battlefield, the four-person Wind Snow Sect Supreme Elder on Black Scaled Demon's face was relaxed with four people .

At Wind Snow Sect, the strongest person is naturally the Supreme Grand Elder .

Supreme Grand Elder not only cultivated a broken Earth level low rank cultivation technique to the twenty-third level, but also cultivated an upper part of the Earth level low rank Martial Art, mastering Earth level True Meaning and strength of Domain The strength is stronger than the average Shedding Body Realm Apex martial Artist .


A Shedding Body Realm martial artist waved .

Whirring whirring……

This time, all the members of Black Mountain City set off and the scene was spectacular .

White Mountain Territory .

Almost half a month has passed, and the Numerous Sect has finally stabilized its position . The scene is no longer so difficult, especially at the Shedding Body Realm level, which is basically the same as the Monster and Demon Ten Territories .

This is mainly because this time against Horned Demon King is no longer more than Shedding Body Realm high rank martial artist, but Wind Snow Sect Supreme Grand Elder .

The many Shedding Body Realm martial artists that are pulled out can naturally deal with other level 5 Demon or level 5 Apex monster beast .

In the battlefield center, one person and one demo, crazy showdown .

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Horned Demon King is a level 5 Demon and one of the most powerful of Level 5 Demon, a lot stronger than Black Scaled Demon .

I saw him covered in fine cyan scales, with a one horn on his head . This one horn is beautiful and tough . It has a complex pattern on it . From time to time, cyan rays of light flow through the pattern, exuding people . The power of the heart .

Opposite, a white hair Wind Snow Sect Supreme Grand Elder imposing manner surge is cold, every palm swing, there will be a vast strength of Domain to suppress Horned Demon King, which also has Earth level palms raging .

Horned Demon King ignores the opponent's attack but is unable to defeat the opponent .

“It’s no wonder that you’ve come back, you’ve mastered Earth level True Meaning and strength of Domain . ”

Horned Demon King has a cold look .

As the owner of the Horned Demon Territory, he is in the presence of the most Apex in Eastern Lín Continent, one-on-one, no one can beat him, but he also has people who can't beat .

The white hair old man in front of him made him serious, because the other party almost stood at this threshold .

With his right hand extended, Horned Demon King unplugged one horn from the top of his head .

This one horn is part of his body and his weapon .

The powerful Demon Qi is poured into one horn, above one horn, and the cyan flowing light flows along the pattern and eventually converges to the corner .


The void is shaking and seems to be broken at any time .

Horned Demon King holds one horn high and a white man with an old man .

"very powerful prestige ability!"

The white-haired old man has a tight heart, and the Cold Underworld Palm Technique stretches to the limit . The invisible strength of the domain expands madly, and then shrinks, followed by invisible and inferior, but the real coldness of the palms breaks out .

Cold Underworld Palm Technique, Earth level low rank palm technique .

Decades ago, in an expedition, he got the first part of the Cold Underworld Palm Technique .

After decades of retreat, he finally comprehend out of the cold .


The void seems to be frozen, and a blue one horn phantom has slowed down, but it is still strong and strong, and it is a hindrance .


The strength of Domain and the coldness of the palms collapsed, the white hair old man flew out, and there was a blood in the chest .

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“Is this the strength of the owner of the Monster and Demon Ten Territories?”

The white-haired old man found himself still underestimate the strength of the Horned Demon King . One-on-one, he was worse than the other .

Of course, it is extremely rare to block the Horned Demon King's full blow . The former Supreme Elder of the Eternal Spring Valley was played against Horned Demon King . The five Supreme Elder joint shots are called Five Elements . It's the real Earth level low rank, but it's still a bit worse than Horned Demon King .


Horned Demon King is angry, one horn or slap in the hand, or thorn, or sly, crazy attacking white hair old man .

With the cold of the strength of the Domain and the cold palm, the white-haired old man struggled to stop the Horned Demon King .

On the battlefield, the familiar scene happened again .

As long as Li Fuchen joins which team, which team can defeat the enemy immediately .

In the ever-changing battle, consciousness is sometimes more important than strength . Super-consciousness makes Li Fuchen easy to grasp the dynamics of the enemy .

Of course, the strength of the company itself should not be too bad, or even the qualifications for participation are not .

Fortunately, after Burning Heaven True Merit broke through the nineteenth layer, Li Fuchen's strength on the bright side was counted as a Heavenly Dipper Realm peak . No matter which team, it was the most peak group .

"You go killing that human . "

In the sky, a level middle rank monster beast sound transmission to his men, a level 4 Apex mutated monster beast Fire Travel Dragon .

Earth Travelling Dragon This is a very powerful monster beast . After muted, it has the power of fire, and it is stronger than most level 4 Demon . Especially with the ability to spray fire, the group attack ability is far better than the level . 4 Demon .


The fire exploded and the Earth Travelling Dragon rushed .

"It's level 4 Apex mutated monster beast . Earth Travelling Dragon, everyone is careful . "

Li Fuchen has more than 20 people, all of them Heavenly Dipper Realm high rank or Heavenly Dipper Realm peak martial artist, but dealing with a level 4 Apex mutated monster beast is still very stressful for them .

Most of Demon doesn't have a strong group attack ability, but the monster beast has it .


Earth Travelling Dragon is similar to a long and slender lizard with a length of more than 20 feet and a height of more than ten feet . When he opens his mouth, the hot flames of light are fanned out and the ground is instantly burnt red . magma .

A dodge-free Heavenly Dipper Realm 7th layer martial artist, which burned coke .

"Everyone is scattered . "

Li Fuchen is not afraid .

If you can, he can kill the Earth Travelling Dragon with a sword .

Distracted, it did not make the Earth Travelling Dragon hesitate because it was aimed at Li Fuchen, not others .

"Is the goal me?"

Looking at the fire Earth Travelling Dragon, regardless of the rush, Li Fuchen instantly disappeared .

"Fuchen, let go . "

Just then, a powerful figure appeared beside Li Fuchen .

It is Zhao Wuwei .

After the last defeat, Zhao Wuji also returned to Black Mountain City, and Li Fuchen and Zhao Wuwei were able to meet each other .

"It is Zhao endless . "

Someone recognized Zhao’s endless .

Zhao Endless fame is still very big, in the heavenly Dipper Realm War list, Zhao Endless ranked in the top 100, and the first 100, is basically heaven's chosen, such as four or five before, or more forward star List Heaven's Chosen , many have reached the heavenly Dipper realm high rank cultivation base and even heavenly Dipper realm peak cultivation base, with 5 star Roo T Bone even 6 star root bone, these heaven's chosen war force is undoubtedly very terrible, and Zhao endless can be discharged into it, it is clear that their own strength .

“Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin, Condensation!”

Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin secret technique, thousands of words qi gathered, turned into a giant sword, the giant sword slammed on the back of the Earth Travelling Dragon .


The Earth Travelling Dragon was marked with a huge mouth on the back, and the blood fountain was usually sprayed out, and it was seriously injured in an instant .

Zhao hentai can be discharged into the Heavenly Dipper Realm Battle Force List Hundred, relying on their own strength is not, rely on ten thousand Swords Return to Origin of the full blow, he only qualified into the former hundred, but ten thousand Swords Return to Origin Sword qi, once consumed cleanly, his strength will be much reduced .

"It seems that Great Elder has never had a chance!"

How can Li Fuchen not see that Zhao’s endless consciousness is very strong, otherwise it would not be possible to combine thousands of Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin sword qi .

Earth Travelling Dragon, a heavily injured fire, is still a rival, not to mention a moment of heaven's chosen war level, and less than half an hour, the Earth Travelling Dragon is being smashed by the crowd, with the body of the body Core, suddenly became a fragrant .

Mutated monster beast,within the body has a monster core .

A monster core of level 4 Apex mutated monster beast, the value can not be used in millions of gold coin units, but to make billions of units .

A monster core of level 4 Apex monster beast within the body is worth seven or eight million gold coins, and a monster core of level 4 Apex mutated monster beast within the body has a value of five times, at least three or four billion gold coins .

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