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Chapter 337
Black Mountain City has an urgent mobilization all the time, Li Fuchen and Teng Qingyun, often see a Shedding Body Realm martial artist carrying a large number of Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist and Earth Fiend Realm martial artist to the front of Cangshan White Mountain Territory rushed .

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The scene was spectacular, and Li Fuchen and Teng Qingyun were acutely aware of how small the personal strength is compared to the Numerous Sect power, not to mention the Monster and Demon Ten Territories .

The team led by Elder Wang is very large . There are fifty people in Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, and there are more than a thousand people in Earth Fiend Realm martial artist .

However, Li Fuchen knows that Black Mountain City has a lot of teams of this size . This time, Numerous Sect has mobilized about 50,000 Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist, millions of Earth Fiend Realm martial artist, vows and Monster and Demon Ten . Territories fight to the end .

Early morning after three days .

Li Fuchen's command token hanging from the waist suddenly trembled .

"Would you like to go to the battlefield?"

Growing up, Li Fuchen flew to the central plaza of Black Mountain City .

When I came to the central plaza, Li Fuchen saw that there were five or six thousand people gathered here .

“A total of five teams, each team leader is Heavenly Dipper Realm 9th layer or Heavenly Dipper Realm peak cultivation base . ”

Li Fuchen glanced at the secretly said in heart .

Just as Li Fuchen entered Elder Wang's ranks, a vast pressure came from it, and everyone was overwhelmed .

Above the sky, a black clothed old man appears .

"It is Liu Guangment Supreme Elder Ge Hai Ge senior . "

Someone recognized the identity of black clothed old man .

Liu Guangment, Eastern Lín Continent First-class Sect, Sect, Shedding Body Realm martial Artist Nearly twenty, Shedding Body Realm 5th layer cultivation base has two, Ge Hai is one of them .


Ge Hai is expressionless and flies out first .


The heads of the five teams, such as Elder Wang, waved their hands in a row .

Shuā shuā 唰……

Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist Flying in the sky, Earth Fiend Realm martial artist this humble one party running, more than 5,000 people led by Ge Hai, quickly rushed to White Mountain Territory .

Ten days later, the group came to White Mountain Territory .

The White Mountain Territory of Nuo Da is filled with a terrible killing intent .

Along the way, everyone saw the mountains that were torn apart, saw the dry lakes, saw countless craters, and saw the blood flowing in the river .

Ge Hai was so fast, exploring it, what Ge Hai found on this day, coldly said: "Going east . "

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Half a day passed and everyone came to a meadow .

This is a broken grassland, a pitted grassland, bloody aura almost piercing the sky .

In the middle of the grassland, a broken corpse lay there .

This is a human corpse, even though it is already dead, the aura that comes out of the body still has a terrible pressure .

Obviously, this is a corpse of Shedding Body Realm martial artist .

Unfortunately, he is already dead, standing opposite him, standing with a monster .

This is a monster of the head of a cow . The aura of the body is like a storm .

If anyone familiar with this monster is here, it will be recognized, this is a level middle rank monster beast of Tiger Demon Territory vigorously Monster Ox .

After the monster beast reaches level 5, it will have a partial form of human, but the strongest form is the monster beast form .

Behind the vigorous Monster Ox is a piece of monster beast that is biting the human corpse and strengthening itself .

"Monster Ox, died . "

In the sky, a black shadow hit .

It is Ge Hai .

With the Shedding Body Realm 5th layer cultivation base, he is not afraid to vigorously Monster Ox, and he swears at each other .

This knife is like a flowing light, reaching the peak .

Blade qi did not come out, strong blade pressure, already cracked the earth, many level 3 monster beast directly collapsed, blood and water splashed .

"Human, it's you who died . "

Vigorously Monster Ox figure soar, like a hoof-like fist, greet blade light .


Vigorously Monster Ox was crushed down and pulled out a deep pit .

The monster beast on the edge of the deep pit was simulated and was shocked to death .


A terrifying sound sounded, and in the deep pit, a Monster Ox with a length of several dozens was pulled out .

Monster Ox has a double-headed face, skin-black skin, and a thick monster qi . It looks like a black cloud around the body . Just a glance, you feel the boundless terrifying and despair .

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The tens of feet of Monster Ox, the limbs force, soar up, once again rushed to Ge Hai .

"Bastard, give me a dead . "

Ge Hai was not surprised if he didn't hurt the Monster Ox .

Monster beast is arrogant and wants to hurt each other . It is not an easy task .

One person and one beast, madly strangled, and soon killed the edge of the grassland .

The rest of the monster beast dare to keep up, whether it is level 5 Monster Beast or Shedding Body Realm martial artist, it is a natural existence for them .

Moreover, they also have their own opponents .

A few miles away, more than 5,000 people have killed .

"Kill this group of humans . "

A level 4 high rank monster beast with a length of ten feet rushed out and rushed out .


There are not many monster beasts, but there are also thousands of them, and they are left after the great war . Many of them have injuries .

When thousands of monster beasts above level 3 come together, the resulting manner is much more powerful than the martial artist of thousands of Earth Fiend Realm cultivation bases .

The body of the monster beast is, after all, stronger than human .

The imposing manner is also naturally above human .


Elder Wang has a cold face and should be killed first .

He is the silver spear door Great Elder, holding a silver spear, he is very fast, under a flash, is already approaching One Headed Level 4 High Rank Monster Beast, a spear assassination .


This level 4 high rank monster beast was hurt and was pierced by Elder Wang a spear, and immediately died .

As the silver spear door Great Elder, the strength of Elder Wang is undoubtedly peak in the Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist . It is not difficult to kill a level 4 high rank monster beast with a wound .

“Purple Qi Divine Needle !”

Teng Qingyun's Purple Qi Divine Needle is getting higher and higher, I am afraid that I have reached the reaching peak, I saw his dark green bamboo pole shaking, infinite purple shadow violent, and a level 4 low rank monster beast It became a horse cell .

"Worthy is the best of heaven's chosen . The power of this attack is not inferior to Heavenly Dipper Realm 4th layer martial artist . "

Some Heavenly Dipper Realm martial artist glanced at Teng Qingyun, secretly praised in his heart .

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Li Fuchen also pulled out the sword during the flight .


A sword is swung out, and the hot sword qi is like a whip, sweeping a level 4 middle rank monster beast .

In an instant, the level 4 middle rank monster beast split into two halves and turned into two coke falls .

"very powerful strength . "

A nearby Heavenly Dipper Realm middle rank martial artist was shocked .

This level 4 middle rank monster beast, with his strength to hundreds of strokes to kill, did not expect even Li Fuchen a sword can not hold .

Where does he know that Li Fuchen in the normal state has been able to crush more than 90% of the level 4 middle rank monster beast .

"His strength?"

Teng Qingyun has a complicated look .

Less than a year later, Li Fuchen has left him behind .

The sword just now is obviously just a common sword, but it can kill a level 4 middle rank monster beast .

"human kid, Drop dead . "

One Headed Level 4 High Rank Monster Beast Blue Winged Beast rushed over .

Blue Winged Beast, level 4 high rank flying monster beast, a pair of blue wings, impervious to sword or spear, water and fire does not invade, has a strong destructive power .

A dive, Blue Winged Beast came to Li Fuchen, a pair of blue wings, like a pair of blue knives, heading for Li Fuchen .


Li Fuchen opened the Blue Winged Beast with a sword, and the powerful sword qi vented it, killing a level 4 low level monster beast .

"This Blue Winged Beast is very strong, and I am afraid that it is not inferior to Heavenly Dipper Realm 8th layer martial artist . "

Li Fuchen went on again and cut a few swords to Blue Winged Beast .

Blue Winged Beast battered and exhausted, except for a pair of blue wings, the rest of the body, the sword marks are everywhere, bloody .

"Go to death!"

Blue Winged Beast figure Rotating like a storm, a pair of blue wings, like two scythes, rotated and cut .


Blue Winged Beast's killing move makes Li Fuchen amazing, but it's all here .

Sword Intent soar, Li Fuchen slashed out with a sword .


Sword qi follows the blue wing gap and pierces the blue Winged Beast .

Under normal circumstances, even if it is penetrated into the key, it will not be a sword, but Li Fuchen is a sword with a burning and violent Burning Heaven Sword Intent . Under the blessing of Burning Heaven Sword Intent, the sword qi is fierce and fierce . The child smashed its vitality .

“This is Profound level top rank Sword Intent ?”

I was surprised by Elder Wang at a level 4 Apex monster beast great war .

To know that even if he is, he only realized the Profound level top rank spear intent for several years . He did not expect a young man in his early twenties to realize the Profound level top rank Martial Art True Meaning, which is simply incredible .

And Li Fuchen's combat power is too strong, with the Heavenly Dipper Realm 4th layer cultivation base, killing the One Headed Level 4 High Rank Monster Beast, the strength of such a leap-level battle, can not make people move .

Elder Wang admits that he had been underestimate Li Fuchen before .

A Li Fuchen is enough to qualify for a senior Heavenly Dipper Realm high rank martial artist .

Killed Blue Winged Beast, Li Fuchen swam on the battlefield, and smashed the monster beast from time to time .

May be the reason for the great war before the monster beast, Li Fuchen has a clear advantage, less than an hour, three or four thousand monster beast is killed, only a thousand monster beast is not, and Li Fuchen here, only a few hundred people died .

As the monster beast became less and less, Li Fuchen began to notice the movements hundreds of miles away .

With the amazing consciousness and the cultivation base of Heavenly Dipper Realm, Li Fuchen saw that in a distant place, one person and one beast madly killed .

The monster beast is incredibly amazing . It has dozens of body lengths, and its monster qi is like a black cloud . Its limbs are like copper pillars . Every time you step on the ground, it will produce the sound of Mountain Collapsing Earth Splitting . Every time you scream, it will make people feel heart-threate, even if they are separated . A few hundred miles away .

“This is Shedding Body Realm martial artist and level 5 Monster Beast?”

How can Li Fuchen not see that Ge Hai is stronger than all Azure Billow Sect Supreme Elders .

Think of it too, Ge Hai is Shedding Body Realm 5th layer cultivation base, and Azure Billow Sect first expert Ouyang Tie Supreme Elder is just Shedding Body Realm 3rd layer cultivation base .

Shedding Body Realm, one heaven and one, the difference, the combat power is very different .

If you let Ouyang Tie Supreme Elder deal with this level 5 Monster Beast, I am afraid that a few strokes will be killed .

"Human, I killed your men first . "

Vigorously Monster Ox sensed that the monster beast was almost dead here, and could not help but get angry and get rid of Ge Hai and flew toward the battlefield .


The big earthquake trembled, and every time the Monster Ox bounced, it would be swept out a dozen miles away .

In fact, it can fly completely, but bounce can borrow power to make him faster .

"Give me a stay . "

Ge Hai didn't expect the Monster Ox to be so difficult . After hundreds of strokes, he didn't have any advantage . Now he must not let him rush to the battlefield . Otherwise, thousands of people will be killed by half .

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